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Name Heritage Sex Description
Yahtzee English Both A game of math, skill and dice. Games.
Yakecan Native American Both sky and song
Yana Ancient Both Hebrew for God's grace.
Yankee English Both The derogatory term used by the British during the Revolutionary War to refer to those who lived in the original colonies. Eventually it came to mean those from the Northern part of the US, to the disdain of those in the South.
Yardley English Both Of the yard. Men's cologne of the 60s-70s.
Yasmine Ancient Both Persian for a flowering olive.
Yasuo Japanese Both peaceful one.
Yeller English Both From the book "Old Yeller". Definitely a tear jerker.
Yoda English Both The tutor and guide of Luke Skywalker, Jedi in the Star Wars trilogy.
Yodel German Both An unique Austrian singing founded high in the Alpine regions. A very unique rolling sound.
Yonkers English Both A city north of New York City.
Yucca Native American Both A succulent plant noted for its healing and beneficial qualities. Also known as Aloe Vera
Yurt Chinese Both Mongolian hut built for retaining heat as well as easy transport.
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