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Tabactac Celtic Both Gaelic for important.
Tabitha Ancient Female Aramaic for gazelle.
Tabitha Ancient Female Means gazelle. Animal.
Taco Spanish Both A dish using a hard or soft shell of corn with meat, vegetables, salsa and cheese. Food.
Taffy English Both The popular seaside soft candy. Food.
Taibse Celtic Both Gaelic for ghost. Mythic.
Tairbeac Celtic Both Gaelic for utensil. Food.
Taispeantas Celtic Both Gaelic for showy.
Taiteileann Celtic Both Gaelic for woodbine and central to one myth about a woodland sprite. Mythic. Nature.
Taitneam Celtic Both Gaelic for sun light. Nature
Talam Celtic Both Gaelic for soil, ground. Nature.
Talbot French Male The name of Bert's pet goldfish on Sesame Street. French meaning reward.
Talisman English Both Originally a name of a British stagecoach that eventually became a locomotive/train name. From ancient times a word for a charm or magical item with goodwill. Mythic.
Tallann Celtic Both Gealic for talent. Perfect for the dog with that special skill... like opening the refridgerator?
Tamar Ancient Female Means palm tree. Nature.
Tamara Ancient Both Hebrew for perfection.
Tammy Ancient Female Variation on Tamara.
Tandy English Both Name of the Radio Shack exclusive computer company.
Tango Spanish Both Spirited pairs dancing.
Tanya Russian Female Slavic for woman.
Tapaid Celtic Both Gaelic for quick.
Taqueta Spanish Both Waterfalls in Georgia.
Tar Barr Celtic Both Gaelic for excellent. Term of endearment.
Tara Celtic Female Irish for rocky pinnacle. The name of the plantation owned by Scarlet Ohara's family in Gone with the Wind. Art.
Taraing Celtic Both Gaelic for attraction.
Taroleoir Celtic Both Gaelic for Diplomat. Politics.
Tater English Both Short for potato. Food. Term of endearment.
Tatiana Russian Female Name of one of the daughters of the last Czar of Russia. Died in the massacre of her entire family during the revolution. Also the name of a popular perfume.
Tatters English Both A bit of cloth in ragged condition.
Taurus Ancient Both A constellation and sign of the zodiac symbolized by a bull.
Tawny English Both Common name referring to a color that has dusky golden-red tones. Tawny Port is a heady wine. Food.
Te Celtic Both Gaelic for hot.
Te Celtic Both Gaelic for tea. Food. Also has other meanings in other languages. Beatifully in its simplicity and meaningful overlap. For example, Te refers to life energy in some languages with a strong Zen Buddhist ancestry and other cultures, particularly Japanese utilize the tea ceremony to illustrate valuable art and lessons in life. Probably few names are better for illustrating a world encompassing view of life and spirit. Mythic.
Teaboid Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Theobold "people-bold". Mythic. Military.
Teac Celtic Both Gaelic for Cottage
Teac Celtic Both Gaelic for house.
Teacta Celtic Both Gaelic for delegate. Politics.
Tearc Celtic Both Gaelic for rare, uncommon.
Teas Celtic Both Gaelic for South. Nature.
Teddy English Both Referring to the Teddy Bear, a toy originally made in honor and named for Theodore Roosevelt.
Teensie English Both Meaning very small. Also the name of a character in the book, Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood.
Teepee Native American Both The home of some more nomadic Native Americans in the traditional days. These homes were ideally engineered for warmth and ease of transport as well as personalized with the exterior decorated with paintings and communication of exploits and accomplishments of the inhabitants and the tribe.
Tehran Middle Eastern Both Capitol of Iran meaning warm place.
Teitead Celtic Both Gealic for flight. Military.
Tennessee Native American Both Cherokee name for a river. Nature.
Tenor Italian Both The higher voice range often held by men. Enrico Caruso, Pavarotti and others have made this voice a popular choice for soloist music. Music.
Tequila Spanish Both A liquor originating in Central America and the distinctive ingredient to Margaritas and other such beverages. Food.
Terra Italian Both For the reddish clay that makes terracotta tile and pottery. Also the word for earth. Nature.
Tethys Greek Male A Titan that ruled over the oceans and seas with his brother Oceanus. Mythic.
Teton Native American Both A range in the Rocky Mountains.
Tex Native American Both Short for Texas.
Texas Native American Both Name of an Indian tribe.
Thamyris Greek Both Very talented bard that challenged the gods. When defeated by the Muses, he was struck blind for his arrogance. Of course, this in no way minimized his talent. Music. Art. Mythic.
Thearrak Celtic Both Gaelic for the season of Spring. Nature.
Theclanas Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An Irish abbot in Bavaria.
Theo Greek Both Variation of Theodore.
Theodore Greek Male Gift of god.
Thetis Greek Female A goddess that even Jupiter desired until he heard that the oracle said that her son would be greater than his father. Upon this news, Jupiter proclaimed that Thetis would marry a mortal. Her son, Achilles, was renown as a hero and his wife's faithful care provided him with extraordinary help and protection.
Thisbe Greek Female A lovely maiden, in love with Pyramus but forbidden to marry him by her family and his. Talking in secret through a chink in their adjoining wall, they made a plan to meet. She arrived there first and startled by a lion, fled and hid but dropped her veil. The lioness rent the veil and when Pyramus came upon the sight, assumed that Thisbe had met her end. His grief and guilt were so great that he slew himself with his own sword and was in his death throes when Thisbe emerged from her hiding place. She then took up his sword and followed him to the underworld. Clearly an ancient myth and inspiration for Romeo and Juliet. Mythic.
Thisbe English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Thomas Ancient Both Hebrew for twin.
Thomasina Greek Both Means little twin.
Thor Scandanavian Both Mythological god of thunder and lightening.
Thora Scottish Female Feminine of Thor.
Tiar Celtic Both Gaelic for west. Nature.
Tiarna Celtic Both Gaelic for lord. Mythic. Animal. Politics. Military.
Tiarnan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Lord. Mythic. Politics. People.
Ticker English Both Slang for the instrument historically used to record stock market quotes. Also slang for the heart.
Tickles English Both Contact that results in a not entirely unpleasant sensation but still unnerving enough to cause laughter.
Tierney Celtic Both Irish surname meaning lordly.
Tiffany Greek Female Appearance of god.
Tiger English Both Name of one of the great cats. The Bengal is best known with orange/yellow body and black stripes. Another variation is virtually white/pale gray with blue eyes. Animal.
Tigger English Both The Tiger character from AA Milne's Winnie The Pooh series of books. Art.
Tighernmas Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Seventh Milesian king of Ireland. Mythic.
Tigre Spanish Both means Tiger.
Tim Celtic Both Gaelic for thyme. Food. Nature.
Timber English Both The word used for harvested trees. Or when a forest is assessed for its usuable lumber. Nature.
Timothy Greek Both Honoring God.
Tina English Both Nickname for Christina.
Tind Dia Celtic Both Gaelic for wildfire. Nature.
Ting Lee Chinese Both graceful bamboo windbreak to protect a dragonfly filled palace pavillion
Tinker English Both In early American times, a businessman who traveled from one town to another repairing pots, pans and other items as well as selling similar items.
Tinsel English Both Silvery strips used to give a Christmas tree the quality of a snow or ice covered wintry scene.
Tiny English Both To be very small. Perfect for the largest dog you've ever met.
Tiogar Celtic Both Gaelic for Tiger. Animal.
Tiomoid Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Timothy. Honoring God.
Tioranac Celtic Both Gaelic for tyrant. Some of the most charming tyrants have lived in this very house. People. Politics. Military.Crime.
Tios Celtic Both Gaelic for below.
Tipper English Both One who tips well at the end of service. Common name usually refering to a contrast color at the end of an appendage on a pet.
Tirzah Ancient Female Means pleasure.
Tisa African Female Swahili for ninth born.
Tisha Ancient Female Hebrew referring to the Jewish holy day of Tisha B'av, the Jewish Memorial Day.
Titan Ancient Both The race of Gods that predate Zeus and his family. The ferocity of this group, indicating the wildness of ancient man, were defeated by Zeus who, while still flawed, possessed reason and a sense of law (even if he didn't have to really follow them). Titans were supposed to be all giants so a great name for a dog that is very large or very small.
Tithonius Greek Male A mortal, beloved by Aurora. She begged Jove for immortality for her lover which was granted. As she'd neglected to ask for eternal youth, she was horrified to see him age. Eventually losing the use of his limbs. Unfortunately Aurora did not maintain fielty and ultimately turned him into a grasshopper.
Tob Ancient Both Biblical for good.
Tobar Celtic Both Gaelic for fountain. Nature.
Tobar Celtic Both Gaelic for well or good.
Tobasco English Both An extraordinary hot sauce made of peppers and vinegar and other spices by a family in Louisiana for over 100 years. Food.
Tobias Ancient Both Hebrew for the Lord is good.
Toby Ancient Both Variation on Tobias.
Toddy Spanish Both Salt Pork.
Toddy English Both A drink intended to help warm up a body. Food.
Toiliu Celtic Both Gaelic for Consent.
Toilteanac Celtic Both Gaelic for willing. Mythic. What hero wasn't willing to risk all for the quest?
Toirneac Celtic Both Gaelic for thunder.
Toirtin Celtic Both Gaelic for muffin. Food. Term of endearment.
Toirtin Celtic Both Gaelic for scone. Food.
Tokyo Japanese Both Capitol of Japan meaning eastern capitol.
Tom Tom Native American Both A drum of the Native American. Music.
Tomas Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Saint Thomas Didymus.
Tonto Native American Both The Long Ranger's Native American partner.
Tony Ancient Both Latin for priceless. A variation on Anthony and the awards given for the top performances on Broadway Theatre each year.
Tootsie English Female Nickname or term of endearment. Also the character played by Dustin Hoffman in the movie of the same name.
Topaz English Both A golden semiprecious gem. Money.
Topper English Both From the movie Topper.
Tor Celtic Both Gaelic for bush. Nature.
Tor Celtic Both Gaelic for shrub. Nature.
Torad Celtic Both Gaelic for fruit. Food.
Torna Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An attorney who followed St. Patrick.
Tortilla Native American Both A flat bread of corn, wheat and/or rice. A base to many dishes south of the border. Food.
Tosac Celtic Both Gaelic for front.
Tosaig Celtic Both Gaelic for foremost.
Toto English Both Name of the Cairn Terrier in the movie Wizard of Oz. Entertainment.
Trafalgar English Both The last battle of Lord Nelson in 1805. Military.
Trailblazer English Both One who goes where no one has gone before. Blazing a trail refers to going into overgrown areas and cutting a path out for others to follow.
Tramp English Both The romantic mixed breed that wines and dines Lady, the Cocker Spaniel in Disney's Lady and the Tramp.
Traon Celtic Both Gaelic for quail. Nature. Animal.
Trapper English Both Referring to the age in the US where people actively trapped wild animals. Not so common now, which is reasonable as most traps are horrible inhumane.
Tratnona Celtic Both Gaelic for night. Nature.
Travis French Both Old French, at the crossroads.
Treasure English Both Word for collection of great value. Mythical from the idea of pirates and their ill gotten wealth which was often buried as in buried treasure and treasure maps that led to the largesse. Money.
Treorai Celtic Both Gaelic for guide. Mythic.
Tricky Woo English Both The Pekingese owned by a wealthy widow in James Herriot's book series.
Trinity English Both Meaning of three. The Holy Trinity is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The name of a heroine in the movie Matrix. Mythic. Entertainment.
Trinket English Both A small item of value, like a piece of jewelry. Money.
Tripoli African Both Libyan capitol meaning three towns.
Triumph English Both Name of a popular American made motorcycle as well as the name of a ship in the British armada. Military.
Triumverate Ancient Both Refers to a structure (usually political) where power is shared three ways. Recognized as being exceptionally unstable. Politics.
Trius Celtic Both Gaelic for pants or trousers. Animal.
Troro Celtic Both Gaelic for fight. Crime.
Trosc Celtic Both Gaelic for codfish.
Troscad Celtic Both Gaelic for fast.
Trows English Both A type of troll but common to Britain whereas the trolls are Scandanavian. Since no females are born to this race they are forced to take human wives. Their king is called a Kunal Trow. The mother would die when a trow was born and the father would die when the child was an adult.
Trucail Celtic Both Gaelic for wagon. Mythic.
Trudy German Both Old German variation on Gertrude meaning beloved.
Trump English Both The card or cards that outweigh all others in a card game. To have something that overcomes any challenges placed by others (to trump another's request, application or attempt). Donald Trump, successful businessman that has parlayed his success into extending his 15 minutes of fame.
Trumpa Celtic Both Gealic for trumpet. Music.
Trusty English Both The horse in the 101 Dalmatians. A production by Disney.
Tuaid Celtic Both Gaelic for north. Nature.
Tuar Celtic Both Gaelic for paddock, as in a small pasture for a horse. Animal.
Tuathial Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. King who established order in Ireland. Son of Fiacha.
Tuban Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An Irish Bishop in Germany.
Tugboat English Both Tugboat Annie, movie starring Marie Dresler about a rather tough, disreputable female tugboat captain with a heart of gold and a streak of humor.
Tuile Celtic Both Gaelic for torrent. Nature.
Tulip Scandanavian Both An early Spring flower especially prolific and well loved in Holland.
Tullia Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The quiet.
Tundra Native American Both The cold wasteland of the Arctic north.
Turnap Celtic Both Gaelic for turnip. Food. Term of endearment.
Tus Celtic Both Gaelic for rising. Nature.
Tutac Celtic Both Gaelic for clumsy.
Tutu French Both The name of the bouffant skirt worn by ballet dancers.
Tux French Both Refers to tuxedo.
Tuxedo French Both Referring to a suit for the most formal occasions. Traditionally in black and white, and thus a popular name for a pet that is black and white (especially with a white chest, collar and white feet).
Tweed English Both Refers to a fabric that has almost a grainy quality because of the weaving of dark and light threads. Quintessentially English.
Tweeter English Both A companion to the part in speakers called a Woofer. Music.
Tweety English Both The clever yet soo innocent yellow bird that lives to taunt Sylvester the cat in a cartoon of the same names.
Twig English Both A small or new growth on the branch of a tree. Great name for the little dog. Nature.
Twiggy English Both The name of the emaciated model of the 60s. Began the trend of figureless, formless, "you can't be too thin" trend toward beauty that you still see today.
Twinkies English Both Tradename for a very popular brand of golden cream filled snack cakes offered by Hostess bakeries. Food.
Twinkle English Both From the nursery rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Twix English Both Tradename for a very popular brand of candy bars.
Tyche Greek Female Goddess of good fortune.
Tyler English Both Old English for maker of tiles.
Tylweth Teg Welsh Both A Welsh faerie race which means Fair Family. They are inclined to steal blond children (they like golden hair) and their maidens are known to wed human husbands. It is precarious to visit their land however for time passes very differently and it is easy to be gone for just minutes only to return to our land and find that a century has passed.
Tynwald Ancient Both From a day of celebration in the Isle of Man, celebrated on July 5.
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