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Denosyl For Dogs

Denosyl®, by Nutramax is the #1 veterinarian recommended liver support brand.† Denosyl® contains SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine) to support liver and brain health. Denosyl® has been shown to markedly increase liver glutathione levels,1,2 an important compound for liver health formed when SAMe is metabolized.

Denosyl® has been shown to help protect liver cells from cell death3,4 as well as benefit cell repair and regeneration.5 While best known for supporting the liver in dogs and cats, Denosyl® can play a part in supporting brain health. Denosyl® could help your best friend live a longer, healthier life.

Research, looking into dog aging and associated decreases in levels of SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine) indicates Denosyl® provides SAMe in a stabilized form that can help with brain health and act as a neuroprotector.

The new chewable tablets of Denosyl® allow dogs to enthusiastically ingest SAMe as a tasty treat eliminating the need to pill your dog. Additionally, the chewable tablets are absorbed more quickly when compared to hard enteric-coated tablets.

If you prefer tablets, remember tablets must be kept intact to prevent destruction by moisture and administration range is based on the nearest whole-tablet. Daily administration may also be calculated based on 20 mg/kg of body weight and rounded to the closest tablet size or combination of sizes.

For optimal absorption, tablets should be given on an empty stomach, at least one hour before feeding, as the presence of food decreases the absorption of S-Adenosylmethionine. It is recommended for pet owners to administer 3-6 cc of water immediately following any tablet administration to speed passage of the tablet into the stomach. If your dog's dosage is more than one tablet daily, the total number of tablets may be divided between morning and evening for ease of administration. For example, a daily administration of three tablets could be divided into two tablets in the morning and one tablet in the evening.

After an initial 4-6 week period of dosing, the number of tablets can be gradually reduced or increased at any time depending on the pet's needs. Many dogs are maintained long-term on every-other-day or every-third-day administration. Store Denosylin a cool dry place not to exceed 86° F. Keep tablets in original blister pack until used. Tablets are sensitive to moisture and extreme heat. For optimal absorption, Denosyl tablets should be given on an empty stomach, at least one hour before feeding, as the presence of food decreases the absorption of S-Adenosylmethionine.

Denosyl For Dogs

Denosyl® is recommended for use with Marin®. Marin for dogs is a combination of silybin, vitamin E and Zinc to provide nutritional liver support. Denosyl and Marin support the liver through differing actions and may be used individually or in combination depending on your pet's needs.

Denamarin is one such patented combination liver supplement for dogs containing both pure and stabilized S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) and silybin-phosphatidylcholine complex. Both SAMe and silybin have been shown to markedly increase levels of antioxidants formed when cats and dogs metabolize it.

Silybin also helps with liver cell regeneration and enhances levels of glutathione, the liver's major "detoxifying" agent.


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 †Source: Survey conducted in February 2007 of small animal veterinarians who recommended liver support brands.

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