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U-Boat English Both Important and significant tool in the fight between Germany and Britain during WWII. Military.
U2 English Both One of the most highly regarded and recognized bands of the 20th (and into 21st) century. Music.
Uactaran Celtic Both Gaelic for president.
Uactaran Celtic Both Gaelic for superior. Such as your dog has no concerns over being superior but simply to see you happy. Ask any dog trainer if they've ever seen a happy owner with an unhappy dog. Titles and other claims to fame are not something the dog comprehends. They do respond to attention though, not just the attention from winning but the attention from training and having their people spend time with them. So spend lots of time with your dog, and you will find he/she is superior to any dog you see (including those winning in the big competitions on TV).
Uaine Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An ancient Irish Name. Mythic.
Uallach Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A chief ancient poetess.
Uan Celtic Both Gaelic for lamb. Animal. Term of endearment.
Uasal Celtic Both Gaelic for noble. Mythic. Military.
Ugani Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Led armies into Britain in 200BC
Uilfrid Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Wilfred. "Will-peace"
Uisce Celtic Both Gaelic for water. Nature.
Uisce Beata Celtic Both Gaelic for whiskey. And there is nothing like Irish Whiskey! Food.
Ula Celtic Female Gaelic for sea jewel. Money.
Ulffr Scandanavian Both Of the wolves.
Ull Celtic Both Gaelic for apple tree. Nature.
Ullam Celtic Both Gaelic for ready. Games.
Ultan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Seventh century, Oolthauin, brother of Fursey.
Ulysses English Both Anglicized version of Odysseus, a Greek hero of the Iliad by Homer.
Umal Celtic Both Gaelic for obedient.
Umall Celtic Both Gaelic for dutiful. Military.
Una Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. An Irish Form of Agnes.
Uncal Celtic Male Gaelic for uncle. People.
Unfraidh Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Peace Giant.
Uno English Both Popular card game. Games.
Unseelie Court Scottish Both The faerie court made up of faeries who wish harm to others and are not above trickery and viciousness to accomplish it.
Up Helly A' English Both From the Shetland Islands, the last day of Yule, or 12th Night.
Upton English Both Old English from the upper town area.
Uptown English Both Referring to the high rent district. Super classy and prestigious. Wealth. Money. Billy Joel's Uptown Girl. Music
Urchin English Both Common for a small sea animal called the sea urchin. Later, during the Victorian era, the word was borrowed and used as "Street Urchin" to refer to the many homeless children on the streets. Great name for that little darling.
Uri Ancient Both Biblical for my light.
Urisk Scottish Both A very lucky brownie to have about and part of the Seelie Court. They look alot like a satyr with a rear like a goat. They will do many tasks around a farm including household tasks, herding and caring for the animals and repairs. They tend toward loneliness at night and often frightened travellers by following them for company. They prefer to live by ponds and are generally solitary only meeting with their own kind occasionally.
Ursula Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Latin for Little Bear.
Ursula Ancient Female Latin meaning little bear.
Uru Celtic Both Gaelic for eclipse. Nature.
Usnach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Legendary king whose famouse sons fled to Scotland in the tale of Deidre of the Sorrows.
Utah Native American Both Indian tribal name.
Uzziah Ancient Both Biblical for God is my strength.
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