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Zymox Otic - Ear Care For Dogs

Zymox Otic for Ear Mites

Zymox Otic Protocol is used for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa (inflammation of the internal ear canal) is due to bacterial, viral and yeast infections. It is highly effective in the treatment of these infections including staphylococcus, pseudomonas, proteus and malassezia.

Zymox aids in the treatment of bacterial,fungal and yeast infections of the ear. It aids in the relief of inflammation and itching. It cleans your dog's ears, with no need for other ear cleansing solutions, and it can treat mild infections within 5 days and 10 days for chronic infections.

Ear (Otic) Care

It's easy to remember to feed a dog everyday or to give them a bath when they start looking (or smelling) a bit grubby, but those ears! Some dog lovers are intimidated by the idea of hurting their dog, others may not think to lift that ear flap and look at the condition of their dog's ear. As a result, many dogs end up with infections, ear mites and other afflictions to their ears that cause great discomfort and only get the attention of their owners once they are in pain. Zymox Otic Protocol is an exceptional product that can benefit dogs with even the most chronic of ear infections or problems.

Many ear care products can go a long way toward simplifying the ear (otic) care your pet needs as well as preventing or even treating, problems in their early stages. Zymox Ear Protocol is an excellent example.

DigitalDog offers some of the best products we've found. Review Cleaning Your Dog's Ears for some help in how to go about safely cleaning your dog's ears, most of all, do it regularly!

To order Zymox ear care for dogs, simply click here, choose the correct product for your pet, and quantity. Ear Care For Dogs products are available here at the lowest prices online. That's guaranteed! FREE shipping is included on qualifying orders. Order before 4pm EST for same day shipping!

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