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Dog As Art

Authors and poets recognized the incredible bond they have with their dogs and celebrate it with an exceptional body of work. Whether in rejoicing at the joy of a puppy or exploring their sadness at the death of one, the written word offers nuance and depth to the experiences and feelings we share with canines.
These works, as well as many more, including the haiku you see on DigitalDog entertain. You might also want to consider them as inspiration. After all, doesn't the relationship you share with your dog deserve to be recorded as well?
-John Sealander writes about his Dalmatian
- Dog of Whine a blog also called an online journal, from a Jack Russell Terrier in Australia is generally recognized as the oldest of the dogblogs. It's pretty fun too!
- is a great place to start your own dog blog!
- If you are considering a dog blog, you will want to check out DogBlog Central on TextAmerica and Doggie Blog.
- VoicesNet hosts alot of poetry, much of it written by people just like you. DigitalDog especially enjoyed That Dog by Vanessa Norris
-Enter a dog poetry contest! At the very least, you'll want to read the fabulous stuff that won prior contests.
- You definitely want to check out the incredible, sweet and sad Dog Tails offered by DigitalDog.

From libraries, to bookstores to other great websites, dog stories and poetry are easy to find. It's not all good but you don't need a college education to figure out what is good. If you like it, it's good! In fact, if you find more that you like, please let email us at with your find. Everyone would love to see it!

Dogisms - Dog Poetry
balls, dummies, they float
the pond beckons and calls
throw it, throw it NOW!
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