Great Dogs

If You Pick Up a Dog and Make Him Prosperous
He Will Not Bite Your Hand (Mark Twain)
The imbalance in the relationship of man with dog is hardly more evident than in the area of Dogs In Service. Whether in helping us maintain our health by being companions that help us exercise, reduce stress and provide meaning to lives, or in Pet Therapy, or Assistance Dogs, or Search and Rescue, dogs continue today as they have through the history of their domestication, in serving people the best they can. If only society could say it returned the favor!

Nevertheless, this section will work to continuously offer and explore dogs and the organizations that they participate with in helping society. From dogsports like Agility and Flyball to more serious endeavors such as Assistance Dogs (whose scope of abilities have broadened far beyond being eyes for the blind alone), DigitalDog delivers information that can help you determine if you and your dog might be interested in participating in your community while developing an even richer bond.

For example, what do you know about Military Dogs? Have you ever heard of the first and most decorated US Military Dog, Stubby, a Pit Bull? Or what about the tiniest, at only four pounds, Military Dog, Smoky?

Garnet is a dog you should know about. Her quiet contributions at the Perkins School for the Blind haven't only changed lives, they've also caused many people to rethink what a dog can do.

DigitalDog is sniffing out some great information from people currently involved in these endeavors, as they take the time to put pen to paper, consider some of the links below.

A great new find is the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America. Their primary and first goal is to get the AKC to allow the participation of mixed-breed dogs in AKC dogsport and MBDCA succeeded in that. Now we are all excited, waiting to see the next step!

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