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Miniature Bull Terrier

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If you love the Bull Terrier, then you might want to consider the Miniature Bull Terrier.  If the Bull Terrier in all it's power and glory intimidates you, then steer clear of the Miniature for it is surely every inch the Bull Terrier.  Being smaller doesn't make the personality any smaller!  With all the bravado and glory of it's larger version, the Miniature Bull Terrier is devoted and heedless of danger.  This is not an ideal combination for a dog that is under 14 inches at the shoulder.  Thus the appropriate Miniature Bull Terrier home takes many responsibilities seriously which include respecting the powerful attitude and temperament of their dog as well as protecting them from the hazards they would rush into.  This is NOT a toy dog, it was not bred to be a charming companion and it's behavior, outlook and general nature reflect all that.  If you would be inclined to pass on any breed that was originally a "pit fighting dog" then you should pass on the Miniature Bull Terrier as well.

By Breed Name
By Breed Name
General Information
Group(s): GuardianWater Height: under 14 inches
Weight: no weight limit but usually around 20 pounds Longevity: upper teens
Colors: Solid white or colored (with dog being more than 50% brindle, or black, red, fawn or tri-colored). Coat type: Short, flat, fine, with gloss. Tight to skin.
Recognized Registries: FCI, ANKC (Australia), CKC (Canada), TKC (UK), UKC, AKC, NCA and others
Overall Appearance: Strongly built, well balanced with keen expression. Identical to Bull Terrier but in miniature.
Personaility - Behavior - Training
Energy Level: high
General Nature: Courageous and fiery, called the Gladiator of the canine race.
  with Children: Variable, entirely dependent on socialization and behavior of the children.
  with other pets: Not ideal as Terriers they are essentially seek and destroy missiles.
  with dogs: Highly variable.
Socialization requirements: Very high.
Ideal home characteristics: One that realizes this is a Bull Terrier first and a smaller version of that as a distant second. This is the farthest thing from a
Temperament Notes: The spunk and jauntiness of the Terrier is intact here. Wonderfully devoted and entertaining, that very edge is what makes the Bull Terrier and this, the Miniature version, less than ideal in many other situations.
Training requirement: moderate: heavy socialization and basic manners
Trainer notes: Do not get the Miniature Bull Terrier thinking that it is a small dog and thus "won't make much of a mess" or "won't need much training".  Your first error would be in viewing the potential based on size if you did.  The Miniature Bull Terrier is a classic example of a big (maybe even huge) dog in a small body, and they don't know it.  They will not flinch from any situation that they are clearly unmatched for, they will indicate a level of stubbornness unknown in the human world if they feel unfairly treated.  The Miniature Bull Terrier is easily among the best of companions but with wrong minded expectations and/or incorrect handling they can easily be the worst.
Background Information
Year range of first recognition: 1938 in Britain, but possibly a century before that.
Country of Origin: UK
Original Function: Ancestors were Pit Dogs which gives it a decidely different personality than dogs developed as companions (like the Toy breeds).
History: Goes back to the original
Adoption Information
Deviations from Standard:
Health Notes: deafness (especially in whites), luxating patellas, eye issues
Health Testing: CERF, BAER, OFA
Questions to ask Breeder:  - The Breeder Questions as listed here provided with explanations and answers you will want to be looking for!
  • How long have you had Miniature Bull Terrier?
  • Why do you have Miniature Bull Terrier (show, performance, etc.)?
  • What do you consider to be the most important single characteristic of an Miniature Bull Terrier?
  • What health issues have you seen in the breed?
  • What criteria do you set for your breeding stock?
  • Do you plan to keep a puppy from this litter?
  • How often do you have puppies?
  • Do you have a written contract and puppy guarantee?
  • At what age do you send your pups to their homes?
  • How would you describe the ideal Miniature Bull Terrier?
  • How would you describe the ideal Miniature Bull Terrier home?
  • Are your puppies whelped in your home?
  • What advice would you offer someone in raising and training an Miniature Bull Terrier?
  • How do you assist or help  in need of rescue?


  • Web Sites: - Bull Terrier Rescue, as the two breeds are so closely related, one will often help the other

    Contact information for Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America Rescue:

    Kathy Brosnan,
    (603) 679-9507,
    New Hampshire,

    Other Resources
    Breed standard: - FCI Standard of the Miniature Bull Terrier - The Kennel Club (UK) Standard for the Miniature Bull Terrier

    Breeder Ethics:
    Other: At the time of the research conducted for the Miniature Bull Terrier Profile, the Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America site was down.  DigitalDog will strive to update this profile with the correct links as they are available.
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