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O'Leary Celtic Both Irish surnmane meaning cattle rancher.
O'Malley Celtic Both Irish surname meaning chief.
O'Mara Celtic Both Irish surname meaning mirth. Comedy.
O'Neill Celtic Both Irish surname meaning champion.
O.J. English Both Slang abbreviation for orange juice. Food.
Oahu Hawaiian Both Part of the Hawaiian chain of islands.
Obadiah Ancient Both Biblical for servant of God.
Obair Celtic Both Gaelic for job, career, work.
Obair Celtic Both Gaelic for work. Yes, having a best friend that is a dog is work, there is grooming and feeding and exercising and training and then working to pay for all these things. Oh and vet bills! Please only get a dog if you are prepared for the commitment of caring for it for its entire life. This is often 15 years or more of grooming and feeding and exercising and training and paying for all of it! Perhaps a name like this would remind you of your commitment as well as help you share this important message with people you meet.
Obed Ancient Both Biblical for servant.
Obriteoir Celtic Both Gaelic for operator. Animal.
Oceanus Greek Male A Titan (race of Gods that pre-dated the rule of Zeus) that ruled over the ocean and seas along with his brother Tethys.
Odarbui Celtic Both Gaelic for orange.
Odie English Both Name for Garfield's counterpart Odie, the dog.
Og Celtic Both Gaelic for young.
Og Oigeanta Celtic Both Gaelic for youthful or young at heart. Term of endearment.
Ogilvie Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "to the end".
Oglac Celtic Both Gaelic for volunteer. Something all dogs did by volunteering to be our lifetime companions. People.
Ohio Native American Both Iroquoian for beautiful river. Nature.
Oide Celtic Both Gaelic for teacher. The wise trainer learns as much if not more from their dog than the dog learns from them. Excellent as a reminder of this. People.
Oifigeac Celtic Both Gaelic for officer. Military. Animal. Politics. Crime.
Oilean Celtic Both Gaelic for island.
Oireac Celtic Both Gaelic for illustrious. Entertainment.
Oiser Celtic Both Gaelic for oyster. Animal.
Oisin Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A great poet and son of Fionn. Art. Mythic. People.
Oisin Celtic Both An Irish poet and singer, part of the Fianna, a band of Irish warriors. He was the last one left alive after their many adventures. The son of a mythic legend, Finn MacCool and a faerie, he was taken to the land of the ever young and once returned during the age of St. Patrick. During this trip, he fell from his horse and so was unable to return to the land of the ever young. His last days were spent with St. Patrick sharing the stories of his youth.
Oklahoma Native American Both Choctaw for red people.
Olann Celtic Both Gaelic for wool. Animal.
Olive Italian Both A delicious fruit native to the Meditteranean. Popular in virtually all aspects of Italian cuisine and olive oil is exceptionally appreciated as a healthy cooking choice.
Oliver Scandanavian Male meaning kind affectionate.
Oliver Ancient Both Latin for olive tree.
Oll Mor Celtic Both Gaelic for stupendous, wondrous, fabulous, humongous, awe inspiring.
Olla Celtic Both Gaelic for wooly. As in wooly bully? Animal.
Ollam Celtic Both Gaelic for professor. People.
Ollau Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Twenty first Milesian Ard Rhi (high king) and famed philosopher. Art. Mythic. People.
Olwen Welsh Female Means white footprint.
Omar Middle Eastern Male Arabic for first son, follower of the prophet.
Omega Greek Both Last letter of the Greek alphabet.
Ona Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Lone.
Ongrac Celtic Both Gaelic for honorable. Military.
Onoir Celtic Both Gaelic for honor. Military.
Oops English Both Great name for the accidental pet.
Opus English Both The popular penguin character in the comic strip "Bloom County". Also the number given to a symphony for identification. Music
Or Celtic Both Gaelic for gold. Term of endearment.
Ordu Celtic Both Gaelic for command or order.
Oreads Greek Female Nymphs of the mountains and grottos.
Oregon Native American Both Perhaps a misspelling from an 18th century map calling the area Ouaricon-sint.
Oren Ancient Both Biblical for laurel.
Oreo English Both A Nabisco cookie made for two chocolate wafers with a delicious filling. Popular for pets that are black and white. Food.
Orestes Greek Male Son of Agamemnon that was put in hiding after his father's murder at the hands of his mother and her lover because of their plotting to kill Orestes as well. He returned years later to avenge his father. The murder of his mother put the heavens into a fury and he had many years of trials to earn forgiveness.
Orfhlaith Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. "Golden Lady"
Orga Celtic Both Gaelic for golden.
Oriana Ancient Both Latin for dawning, golden.
Orient Express English Both A train famous for its sumptuous accomodations and bent toward adventure. A variety of rose. Nature.
Orion Greek Male Superhuman hero, Orion was admired for his incredible hunting prowess. Also known for his devotion to his dogs and horse. They are all together in the heavens as the constellations Orion, Canis Major and Minor.
Orna Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Olive.
Ornaid Celtic Both Gaelic for ornament. Money.
Orpheus Greek Male The son of Apollo and the muse, Calliope, Orpheus was mystically talented with his lyre and could captivate stones and trees as well as beasts, gods and men with his playing. His wife, Eurydice, died and untimely death and he followed her to the underworld where his playing charmed Proserpine and Pluto to the point that they allowed Eurydice to leave with him with the condition that he could not gaze upon her until they were out of the underworld. Temptation or concern caused Orpheus to glance back just before they reached the top and Eurydice was swept away. Orpheus, distraught, still played magically until the day he died and was ultimately reunited with his wife. Music. Mythic.
Oscar Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "Divine Spear"
Oscar Scandanavian Male Divine spearman. Character in the movie The Odd Couple.
Oslo Scandanavian Both Capitol of Norway. Meaning mouth of the River Lo or forest clearing.
Oso Spanish Both Means bear.
Otar Celtic Both Gaelic for patient.
Otis English Both Son of Otto.
Otis Greek Both keen of hearing.
Ottawa Native American Both From a Native American tribe of Canada. Capitol of Canada.
Otto German Male German for Nick.
Ovaltine English Both From Swiss Ovalmaltine changed to Ovaltine when introduced to Britain.
Owain Welsh Both Variation of the Greek, Eugene meaning well born.
Ozone English Both The scientific term for the layer of O3 that protects the earth from a variety of toxins including intense rays of the sun. Human involvement in the environment has begun to erode this layer, thus the familiarity of the term in modern times as this issue is discussed.
Ozzie English Both Short of Osbourne as in Ozzie Osbourne and the popular 50s television show "Ozzie and Harriet" about a vastly different person. Entertainment
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