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Mac Scottish Both Scottish for son of...
Mac Mioscaise Celtic Both Gaelic for imp. Mythic.
Macadamia Hawaiian Both The rich, sweet nut of the macadamia in Hawaii. Popular for confections like chocolate covered macadamias, to eat alone roasted or even in cookies. Food.
MacAlister Scottish Both Son of Alexander in Gaelic. A Scottish clan with the motto "boldly".
Macalla Celtic Both Gaelic for echo, also the name of a water nymph of ancient Greek Legend. Mythic.
MacAlpin Scottish Both Son of Alpin. Scottish clan with the slogan "remember the death of Alpin."
MacAndrew Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "stand sure". Anglicized in the US as Anderson.
Macaroni Italian Both A noodle/pasta used as a base for many pasta dishes. The name of the pony in the tune used by the English Redcoats to denounce the Yankee Resistance. Yankee Doodle Dandy. Military. Food.
MacArthur Scottish Both One of the oldest of the Scottish clans. "Nothing is older than the hills, the devil and the clan MacArthur". Motto of "by fidelity and work" and "Listen, Oh Listen!". Name of one of the most charismatic and successful 5 star Generals in modern history, Douglas MacArthur.
MacCallum Scottish Both Scottish clan literally meaning son of the bald dove from the followers of St. Columba whose insignia was a dove of peace. Motto is "God is our refuge".
MacDuff Scottish Both son of the dark skinned.
MacDuffy Scottish Both Son of the dark skinned.
MacEwan Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "I grow strong".
MacGregor Scottish Both Son of a vigilant watchman
Macha Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Second century BC; first Milesian queen of Ireland.
Macha Celtic Both Irish for plain.
Macho Spanish Male Spanish for an exalted sense of masculinity.
MacInnes Scottish Both Means son of unique choice. Motto of this Scottish clan is "Through the grace of God and the King".
MacIver Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "I will never forget".
MacKay Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "with a strong hand".
MacKenzie Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto meaning "I shine, not burn".
MacKinnon Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "fortune favors the bold".
MacKintosh Scottish Both A wonderful tart apple and a Scottish clan with the motto "touch not the cat without a glove".
MacLachlan Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto brave and trusty.
MacLaine Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "to conquer or die".
MacLaren Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "the boar's rock".
MacLean Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "another for hector".
Macleirn Celtic Both Gaelic for pupil. People.
Maclennan Scottish Both Clan name for the Logans of the North. Motto of "ridge of tears".
MacLeod Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "Death of Life".
MacMahon Celtic Both Irish surname meaning bear
MacMillan Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "I learn to succor the distressed".
Madailein Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. After Saint Mary Magdalen.
Maddie Greek Female Variation on Madeleine meaning woman from Magdala.
Madonna Ancient Female Reference to the icon of the Mother of Christ. Also the single name used by the pop diva of the 80s and 90s.
Madra Celtic Both Gaelic for Dog. Animal.
Maeliosa Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "Servant of Jesus".
Maelona Welsh Female Means princess. Mythic.
Magad Celtic Both Gaelic for jesting. Games.
Magdalene Ancient Female Tower, refering to a place name.
Magee English Both Made popular through the Janis Joplin song "Me and Bobby Magee" Entertainment. Art.
Maggie Greek Female Familiar form of Margaret meaning pearl.
Magic English Both Meaning the mystical, fantastic, impossible to explain, virtually miraculous but without obvious cause or function. Great for the dog owned by the guy with all the card tricks.
Magnolia English Both Especially prevalent in the Southern USA, the magnolia tree has glossy evergreen foliage and large, fragrant blooms. Nature.
Magnum English Both Lead character in Magnum, P.I., Thomas Magnum. A container holding about 2/5ths of a gallon of alcohol. Also a type of gun. Food. Military.
Magoo English Both Named for a hilarious and near sighted character in a popular cartoon.
Mai Tai Chinese Female A rumbased fruit drink.
Maidean Celtic Both Gaelic for morning. Nature.
Maigdean Celtic Female Gaelic for maiden. Animal.
Mair Welsh Female Form of Mary.
Maisiuil Celtic Both Gaelic for elegant.
Maistir Celtic Both Gaelic for master. Animal. Politics.
Maistreas Celtic Female Gaelic for mistress. Animal.
Mait Celtic Both Gaelic for good. Term of endearment.
Major English Both An officer in an Army, Air Force or Marine Corps.
Malachi Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A warlike Prince 980AD. Mythic. People. Military. Crime.
Malachi Ancient Both Biblical for messenger.
Malehiah Ancient Both Biblical for "my king is God".
Mall Celtic Both Gaelic for slow.
Mallon Celtic Both Irish surname meaning pleasant.
Mallueh Ancient Both Biblical for "king". Mythic.
Malo Spanish Both Means bad.
Malone Celtic Both Irish surname meaning servant of St. John.
Malvina Scottish Female Means smooth brow.
Mamasita Spanish Both Means little mother.
Mancha Spanish Both A region in southern Spain and refers to "The Man of La Mancha" a nickname for Don Quixote of Miguel Cervantes book "Don Quixote de la Mancha". Art.
Mancunian English Both Famous British train.
Mandy Ancient Female Nickname for Amanda.
Mandy Ancient Both Variation on Latin "Amanda" meaning worthy of love.
Manet French Male Edouard Manet, known simply as Manet, French artist of the 19th century.
Mangaire Celtic Both Gaelic for peddlar. Animal.
Mannanan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Ancient Irish Ocean-God. Mythic.
Manx English Both A variation of the domestic cat born without a tail.
Maodhog Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "My young one" Term of endearment.
Maor Celtic Both Gaelic for mayor. Politics. Animal.
Maor Celtic Both Gaelic for steward. People.
Maotciste Celtic Both Gaelic for sponge cake. Food.
Marascal Celtic Both Gaelic for marshall. Crime. Politics.
Marble English Both A small glass ball popular for a variety of games.
Marcac Celtic Both Gaelic for jockey. Animal.
Marcac Celtic Both Gaelic for rider. People.
Margaret English Female Child of light, pure. Also the Queen of Henry the VI in the Shakespearean play by the same name.
Margarita Spanish Both From the Greek Margaret and then with Spanish influence, meaning pearl. Also a mixed drink of lemon, lime and tequila.
Mariebelle English Both Line of chocolates that is as much art as confection. Food. Art.
Mario Italian Male Equivalent of Mark.
Marisa Ancient Female Summit, a place name.
Marjoram Italian Both An herb with small purple-white flowers. Food. Nature.
Marlboro Old West Both Brand of cigarette made popular by images of the Old West and cowboys and sunsets.
Marlena German Female Blend of the German names Maria and Lena.
Marley English Both Jacob Marley, the protagonist in Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol, the former business partner of Scrooge, Jacob's ghost returns to warn Ebenezer of the error of his ways and the terrible price to be paid if he continues.
Marlon French Both From the French word for blackbird, or one who liked to sing which ultimately became a surname. Music. Animal.
Marmaduke English Both Comic strip about a Great Dane and his impact on his family.
Marmalade English Both Popular name for tortoiseshell and calico cats because of the marbled color effect that both their coat and marmalade has. Great option for blue and red merles.
Marnealac Celtic Both Gaelic for sailor. Military. People.
Marquisotte English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Mars English Both Candy company founded by Forrest Mars.
Marshal French Both Steward, horse-keeper. More currently, a law enforcement official. Crime.
Marshmallow English Both A sweet treat consisting of a big pillow of spun sugar.
Marta Celtic Both Gaelic for March.
Marty Ancient Both Latin. Variation on Martin which means war like.
Marvin English Both Old English for lover of the sea.
Mary Ancient Female Hebrew meaning bitter.
Mas Celtic Both Gaelic for ham. Food.
Masonic English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Masquerade English Both A party that is based on everyone being incongnito with masks or in costume or both. A variety of rose. Nature.
Massachusetts Native American Both Algonquian for big lake or forest clearing. Nature.
Masserati Italian Both Sports car of remarkable prestige and engineering and price.
Master Cutler English Male Famous British train.
Matair Celtic Female Gaelic for mother or dam.
Matair Celtic Female Gaelic for Mother. People.
Mater English Both Short for tomato. Food.
Mateus French Both A tradename for a very sweet white wine.
Matilda English Female Middle English meaning mighty in battle.
Matisse French Both An Impressionist artist of great renown. Art. People.
Matt Ancient Both Variation on Matthew. Hebrew for Gift of the Lord.
Matthew Ancient Male Hebrew for gift of the lord.
Maui Hawaiian Both Second largest island in the Hawaiian chain.
Maureen Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Little Mary.
Maverick Old West Both Initially from a calf that would separate from the herd. Eventually came to refer to any rebel. The last name of the characters played by James Garner and Mel Gibson in the movie by the same name "Maverick".
Maximillian Ancient Both Latin for "Greatest".
Maxine Ancient Female Latin for greatest.
Maya Native American Both A tribe in Southern Mexico credited with an exceptional civilization, history and demise.
Maybelle Ancient Both Latin for beautiful, great one.
MayDay Ancient Both Refers to a holiday since early times (May 1). Also a term used to mean emergency in radio communication.
Mazda Ancient Both From the Persian God of light. Name of an automobile company.
Mazel Ancient Both Hebrew. Short for Mazel Tov which means congratulations.
McNamara Celtic Both Irish surname meaning hound of the sea.
Meacan Dearg Celtic Both Food. Gaelic for carrot.
Meacan Tataba Celtic Female Food. Gealic for celery.
Meact Celtic Both Gaelic for going. Definitely a great choice for a dog that travels with its people alot or a great companion on a vacation.
Meall Celtic Female Gaelic for glamour. Entertain.
Mealla Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Name of Irish Holy Woman.
Mealltac Celtic Female Gaelic for glamourous.
Mean Fomair Celtic Both Gaelic for September.
Meanoice Celtic Both Gaelic for midnight. Mythic.
Mear Celtic Both Gaelic for fleet footed or fast.
Meccano English Both From the phrase mechanics made easy. A company manufacturing parts.
Medb Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Warrior Queen of Connaught.
Medea Greek Female Queen, goddess and enchantress who could restore youth but was seemingly just as likely to deceive. Credited with the death of her younger brother (in an effort to save the Argonauts) and the bride of Jason (whom she wanted). She was one of great power and caprice. Mythic.
Medea Greek Both Destroyed by her own jealousy and revenge, she was one of the great enchantresses of the ancient world and a follower of Hecate.
Meg Greek Female Variation on Margaret. Also Meghan or Megan. Means great.
Megabucks English Both Derived from interest in lotteries that are giving millions away. Their shorthand for this is megabucks, alot of money. Games.
Meghan Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Mighty.
Meidir Celtic Both Gaelic for merriment. Term of endearment. Comedy.
Meidreac Celtic Both Gaelic for merry. Comedy. Term of endearment.
Meirg Celtic Both Gaelic for rust.
Meirleac Celtic Both Gaelic for outlaw. Crime.
Meirleac Celtic Both Gaelic for rebel. Military. People. Politics. Mythic.
Meironwen Welsh Female Means "white dairymaid".
Meiteam Celtic Both Gaelic for June.
Mel Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Fifth century abbot of Armagh. People.
Melampus Greek Male After saving a nest of serpents, they thanked him by licking his ears while he slept. When he awoke he had the ability to understand the conversations of all manner of birds and crawling creatures. This led to great knowing and prophecy which made him alternatively honored and kidnapped by those who would use or snuff out his power.
Melanie Greek Female Meaning of dark clothing.
Melfyn Welsh Both From Carmarthen.
Mellyora English Female From the Cornish Meliora meaning better.
Melody Greek Both Part of a song. Music.
Mephisophales English Both Name of a demon. Name of a type of mustache. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Mercedes Spanish Female The love of the "Man in the Iron Mask", an exceptionally engineered car. A variety of rose. Nature. Entertainment. Art.
Mereid Welsh Female Form of Margaret.
Meriel Welsh Female Variant of Muriel.
Meringue French Both When egg whites are beaten they create a white, fluffy substance that has a very cloudlike quality. By adding sugar this becomes a popular topping for pies and other desserts.
Merlin English Both Middle English. The wizard that served as Arthur's mentor through his adolescence and consul during his reign in the Legends of Arthur, Once and Future King. Mythic.
Mermaids Welsh Both A race of lovely women from the waist up and fish from the waist down that were imbued with the ability to charm men. The most fiendish mermaids would feed on men or their blood and known to charm entire ships to their doom. Others might call like a drowning victim and consume their rescuer. Even so, stories also exist of mermaids that were kindly and even loving who offered support and cures to those people that stumbled upon their shores worrying for want of help.
Merrows Celtic Both In Ireland an entire race of mermaids and mermen were called Merrows. It is said that the female merrows were beautiful and kindly often falling in love with mortals and coming to live with them (even though it was thought that their appearance meant the coming of a storm) but the male merrows were very ugly.
Mesha Ancient Both Biblical for God saves.
Mesmerize English Both From the last name, Mesmer, of an early hypnotist. So to mesmerize is to hypnotize.
Meteor English Both Famous British train named for a celestial body moving through space.
Metra English Both The railroad of Northern Illinois (Chicago area).
Metrolink English Both The railroad of Southern California.
Mi Nollag Celtic Both Gaelic for the time of Christ's birth. December.
Mia Italian Female means mine, my.
Mian Celtic Both Gaelic for wish. Is your dog a wish or prayer answered? Mythic
Mianac Celtic Both Gaelic for mine (as in a place where metal and other materials are dug out of the ground). Nature.
Mianac Celtic Both Gaelic for ore. Nature.
Mianadoir Celtic Both Gaelic for miner. Nature.
Mianrai Celtic Both Gaelic for mineral, precious material. Nature.
Micah Ancient Both Biblical for "who is like God?"
Michael Ancient Both Hebrew meaning who is like god.
Michelle Ancient Female Hebrew for who is like god.
Michigan Native American Both Algonquian for at the big hills.
Midas Greek Male Definite case of be careful what you wish for. Midas was blessed and cursed by having everything he touched turn to gold.
Mide Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Term of endearment. "Dear Ita"
Midnight English Both Term relating to the end of the day and the beginning of the next day. Takes place at the "peak" of night or midway through the night. Imagery in art heightened to give the sense that this is the deepest, darkest part of the night.
Mighty Mo English Both Nickname for a US Battleship, the aircraft carrier, US Missouri. Military.
Mil Celtic Both Gaelic for honey. Nature. Animal. Term of endearment.
Mildred English Female Old English meaning mild power.
Milicho Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. St. Patrick's old master.
Milis Celtic Both Gaelic for sweet. Term of endearment.
Military English Both Refers to the armed forces. Military. Name of a type of mustache. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Millie German Female Variation of Millicent meaning industrious, vigor, strength, stamina.
Milliun Celtic Both Gaelic for million. Money.
Milliunai Celtic Both Gaelic for one with a million, a millionaire. Money.
Milmear Celtic Both Gaelic for hemlock. Nature.
Milo English Both A radio call signal.
Milseog Celtic Both Gaelic for trifle. A wonderful European dessert of fruit, cake, pudding, whipped cream and just enough liquor to make it truly decadent. Term of endearment. Food.
Mimi French Female Faithful guard.
Mimir Scandanavian Both God of prophecy. Mythic.
Mimis Greek Both Goddess of harvest. Mythic.
Mindy Greek Female Variation of Melinda. meaning gentle one.
Minneasota Native American Both Sioux for cloudy water.
Minnehaha Native American Both Famous chief. People. A variety of rose. Nature.
Minx French Female A seductive woman using her charms to gain advantage. Flirtacious, coy. Also refers to the Black Minx, the filly of The Black Stallion in the series of books by Walter Farley.
Miol Draide Celtic Both Gaelic for shark. Animal. Mythic.
Mioltog Celtic Both Gaelic for gnat. Animal.
Mion Celtic Both Gaelic for daughter. People.
Mionur Celtic Both Gaelic for minor, as in lower versus major. Music.
Mioscais Celtic Both Gaelic for mischievous. Comedy.
Miotail Celtic Both Gaelic for metallic or made of metal. Nature.
Miotal Celtic Both Gaelic for metal. Nature.
Miranda Ancient Both Latin for admirable.
Mischief English Both Refers to always starting trouble.
Mishka Russian Both means little bear. Term of endearment.
Misnead Celtic Both Gaelic for brave or courageous.
Misniuil Celtic Both Gaelic for brave or courageous and undaunted.
Misniuil Celtic Both Gaelic for gallant. Mythic. Military.
Miss Piggy English Female One of Jim Henson's Muppets. The diva, prima donna entertainer and girlfriend of Kermit the frog.
Missis English Female Informal term referring to someone's wife.
Mississippi Native American Both Algonquian for big river. Nature.
Missouri Native American Both Algonquian for big muddy river.
Missy Greek Female Variation on Melinda.
Misty English Female Old English for covered with mist.
Miuil Celtic Both Gaelic for mule. Animal.
Mo Celtic Both Gaelic for my. Term of endearment.
Mocha French Both A blend of coffee and cocoa creating a muted dark grey-brown beverage of unique flavor. Food.
Mochuda Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Abbot of Rathain. People.
Mod Celtic Both Gaelic for fashionplate. Entertrainment.
Moduil Celtic Both Gaelic for modest.
Mogh Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Opponent of Conn of the Hundred Battles. Mythic.
Mointean Celtic Both Gaelic for moor. Nature.
Molad Celtic Both Gaelic for praise. What a great choice for the dog that will be well trained and gain alot of praise.
Moliere French Both A French satirical playright of the 17th century. Art.
Molly Celtic Both Irish form of Mary meaning bitter.
Moltoir Celtic Both Gaelic for umpire, referee. Games.
Momear Celtic Both Gaelic for meadow. Nature.
Mona Greek Female meaning solitary
Mona Celtic Female Irish for noble.
Monaghan Celtic Both Irish surname meaning monk.
Mong Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Queen of ancient Ireland.
Monique Ancient Female Latin for advisor. Also Monica.
Monster English Both A creature who's vision or image alone can invite fear and horror. Mythic.
Montague Italian Both The family name of Romeo from Romeo and Juliet, the Shakespearean play of tragic and eternal young love.
Montana Spanish Both Means mountainous. Nature.
Montevideo African Both Capitol of Uruguay. Meaning "I saw the Mountain".
Monty Italian Both From Montague.
Mooney Celtic Both Irish surname meaning welathy.
Moose English Both Large, powerful and very family oriented ruminant of the Northern US and Canada.
Moosehead English Both Canadian brand of beer. Food.
Mopsey English Both One of the rabbits in Beatrix Potter's works (stories and illustrations).
Mopsy English Both One of the characters of the charming children's story, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail.
Mor Celtic Both Gaelic for big.
Mor Celtic Both Gaelic for big.
Mor Suil Celtic Both Gaelic for utopia, nirvana, paradise. Mythic.
Morag Scottish Female Scottish for great.
Moran Celtic Both Gaelic for much.
Moran Celtic Both Irish surname meaning great.
Morann Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Law-giver "The Just". Crime. Mythic.
Morcuis Celtic Both Gaelic for haughty.
Mordecai Ancient Both Biblical meaning Of Marduk (a Babylonian king).
Morga Celtic Both Gaelic for majestic. Mythic.
Morgaine Scottish Both "from the edge of the sea" one of the spellings of King Arthur's half sister's name. Morgaine Le Fey
Morgan Scottish Both Variation spelling of Morgaine (of the sea).
Moria Ancient Both Hebrew, the wind. Also the mountain in the work by JRR Tolkien that house the ancient city of the dwarves and the bridge of Khazad-Dum. Having been overrun by orcs and Durin's Bane, the Balrog of Morgoth, it was abandoned by the dwarves until the return of Gimli.
Mork English Both The breakout role for Robin Williams as a naive and friendly space alien in Mork and Mindy. Entertainment. Comedy.
Morna Scottish Female Means beloved.
Morris English Both Popular orange tabby who's finicky eating habits are the subject of many commercials for Friskys.
Morven Scottish Female Means big mountain peak.
Moses Ancient Both Biblical meaning "drawn from water".
Motu Celtic Both Gaelic for sensation.
Mouser English Both Known as an animal good at removing unwanted vermin.
Moxie English Both Having spunk, nervy. Also a company since the 1800s, producing a soft drink by the same name in New England.
Moynihan Celtic Both Irish surname meaning man from Munster.
Moza Ancient Both Biblical for "issue, source".
Mr. Spock English Both The science officer/sidekick of Capt. James T. Kirk on the original Star Trek created by Gene Roddenbury.
Muc Mara Celtic Both Gaelic for porpoise. Animal. Mythic.
Muffin English Both A bread baked in individual servings typically including nuts and/or fruits. Food.
Mugsy English Both Stereotypical nickname for a mafia thug. Crime.
Muireann Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. "of the long hair".
Muiredeach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Fourth Century Ard Rhi (high king) at Tara for 27 years. Mythic. Military. People.
Muirgheas Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "Sea Choice". Nature.
Muirnin Celtic Both Gaelic for darling. Term of endearment.
Mullen Celtic Both Irish surname for bald.
Munch Scandanavian Both Edvard Munch, 19th and early 20th century Norweigian artist. Also name of a dry, exceptionally intelligent but lightly obnoxious detective with an inclination to see conspiracies on the Law and Order: SVU television show.
Munchkin English Both One of the natives of the land of Oz from "The Wizard of Oz"
Mungo Scottish Both Means amiable.
Murchard Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Son of O'Brien. People. Mythic.
Murdock Scottish Both means wealthy sailor.
Murphy Celtic Both Irish surname meaning warrior of the sea.
Murphy Celtic Both Irish slang for potato.
Murray Celtic Both Irish surname meaning mariner or sailor.
Muryan English Both In old Cornish, muryan is the word for ant. The beliefs then were that those people who were not good enough for heaven but not bad enough for hell were sent back here as faerie folk. Over time they would diminish and get smaller and smaller until they were no bigger than ants. Thus, people were very careful even around ants for fear of harming a human soul.
Musaeus Greek Both Renowned author of poems and oracles for the ancient world. Said to be the son of Orpheus. Mythic. Art.
Muscles English Both Part of the body that provides the ability to move and strength. Good name for dogs built with alot of muscle (like many Terriers) or without alot of apparent muscle but exceptional speed (from a longer less bunchy muscle) like Sighthounds or even something that seems unrelated, like a Basset Hound!
Musk English Both Odors released, pheromones, to encourage reproduction. Also popular used in some perfumes.
Mutt English Both Slang term referring to a dog of unrecorded parentage. Which just relates to the fact that no person bothered to maintain the records not that the dog is inherently any less of a dog.
Mycroft English Both The brother of Conan Doyle's super sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.
Myfanwy Welsh Female Means my fine one.
Myrmidon Greek Both The Soldiers of Achilles during the Trojan war. They were fierce in battle but very peace loving.
Myrna Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Gentle.
Myron Greek Both A famous Greek Sculptor. Art. People.
Myrtle Italian Both A variety of trees/shrubs native to the Mediteranean but now all over the South of the US as well as other countries. Evergreen and fragrant. Nature.
Mystic English Both Referring to things spiritual and not entirely explained by science.
Myth English Both Refering to a story that cannot be verified with themes that appeal to all that hear it and often elements that are or seem fantastical. Mythic.
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