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DigitalDog has traveled worldwide to find the best the web has to offer in craft projects for dog lovers. Anyone can use this content to learn to draw dogs and make other fascinating and inventive items to keep and cherish or give away.

Some super-fun projects for rainy days or sunny afternoons include the following:
-Make a Dog Mask or a Dog Mobile. Want to learn how to draw dogs? Crayola Projects Page offers all this and more!
- Can you make a dog out of a toilet paper roll? You will if you follow the instructions HERE . Between templates and pictures of Blue (from Blue's Clues) on his haunches or another dog on all four feet, you can be creative!
- How about edible art? Using dog biscuits and other household items, you can make this dog project.
- An inspired artist paints and writes folk art poetry inspired by her dogs and others. Her dog pieces will inspire you to do your own Dog Folk Art.

The internet provides lots of ideas and instructions for great craft projects, but don't hesitate to consider the world around you as a source of ideas too. Learning how to do old-timey projects like felting can help you make your own warm, fuzzy animals. Check out local craft shops for the tools to draw or paint onto virtually any surface. You can even find easy ways to make magnets and more with your own designs. Felt appliques can be used to create easy quilt projects. Why decorate your room with stuff other people did? Create your own environment filled with the art you created, inspired by the dog(s) you love!
Do you have or know of some more great ideas? Write us, and we'll help get the word out!

Dogisms - Dog Poetry
I donít fit my ears.
They flop around when I run.
I am still regal.
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