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Jabal Ancient Both Biblical for to lead or guide.
Jabber English Both Idle chatter.
Jabberwocky English Both The name of a character in Alice in Wonderland and also the title of a Monty Python movie.
Jack English Both Familiar form of Jacob also common nickname for John (as in John F. Kennedy).
Jackson English Both Surname meaning son of Jack.
Jacob Ancient Both Hebrew for supplantor.
Jacques French Both French form of Jacob or James.
Jacques Torres French Both Acclaimed brand of chocolate confections. Food.
Jael Ancient Female Means antelope. Animal. Nature.
Jag English Both Short for Jaguar and name of a popular television series about a Naval attorney.
Jaguar African Both Name of a very wild and powerful great cat. Animal.
Jakarta Asian Both Indonesian capitol meaning place of victory.
Jake English Both Very popular name for dogs and also a variation on Jacob.
Jaleesa African Female From a character in the TV Show A Different World. Entertainment.
Jamal Middle Eastern Both means handsome.
James English Both English form of Jacob.
Jameson Celtic Both Irish surname meaning son of James.
Jamoca English Both Tradename for the jamoca almond fudge. A coffee/chocolate/almond flavored ice cream.
Janay English Both Variation on Janie.
Japheth Ancient Both Biblical for may they extend.
Jaquenetta English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Jared Ancient Both Biblical for servant.
Jarvis German Both Old German from keen with a spear.
Jasmine French Both A variety of vines that offer flagrant small flowers. Asian influence.
Jasper Ancient Both English form of Casper. Jasper National Park is the northernmost National Park on the Rocky Mountain Range. Also jassper is an opaque, impure Chalcedony,gemstone. Traditionally thought of as red, jasper comes in pinks,yellows, greens, browns, and grayish blues. Association with other minerals give jasper bands and patterns. In the ancient world Jasper was a favorite gem. Nature. Mythic.
Jay French Both Old French referencing the Blue Jay.
Jazz English Both A lively musical form originated in the Deep South of the US in the early 20th century.
Jebediah Ancient Both Hebrew meaning beloved friend.
Jedaiah Ancient Both Biblical for "Yah knows"
Jeepers English Both Slang for something scary like "jeepers creepers". Or Wow!
Jehudi Ancient Both Also written Yehudi, meaning "in the hands of God".
Jelly Bean English Both A fun name for a gel/sugar candy popular since the late 1800s. Term of endearment. Candy.
Jelly Belly English Both Tradename for a very popular brand of candy. Term of endearment. Food.
Jennifer Welsh Female Means white, fair, lovely.
Jeremiah Ancient Both Hebrew for appointed by Jehovah.
Jeroboam Ancient Both Biblical for "may the people increase"
Jerry Ancient Both Latin meaning holy name.
Jerusalem Middle Eastern Both Capitol of Israel and birthplace of Christ. Holy City to Muslims as well. Means "Foundation of God".
Jesse French Both Derived from Jasmine and Jessica. Popular for boys as well through the gunslinger in the 1800s, Jesse James.
Jessica Ancient Female Hebrew for wealthy.
Jethro Ancient Both Hebrew for pre-eminence. Also the character on Beverly Hillbillies that was regarded by his family as being educated because he'd gone to school through the 4th grade. Also popular rock band from the 70s, Jethro Tull. Entertainment.
Jethro Ancient Both Biblical for superabundance. First name of the nephew of Jed Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies. Entertainment. Part of the name of the popular hard rock band, Jethro Tull. Music.
Jewel English Both A precious stone or gem. Nature. Money.
Jezebel Ancient Female Hebrew means follower of idols, easily deceived. In the bible referenced as a woman that was disloyal and dishonest.
Jiminy English Both First name of Jiminy Cricket, the wise, hopeful and positive sidekick of Pinochio.
Jingle English Both Refers to the sound that bells make. Fun choice for a dog that came home near Christmas.
Jingle English Both The noise made by a multitude of bells or coins in a pocket. Great name for a pet adopted near the holidays.
Jingo Welsh Both Dating back to at least the Middle Ages, "by Jingo" meant "by God". Often used to refer to a high level of patriotism. Utilized by many nationalities (especially on the way to war) since. Military.
Jinx English Both Bad luck or curse.
Jo Jo English Both Variation of Joseph or Josephine.
Joab Ancient Both Biblical for Yah is Father.
Jock Ancient Both Nickname for Jacob and also more recently, refering to someone active in sports. Games. Also the father, Jock Ewing, on the show Dallas.
Joe Ancient Both Hebrew short version of Joseph meaning he shall add.
Joey Australian Both Word for a young kangaroo. Also one of the friends on the show "Friends".
Johnstone Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto Never unprepared.
Jolie French Both French for pretty, joyful.
Jolie Coeur French Both French for Happy Heart or Pretty Heart or Joyful Heart.
Jolly Rancher English Both Popular candy brand available in a variety of fruit flavors. Food.
Jonah Ancient Both Hebrew for dove. In the Bible he was challenged and overcame being swallowed by a whale.
Jonah Ancient Both Biblical for "dove".
Jonathon Ancient Both Hebrew meaning Jehovah gave.
Joplin English Both For the tortured and greatly talented rock star of the 60s. Feelings of ugliness and insecurity haunted her short life culminating with her overdose on drugs after many huge hits and performances at Woodstock. Art. People. Music.
Jose' Spanish Both Spanish form of Joseph.
Joseph Ancient Male Hebrew for he shall increase.
Josephine Ancient Female Hebrew for he shall increase (feminine form).
Joshua Ancient Both Hebrew meaning Jehovah saves.
Josiah Ancient Both Biblical for "Yah supports".
Journeyman English Both Experienced but hasn't mastered a skill or art yet.
Jove Ancient Both Alternate name of Jupiter (see Jupiter). Mythic.
Joy Ancient Both Latin for total happiness.
Joyce Ancient Both Latin for joyous.
Joyous Ancient Both Filled with Joy.
Jubilee English Both To be ecstatic and bouyant at a celebratory event. Also the word used to describe the 50th anniversary.
Judah Ancient Both Biblical for praised.
Judith English Female One of truth.
Judy English Female Short for Judith (one of truth).
Julie Ancient Female Latin meaning youthful.
Jumbo English Both Meaning extra large.
June Ancient Both Latin for midsummer and thus the month, June.
Juneau Native American Both The capital of Alaska.
Jungle Gym English Both An outside play station for children with swings, monkey bars, slide and often more.
Junior English Both Refers to "the younger" or the son of".
Jupiter Ancient Both Latin, the king of the Gods of Olympus in Roman mythology (also translated as Jove) as well as the largest planet in our solar system.
Justin Ancient Both Latine for upright.
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