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Pug (Chinese Pug Dog)
The popularity of the Pug is readily apparent, with its cuddly stocky body, smooth easy care coat and lively personality the Pug fits into a wide variety of homes and lifestyles effortlessly.  Unfortunately the Pug has fallen into the hands of completely irresponsible breeders who routinely 'puppy mill' (produce more puppies than they can properly rear and home) or even cross breed with other breeds (like Beagles to produce the 'puggle').  These breeders threaten to destroy the breed, increase health and temperament problems within the breed and are clearly not interested in the dogs.  Do careful research prior to adopting your Pug to be sure your breeder produces healthy, happy animals and ONLY obtain a Pug mix through rescue.  Remember unethical breeders depend on you making decisions based on how 'cute' the dog is and how much you like that specific one.  But to support their breeding means that they will continue to do it to the harm and misery of many, many more.
By Breed Name
By Breed Name
General Information
Group(s): Toy Height: 14-18 pounds
Weight: usually 13 inches or under Longevity: high teens
Colors: solid black, fawn (with black mask) or apricot Coat type: fine, short smooth and with undercoat
Recognized Registries: FCI, ANKC, AKC, NCA, UKC, CKC, TKC and others
Overall Appearance: Short backed, cobby with tail curled over the back, brachiocephalic face, small rose or button ears and heavily muscled with relatively loose skin.
Personaility - Behavior - Training
Energy Level: very high
General Nature: happy, lively, even tempered and still dignified
  with Children: Generally ver good but does require suitable handling so well behaved children and supervision are required
  with other pets: Generally exceptional
  with dogs: Can be a bit variable but usually good
Socialization requirements: Very high, the general inclination is to spoil the little dogs which often leads to those lacking confidence or total tyrants, avoiding this is an exercise in creating fair and consistent boundaries and plenty of pleasant experiences
Ideal home characteristics: One that has plenty of time for their dog... while the Pug has minimal needs for exercise and grooming, they were developed as companions and the lonely Pug is one filled with anxiety and other issues.
Temperament Notes: Very lively, make good watchdogs as nothing passes their notice (or willingness to make a racket about it), happy and ask little more than to be with their people.
Training requirement: minimal: socialization and some basic manners
Trainer notes: While the Pug has a high desire to please and an exceptionally playful attitude they tend to crumble under pressure.  All training (for this and other reasons) should be kept positive and upbeat.  This will also help build confidence which comes in handy when you cue the dog in a situation that might be unusual (like when away from home or in competition). Like all Toy breeds, training the Pug requires alot of work on your knees or with other modifications in place to assist with the height variation!
Background Information
Year range of first recognition: Ancient sharing many traits and history with the Pekingese
Country of Origin: China
Original Function: companion
History: Lost in history but by the 15th century the breed was relatively common in Europe where it had been imported from China.
Adoption Information
Deviations from Standard:
Health Notes: Pug Dog Encephalitis, eye problems, spinal issues, Legg- Perthes Calves disease, luxating patellas,
Health Testing: OFA, CERF
Questions to ask Breeder:  - The Breeder Questions as listed here provided with explanations and answers you will want to be looking for!

  • How long have you had Pugs?
  • Why do you have Pugs (show, pet therapy, performance, etc.)?
  • What do you consider to be the most important single characteristic of a Pug?
  • What health issues have you seen in the breed?
  • What criteria do you set for your breeding stock?
  • Do you plan to keep a puppy from this litter?
  • How often do you have puppies?
  • Do you have a written contract and puppy guarantee?
  • At what age do you send your pups to their homes?
  • How would you describe the ideal Pug?
  • How would you describe the ideal Pug home?
  • Are your puppies whelped in your home?
  • What advice would you offer someone in raising and training an Pug?
  • How do you assist or help Pugs in need of rescue?
  • Web Sites: - National Pug Rescue

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    Other Resources
    Breed standard: - Illustrated Standard of the Pug as per the Pug Club of America - Original Standard as per the Pug Club of America - The Kennel Club (UK) Standard for the Pug

    Breeder Ethics: - Code of Ethics as per the Pug Club of America

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