Sweet Potato Dog Treats

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Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Beefeaters Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Sweet Potato Dog Treats are an exceptionally healthy treat for your dog. In comparison to other treats, often high in fat, preservatives and sodium, preservatives and additives, Sweet Potato Dog Treats are almost health food for your dog! Sweet potato dog treats contain all natural ingredients with the specific needs of your dog in mind. While many companies are offering Sweet Potato Dog Treats, two options really stand out.

Beefeaters Sweet Potato Strips for Dogs are low fat, low calorie, and low in sodium. Delicious Beefeaters Sweet Potato Strips are made of 100% natural sweet potatoes.

The natural sweetness of sweet potatoes is a big hit with dogs. Dog lovers love that their pet is getting the highest quality and healthiest treats every time they munch on a Beefeaters Sweet Potato Strip.

They offer superlative nutrition contributing to healthy skin, eyes and a healthy coat, and have a healthy supply of valuable beta carotene, fiber, and minerals. You can purchase Beefeaters Sweet Potato Strips in resealable 1 or 2 pound bags.

Natural Balance Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Natural Balance
Sweet Potato
Dog Treats

Natural Balance Sweet Potato Treats

Natural Balance Sweet Potato Treats for Dogs are made especially for dogs with allergies to many of the common ingredients found in regular dog treats. Even so, they are so palatable all dogs love them whether they have allergies or not! Natural Balance Sweet Potato Treats in one inch by two inch bones are the ideal size for medium or large dogs. They are great tasting bones containing high quality protein and carbohydrates along with potassium. While they are healthy and highly digestible, they are completely natural without any artificial color, flavors or preservatives.

Natural Balance Sweet Potato Treats are available in fish or venison varieties. Both offer an exceptional palatability that dogs love. Your dog can enjoy fish or venison Natural Balance Sweet Potato Treats from eight ounce or fourteen ounce resealable bags.

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