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American Pit Bull Terrier (See Pit Bull Terrier)
As a breed without a significant registry or standard, the Pit Bull Terrier is often misidentified.  It's unfortunate history and current use (though a deservedly a felony in most states) of dogfighting is a shadow over our society's love of dogs, a horror committed by a few people to a dog that is inherently neither vicious nor particularly dangerous.  Rumors of a breed with a more powerful bite, locking jaws, and jaw pressure are nothing more than urban myths.  The Pit Bull is an incredibly intelligent and athletic companion who would likely enjoy popularity in a variety of dog sports for those talents, were it not for being ill-used in gaining his current reputation.  Reviewing the profile of the Pit Bull Terrier will provide additional information.
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By Breed Name
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Web Sites: Exceptional site, network and rescue for the American Pit Bull Terrier

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