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P.J. English Both Slang for pajamas.
Paco Spanish Both Spanish version of Frank and the sidekick to Don Quixote. Art.
Padraig Celtic Male Gaelic masculine version of Patrick. The national saint of Ireland.
Paganac Celtic Both Gaelic for pagan. Mythic. Animal.
Paidrin Celtic Both Gaelic for beads. Money.
Pailm Celtic Both Gaelic for Palm Tree. Nature.
Paintbrush English Both Name of a type of mustache. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Paipear Garsun Celtic Male Gaelic for paperboy. Animal.
Pairc Celtic Both Gaelic for field. Nature.
Pairti Celtic Both Gaelic for mate, partner. Animal.
Pairti Celtic Both Gaelic for partner. Animal.
Paisano Spanish Both Spanish for peasant.
Paisley Celtic Female Another former name of the Skye Terrier as well as a lovely Victorian fabric.
Paiste Celtic Both Gaelic for patches.
Pal English Both Slang for friend, buddy and trusted companion.
Pale Face Native American Both Stereotypically the name that Native Americans gave to the white race.
Paloma Spanish Both Spanish for dove.
Pan Greek Both The God of the woodlands and grottos. Eventually as his name means ALL, he was regarded as a god of the entire universe and nature.
Pancho Spanish Both A comfortable and simple styled coat that can be as simple as a blanket with a hole cut in the center for someone's head. Exceptionally stylish when made in the traditional South American way with a colorful serape blanket.
Panda Chinese Both A black and white bear like animal. Native to Tibet and China.
Pandora Greek Female A gift from the Gods of Olympus to the world of man, was woman. Each God blessed Pandora, Venus with beauty, Minerva with wisdom and Apollo with music, each also placed a blessing for man in a special box. When Pandora incautiously opened the box all those blessings escaped except for Hope, which still stays to bless man. Mythic
Pansy Greek Both A small prolific flower available in many colors. In Greek it means fragrant.
Panther English Both A great cat, black, powerful and mythic because of its ability to be illustrated as eyes and teeth in a black background.
Paprika Middle Eastern Both A red spice of rich history, used in a variety of dishes. Food.
Paris French Both The capital of France, called the city of love. Cultural center of fashion, fragrance and perhaps, art, for the entire world.
Paris French Both Capitol of France from the name of a Gaulish tribe.
Parker English Both Middle English for guardian of the Park. Parker Stevenson, one of the actors that portrayed "The Hardy Boys" on TV during the late 70s and early 80s.
Parthalan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Saint Bartholomew.
Pasta Italian Both The centerpiece of Italian cuisine. Food.
Patch English Both Refers to covering a hole in clothing with another piece of fabric that is usually apparent. Common name for a pet with a spot of color in a white field or a spot of color over an eye.
Patricia Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. After Princess Patricia of Connaught, sister of Tuathil.
Patrick Ancient Male Latin for nobleman.
Patsy English Female Short for Patricia.
Patter English Both "Pitter patter of tiny feet" an expression that refers to the sound of a baby in the house or the pitter patter on the window refering to rain on glass.
Patti Ancient Both Latin for of the nobility, variation on Patricia from patrician (highest class in Rome).
Paul Ancient Male Latin for small
PayDay English Both Everyone's favorite day of the week as well as a very popular chocolate bar of the same tradename. Food.
Peaches English Both Coral, golden fruit with a pit and of remarkable sweet juiciness when in season. Especially well known from Georgia and the expression "Georgia Peach" is commonly used to refer to a Southern Belle. Food.
Peacog Celtic Both Gaelic for peacock. Nature. Animal.
Peader Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Gaelic for Peter.
Peanuts English Both Popular legume with remarkable history as a primary food source for the Confederate army during the Civil War. Also the name of the comic strip by Charles Schultz. Entertainment. Military.
Peardog Celtic Both Gaelic for crayfish. Animal.
Pearla Celtic Both Gaelic for pearl. Money.
Peata Celtic Both Gaelic for pet. Animal.
Pebbles English Both The daughter of the family in the comic strip The Flintstones.
Pedaiah Ancient Both Biblical for "God ransoms and delivers".
Peek A Boo English Both A child's game. Games. A variety of rose. Nature.
PeeWee English Both Refers to something very small.
Peg O'Nell Celtic Both Peg O'Nell is an evil spirit in a river that claims a life by drowning every seven years. It seems as likely to be the life of a cat or a dog or a man or a woman. She is seeking restitution for dying while being sent out on a cold night to get a pail of water for her mistress (a pail of water that she was supposed to have gotten before dark it might be added in defense of the mistress).
Peg Powler English Both A dangerous water spirit of the River Tees. Said to grab children from the shore and even be willing to come up on shore to drag children to the deeps with her. Terrifying with green hair and very long arms that reach to both sides of the river. Her threat has likely kept many children safe as parents share the story since the River Tees has powerful currents and would be threatening whether Peg were there or not!
Pegasus Greek Both Winged horse that was born of the blood of the Medusa (monster) being spilled upon the ground. He was tamed by Minerva (Athena) and she provided Bellephone, a hero with a bridle that would allow Pegasus to be ridden. With Pegasus help, this hero overcame many challenges and monsters, like the Chimaera. Mythic. Animal.
Peidleacan Celtic Female Animal. Gaelic for butterfly.
Peitseog Celtic Both Gaelic for peach. Food.
Peking Chinese Both Anglicized version of Beijing.
Pele Hawaiian Both The goddess of the volcanos of Hawaii.
Penelope Greek Female A heroine of uncommon modesty and devotion. While never in a field of battle or called upon to overcome an overt challenge, she overcame doubt and fear to contend with the aggressive advances of men that sought to take the place of her husband, Ulysses during a long absence. As related in the Iliad, Penelope was the model wife while Ulysses struggled (with the distraction of way too many nymphs and goddesses throwing sexual favors his way) to return home. Even upon his return, he tested her prior to making his presence known.
Penny Greek Both Short for Penelope, in Greek meaning weaver.
Peony French Both A lovely ruffled flower in pink or white on a bush of glossy deep green foliage. Nature.
Pepper English Both A common table spice with a bit of kick. Great for the pet that adds alot of interest to your life.
Pepsi English Both Tradename of a popular soft drink.
Pepsi English Both Popular soft drink. For the dog best described as sweet and bubbly.
Percolate English Both The process of a coffee maker, to percolate.
Perdita Ancient Both Latin for lost.
Peregrine English Both From the character Peregrine Pickle in the book of the same name by Tobias Smollett. Also a bird of prey, the peregrine falcon and the name of the ship of Han Solo in Star Wars. Art. Animal. Entertainment.
Perky English Both Bright and alert, energetic.
Perry English Both Middle English meaning pear tree.
Perry French Both meaning little Peter.
Persephone Italian Female Roman version of Proserpine. see Proserpine.
Perseus Greek Male Perseus mother was Danae, a princess who's father had been told by the Oracle that his death would be at the hand of his daughter's son. As a result, he sought to keep his daughter unmarried and childless, a visit by Jupiter changed that and Perseus and his mother we set adrift in the ocean while he was still an infant. With the gifts of Minerva and Mercury, he slayed Medusa and met other challenges that resulted in his marrying Andromeda, the daughter of Cassieopeia. Mythic.
Petunia English Female A lovely springtime flower.
Phaeton Greek Both Born of the Sun, Phaeton sought to drive the chariot of the Sun God and the father could not refuse. The inability of a mortal to control the chariot as it navigated through the heavens sent haulocost to the earth with fires and heat, ultimately Jupiter was forced to use lightening bolts to topple Phaeton from the chariot to that it might right itself. This death led to the grieving of the Heliads who became trees as Phaeton fell from the heavens and into a river. Mythic.
Phileas English Both The first name of Phileas Fogg, the genius who managed "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules' Verne, in an age before aircraft. Art,
Philemon Greek Male Husband of Baucis (see Baucis).
Philomena Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Friend, power.
Phoebe Greek Both meaning shining. Also the name of one of the characters, played by Alyssa Milano on the show Charmed.
Phouka Celtic Both A mischievous mythological creature of the Gaelic tradition. Mythic.
Phouka Celtic Both Irish version of Puck (as in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream). Great practical jokester. Also inclined to do a good turn and bless with good luck any of the victims of his pranks that keep their humor about them.
Pia Italian Female devout.
Piaras Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Early Norman leader. People. Mythic. Military.
Piast Celtic Both Gaelic for reptile. Animal.
Picabo English Both The first name of Olympic medalist and skiier Picabo Street who chose her first name when she was 5 years old based on the children's game, Peek A Boo. People.
Piccadilly English Both A busy city center in London famous for its color and culture. A variety of rose. Nature.
Piccadilly weepers English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Piccolo Italian Both A reed instrument. Music.
Pice Celtic Both Gaelic for pike. Military. Mythic.
Picil Celtic Both Gaelic for pickle. Food. Term of endearment.
Pickles English Both Any vegetable but most commonly cucumbers, that are preserved in a variety of vinegar, spices and brine. The process is called pickling. Food.
Pictiuir Celtic Both Gaelic for picture. Art
Picts Scottish Both Also called Pechs, a race of faeries in the lowlands of Scotland. They were about 3' tall with long arms and red hair.Very strong and said to be able to build a castle in a night from the large quarry stone they could cut from mountains and pass over their heads to each other.
Pierre French Both French version of Peter.
Pilbin Celtic Both Gaelic for lapwing. Nature. Animal.
Pilib A Geitire Celtic Both Gaelic for the daddy long legs bug. Animal.
Pilip Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Horse lover. Animal.
Ping Pong English Both A tabletop game especially popular in Asia. Games.
Pinky English Both The smallest finger (outermost) on one's hand. Refers to something small and dainty.
Pinot French Both The Pinot varietal grape produces the Pinot Grigio (a white wine which is fermented without the skin, thus no color) and the Pinot Noir (a deep red wine, with the pigment derived from the skin that is fermented with the juice). Food.
Piob Celtic Both Gaelic for bagpipes.
Piob Celtic Both Gaelic for pipes.
Piobaire Celtic Both Gaelic for minstrel. Mythic. Music.
Piobar Celtic Both Gaelic for pepper. Food.
Piocad Celtic Both Gaelic for pick-up. Games.
Piog Celtic Both Gaelic for pie. Food.
Piolot Celtic Both Gaelic for pilot. Military. Animal.
Piorra Celtic Both Gaelic for pear. Food.
Piorroid Celtic Both Gaelic for parrot. Nature. Animal.
Piotraisc Celtic Both Gaelic for partridge. Nature. Animal.
Piper English Both Old English, one who plays bagpipes. Pyper. Music.
Pipet French Both A small alert and agile bird such as the Water Pipet. Animal.
Pippin English Both From Tolkien, the nickname for a central character to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Periodoc Took. His youth left him fearful and ill-equipped for the adventures he entered into, but he rose to the occasion despite his fears to support his friends in need. Mythic.
Pique-devant English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Piscean Celtic Both Gaelic for vetch, a common thick growing wild plant that can nearly block passage. Nature.
Pisces Ancient Both Constellation and astrological sign symobolized by fishes.
Pistol Old West Both Slang for a handgun. Pistolwhipped, to be beaten with the butt end of the handgun. Pistolpacking, to have a pistol on oneself.
Piston English Both A part of the engine that produces pressure by a rhythmic up and down motion.
Pitter English Both "the pitter patter of little feet" referring to the presence of a baby in the home.
Pitty Pat English Female The name of a flatulant aunt of Scarlet Ohara in Gone with the Wind. If your dog has excessive gas, you may want to change dog foods rather than bestow this name on her for that reason.
Piunt Celtic Both Gaelic for pint. Food. Term of endearment.
Pixie Celtic Both One of the races of "little people", fairies, elves, etc. Tinkerbell of PeterPan was thought to be a pixie. Magical, small and cute. Mythic.
Pixie English Both A race of faeries in England, human in appearance but generally not much bigger than a man's hand with red hair and upturned noses and wide mouths and squinting eyes. Typically kind but mischievous and often do work around the house for mortals. Among those of the seelie court (good elves).
Pizza Italian Both A traditional Italian food consisting of a bread crust topped with cheese, meats, vegetables and often a marinara, pesto or other sauce. Food.
Plamead Celtic Both Gaelic for planet. Nature. Mythic.
Plamead Celtic Both Gaelic for planet. Mythic. Nature.
Plato Greek Both Greek philosopher and the teacher of Aristotle. Art.
Plear Celtic Both Gaelic for shot. Military. Crime.
Pluma Celtic Both Gaelic for plum. Food.
Pluto Greek Male King of the underworld. Considered unattractive but wed to the lovely Proserpine. (also called Persephone in Roman Mythology).
Pluto Greek Both Smallest of the planets in our solar system and Mickey Mouse's pet dog in Disney productions. Nature. Entertainment.
Pocus English Both Ancient magical expression "hocus pocus". Also movie starring Bette Midler of the same name.
Pog Celtic Both Gaelic for kiss. Term of endearment.
Pogo English Both A popular toy of the mid-twentieth century that would (with some practice and balance) allow someone to jump up and down at heights far beyond what someone can do without a pogo stick.
Poimpiuil Celtic Both Gaelic for pompous.
Poirot French Both The last name of Agatha Christie's super sleuth, Hercule Poirot.
Poker English Both A gambling based card game that includes a wide variety of variations all using a 52 card deck. Games.
Pokey English Both To poke along is to go without speed or purpose. Pokey Puppy is a popular children's story about a puppy that is a bit curious. Pokey is also the name of the toy that serves as a flexible companion to the other rubbery toy, Gumby. Art.
Polaitioct Celtic Both Gaelic for political. Politics.
Poll Celtic Both Gaelic for hole.
Pollux Greek Male Brother and twin of Castor. Brother of Helen. Son of Jupiter and Leda. Utterly devoted to his brother, after many exploits they were given life in the heavens as the constellation Gemini.
Polo Scottish Both A game originally played from horseback using the head of an enemy as the ball. Later, the stuffed stomach of a pig or goat served as the ball until now it is a sport of the elite. Also the man's scent made by Ralph Lauren.
Pom Pon English Both Refers to the large fluffy balls usually made of crepe paper or other materials (like strips of plastic) used by cheerleaders for extra effect and attention.
Pomona Greek Female A nymph who somehow avoided the generally vapid and shallow fixations of other nymphs to become the patroness of the garden and especially apple orchards. She eschewed many suitors until she was ultimately won over by the genuine concern and mutual interests of Vertumnus.
Pong English Both The first mass video game was a version of this game, Pong. Games.
Pongo English Both One of the dalmatians in 101 Dalmatians by Disney. Entertainment. Animal.
Pooh Bear English Both From AA Milne's Winnie The Pooh about a charming bear living in the 1000 acre wood with his friends and companions. In the Tao of Pooh it is illustrated how Winnie the Pooh illustrates the tenets of Tao philosophy. Art.
Pop Corn English Both A fluffy (usually white but can be colors) snack made of corn that pops open when the water in it becomes steam and forces the kernel to explode. Popular snack choice for movies. Entertainment.
Popeye English Both A crusty old sailor with a nemesis named Bluto and a girlfriend names Olive Oil, in the comic strip Popeye the Sailor Man.
Popeye English Both A character and name of a comic strip including a movie starring Robin Williams. Also a fast food chain known for its Southern cuisine including fried chicken and dirty rice.
Poppy English Both A richly colored flower (the California poppy is deep red orange and black) and also the source of opium. Nature.
Poquito Spanish Both Means little bit. Term of endearment.
Porky English Both Refers to a cartoon character "Porky Pig". Meaning piglike which should include (aside from perhaps chubby) meaning extremely intelligent and social.
Portac Celtic Both Gaelic for bog.
Portia Ancient Both Latin for offering.
Potamus English Both Slang for hippopotamus. Animal.
Poupon French Both One of the gentlemen responsible for bringing Grey Poupon to the French as an exquisite gourmet mustard of the Dijon variety/region.
Practiciuil Celtic Both Gaelic for practical.
Pras Celtic Both Gaelic for brass.
Prata Celtic Both Gaelic for potato. Food.
Preab Celtic Both Gaelic for bouncing.
Preacan Celtic Both Gaelic for rook (chess). Games.
Preacan Celtic Both Gaelic for crow.
Precious French Both Of great value. Term of endearment.
Preppie English Both Slang for someone who is ambitious and well educated. Will dress in classic clothing and seeks top quality in virtually everything they have.
Prescott English Both Old English from the priests cottage.
Pretty Baby English Both Term of endearment. Also the title of a movie staring Brooke Shields as a child. Entertainment.
Prieto Spanish Both Spanish for precious.
Primo Italian Both Meaning the best.
Prince Ancient Both Latin for the heir to the throne, son of the king. Also the orignal stagename of a rockstar who now goes by a symbol rather than a name. Performer of songs like Purple Rain and Raspberry Beret. Entertainment. Music. Politics.
Princess Ancient Both Latin for the daughter of the king. Mythic. Politics.
Priom Celtic Both Gaelic for paramount, best, top of the heap.
Priompallan Celtic Both Animal. Gaelic for beetle.
Priscilla Ancient Both Latin meaning from ancient times. The first name of the wife of Elvis Presley.
Proca Celtic Both Gaelic for crock. Food.
Proinnseas Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Feminine of Francis.
Proserpine Greek Female Wife of Pluto and daughter of Ceres. She was stolen by Pluto while picking flowers with her companions. Ultimately she was required to spend 6 months of the year with Pluto in the underworld and 6 months with her mother in the upper world. As a result, Ceres blessed the world with plenty only during those times that Proserpine was with her and with desolation when she wasn't (Winter). Mythic.
Psyche Greek Female A mortal maiden of unparalleled beauty, she gained the enmity of Venus and the love of her son Cupid. Because of her curiousity, Psyche ultimately had to undergo several challenges in order to win back her husband and the blessing of her mother in law. Ultimately, she was made immortal and remains at the side of her husband, Cupid.
Publact Celtic Both Gaelic for republic. Politics. People.
Puca Celtic Both Gaelic for little goblin. Mythic.
Puck English Both Shakespeare's phouka with characteristics of a bogey beast (in his ability to change shape).
Pudar Celtic Both Gaelic for powder. Perfect for a powder puff of a dog?
Pudgy English Both Referring to being a bit overweight.
Puela Ancient Female Latin for girl.
Puer Ancient Male Latin for boy.
Puff English Both From the song Puff the Magic Dragon made popular in the 60s by Peter, Paul and Mary. Music. Entertainment. Mythic.
Pugsley English Male The son of Morticia and Gomez in the Addams family comics and movies. Entertainment. Mythic.
Pumpkin English Both A squash or gourd, round and orange popular as a Halloween decoration because it is ready to harvest in mid October. Popular for holiday pies as well. Food. Nature.
Punkin English Both Slang for pumpkin. Term of endearment.
Purog Celtic Both Gaelic for pebble. Nature. Term of endearment.
Pushinka Russian Both A dog given to Caroline Kennedy by Kruschev. means simply fluffy. She was the daughter of Strelka, a dog that the Russians put in space.
Putog Celtic Both Gaelic for pudding.
Putter Scottish Both Golf term for a very short stroke and the club used to accomplish it.
Pygmalion Greek Male Gifted Greek sculptor who abhorred women and swore to never marry, then fell in love with his sculpture of a young virgin. Upon prayers and sacrifice to Venus, his creation was given life. He and Galatea were married and had a son Paphos.
Pyramus Greek Male Handsome young man and beloved of Thisbe. Their love was thwarted by their families with tragic results. (see Thisbe).
Python Greek Both A mighty snake that Apollo slew using weapons that to that point had only been used on rather simple game (hares, etc.). Apollo was so delighted with the results of his bow and arrows that he then instituted the Pythian games in honor of this accomplishment. Mythic
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