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The Fun Never Ends
Games and Quizzes Inspired By
your dog

These games and quizzes are among the best online! Many of them are educational as well (so it will make your parents happy!) but don't worry, they are still fun.

Feel free to write with a review of any of them. Do you think a game is best suited for younger kids? too hard? too easy? Let us know!

While you are here, you may as well check them all out!

- Not a dog game but still alot of fun is the Find the Mouse Cheese Game
- The Dog Game takes a minute to load and its addictive! Use your arrow keys to move the dog around the yard. When his nose gets red and glowing use you spacebar to get him to dig. How many bones did you find? We maxed out at 8 in the time allowed.
-Have you ever heard of Pavlov's Dogs? His dogs responded by drooling whenever he rang a bell. Find out more about his work in behavior by playing Pavlov's Dogs Game on the website for the Nobel Prize.
- Ever heard of flyball? Try this Animated Game! .
- A Personality Quiz for you AND your dog!
-Clifford, The Big Red Dog has his own game too! Check out The Clifford Big Red Dog Game
- Are you ready to have a dog? Find out with the Kids and Dog Quiz from the FDA
- Too much fun! By answering 15 questions about yourself (or someone else) this program will tell you what breed you are. Its an experience because they include all sorts of unusual breeds. The head trainer at DigitalDog was a Norwegian Lapphund! The Gone To the Dogs website tells you all about an upcoming movie as well as offers a button for the Game
- If you love dogs and enjoy memory games, you'll love helping Wyman find buried toys, shoes, keys and more! Who knows, you might find everything Not In My Backyard Game
- Tic Tac To was never more fun! You get to be a dog and you're playing a weasel. Play Dog/Weasel Tic Tac Toe and have a blast!
- We may have saved the best for last. National Geographic has a fun quiz about Dogs with some great pictures and an accompanying article. You will definitely want to see how you do with the Dog Work Game and then check out the article.

Be sure to check out the other great sections on art, writing, coloring pages, ecards, cartoons, animation, crafts and music!

Dogisms - Dog Poetry
Dig under fence - why?
Because it's there. Because it's
There. Because it's there.
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