Nagging Questions:
The Stuff You HAVE to Know
About Why This Breeder

Bred This Litter.

Do they intend to keep a puppy from this litter?

If they don't, why did they breed? The answer, to have puppies to sell. Gushing about the quality of the dog or that they had people begging for a puppy from their bitch sounds good but ultimately, if the dogs are that good, why don't they plan on keeping one? Additionally if they aren't keeping one because they have so many from previous litters, that just indicates that they breed too often and again, why? To have puppies to sell.

Of course, just because they say they are keeping a puppy doesn't mean they are, but taken in whole with all the other questions you ask, you typically see their priorities and goals.

The exceptional breeder who is truly breeding with the intent of improving the breed will be keeping at least one puppy from every litter. They may even seek co-owner and other rights on pups that they have an interest in. This is not to say that they will show and/or breed each dog but that they want to be able to maintain that option if the dogs "turn out". By contrast, the irresponsible breeder doesn't really care, they can always find or buy another dog of a particular breed to use to produce puppies.

Of course any additional questions you might have on this topic will be enthusiastically fielded at DigitalDog's Forum .

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