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Q. Dear Digital Dog,

I have a cocker-datson (Cocker Spaniel x Dachshund Mix - see breed profiles for more information)mix when we have any visator Tazz acks like he is going to bit these people and he has bitten the pant leg of our meter reader what shall I do he is about 14 months old

Wondering and Worried

Ans. ~ Hello W & W,

Tazz is still young enough to benefit from some heavy and very positive socializing. Additionally basic obedience would help him understand that he can look to you for guidance and finally, because he HAS bitten (at least that is what I take your email to say, and it will only get worse with time) I would also work with a behaviorist in order to help him look at the world differently.

Consider checking out the website for the

You've not provided enough information here for DigitalDog to offer any more specific guidance, but intervention is required because otherwise, as mentioned before, he'll only get worse and become a hazard to others and a liability to you.

Please let digital dog know if this advice helped!


Digital Dog

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