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Vetri-Science Probiotics

Vetri-Science Probiotic products contain eight specific probiotic strains from non-dairy sources all which support proper digestive tract health. FOS, a soluble fiber and prebiotic which supports the natural proliferation of intestinal probiotics, delivers additional benefits.

If your dog suffers from food sensitivities or infections to the digestive tract, Vetri-Probiotic BDô is expecially recommended. Vetri-Probiotic BDô soothes the digestive tract lining and provides ingredients that support proper immune function and microbial balance.

Vetri-Probiotic BDô combines probiotics, digestive enzymes and other nutrients to support the proper structure of the G.I. tract in dogs whose digestive and bowel functions are affected by food sensitivities or infiltration of unwanted bacteria.

Vetri-Probiotics BD

Vetri-Probiotics BD is for dogs only. Gastriplex is recommended for cats with gastrointestinal disorders.

The ingredients of Vetri-Probiotic BDô:

  • promote normal bowel function
  • establish proper digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • minimize gas and bloating
  • enhance and support growth of beneficial flora
  • provide building blocks for the mucosal lining
  • calm the stomach

Vetri-Science Probiotic Soft Chews

Vetri-Science Vetri-Probiotic Everyday Soft Chews are recommended to support proper gastro-intestinal function particularly effective for dog who suffer with chronic issues either from injury, illness or allergy. Vetri-Probiotic Everyday Soft Chews have been designed to maintain digestive health through daily use. Digestive challenges can also occur during times of stress from traveling, kenneling or training and after antibiotic therapy, de-worming and digestive disorders and Vetri-Probiotic Everyday Soft Chews are well-suited for addressing such imbalances as well. Vetri- Probiotic Everday Soft Chews offer numerous advantages over other competitive products:

  • Everyday Soft Chews promote regularity, digestive balance, help prevent gas and bloat.
  • Highly palatable, chicken flavored, Everyday Soft Chews are easy to administer.
  • Vetri-Probiotic Everyday Soft Chews support proper gastro-intestinal function.
  • Vetri-Probiotic Everyday Soft Chews prevent growth of undesirable bacteria through competitive growth.
  • A strong digestive system enhances immune system function, and as such Vetri-Probiotic Soft Chews benefit immune system function as well.
  • Consuming Vetri-Probiotics Everyday Soft Chews help your dog synthesize B Vitamins and enhance enzyme production.
  • Vetri-Probiotic Everyday Soft Chews provide one billion CFUís of probiotics per serving.
  • Vetri-Probiotics Everyday Soft Chews provide 9 different strains of probiotics.
  • Vetri-Probioitic Everyday Soft Chews are highly stable form of bacillus coagulans strain, ganeden BC30.
  • Vetri-Probiotic Everyday Soft Chews are offered as 7.41 oz. (approximately 60 soft chew) packages.

To order Vetri-Science Probiotics, simply click here, choose the correct product for your pet, and quantity. Vetri-Science Probiotic products are available here at the lowest prices online. That's guaranteed! FREE shipping is included on qualifying orders. Order before 4pm EST for same day shipping!

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