Nagging Questions:
The Stuff You HAVE to Know
About This Breeder's Vision

Of the Ideal Example of the Breed

How would you describe the ideal dog of this breed?

This description should include some personality and temperament traits. Watch out for the ideal universal answer like 'very loving, perfect for every home, adorable'. These are not traits as much as marketing jargon. No breed is perfect for every home! No individual dog is perfect for every home. Also watch out for the breeder that tries to feel out what you are looking for prior to answering the question. Truth is that many traits that are perfect for some homes are nightmares in others. The responsible breeder will be diligent in making sure you would be happy with this dog because they care about the dog and they want a happy, permanent placement. The casual or bad breeder couldn't care less, they don't anticipate taking the dog back in any eventuality and don't really care what happens to the puppy once they get paid.

Of course any additional questions you might have on this topic will be enthusiastically fielded at DigitalDog's Forum .

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