Best of Dog Care

Welcome Home
and other Important Topics for Your Dog
The aspects of caring for your dog can be simple or complex. Alot of it depends on the priorities you set and the information you believe. In general, some of the basic topics that each dog owner should be familiar with are as follows:

Beyond these basic aspects of dog care, there is a myriad of training techniques, books, products (like fabulous collars, dog beds, furniture and clothes), supplements, grooming products, toys and more. Relax and enjoy, with your dog you will navigate the waters of dog ownership in the 21st century and find the favorite toys, chewies, bed and treats that your dog (or you) couldn't live without!

As for the very beginning, bringing your dog home. DigitalDog suggests that you plan or map out a transition period. Initially, everything in your home, you and your routine are new to the dog and quite stressful (much as a new job or move would be to us).

Aspects of this transition should include the goal of keeping your dog safe (they are probably equally at danger whether chewing the furniture or pottying on the floor or being attacked by the cat). One way to accomplish this is by crating. Because the crate is so mobile it serves as a safe sanctuary throughout your home (and travels) so that your new dog can observe your comings and goings and general routine, without being at risk of getting in the way. Additionally, it can also serve as a signal that this is "down time", since napping is an ideal activity while crated. Be sure to take out frequently for play breaks and pottying, as this has the added benefits of increasing their comfort with the crate (they are never uncomfortable while in it) and reinforcing section on feeding for more information. Try to avoid much in the way of other food (like treats) for the first week or so as they adjust. You can certainly use some of their ration as a reward if you want.

If you are left with the responsibility of teaching your new dog basic skills like walking on a leash or even accepting a collar, you will want to refer to the basic obedience section.

As for fun stuff, like play, be prepared with a toy-like item in each room of the house. If, during your dog's initial freedom while supervised stage, you notice your dog expressing undesirable interest in something, you can use the toy to distract them with a few moments of play (and bonding). It's great for your blood pressure too! If by some chance, you have a dog that isn't familiar with play or you'd like your dog to enjoy play more, definitely check out the ideas we have in the play section. Actually check out the play section anyway, DigitalDog is convinced that you can't know too much about playing!