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Dog As Art

Inspiration provided by dogs is at its best in media that allow for movement. People, with our dependence on verbal communication, have lost alot of our sense of communication through action. Dogs, on the other hand, are masters of conversation by action. These animated clips help illustrate the funny, loving and always, universal way, that they communicate their thoughts and feelings.

- A new and innovative way to illustrate dog/human communication shines in this clip of freestyle obedience
- A dog makes it into the local news in this great clips of pups and chicks in love
- Another Freestyle Obedience clip to enjoy.
- Remember that great painting of the dogs playing poker? Well, HERE it comes to life!
- This GREAT clip is about a Dog Named Bobby in the Snow. Even folks who live in New Hampshire with lots of snow thought it was great. Just ask Vicki L. in Nashua!
- You've probably seen this clip in the prevent smoking campaigns. Remember that wonderful Aussie that snuck out back to have a smoke? You can see him again Here!
- Watch Dog Save Dog in this wonderful minimovie.
- Another GREAT freestyle obedience Leanne of Philadelphia said she watched it 10 times!
- How about a chance to rate the puppy?
- Check out Dog Judo Episode 1 and Episode 2
- Time to enjoy the antics of a Skateboarding Bulldog . Rhonda J. of Newport News, VA said this one is fabulous!
- DogSpeak Translated! Bowlingual Translation to English.
- Are you into fitness? This This poodle fitness video could inspire you.
- Talk about athletic.. and committed! Check out catch the ball! catch the ball!

The Internet has HUNDREDS of clips with dogs! Just do a search for "dog animation" or some variation to find lots of entertainment. If you find another fabulous one, share it with your fellow dog lovers at DigitalDog. Just write us at with the link and your review!

Dogisms - Dog Poetry
Give me chastity
and continence,
but not yet...
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