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Name Heritage Sex Description
Q Tip English Both Referring to the trademarked cotton swab.
Quail English Both A small bird, popular quarry for hunters. Nature. Animal.
Quake English Both To shake. Slang for earthquake. Nature.
Quality English Both To speak fo being better than other options.
Quandary English Both A difficult decision, a decision with benefits or problems with all choices.
Quarry English Both The specific target of a hunter. Nature.
Queen Ancient Female Latin for the wife of the king. Mythic.
Quell English Both To subdue something.
Query English Both To suggest a book or article to an editor. Great name for the pet of a budding writer/author. Art.
Quest English Both Embarking on a massive and incredibly important search for something profound is considered a quest. Typically life altering.
Quick English Both To be very fast. Or the part of the fingernail that is still growing, intact to the skin, painful if the nail is broken in that region.
Quicksilver English Both Slang for the element mercury and the name of a famous British mail coach. Also became the name of locomotives later in history.Nature.
Quill English Both From the early writing implement made from the feather of a turkey or other bird.
Quink English Both Company manufacturing Quick drying Ink.
Quito South American Both Capitol of Ecuador from the name of a native american tribe there.
Quiver Ancient Both A shoulder slung bag for the purpose of holding arrows for the archer.
Quixote Spanish Both The lead of the story by Miguel Cervantes "Man of La Mancha"
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