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Welcome to the TailWagging
World of DigitalDog

DigitalDog, welcomes you and your dog.

DigitalDog unveils another fabulous service for those who want help in finding the best the web has to offer about all things canine.

To display the Top Dog Award from DigitalDog, a site will appeal to the following criteria:
- Meaningful and responsible content that furthers the goal of responsible pet ownership.

- Navigation and layout that eases the use of the site and the search of specific topics.

- Support of responsible pet ownership including rescues, shelters and more. Content and links that support these interests and their goals (including educational and/or fundraising).

If you know of a site worthy of consideration, write to us at Please include the URL along with any review or comments you might have. Then watch for the award to be displayed on your favorite sites. Soon, we'll have links to these great sites displayed below.

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Dogisms - Dog Poetry
I donít fit my ears.
They flop around when I run.
I am still regal.
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