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Rabat Ancient Both Moroccon capitol meaning fort.
Raccoon English Both Small wild mammal with unique markings and characteristics of hygeine in washing their food and paws, etc. Has a bandit mask so popular name for dogs/cats with similar markings. Animal.
Rachel Ancient Female Hebrew for female sheep, ewe.
Radar English Both Acronym for a method of bouncing radio waves off a surface and measuring their return to gauge the size and distance of an object. Also a popular charming character on M*A*S*H.
Radarc Celtic Both Gaelic for sight. Nature.
Radarc Celtic Both Gaelic for vision. People. Animal.
Radhulbh Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Counsel wolf. Animal. Mythic. Wisdom.
Rafferty Celtic Both Irish for rich and prosperous.
Ragamuffin English Both From Victorian England refering to a nonthreatening disreputable looking street urchin. To be unkempt.
Raggedy Andy English Male Companion to Raggedy Ann
Raggedy Ann English Female The classic child's toy, a cloth doll with red yarn hair and button eyes,
Raghnall Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "mighty power"
Railaiteoir Celtic Both Gaelic for ruler. Mythic. Politics. Military. People.
Rainbow English Both Mythically, the end of the rainbow is the location of leprechaun's gold. In reality, the prism effect of sunlight streaming through water droplets, thus why they are so common when the sun breaks through after a rainstorm. Nature.
Raindrop English Both Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head is a popular song, the soundtrack to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Essentially, a single drop of rain.
Raisin English Both The dried grape, dark and wrinkled. Also fun as Raisin Cain.
Raitneac Celtic Both Gaelic for fern. Nature.
Rajah Middle Eastern Both Prince or ruler of India.
Rally English Both A racing system that is based on getting to specific checkpoints with appropriate speed and timing. Games.
Ralph English Both Old English, wolf counselour. Referring to the belief that wolves numbered among the wisest of the animals.
Ram Ancient Both Biblical for "God ransoms and delivers".
Raman Celtic Both Gaelic for spades. Games.
Rambler English Both Referring to a British built automobile, the Nash Rambler. To ramble is to wander about.
Rambo English Both Sylvester Stallone character of a movie series of the same name. Vigilante army office that goes about making the world a safer place.
Ramfus Japanese Both The name of a character in Madam Butterfly.
Ramos Ancient Both Sanskrit for pleasing.
Randolph English Both Old English for shield wolf.
Ranger English Both Reference to forest ranger. Nature lover.
Rangoon African Both Burma's capitol meaning end of strife.
Rannulbh Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "Shield wolf"
Rant Celtic Both Gaelic for class or group.
Raphael Ancient Both Biblical for "God has healed". Master artist of the renaissance. Art.
Rapunzel English Female Mythic princess whose hair was so long as to reach to the ground when hung out of the window in the tallest tower. Led to her freedom by a handsome prince.
Ras Celtic Both Gaelic for racing. Games.
Rascal English Both Slang for a scoundrel, charming and mischievous imp. Not to be entirely trusted.
Rasheda Middle Eastern Female Arabic for pious.
Raspberry English Both A delectable berry as well as the lush magenta color of the fruit and juice. Food.
Rasputin Russian Both The mystic and charismatic rascal that found a way to control the young High Duke's (heir apparent) hemophilia in the Russian Royal Family. The Czarina, so worried about the health of her young son, courted horrible rumors because of her devotion to Rasputin and his abilities to help her son. Figured directly into the downfall, assasination and revolution in Russia and the rise of the communists as a result. Politics
Rathnait Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Patron saint of Kilkenny.
Ratter English Both Typically a dog (Terrier) known for ridding a home/farm of vermin.
Raven English Both Large black bird. Immortalized in Edgar Allen Poe's Nevermore.
Ravioli Italian Both Popular pasta dish. Food.
Rawdon English Both From the character Rawdon Crowley in the classic by William Thackeray, Vanity Fair.
Rawlings English Both Sporting goods company.
Razzle English Both Slang for disarming, spectacular, like fireworks. to dazzle.
RC English Both Tradename of a cola flavored soft drink. Especially popular in the South as an inexpensive snack, with a Moon Pie, during the Depression.
Re Celtic Both Gaelic for Moon (like the phases of the moon and its impact on time).
Realt Celtic Both Gaelic for star, constellation. Nature.
Realt Eireabaill Celtic Both Gaelic for comet. Nature.
Reamar Celtic Both Gaelic for stout (beverage). Food.
Reamonn Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Counsel protector. Warrior poet/philosopher.
Reatac Celtic Both Gaelic for running. People. Games.
Recall English Both To recollect or remember.
Red Rover English Both Name of a famous stagecoach, as well as a popular children's name and pubs in London.
Redcap Scottish Both A race of faerie belonging to the unseeling court. They like to live where there has been much slaughter like burned out castles and towers. Their caps are made red (or redder) by being bathed in the blood of those unwary travellers who cross their paths. They can be frightened away by quoting from the Bible or showing a cross but otherwise there is no human stronger than they are.
Redg Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A poet who taunted Cuchulain. People. Art.
Reece Welsh Both Means ardor.
Regatta Italian Both A multi-man rowing crew that will compete. Games.
Regina Italian Both Means queen.
Reginald German Male Means king. Mythic.
Reisling German Both A sweet, typically dessert wine specific grown on the slopes of the Reisling river. Food.
Retro English Both Slang for a prior era, like retro is hot now and fashionable, items from the 50s-80s.
Rex Ancient Both Latin for King. Tyrannosaurus Rex was the King of the Earth Dinosaur (translation of its name).
Rhett English Both The hero in Gone with the Wind, an epic Southern novel set during the Civil War by Margaret Mitchell. Art.
Rhi Celtic Both Gaelic for King. Politics. Military. Mythic.
Rhi Celtic Both Gaelic for monarch. Mythic. Politics. Military.
Rhiain Welsh Female Means maiden.
Rhiannon Welsh Female Means nymph, goddess, also the name of the mythic witch that inspired Stevie Nicks to write the song Rhiannon for Fleetwood Mac. Mythic. Entertainment. Music.
Rhodri Welsh Both Means circle ruler.
Rhoecus Greek Male A wealthy man, Rhoecus came upon a tree about to fall and put his servants upon propping it up. By doing so, he saved the life of the nymph that would have perished when the tree died. She came to Rhoecus to express her appreciation and offer him a gift. He asked for her love and she submitted. She told him she would send a bee to him whenever she was able to accept his company and that he must be constant. Once, while drinking he brushed the bee away which so incensed the nymph that she struck him blind. Clearly a great name to remind us of the mysteries of relationships.
Rhona Scottish Female Scottish place name. Means rough isle.
Rhys Welsh Both Means ardor.
Ri Mor Celtic Both Gaelic for enormous, large, huge, giant, humongous.
Rialtas Celtic Both Gaelic for government. Politics.
Riam Celtic Both Gaelic for never.
Ribe Roibeis Celtic Both Gaelic for Shrimp.
Ribin Celtic Both Gaelic for ribbon. Games.
Richael Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A virgin saint.
Richart French Both Line of exceptional chocolates that are as much art as confection. Food.
Ricochet English Both When a bullet or projectile hits the wall and reflects off.
Ridire Celtic Both Gaelic for knight. Military. Politics. Mythic.
Rifil Celtic Both Gaelic for rifle.
Rigin Celtic Both Gaelic for tough which could be as appropriate for the vulnerable small dog as the large.
Rin Tin Tin English Both Famous German Shepherd of a television series in the early days of television. Heroic and devoted.
Rin Tin Tin English Both Famous German Shepherd of a television series in the early days of television. Heroic and devoted.
Rince Celtic Both Gaelic for dance. Games.
Rinceoir Celtic Female Gaelic for dancer. Games.
Riocard Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "Rule hard"
Rioct Celtic Both Gaelic for kingdom. Politics. Military. Mythic.
Rioga Celtic Both Gaelic for regal. Mythic.
Rioga Celtic Both Gaelic for royal. Mythic.
Riognach Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Saint Regina, virgin.
Ripple English Both Slang for cheap wine.
Ris Celtic Both Gaelic for rice. Food.
Risin Celtic Both Gaelic for raisin. Food.
Ritz French Both To be high class, expensive and pretigious, putting on the ritz.
Riviera French Both A car built by Oldsmobile as well as the ritzy resort filled Meditteranean coast of France.
Ro Caiteac Celtic Both Gaelic for extravagant.
Roane Celtic Both The gaelic word for seals. Thought to be a race of faerie folk that kept themselves covered by sealskins when in the water. Very kind and gentle as they don't even avenge themselves on those that spend their lives hunting and killing them.
Rob Roy Celtic Both Irish mythic hero that fought against the invasion of the British.
Robert English Both Old English for bright flame. Robert Redford, Robert Conrad, and more.
Robin English Female Name of a well recognized bird, Robin Redbreast. Animal.
Robin Goodfellow English Both The most famous of the hobgoblins of the 1500s. Said to be the son of the King of the Faerie folk and a country girl. He had no magical powers but was extremely mischievous. By the time he was a toddler his mother had already had all she could take so he ran away and came into the care of the Faeries who taught him to do good.
Rockettes English Female The all female dance troup in NY.
Rocky English Both Sylvester Stallone wrote and starred in a blockbuster of this title. Also short for Rochester. Entertainment.
Rodhlann Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Famous land. Nature.
Rodney English Male Old English from the island clearing.
Rogaire Celtic Both Gaelic for rogue. Crime. People. Mythic. Military.
Rogation Ancient Both From a number of holidays. Latin from the word meaning "to ask".
Roibeard Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "Fame bright"
Roideog Celtic Female Gaelic for myrtle bush. Nature.
Roim Celtic Both Gaelic for fore as in golf. Games.
Rois Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Hros or Horse.
Rolex German Both Expensive watch that has become a status symbol.
Rolex German Both Made up word by Hans Wilsdorf. Upscale watch company known for exceptional workmanship and engineering.
Roly Poly English Both A woodlouse also known as the pill bug. Has a segmented shield/shell that they can roll into a ball.
Romeo Italian Male pilgrim to Rome. A radio call signal.
Rommel German Male A German army General of WW II.
Romper English Both From Romper Room, a child's educational television show.
Ronan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Seal. Animal. Nature.
Ronnac Celtic Both Gaelic for mackerel. Animal.
Rookie English Both The new guy on the block. Generally a novice that is in their first year.
Rooster English Both Animal. The male adult chicken. Entertaining by its self importance and sense of power.
Rory Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Ancient Ard Rhi (high king) of Ireland. People. Military. Mythic.
Ros Celtic Female Gaelic for rose. Nature. Term of endearment.
Roscoe Scandanavian Male From the deer forest.
Rose Scottish Both Popular aromatic flower also a Scottish clan with the motto "constant and true".
Rosemary English Both A fragrant evergreen shrub that serves as a great beauty aid as well as flavorful herb. An unique grayish green color.
Rosh Ancient Both Biblical for "head".
Ross Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "success nourishes hope".
Rosy Cheeks English Female A variety of rose. Nature.
Rotlu Celtic Both Gaelic for roll.
Rouge French Female means red also the original word for blush, great for the dog of drama.
Rover English Both From the game red rover. A classic dog name.
Rowan Scottish Both means red.
Rowdy English Both Rough and disorderly. Out of control.
Roxanne Ancient Female Persian for dawn. Also the hit by the Police.
Ruacan Celtic Both Gaelic for cockle. Nature.
Ruadhan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Red
Ruby French Female Old French for a deep red highly valued precious gem.
Rudulph English Male The rednosed reindeer of Santa's fame.
Rue French Both means red.
Rufus Ancient Both Latin for red haired.
Rufus Ancient Both Latin for red.
Rug Rat English Both A slang expression for a child.
Ruma Ancient Both From the ancient name of the Tiber river, Ruma. The capitol of Italy.
Rummy English Both A card game. Games.
Run Celtic Both Gaelic for secret.
Rundiamair Celtic Both Gaelic for mystery.
Russet German Both Means red and its origin goes back to a variety of apples. Food.
Rylander English Both Farmer.
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