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Dog As Art

Artists from all ages and cultures have been inspired by our friend, the dog. Whether simply muddy paw prints across a canvas to incredible masterpieces, dogs have centered in some of the greatest works ever done in all varieties and combinations of media (that means whether it is painting, sculpture, drawing and more). The links here will show you some wonderful work by other artists as well as tips and suggestions in creating your own dog inspired wonders.

- This series of photos shows a Shih Tzu turning into a mop!
- Many of us have enjoyed the series of puppies and dogs with huge noses looking up into the camera. This is accomplished with a fish-eye lens and you can enjoy lots of them at this Gallery of Pups.
- In 1999 and 2000, an Australian Museum offered this great exhibit of dogs in art and history. After you enjoy your visit, be sure to write them and ask them to keep the site available on their site!
- No trip through current dog art would be complete without a visit to Blue Dog Art. Funky and folky, it's inspired and simple. Certainly something that you can use to create great art of your own dog.
- Definitely visit the colorful gallery of Ron Burns!
- Want to learn to draw a dog's head?
- History illustrated by Dogs In Art and from the same site, Dogs In Folklore and Religion.
- Melvyn Petterson can also teach you to Draw Dogs.
- More tips on Painting Dogs can be had on this site.
After these links fill you with a bit of wonder, consider doing a search on "dog art" or "dog sculpture" or other related phrases to see what sort of great stuff you can find. Share it with cause we all enjoy seeing and being Dog Inspired!

Dogisms - Dog Poetry
I love you wholly;
Thus I perfume myself with
this long-rotten squirrel.
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