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American Lo-Sze Pugg (TM)

For each "breed", a day came when a fancier determined that a look, type or personality should be preserved.  This would be known as type and it is what ultimately separates a Rottweiler from an Irish Setter.  This period is filled with peril as ego interferes with anything that might be considered classic, healthy or in the best interest of the dogs.  Those breeds that proved most successful in their determination were recognized by a group of fanciers rather than a single person.  As much as working within a group might be challenging, it removes the ego and vanity that one person can visit upon such an endeavor.  In the case of the Lo-Sze, one individual has taken a few old tapestries with vague outlines that could be toy spaniels, Pekingese or early Pugs and used them as a guidance system.  In the same website, it's referenced that the breed is over 20,000 years old and that the developer is still alive.  A lack of registry, documentation and influence of multiple members, it makes it easy to recognize the Lo-Sze as a vanity breed with the same individual serving to sell her puppies (without any screening of homes) on the same website as the "registry" (which is created, organized and maintained by the same person). 

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By Breed Name
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