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Name Heritage Sex Description
Zabad Ancient Both Biblical for a gift is given.
Zabdiel Ancient Both Biblical for "gift of God".
Zachary Ancient Both Hebrew for Jehovah has remembered.
Zadok Ancient Both Biblical for "justice".
Zak Ancient Both Short for Zachary which is Hebrew for Jehovah has remembered.
Zapata English Both Name of a type of mustache. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Zappa English Both Popular rock star of the 60s-70s.
Zebadiah Ancient Both Biblical for "gift of God".
Zebedee Greek Both Greek form of Zebadiah.
Zechariah Ancient Both Biblical for God remembers.
Zedekiah Ancient Both Biblical for God is my justice.
Zeke Ancient Both Hebrew from Zachary.
Zenith Greek Both Meaning the high point. Coming from mathematical, geometric and trigonometric functions.
Zephaniah Ancient Both Biblical for God protects.
Zephyr Greek Both According to the ancient Greeks. The God and embodiment of the west wind.
Zeppo English Both One of the Marx Brothers.
Ziggy English Both Character in a comic strip of the same name who was kind, innocent, naive and at a loss over much of the confusion in his life.
ZigZag English Both To go back and forth.
Zilpah Ancient Female Means "with a little nose". Probably perfect for the darling little female Beagle or other dog that is driven by all the interesting scents in the world.
Zipper English Both Originally a brand name that gave itself to a closure, popular for clothing, tents, luggage and more.
Zippo English Both brandname of a lighter.
Zipporah Ancient Female Means bird. Animal. Nature.
Zodiac Ancient Both From the collection of recognized astronomy groupings in the night sky. Also the derivations gained from studying these celestial groups via astrology.
Zoe Greek Both means life.
Zulu African Both African tribe.
Zuni African Both African tribe.
Zuriel Ancient Both Biblical for "God is my rock".
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