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Angels Eyes For Dogs & Cats

Angels' Eyes is developed for dogs and cats. It is the first product to address the issue of tear stains from the inside out! Angels' Eyes also minimizes staining around the mouth and throughout the coat due to licking. Angels' Eyes can be safely used in dogs as small as two pounds, and puppies as well as kittens and cats as little as two pounds. Angels' Eyes supplement is reduced as it's effectiveness takes place, making Angels' Eyes affordable as well.

Other tear stain products are topical and require regular, time-consuming application with minimal and temporary results. Angels' Eyes starts working before the tear stains begin and without using food dyes or wheat products which can have negative effects on your pet. Angels' Eyes is made of US products exclusively. Angels' Eyes is available as a 30 gram net (1.06 oz), 60 gram net (2.12 oz) , 120 gram net (4.23 oz) or 240 gram net (8.47 oz) bottles. Have a home with multiple pets? Larger sizes are also available for multiple dogs or cats' owners.

Tear staining is caused by the watering of your pets' eyes. This condition is called epiphora. When the facial hair is wet from excess tearing, bacteria and yeast are provided with an ideal environment for growth. In addition to the staining caused by these infections, it can cause your pet discomfort. Odor is not uncommon. Til recently, these reddish brown stains were very difficult to eliminate safely. Tear staining has ties to diet and genetics.

To improve your dog's overall health as well as controlling tear staining consider the following: When your veterinarian performs a regular health check on your dog, make sure they check for ear infections, mite infestations, gum infections, yeast and/or bacterial infections of the eye as well as clogged tear ducts.

Other factors that can impact your pet's health include their diet. Be sure that your dog's diet is free of artificial food colorings or dyes, artificial additives and preservatives. Allergies to ingredients like corn, wheat and soy can be additionally complicated by how common those ingredients are found in many pet foods since these allergies can make tear staining worse.

Does your pet do a lot of face rubbing or licking or head shaking? These behaviors are not normal behaviors but rather an indication of a health issue including allergies.

Do you know what is in your pet's water? Some minerals, frequently found in tap water, can add to the problems associated with tear staining. Providing that water in a plastic container can actually introduce more bacteria into your pet's life. Ideally provide filtered water in a clean, stainless steel bowl.

Most obvious, you want to keep your dog's facial hair out of their eyes. Irritation caused by hair rubbing on the eye surface can cause excessive tearing. Verify that your pet doesn't suffer from ectropion or entropion, both can cause excessive tearing through irritation to the eye but are relatively easily treated by your veterinarian.

Of course, you also want to check your dog's eyes for any foreign matter in their eyes which they cannot address but would cause irritation.

Prior to checking your dog's eyes or grooming, be sure to wash your hands to help minimize any spreading of yeast, virus or bacteria. Regular grooming, including a full brush out prior to applying optic ointment to your dog and then bathing will help. Even with the optic ointment, special care should be used to prevent shampoo from getting in your dog's eyes during the bath.

Angels' Eyes is 100% safe for daily use and guaranteed to address tear stains better than any other product on the market.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

To order Angels' Eyes, simply click here, choose the correct product for your pet, and quantity. Angels' Eyes products are available here at the lowest prices online. Guaranteed! FREE shipping is included on qualifying orders. Order before 4pm PST for same day shipping!

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