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Saber English Both A sword with a curved blade.
Sabhbh Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. "Goodness"
Sabia Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A queen of ancient Ireland.
Sable English Both An animal native to Northern Europe with an especially soft coat. Popular as a source for the horredous industry of fur coats as a result. An automobile manufactured by Mercury.
Sade French Female Popular singer of the early 90s. Very melodic and smooth. Music.
Sadie English Both Sadie Hawkins day, when girls, even the ugly ones, can ask the boys they fancy for a dance or a date.
Safari African Both To go to Africa to seek and hunt wild big game. Fortunately this interest has become one of more sightseeing than killing due to the endangered status of many creatures of interest.
Sagas Celtic Both Gaelic for kindly.
Sage English Both A wise person or an aromatic plant of gray-green leaves valued for its herbal and spice qualities.
Sahara African Female Expansive desert that covers much of the African interior.
Saibir Celtic Both Gaelic for rich. Money.
Saibir Celtic Both Gaelic for wealthy. And there are many forms of wealth. Money.
Sail Celtic Both Gaelic for beam of wood.
Saileac Celtic Both Gaelic for the willow tree. Nature.
Sait Saionnaig Celtic Female Gaelic for vixen. Female fox. Animal. Also recognized as referring to a capricious, wily, captivating female.
Salann Celtic Both Gaelic for salt. Like Salt of the earth? Nature.
Salcuac Celtic Female Gaelic for violet. Nature.
Sally Ancient Female A variation on Sarah.
Salome Ancient Female Means safe and sound or peaceful.
Salty English Both A cocktail called Salty Dog. Also, sailors are considered salty because of their extensive time on the sea.
Sam Ancient Both Hebrew for to hear. Short for Samson or Samuel.
Samain Celtic Both Gaelic for November.
Samaircin Celtic Female Gaelic for the primrose. Nature.
Samal Crutac Celtic Both Gaelic for typical but hardly common.
Samantha Ancient Female Aramaic meaning listener.
Samlu Celtic Female Gaelic for fancy. Term of endearment.
Samrradh Celtic Both Gaelic for the season of Summer. Nature.
Samson Ancient Both Biblical hero. Mythic.
Samson Ancient Both Biblical hero, name means sun.
Samurai Japanese Both Japanese warrior who was a student of the Tokugawa era in Japan.
San Salvador South American Both Capitol of Salvador meaning holy saviour.
Sancho Spanish Both The sidekick of Don Quixote.
Sandy Ancient Female Short version of Alexandra.
Sangria Spanish Both A refreshing beverage of wine and fruit juice.
Santiago South American Both Capitol of Chile meaning in honor of Saint James.
Saor Celtic Both Gaelic for free.
Saorise Celtic Both Gaelic for freedom. Politics. Military.
Sapphire English Both Brilliant blue gemstone.
Sappho Greek Female A gifted Poetess of early Greece. A woman of means, she ultimately encouraged the gifts of other women by establishing an island for their community and education. Recognized today as perhaps the earliest independent feminist and assumed by some to have been lesbian.
Sar Alain Celtic Both Gaelic for gorgeous. Term of endearment.
Sar Alainn Celtic Both Gaelic for magnificent. Mythic.
Sar Ceim Celtic Both Gaelic for superlative. See the description for Uactaran (superior).
Sar Elai Celtic Both Gaelic for masterpiece. Mythic. Art. Music.
Sarah Ancient Female Hebrew for princess.
Saraid Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A queen of ancient Ireland.
Sardar Middle Eastern Both The name of the horse given to Jacqueline Kennedy by Ayub Khan of Pakistan. Meaning army chieftain. Military
Sasam Celtic Both Gaelic for contended, at peace.
Sather English Both The name of the gate that leads to the University of California at Berkeley.
Saturn Ancient Both Second largest planet in the solar system. One of the newest auto manufacturers in the US.
Saul Ancient Both Biblical for asked for.
Savannah African Female A treeless grassland in Africa, also a lovely historic city in Georgia.
Scadan Celtic Both Gaelic for herring. Animal.
Scamall Celtic Both Gaelic for cloud. Nature.
Scamper English Both One who scurries. To run about.
Scarlet Celtic Female The heroine of Gone with the Wind. Popular Gaelic name referring to bright, deep red.
Scata Celtic Both Gaelic for squad. Great for the rescue oriented dog. Military.
Scatter English Both To spread about. Elvis Presley's pet chimpanzee's name.
Sceac Celtic Both Gaelic for the hawthorn tree. Nature.
Sceam Celtic Both Gaelic meaning bark of dog
Sceam Celtic Both Gaelic for wall fern. Nature.
Sceanail Celtic Both Gaelic for barker.
Sceo Celtic Both Gaelic for tint.
Schatze German Both Means sweetheart. Term of endearment.
Schnapps English Both A group of highly flavorful and concentrated liqueurs popular flavors include peach, peppermint and cinnamon.
Schultz German Both The commandant on Hogan's Heros. Also the originator of Peanuts comic strip, Charles Schultz.
Schweppes German Both Soft drink company started by Jacob Schweppe.
Sciatan Celtic Both Gaelic for wing.
Scintillation English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Scoil Celtic Both Gaelic for school.
Scolaire Celtic Both Gaelic for scholar. People.
Scolp Celtic Both Gaelic for splinter, sliver. Nature.
Scorpio Ancient Both Constellation and sign of the zodiac symbolized by a scorpion.
Scota Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Pharoah's daughter after whom Scotia was named.
Scotty Scottish Both Meaning from Scotland.
Scribneoir Celtic Both Gaelic for writer. Art. People.
Seabac Celtic Both Gaelic for falcon. Mythic. Nature. Animal.
Seabac Rua Celtic Both Gaelic for sparrow hawk.
Seaclaid Celtic Both Gaelic for chocolate. Food.
Seagal Celtic Both Gaelic for rye. Food.
Seamar Celtic Both Gaelic for clover. Nature.
Seamrog Celtic Both Gaelic for shamrock.
Seamus Celtic Both Irish form of James.
Sean Sceal Celtic Both Gaelic for legend. Mythic.
Searb-Milis Celtic Female Gaelic for bittersweet.
Seaslait Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Feminine of Charles.
Seasur Celtic Both Gaelic for season. Nature.
Sebastian Ancient Female Latin for venerated, respected.
Sedulius Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Fifth century scholar-saint. Mythic. People. Art.
Seelie Court Scottish Both Seelie is the Scottish word for blessed. So the Blessed Court was the court of the good faerie folk who wished no ill on humans or each other. They would also undo the curses of the evil creatures upon the earth occasionally when they crossed the path of a victim.
Sehkmet Middle Eastern Female Sehkmat is the sister of Bast and considered the "Big Cat". Mythic.
Seilmide Celtic Both Gaelic for snail.
Seirdin Celtic Both Gaelic for sardine. Animal.
Selkie English Both Same as the Roane of the Scottish seas, the Selkies were faeries of the Seelie Court that took the skin of seals so that they could live and cavort in the ocean. They bode no harm to any even those that hunted them. Some took them to be their wives but if they could find their skin, the Selkie would leave their human husband and children to return to their people and the sea. So the person that stole a Selkie for a spouse needed to take a care in how they hid the seal skin.
Senach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. One of the twelve apostles of Erin. Mythic.
Senga Scottish Female Back spelling of Agnes.
Seoid Celtic Both Gaelic for jewel. Money.
Seoid Cuimne Celtic Both Gaelic for Keepsake. Term of endearment.
Seoirse Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Gaelic for George "husbandman" referring to proper care and raising of livestock, horses, cattle, etc. Animal.
Seomra Celtic Both Gaelic for sitting.
Seonaid Scottish Female Feminine form of John.
Seosaimhin Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Modern feminine of Joseph.
Seraiah Ancient Both Biblical for God struggles.
Serena Spanish Female Name of a very popular hispanic singer who was murdered before achieving her potential. A movie about her life was the break out opportunity for its star Jennifer Lopez.
Serendipity English Both Means the accidental pleasant discoveries. Serendip is the ancient name of Sri Lanka, a city of Ceylon.
Setanta Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Boyhood name of Cuchulain.
Seth Ancient Both Biblical for God has raised up.
Sezin Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An Irish Abbot in Brittany.
Shadow English Both The gray or black image created by something standing before the sun or light.
Shamrock Celtic Both Classic symbol of Irish luck.
Shannon Celtic Both Irish surname and placename meaning old.
Shannon Celtic Both Irish for small and wise.
Shaughnessy Celtic Both Irish surname meaning elusive.
Shea Celtic Both Irish surname meaning stately.
Shea Celtic Both From the shea plant a butter is made with highly touted properties. Also a common last name of the Irish meaning Hawk-like, impressive presence, stately.
Sheba Ancient Female Means seven, fullness and oath.
Sheba Ancient Both Country referenced in the Bible because of the efforts of the Queen of Sheba to win, woo and manipulate Solomon.
Sheila Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The near-sighted.
Shelah Ancient Both Biblical for request.
Shelemiah Ancient Both Biblical for God has completed.
Shelly English Both Old English from the meadow on the dge.
Shem Ancient Both Biblical for renown, fame.
Shemaiah Ancient Both Biblical for God has heard.
Shenandoah Native American Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair. And the original name of the Mississippi River.
Shep English Both Short for shepherd.
Shephatiah Ancient Both Biblical for God has judged.
Sherlock English Both Old English for fair haired. The detective of the same name in Arthur Conan Doyle's Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
Sherman English Both Old English for one who shears sheep.
Sherry English Both A familiar form of Charlotte. Also a fortified wine.
Shiloh Ancient Both Hebrew meaning of the Messiah. A famous town in Shiloh.
Shirley English Female Once who came from Shirley (an area in England).
Shock English Both A mythic bogey beast that took the shape of a horse, dog or calf and could cause great terror in Suffolk.
Shona Scottish Female Pet form of Seonaid.
Shotgun English Both A firearm with a spray of ammo.
Siadhal Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A bishop of Dublin.
Sian Welsh Female Variation of Jane.
Sibeal Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Prophetess.
Sierra Native American Both A range of mountains in the Western US.
Silin Celtic Both Gaelic for cherry. Food.
Silky English Both A texture that is exceptionally luxurious and slick.
Silky English Both A female spirit much like a brownie (except that all brownies are male). They are dressed all in white and generally very helpful to have around and given to keeping things neat and tidy.
Sillelagh Celtic Both Gaelic for Shillelagh. Music.
Silver English Both A bright metal used in jewelry, coinage and other applications. Nature.
Simnel Ancient Both A cake traditionally eaten on midlent Sunday or Simnel Sunday.
Simon Ancient Both Hebrew for he who hears.
Simonides Greek Male A noble and pious poet of great renown. Once when asked to offer a poem up to the great accomplishments of his host, a prince, he offered some verses to the heroic twins Castor and Pollux as well (being compared with the great twins, sons of Leda and Jupiter would have been no insult) but the vain Prince was so jealous of each verse that was not offered to his praise withheld half of the promised gift to the poet saying that "surely Castor and Pollux will be here with their part". Instead, after the laughter of the guests was subdued, Simonides was summoned from the hall to meet two visitors that had arrived asking for him. As he left the hall, the roof collapsed killing all inside. There was no doubt that the visitors (who were now gone) were indeed Castor and Pollux arrived to save Simonides and punish the disrespectful. Art. Mythic.
Sinbad Greek Both Mythic sailor.
Sinclair Scottish Both First name of the famous author, Sinclair Lewis and a Scottish clan with the motto "commit thy work to God".
Sinead Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. "Janet"
Sinell Celtic Male Gaelic Masculine. Fifth century one of the Saint Patrick's early converts.
Sing Sing English Both A prison in the US. Crime
Sinsear Aran Celtic Both Gaelic for gingerbread. Food.
Siobhan Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. "Silver hair"
Siocan Celtic Both Gaelic for redwing. Nature. Animal.
Siocanta Celtic Both Gaelic for peaceful.
Siofra Celtic Female Gaelic for sprite. Mythic.
Siofra Celtic Both Gaelic for elf. Mythic.
Sionc Celtic Both Gaelic for Zinc. Mineral. Nature.
Sioned Welsh Female Form of Janet.
Sionnac Celtic Both Gaelic for Fox. Animal.
Sioplas Celtic Both Gaelic for treacle. A black, sweet, sticky substance, sounds perfect for some wonderful dogs! Food.
Siorbuan Celtic Both Gaelic for everlasting. Term of endearment.
Siorcus Celtic Both Games. Gaelic for circus.
Sioroip Celtic Both Gaelic for syrup. Sweet and sticky. Sounds like lots of dogs I know! Food.
Sios Celtic Both Gaelic for down. Great for the dog that doesn't get up much or maybe for the dog that never slows down!
Sir Edward English Both Australian surgeon during WWII.
Sireactac Celtic Both Gaelic for exquisite. Term of endearment.
Siriam Celtic Both Gaelic for sheriff. People. Crime.
Skeeter English Both A type of targetshooting practice.
Skelter English Both From a song by the Beatles, Helter Skelter.
Skilly widden English Both A faerie child that stumbled upon the care of a farm family. While the adults were inclined to keep the child in hopes that he would eventually lead them to faerie treasure the children were delighted to help him back to his own kind and parents.
Skipper English Both The captain of a ship. Military.
Skippy English Both A brand of peanut butter, also a term for a smart alec young man.
Skittles English Both A trandmarked brand of candy.
Slat Celtic Both Gaelic for twig. Nature. Term of endearment.
Slattery Celtic Both Irish surname meaning bold.
Slea Celtic Both Gaelic for spear. Military. Mythic.
Sleepy English Both One of the seven dwarves in Snow White.
Sliseog Celtic Both Food. Gaelic for chips.
Sloe Celtic Both Gaelic for the blackthorn bush. Under the protection of the lunantishee. Nature. Mythic.
Slugger English Both A good baseball player.
Smidgen English Both A very small amount.
Smokey English Both From the forest protection icon, Smokey the Bear.
Smolac Celtic Both Gaelic for thrush. Nature. Animal.
Smuggler English Both One who sneaks property into a forbidden area without getting proper clearances.
Smurd Celtic Both Gaelic for dust. Nature.
Snag Breac Celtic Both Gaelic for magpie. Nature. Animal.
Snat Celtic Both Gaelic for yarn.
Snax Celtic Both Gaelic for shining. Mythic. Nature.
Sneacta Celtic Both Gaelic for snow. Nature.
Sneakers English Both Slang for various sports shoes.
Snickerdoodle English Both A sugar cookie coated with cinnamon sugar. Food.
Snickers English Both Tradename for a very popular brand of candy bars. Food.
Snickers English Both A trademarked candy bar.
Snoopy English Both The exceedingly accomplished Beagle of Charles Schultz "Peanuts" cartoon.
Snowball English Both A ball made of snow and often the weapon of choice for a practical joke or snowball fight.
Snuffaluphagus English Both The best friend of Big Bird on the show, Sesame Street. Seems to be some sort of shaggy sloth/anteater and all in blue.
Soilseac Celtic Both Gaelic for radiant, like the sun. Nature.
Soisear Celtic Both Gaelic for junior.
Solam Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Irish for Solomon. Great wisdom. High King.
Solomon Ancient Both King of Israel and son of David. Very wise and very close to God.
Solomon Ancient Both Biblical for the peaceful.
Sona Celtic Female Gaelic for felicitious.
Sona Celtic Both Gaelic for happy. Term of endearment.
Sony Ancient Both From the latin word for sound "son". Powerful internation company best known for its sound and video electronic products.
Sooner English Both University of Oklahoma mascot. Refers to the group of settlers that preceeded the organized homesteading effort of the 1800s.
Sophia Ancient Female Referring to the height of wisdom. A feminine form of God of ultimate wisdom. Mythic.
Sophia Ancient Both Hebrew means wisdom. Also seens as the name of the female godhead.
Soprano Italian Both The highest voice range. Also the name of a mafia family and the show about them. Crime. Entertainment. Music.
Sorcha Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Bright.
Sorn Celtic Both Gaelic for stove. Food.
Souil Celtic Both Gaelic for luxuriant.
Spaineor Celtic Both Gaelic for Spaniel. Animal.
Spanky English Both The popular character from Our Gang, a television show of the 30s-40s.
Sparkle English Both Gleaming and glinting like a gem. Money.
Sparkler English Both A fireworks that is a stick with a stream of sparks.
Sparks English Both Sparks fly when someone is in love or lights a fire. Clearly an ideal name for an imaginative dog of some energy.
Speir Celtic Both Gaelic for sky. Nature.
Speisialta Celtic Both Gaelic for special, unique.
Spencer English Both Maiden name of HRH Diana Princess of Wales as well as meaning the keeper or caretaker. Ideal as Princess Diana was the caretaker of the morale and spirit of the British as well as many others in the world during her lifetime.
Sphinx Ancient Both Mythological creature who offered a riddle. No one could pass without answering correctly. Powerful and seen as a monster by early civilizations including the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.
Sphinx Ancient Both Egyptian mythological creature with exceptional power over man. No one could pass without answering the riddle the Sphinx offered correctly, and if they answered incorrectly, the Sphinx would kill them.
Spice Greek Both Referring to a line of herbs and foods that add flavor and intensity without being significant in proportion to other ingredients in a dish. Food.
Spideog Celtic Both Gaelic for robin. Nature. Animal.
Spionan Celtic Both Gaelic for gooseberry. Food.
Spiosra Celtic Both Gaelic for spice. Food.
Spiunog Celtic Both Gaelic for spoon. Food.
Spook English Both Refers to a ghost or something scary.
Spot English Both Classic name for a dog with spots.
Spriggans English Both The British version of a Bogie. Very fierce and hideous and often served as the protectors of the faerie folk. Some said that they were the spirits of Giants killed by the early Brits. Spriggans often marched out to avenge crimes or insults directed toward the faerie folk.
Sprinkles English Both Great name for a dog with ticking, spots or merling, especially if in a variety of colors.
Sprocket English Both The gears used to engage the chain on a bicycle.
Spud English Both Slang for potato and the dog in the Budweiser commercials of the early 90s.
Sputnik Russian Both The satellite of Russia in the early 50s that initiated the space race with the US.
Sqeolan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A hound of Fionn's men.
Srataire Celtic Both Gaelic for vagabond, or stray. Perfect for that dog who wandered til he/she found your hearth. People.
Sreang Celtic Both Gaelic for string, as in the one your dog twined around your heart?
Sreng Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Greatest Firbolg warrior. Military. People. Mythic.
Sroll Celtic Both Gaelic for satin.
Sron Celtic Both Gaelic for nose. Animal.
Srut Celtic Both Gaelic for creek. Nature.
Srut Celtic Both Gaelic for stream. Nature.
Srutan Celtic Both Gaelic for brook.
Staic Celtic Both Gaelic for post.
Stail Celtic Both Gaelic for stallion. Animal.
Stanley English Male From the rocky meadow.
Star English Both Heavenly body that emits light.
Starsky English Both One of the lead characters in Starsky and Hutch.
Statesman English Both Famous British train.
Steatan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Irish for Steven. Crown or wreath.
Stella Ancient Both Latin for star.
Stellita Ancient Both Latin for star.
Stewart Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "courage grows strong at a wound".
Stiall Celtic Both Gaelic for strip. Like a strip of your heart.
Stiurtoir Celtic Both Gaelic for impresario.
Stiusai Celtic Both Gaelic for hussy.
Stoca Celtic Both Gaelic for socks.
Strutac Celtic Both Gaelic for ostrich. Nature. Animal.
Stuirtoir Celtic Both Gaelic for movie director. Entertainment.
Su Tallin Celtic Both Gaelic for strawberry. What else can you think of that is so sweet and appealing? Food.
Suailce Celtic Both Gaelic for virtue. Mythic.
Suaire Celtic Both Gaelic for jolly. Games.
Suarc Celtic Both Gaelic for joyful, carefree, happy. Term of endearment.
Suas Celtic Both Gaelic for up.
Succat Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Original name of St. Patrick. "clever in way".
Sugrad Celtic Both Gaelic for sport. Games.
Suibhne Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Irish for Simon.
Suil Celtic Both Gaelic for eyes. Animal.
Suirac Celtic Both Gaelic for Cheerful.
Suirc Celtic Both Gaelic for pleasant.
Sumo Japanese Male A form of wrestling in Japan between very large men clad in just clothes that cover the private areas.
Sunbeam English Both Name of a famous British train, a line of British cars, and a single strong line of light from the sun. Automobile.
Sundasac Celtic Both Gaelic for remarkable.
Sunsilk English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Susan Ancient Female Hebrew for lily. Nature.
Susanna Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Lily- grace.
Sushi Japanese Both An artful dish of kelp, caviar, raw or cooked fish, raw vegetables and rice made in carefully created rolls and served. Food.
Sweetpea English Both A popular and charming flower. Nature. Term of endearment.
Swiftsure English Both Ship in the British armada probably a contraction of swift pursuer. Military.
Swukra Celtic Both Gaelic for sugar. Food.
Sylvester Ancient Male Latin for from the woods.
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