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Name Heritage Sex Description
Vail French Both Old French from of the valley.
Val English Male Short for Valentine, Valentino, etc. The first name of actor Val Kilmer.
Valentino French Male From the St. Valentine that St. Valentine's day is derived. Also THE hearthrob of the 20s, Rudolph Valentino.
Vallari Ancient Both Hindi for goddess.
Valmai Welsh Female Spring flower.
Valterra Ancient Both Meaning strong earth.
Vana Scandanavian Female From the Dutch meaning from or of, feminized form. The letter turner on "Wheel of Fortune"
Vandyke English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Vanessa Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Anagram.
Vania Russian Both God's gift.
Vanilla French Both The most popular flavor for desserts and ice cream of all time, even out ranking chocolate as the overall favorite! Food.
Velvet English Both A very lush fabric with a soft silky pile. Crushed or full, it is a luxuriant sensation to the touch.
Vermont French Both Meaning green mountain.
Vertumnus Greek Male A lover of Pomona, a nymph of the apple, he won her favor because of his common love of the mountains and gardens.
Victoria English Female Feminized form of Victor, which means he who wins.
Victory English Both To succeed or win. Also a legendary motorcycle made in the USA.
Vieja Spanish Both means old one.
Vimius Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An Irish Saint of Bavaria.
Vince Ancient Both Latin for conquering, victorious.
Violet Ancient Female Latin for a specific purple/violet colored flower. The color of that flower.
Virginia English Female From the virgin. The state Virginia was named in honor of the English "Virgin" Queen who paid for the expedition which founded it. Queen Elizabeth.
Virgo Ancient Both Constellation as well as a sign of the zodiac symbolized by a young woman.
Vivid English Both Originally a name of a British stagecoach that eventually became a locomotive name.
Vixen English Female A dangerous female usually with sexual overtones. The word for a female fox. Animal.
Vixen English Both A difficult young female. One of Santa's reindeer.
Voltaire French Both French Renaissance writer/philosopher best remembered for Candide.
Volvo Scandanavian Both Means "I roll". Manufacturer of upscale, reliable and powerful cars, automobiles.
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