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D.O.G. English Both Pronounced D-O-G.
Dabney English Both From the actor Dabney Coleman.
Daedalus Greek Male The genius who gained the favor of King Minos. After creating many wondrous things, the King feared losing him and locked him and his son, Icarus, in a tower. To escape, Daedalus fashioned marvelous wings for them both. His son was lost when, in his vanity, he flew too near the son and melted the wax of his wings.
Daffy English Both From Disney's Daffy Duck.
Dafne Italian Both Poem by Ottavio Rinucini circa 1594. A few years later it was made into the first opera.
Dafydd Welsh Both means friend in Hebrew. A form of David.
Dag Scandanavian Both Dag Hammarskjold, a Swedish diplomat and Secretary General of the UN. He died in an airplane crash in 1961.
Dagda Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A leader of the Dedananns.
Dagmar English Both Dagmar Lewis was a busty actress. The bullet swellings on cars circa the 1950s were called dagmars in her honor.
Dagwood English Male Bumbling husband of the cartoon strip Blondie (his wife).
Dagwood English Both The star of the cartoon of the same name. Also an oversized sandwich of many fillings made popular by the cartoon. Food.
Dai Chinese Both Dancer born in Trinidad that introduced ballet to China.
Daibheid Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Saint David. Mythic. People.
Dail Celtic Both Gaelic for parliament. Politics.
Dainty Celtic Female Gaelic for dainty.
Daione Sidhe Celtic Both The faerie folk of Ireland. Mythically they were as large or larger than mortal man but as the years passed they have "dwindled" and are now thought of as tiny. Even so, they are treated with great respect. It is not wise to get on the wrong side of them and they are typically referred to as "The Gentry". They usually live in castles underwater or under a grassy knoll.
Daione Sidhe Scottish Both Faerie folk of Scotland that are as big and much like mortals. Known to befriend and even marry mortals, they typically keep their faerie heritage secret. Also known as the People of Peace for their ability to live closely with mortals.
Daiquiri Italian Both A cocktail of fruit, lime and rum.
Dair Celtic Both Gaelic for oak tree. Nature.
Dairine Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A daughter of Tuathail, son of Fiacha, King of Ireland.
Daisy English Both A popular wildflower with white petals and a yellow center. Summery and happy. The favorite flower of Meg Ryan's character in You've Got Mail.
Dakota Native American Both From the North and South Dakotas of the Northwest. Rich in Native American heritage and culture.
Dakota Native American Both Means Alliance of Friends for the unity of the Sioux nations.
Dallaman Celtic Both Gaelic for Dormouse. Animal.
Dalma English Both From the American author Dalma Brown,
Dalton English Both Dalton Trumbo was blacklisted as a communist by McArthyism in the 50s. He died in the mid 70s.
Daman Celtic Both Gaelic for spider. Animal.
Damaris English Female English writer, Lady Damaris Masham was a protege of John Locke.
Damasco South American Both Damasco Garcia, born in the Dominican Republic played professional baseball for the Bluejays and destroyed his popularity when he burned his uniform in the clubhouse.
Damien English Both Name made popular by a series of movies where the AntiChrist is named Damien. Also Damien Parer is a photojournalist whose film Kokoda Front was the first film from Australia to win an Oscar.
Damocles Ancient Male A Greek courtier with the poor taste of describing the life of the royal class with too much emphasis on their joy and freedom from strife. The unrest it provoked prompted Damocles to be invited to dinner by the local royals. He was seated underneath a sword suspended over him by a single horse hair...thus the origin of the expression "sword of Damocles" when doom is hanging over one's head.
Damon English Male Damon Runyon was the author of a series of short stories eventually made into the Broadway musical and eventually movie called Guys and Dolls.
Dan Celtic Both Gaelic for poem. Art. Music.
Dana Celtic Both Gaelic for bold.
Dana Celtic Both Gaelic for naughty. Crime. Term of endearment.
Dana Scandanavian Both From "Denmark".
Dancer English Both One who dances and of course, one of Santa's reindeer. Animal. Mythic.
Dandelion French Both A much cursed wildflower that grows well in many lawns and yards. Exceptionally useful for herbal medecine, wine, young greens for salads and more. Food. Nature.
Daniel Ancient Both Hebrew for "judged by God".
Danse du Feu French Both Dance of Fire. A variety of rose. Nature.
Dante Italian Male Dante Alighieri the author of the Divine Comedy which includes the Inferno and all the other levels of the afterlife.
Dante Italian Both Poet and author of Divine Comedy. Art.
Daol Celtic Both Gaelic for cockroach.
Daphne Greek Female Daughter of the river-god Peneus, she was struck with the leaden arrow of Cupid and avoided love. Apollo struck with the golden arrow pursued her and lost her when she appealed to her father who then turned her into a laurel tree to evade Apollo. Mythic.
Daphne Greek Female Greek for laurel tree.
Darby Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A free man.
Darby English Both From a popular old English Ballad about a happy old couple named Darby and Joan. Also the famous farm of top Thoroughbred racehorses in Kentucky, Darby Dan farm.
Darenca Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A sister of Saint Patrick.
Daria English Both American Actress,Daria Halprin.
Dario Italian Both Dario Fo, Italian dramatist.
Darius Greek Both One who upholds the truth.
Darius Ancient Both Darius III was the last King of Persia. He was defeated by Alexander the Great.
Darla English Female The child star and love interest of the boys of "Our Gang".
Darlene English Female Darlene Dietrich was a magician that did a trick that Houdini claimed to be able to do but never did. She could catch a bullet with her teeth.
Darold English Male Darold Knowles an AllStar baseball pitcher.
Darryl English Male Darryl Zanuck, director of the first movie with sound.
Daryl English Female Daryl Hannah, actress perhaps best known for playing the lead, a mermaid named Madison in Splash opposite Tom Hanks.
Dasher English Both One of Santa's reindeer. Mythic. Animal.
Dashiell English Both Dashiell Hammett, novelist and author of some of the best loved detective mystery genre.
Dathi Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A nephew of Niall.
Dave English Both Variation on David.
David Ancient Both Hebrew for beloved.
Dawn English Female The time of sunrise. Earliest morning.
Dea Poir Celtic Both Gaelic for Thoroughbred. The Irish are especially known for their breeding program of some of the most powerful and courageous thoroughbreds in the world who compete on courses of great length and including dangerous jumps. Movies like National Velvet illustrate these types of races. The competitors, not just the winners, illustrate great heart. Animal.
Deactoir Celtic Both Gaelic for dictator. Politics.
Deadwood English Both A town in South Dakota known for its rough dealings during the American Old West. Part of the nickname of Deadwood Dick named for winning a shootout in the town.
Dealg Celtic Both Gaelic for a thorn bush. Nature.
Dealg Celtic Both Gaelic for brooch. Money.
Deanac Celtic Both Gaelic for ultimate.
Deanna English Female Deanna Durbin, actress, her first feature film saved the studio from bankruptcy in 1936.
Deannaire Celtic Both Gaelic for Painter. Art.
Dearbhail Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. True Desire.
Dearg Celtic Both Gaelic for crimson.
Deartair Celtic Both Gaelic for brother. People.
Deas Celtic Female Gaelic for pretty.
Deas Celtic Both Gaelic for neat, tidy.
Deas Celtic Both Gaelic for nice.
Deatac Celtic Both Gaelic for smoke.Nature.
Deataig Celtic Both Gaelic for smoky. Nature.
Decca English Female Decca Mitford, American Communist writer.
Dee Dee Welsh Female Means black or dark.
Deford English Male Deford Bailey was the first black cast member on Nashville's Grand Old Opry. The master of the harmonica.
Deidre Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. "Of the Sorrows" the friend of the sons of Usnach.
Deinol Welsh Both Means attractive and charming.
Deirdre Celtic Female Irish mythical princess that abandoned her fiance, the king to elope with his nephew.
Deiread Fomair Celtic Both Gealic for October
Deirfuir Celtic Female Gaelic for sister. People.
Deirid Celtic Both Gaelic for last, continue, persevere, stamina. Games.
Del Shannon English Both American pop musician of the 50s and 60s.
Delaney Celtic Both Irish surname meaning Dark Part of the Slaney River.
Delariviere English Both Author of 17th century scandal novels, Delariviere Manley.
Delbert English Male Delbert Mann, Oscar winning director.
Delhi Middle Eastern Both Capitol of India meaning threshold.
Delilah Ancient Female Hebrew for brooding. The woman that led Samson to his fall.
Delilah Ancient Female Arabic for coquette, flirt.
Delilah Ancient Female The sister of the woman beloved by Samson. She was paid to find the source of his strength and succeeded.
Delphi Greek Both Location of the famous and highly reliable "Oracle of Delphi". Mythic.
Delta English Female A lush, environmentally rich area where the ocean and river meet. Also Delta Burke, American actress.
Delvina English Female Delvina Maxwell was Billy the Kid's girlfriend. She was the one who bought his tombstone.
Delyth Welsh Female Means pretty.
Demetrius Ancient Male A silversmith of Ephesus that started a riot because Paul's preaching began to effect the sales of his small idols of local gods.
Demetrius Greek Both From the Goddess Demeter.
Demi English Female Means partly. Demi Moore, American actress with great beauty, skill and longevity.
Demon English Both A creature who's only purpose is evil or mischief.
Demosthenes Ancient Male Athenian speaker of some renown several hundred years before Christ.
Denholm English Male Denholm Elliott, English character actor especially noted for comic skills as seen in movies like Trading Places (with Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy).
Denholm Scottish Both Scottish placename and family name.
Denis French Male Denis Diderot, 16th century inventor of the encyclopedia.
Denise French Female A follower of Dionysus. Mythic.
Denise English Female Denise Crosby, American actress, perhaps best known for her part on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Denzel English Male Denzel Washington, Academy Award winning actor.
Deoc Celtic Both Gaelic for drop.
Deoc Meisce Celtic Both Gaelic for liqueur or cordial. Food.
Deorain Celtic Both Irish surname meaning "exile"
Derby English Both Any of a number of horse races the most famous of which is the Kentucky Derby held the first Saturday of every May for over 100 years. One of the three races that make up the Triple Crown for three year old Thoroughbreds.
Derrick English Male A hangman of the 17th century, honored by having gallows and similar tools named derricks.
Dervla Celtic Both Dervla Murphy, Irish travel writer.
Desdemona English Female Shakespeare's character from Othello. She is a mistreaed wife.
Desi South American Male Desi Arnez, husband of Lucille Ball and co-star on I Love Lucy.
Desiderius Scandanavian Male Dutch scholar known for his contributions to the Renaissance. Desiderius Erasmus.
Desiree French Female Desiree Bernadotte, French born Queen of Sweden. Rumored to be loved by Napoleon.
Desmond African Male Desmond Tutu, first black bishop of Johannesburg, South Africa. One of the leaders to help end apartheid. Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984.
Deucalion Ancient Male Mythical Greek King said to have survived a nine day flood with his wife by building an ark.
Devil English Both A creature of mischief and mayhem. The leader of the underworld.
Devon English Male Devon White, All Star Baseball player and outfielder. Won several Golden Glove awards.
Devon English Both Old English meaning defender. A county in Southwest England.
Dewey Welsh Both Means prized.
Dewi Welsh Both Variation of David meaning friend in Hebrew.
DeWitt English Male American publisher and founder of Reader's Digest with his wife Lila.
Dia Celtic Both Gaelic for godlike. Mythic.
Diabal Celtic Both Gaelic for devil. Mythic.
Diabal Celtic Both Gaelic for devil, satan. Mythic.
Diablo Spanish Both Spanish for devil.
Diahann English Female Diahann Carol is an American actress and singer.
Diallaid Celtic Both Gaelic for saddle. Animal.
Diamair Celtic Both Gaelic for mystic. Mythic. Animal.
Diamond English Both One of the most valuable substances in the world. A precious gem. Money.
Diamond English Both Among the most precious of the precious stones and perhaps the most valued because of its association with purity and love making it a popular choice for engagement rings in the Western Hemisphere. Diamond Jim Brady was a successful gambler named for his propensity to wear alot of diamonds.
Dian Ancient Female Variation on Diana, Diane.
Diana Greek Female Of unparalleled independence, wisdom and skill, Diana emerges from the Greek myths as a woman unlike any that society might accept until modern times. As a virgin she never married and this self sufficiency provided a wisdom that was never second to another (even her father Jupiter). Like all the gods, she could be hasty and anger easily but her compassion is equally well recorded.
Diana Ancient Both Latin for divine.
Diancecht Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A famous Druid physician. Mythic.
Diarmid Scottish Both Means envy free.
Diarmuid Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Saint Jeremiah. People. Mythic.
Diata Celtic Both Gaelic for divine. Mythic.
Dibeartac Celtic Both Gaelic for outcast. Animal. Crime. Politics.
Dickens English Both From Shakespeare "the little dickens" or to "scare the dickens out of people" meaning deuce or devil. Also Charles Dickens a 19th century author famouse for Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol and a number of other definitive Victorian stories.
Dickie English Both Dickie (a variation on Richard) Kerr was the only honest player during the 1919 White Sox scandal. Baseball.
Dickinson English Both Emily Dickinson, the most famous of a family of writers/poets.
Didi South American Both Soccer player of the 50-60s.
Diego Spanish Both Mexican mural painter Diego Rivera, remembered now for his womanizing and marriage to Frida Kahlo.
Diesel English Both A powerful engine whose pulling ability is determined by torque. Industrial strength.
Dignitiuil Celtic Both Gaelic for dignified.
Dilbert English Both Dilbert is an American cartoon about workplace humor.
Dilis Celtic Both Gaelic for belove.
Dilis Celtic Both Gaelic for faithful.
Dill English Both A wonderful flavorful and aromatic herb grown in many kitchen gardens.
Dimples English Both A variety of rose. Nature. Also refers to deep clefts in one's cheeks when they smile.
Dinah English Female One of the heroines of the Great American Folk songs of the 1800s. During an era when many men had to travel to find jobs, carrying a banjo or guitar to while away the hours was popular. One of the songs had a refrain "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah, Someone's in the kitchen I know, Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah, strumming on the old banjo" referring to the fear that another man was wooing their love, Dinah. Also Dinah Shore, popular singer and personality of the 70s who helped make it respectable for older women to be with younger men when she got involved with Burt Reynolds, a young hottie of the era.
Dingaan African Both From a South African hoilday.
Dingaan African Both Zulu chief defeated by Boer colonists. The date of this defeat is still recognized as Dingaan's Day.
Dingle English Both Sir Dingle Mackintosh Foot, even with this name, Sir Foot was able to pursue a career in English politics.
Dingo Australian Both An ancient wild canine that is found primarily in Australia in modern times. Most probably an ancestor of most modern breeds. A bit unkempt and unpredictable. Animal.
Dingus English Both A private nickname of Jesse James. Known by only close friends for what he said when he accidentally shot off his finger claiming it was the "dingus-dangedus" thing he'd ever seen.
Dinky English Both Slang for unimpressive, puny, weak.
Dino English Both Slang for Dinosaur. The name of the pet dinosaur in The Flintstones. Animal. Entertainment.
Dino English Both Name of the pet dinosaur owned by the Flintstones in the cartoon of the same name.
Diogenes Ancient Both Greek philosopher. Founder of the Cynics.
Diograis Celtic Both Gaelic for zest! The fire of life. Zesty spices make meals interesting. Food.
Diomsac Celtic Both Gaelic for arrogant.
Dion Celtic Both Gaelic for refuge, safe haven.
Dion English Both English witch of the 1800s, Dion Fortune.
Diona Celtic Both Gaelic for dynamite.
Dionne French Both Probably derived from Dionysus, the god of wine. Mythic.
Dionne French Both Probably from Dione, the mother of Venus. Mythic.
Dionne English Both Dionne Warwick, popular singer.
Dippy English Both Slang for ditzy, silly and without clear thinking.
Dirick Scandanavian Both 16th century stained glass artist, Dirick Vellert.
Dirk English Both Dirk Bogarde, knighted by the Queen of England for his contributions to the world of acting for parts such as the composer in Death in Venice. Dirk Benedict, American actor perhaps still best known for his part in the A Team.
Disco English Both Popular dance, music style of the 70s and 80s. Chronicled in movies like Saturday Night Fever. Entertainment. Music.
Dismas Ancient Both One of the thieves crucified with Jesus. Dismas is presumably the one that asked Jesus for salvation while they died.
Disraeli African Both Charismatic Jewish Prime Minister, philosopher and author of 19th century Britain.
Diva Italian Female A talented female personality that is also demanding and somewhat spoiled. Overly dramatic.
Divine English Both Divine Brown was the American Hooker arrested with Hugh Grant. The Divine Miss M a stage persona of Bette Midler. Divine is also the acting pseudonym for a multi-talented camp drag queen who died in 1988.
Dixie English Both Slang for the Southeastern US. Popularized through various songs during and before the Civil War.
Dixie English Both Name given to the South during the Civil War inspired the tune "I wish I was in Dixie". Dixie Walker, professional American baseball player with the Dodgers. An All-Star from a family of pro ball players. His brother, father and uncle also played.
Dixon English Both Mason-Dixon line refers to the boundary between the North and South of the early USA. Important during the Civil War where loyalties were often found divided by the line.
Dizzy English Both Dizzy Gillespie, American jazz trumpeter who died in 1993.
DJ English Both Short for Disc Jockey, radio.
Django Scandanavian Both Django Reinhardt, Gypsy jazz guitarist, died in 1953 at the age of 42.
Djuna English Both Djuna Barnes, American poet and writer, author of Nightwood.
Dmitri Russian Both Dmitri Tiomkin was a soundtrack composer for shows such as Rawhide and movies.
Do Celtic Both Gaelic for burn.
Do Celtic Both Gaelic for "your".
Do Diongbala Celtic Both Gaelic for irresistible.
Dobarcu Celtic Both Gaelic for otter. Animal.
Dobby Celtic Both The name of a house-elf in Harry Potter but more anciently the term of endearment offered to hobgoblins in England. Though they are known for some mischief making they are typically thought to be rather kind and helpful. One is even known especially for his kindness to old men.
Doc English Both "What's Up Doc"famous quote by cartoon mischief maker Bugs Bunny. Doc Watson, famous flat guitar picker and old time folksinger.
Doc Watson English Both Sherlock Holmes serious and studious sidekick. Art.
Docar Celtic Both Gaelic for evil. Mythic.
Docas Celtic Both Gaelic for hope. Term of endearment.
Docasac Celtic Both Gaelic for hopeful. Term of endearment.
Dochartaigh Celtic Both Irish surname meaning disobliging or not agreeable or helpful.
Dock English Both Dock Ellis an American baseball pitcher with the Pirates in the 60s-70s.
Dodie English Both Pseudonym of the author of 101 Dalmatians, Dodie Smith.
Dodo Ancient Both Biblical for his beloved.
Dog Days English Both A hot time of year linked to the rising of the Dog Star and thus their name.
Doiciul Celtic Male Gaelic for handsome. Term of endearment.
Doimin Celtic Both Gaelic for deep.
Dollar African Both Jazz pianist from South Africa, Dollar Brand.
Dolly English Female Lead character of the timeless musical "Hello Dolly" about a woman of means and the challenges she faces with grace and dignity. Art. Music.
Dolly English Both Dolly Madison, first lady of James Madison and known as a powerful and intelligent personality in her own right. Dolly Parton, perhaps the first lady of country music with a remarkable career filled with hits as a singer and writer. Other business interests and her longevity have sealed her legacy.
Dolores English Both Dolores Claiborne, character from a Stephen King novel of the same name about a woman whose ability to confront the challenges in her life leads her down a difficult path while her family disintegrates around her.
Domenico Italian Both Composer and singer, best known for Volare, Domenico Modugno.
Domhnaid Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Saint Dominick. Mythic.
Dominic Spanish Both St. Dominic, founder of the order of Dominican Friars. Leader of the Spanish Inquisition.
Domino English Both Somewhat overused but popular name for black and white dogs referencing the game made of black tiles with white spots. Games.
Domnoc Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Introduced bees and honey. Food. Animal. Mythic.
Don Spanish Both Title for royalty rather similar to a duke or count.
Donal Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "World Mighty"
Donald English Male Donald Duck, popular cartoon character of Disney.
Donatello French Both Inspired Renaissance artist.
Donato Italian Both High Renaissance architect of the new Basilica of St. Peter's in Rome.
Donegal Celtic Both County in Ireland.
Donn Celtic Both Gaelic for brown.
Donnchad Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Brother of St Patrick. People. Mythic.
Donner English Both Name of a Colorado mountain that was treacherous to pass in early American times and the reputation it derived with the Donner Pass getting so much snow that people were trapped for months. Also the name of one of Santa's reindeer. Animal. Mythic.
Donohue Celtic Both Irish surname from the county of Kerry where they held a ruling seat since ancient times.
Donovan English Both Donovan was a famous singer of the 60s, one of the Beatniks.
Donyale Italian Female Italian actress Donyale Luna died shortly after starring in Satyricon.
Doodle English Both Slang for scribbling and designs that many people participate in to alleviate boredom and entertain themselves and others.
Dooinney-Oie Celtic Both A kindly spirit known for blowing his horn to warn of impending storms.
Dooley English Both Dooley Wilson is the pianist of the movie Casablanca.
Doonie Celtic Both A helpful spirit that loved the wild places. Known for being a helpful guide to those that were lost but not above offering a warning if the one they'd helped were up to no good.
Dorbene Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Followed Adamnan as abbot of Iona.
Dorcadas Celtic Both Gaelic for darkness.
Dorcas Ancient Female Means gazelle and referred in the Bible as a woman who does good works.
Dord Celtic Both Gaelic for drum. Music.
Doreen Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Gloomy.
Doreen English Female From the bluegrass tune, "Doreen, My Bluegrass Queen"
Dorian English Male Lead character in Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.
Dorian Greek Both Greek meaning "from the sea". Nature.
Doris English Female Doris Day, famous singer and actress, strong supporter of her friend Rock Hudson even after his admission of AIDS shocked the world. Perhaps best known today for her phenonmenal work for animals as part of the Doris Day Foundation.
Dorncar Celtic Both Gaelic for hilt (as of a sword). Military.
Dornford English Both Psuedonym of an author of adventure tales from the early 20th century like Berry and Co.
Dorothea English Female Dorothea Dix, tireless humanitarian for the humane care of those in prison and the insane.
Dorothy English Female Dorothy is the heroine of The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy Parker, sharp mind, wit and author of the 20th century. Street smart and willing to shock people a bit to make her point.
Dottie English Female Variation of Dorothy.
Douglas English Male Douglas MacArthur, famous American WWII general. Douglas Fairbanks, famous actor and husband of Mary Pickford.
Dozer English Both Shorthand for Bulldozer, a powerful piece of construction equipment that can move and reshape a piece of earth.
Draco English Both First name of Harry Potter's nemesis. Art.
Dracon Greek Both Attorney of the Ancient Greeks that drafted laws so harsh that even today the term draconian means penalties that vastly exceed the crime (such as death for urinating in public).
Dracula Russian Male Dracula, probably based on a vicious Count called the Impaler, a character that sucked the blood of the living in Bram Stoker's novel.
Dragan Russian Both Dragan Dzajic, Soccer Player of the year 6 times between 1963 and 1972.
Dragon Celtic Both Known as the "great-worms" the scales of the mythic dragon would lead one to suspect they were reptiles or lizards. Winged and fire breathing they also were typically intelligent with the oldest of the dragons being among the wisest creatures on earth. Nevertheless they had a great love of shiny things and were known for destroying towns and countrysides in order to take over castles and mines filled with treasure. Few stories exist where the dragon is not a creature of great hazard for people.
Drai Celtic Both Gaelic for Druid. Mythic.
Draioct Celtic Both Gaelic for enchantment. Mythic.
Draioct Celtic Both Gaelic for magic. Mythic. Games.
Drake English Both Male duck, Animal. Drake Levin, an American pop musician, member of Paul Rever and the Raiders.
Drambuie Celtic Both GAelic from dram (for drink) and buidh (for yellow). Popular liqueur.
Drannad Celtic Both Gaelic for grumbling, growling. Animal.
Draoi Celtic Both Gaelic for Wizard. People. Mythic.
Dreadnought English Both Name of a ship in the British armada probably referring to going to war without hesitation or dread. Military.
Dreagean Dub Celtic Both Gaelic for the sloe tree. Nature.
Dreasan Celtic Female Gaelic for lilac. Nature.
Dred English Both Dred Scott sued for his freedom on the basis that he lived in a free state. He lost the case and died in 1858.
Dreoilin Celtic Both Gaelic for wren. Nature. Animal.
Drew English Both Drew Barrymore, successful actress and producer of major movies, her success is more despite her ties to the legendary Barrymores than because of it.
Drifter English Both Slang for a wanderer. Great choice for the dog that wandered into your life if only as a reminder to keep a close eye so that they don't wander off again.
Dris Celtic Both Gaelic for bramble or briar or thorny. Nature.
Dritleannac Celtic Both Gaelic for sparkling, dazzling, diamond like.
Droid English Both Slang for android (humanoid mechanism with artificial intelligence). Mythic.
Drom Celtic Both Gaelic for back.
Droopy English Both One of the seven dwarves in Snow White.
Drumadoir Celtic Both Gaelic for drummer. Music.
Drusilla Greek Female Livia Drusilla, sister of the Greek Emporer Caligula and most likely his mistress.
Dryad Greek Both Nymphs of the trees. While essentially immortal, they were vulnerable to death if their tree died.
Duach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Duke. A king of ancient Munster.
Duais Celtic Both Gaelic for prize. Games.
Duais Celtic Both Gaelic for reward. Mythic. Games
Dualtach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Black jointed.
Duane English Male Duane Allman, one of the Allman Brothers Band of country rock musicians.
Dubalta Celtic Both Gaelic for double or to duplicate.
Dubhda Celtic Both Irish surname meaning black.
Dubhghaill Celtic Both Irish surname meaning "dark stranger or foreigner"
Dublin Celtic Both Irish Capitol City meaning black water, pool or lake.
Dubonnet French Both Tradename of a sweet French wine, popular as an aperitif.
Dubtach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A court poet in Saint Patrick's time.
Ducais Celtic Both Gaelic for native. Nature. Animal.
Duchess English Female Title of royalty. Highest female title with the exception of Princess and Queen in Great Britain. In Russia, the High Duchess was the princess.
Ducktail English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Dudley English Both Old English meaning from the people's meadow.
Duergar Celtic Both A race of black dwarves with no love for man. Stories abound of the efforts made by this group to end the lives of the people that cross their path although it is typically by mischief. They seem to feel no need to raise a hand to the unsuspecting person.
Duffy Celtic Both Irish surname meaning shadows.
Dugald Scottish Both Means dark stranger.
Duibhgeannain Celtic Both Irish surname meaning dark hair.
Duille Celtic Both Gaelic for leaf as on a tree or in a book. Art. Nature.
Duilliur Celtic Both Gaelic for foliage. Nature.
Duine Celtic Both Gaelic for individual.
Duine Morclu Celtic Both Gaelic for celebrity, fame.
Duinn Celtic Both Irish surname meaning brown.
Duiseact Celtic Both Gaelic for "to wake". How late does your dog let you sleep?
Duke English Male Duke Ellington was a major composer and conductor of swing music and jazz. Died in 1974.
Duke English Both Title of high royalty.
Dumbo English Both Charming Disney character of a young elephant with exceptionally large ears that is at first abused for his unusual characteristic and then discovers that they can serve as wings and he can fly.
Dumpling English Both A ball of dough boiled in water, broth or milk and served usually hot. Term of endearment. Food.
Dun Celtic Both Gaelic for fortress. Military.
Duncan Scottish Both Scottish for dark skinned warrior.
Duncan Scottish Both Scottish clan of the Brown Warriors. Motto meaning "learn to suffer."
Duncan Scottish Both Duncan Phyfe, 18th century furniture designer whose name is still readily recognized.
Dundrearies English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Dungall Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An astronomer at Bangor University.
Dunnie Celtic Both A mischievous shape shifter that enjoyed playing pranks such as being a beast of burden and then disappearing while crossing a river, leaving his passenger sputtering in the water.
Dunters Celtic Both Border spirits that haunted places legend has it, were the sites of sacrifices. The Dunter was said to be the spirit of one of those sacrificed. Generally very busy, they could usually be heard hard at work grinding barley or beating flax.
Dustin English Male Dustin Hoffman, American Academy Award winning actor.
Dusty Old West Both Popular name for cowboys and robbers of the Old West. Often referred to a condition of being perpetually dusty (the dry conditions made it hard to avoid) or a combination of sunbleached hair and tanned skin with a dusty tone.
Dutch English Both Term refering to a level of independence.When two or more people go out "dutch" each person is responsible for their own expenses.
Dutractseag Celtic Both Gaelic for zealous, enthusiastic. Perfect for the dog that is driven by something whether it be frisbee, swimming, tennis balls, herding or anything else. A dog with a passion is a sight to behold!
Dwarf Celtic Both A race of especially strong and gifted miners. While much like man in appearance they are far more than simply "small humans" with their own history, myth and lore. Most are far too busy with their own business to be bothered with men but some dislike humans.
Dweezil English Male Dweezil Zappa is son of musician Frank Zappa.
Dwight English Male Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States.
Dyan English Female Dyan Cannon, first woman to be nominated for acting and and directing
Dyfan Welsh Both means rulter of a tribe.
Dylan Welsh Both name of a Welsh sea god with the meaning son of the waves.
Dylan Welsh Both Dylan Thomas, poet
Dymphna Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A king's daughter from the county Monaghan. The patron saint of the deranged. Perfect name for the dog living with a bunch of crazy people!
Dymphna Australian Female Dymphna Cusack, Australian author.
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