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Na Diaid Celtic Both Gaelic for thereafter. Mythic.
Naamah Ancient Female Means loved, pretty.
Nabal Ancient Both Biblical for brute, fool.
Nabu Ancient Both Biblical name of an idolic god of writing and wisdom. Mythic.
Nacho Spanish Both A popular spicy cheese that has given its name to a tex-mex dish of tortillas, beans, meat, vegetables with a layer of melted cheese over the top. Food.
Nadurta Celtic Both Gaelic for natural. Nature.
Nahor Ancient Both Biblical for one who snores.
Nahum Ancient Both Biblical for "consoled".
Naiad Greek Both Nymph of the streams and fountains.
Nainsi Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Variant of Anne.
Naionan Celtic Both Gaelic for male infant. Animal.
Nairobi African Both Kenyan capitol meaning water or the name of a river.
Nana English Female Slang, nickname for grandmother.
Nanki Poo Japanese Both A character from the opera Madam Butterfly.
Nanook Native American Both Inuit mythology for the master of bears, responsible for punishing hunters that did not follow appropriate taboos.Mythic.
Naoisi Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Famous in Irish legend. The Sons of Usnach. Mythic. People.
Naom Celtic Both Gaelic for saint. People. Mythic.
Naomhan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "Holy One" Mythic.
Napa Native American Both Name of the county in California famous for its rich and varied wine production. The exception qualities of Napa Valley's soil, humidity, rain and temperatures makes it an ideal place for the production of some of the best wines in the world.
Naphtali Ancient Both Biblical for "I have fought".
Napier Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "without stain".
Napoleon French Male From the Emperor Napoleon, a character of great diversity and heritage. In addition to figuring greatly in the French Revolution, he became a General that began empire building culminating with his defeat by the English. Afterwards his influence was felt to be so powerful and dangerous that he was exiled to an island. After his demise, an expression "Napoleonic Complex" came to refer to a small or short person that compensated with an insatiable desire for success or "empire building".
Natar Nime Celtic Both Gaelic for serpent. Mythic. Animal.
Natasha Russian Female Variation of Natalie. Also the archcriminal who partnered with Boris to try to take down Bullwinkle and Rocky.
Nathi Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Ancient Leinster chief. Mythic People
Neal Celtic Both Irish for champion.
Neala Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Champion.
Neam Ciontac Celtic Both Gaelic for innocent.
Neam Coitanta Celtic Both Gaelic for extraordinary. Term of endearment.
Neam Fonn Celtic Both Gaelic for reluctant.
Neam Gnatac Celtic Both Gaelic for unusual.
Neam Naireac Celtic Both Gaelic for brazen, bold, adventurous.
Neam Spleac Celtic Both Gaelic for independent.
Nebraska Native American Both Sioux for flat water. Nature.
Nebuchadnezzar Ancient Both Biblical for "protect the son".
Nehemiah Ancient Both Biblical for God consoles.
Neide Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A poet to Concobhar. Art. People.
Neime Celtic Both Gaelic for divine, celestial, heavenly. Mythic.
Neptune Greek Both Greed God of the waters and associated with the sea. Mythic. Bearer of the Trident.
Neptune Ancient Both Roman mythology for the god of the sea.
Neptunian English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Nereids Greek Both Nymphs of the seas and oceans.
Nereus Greek Male Old Man of the Sea, blessed with gifts of prophecy and knowledge. Mythic.
Nermal English Both In the Garfield cartoon, Garfield's niece.
Nero Ancient Both Roman Caesar, the last of the Claudians. He was self absorbed and indulged to the point of insanity. The legend that "Ceasar played the lyre while Rome burned" is attributed to Nero and symbolic of a leader who does nothing during a time critical for a nation.
Nerys Welsh Both Means lord.
Nesta Welsh Female Variation of Agnes.
Nestle English Both Tradename for a very popular brand of candy bars.
Neva Spanish Both Means snowy.
Nevada Native American Both "of snow" reflects the snowy peaks of this extraordinary state. With Native American heritage, the incredible stories of the old west and current hospitality offered to all but increasingly attractive to a variety of artists. Nevada is a poetic word, rich in meaning.
Nevada Spanish Both Spanish for snowed upon.
Newton English Both From the new building. From singer Olivia Newton-John, Australian sensation who's incredible vocals made her an international sensation.
Ni Celtic Both Gaelic for no.
Nia Welsh Female Variation of Irish Niamh; meaning luster, brilliance
Niall Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "Niall of the Nine Hostages" a grandson of Muirdeach and Ard Rhi (high king) when Saint Patrick arrived; died in 404 AD.
Nibble English Both Slang for taking tiny bites of food.
Nickanan English Both Referring to a Cornish holiday.
Nickolas Greek Male Victory of the people.
Nicole Greek Female meaning victory of the people.
Nicosia Greek Both Capitol of Cyprus meaning "place of victory".
Nike Greek Female Goddess of Victory. Inspiration for "winged victory" still used on trophies and awards.
Nimrod English Both Originally a name of a British stagecoach that eventually became a locomotive name.
Nina Spanish Female Spanish for girl.
Ninja Japanese Both A Japanese secret warrior
Niobe Greek Female A proud and arrogant mother who felt more worthy of the attention bestowed on Latona (the mother of Apollo and Diana) because of her 14 children (7 boys and 7 girls). Apollo avenged the slight by killing all the children. Niobe's husband took his own life and thus she was left with nothing and became a stone that still cried.
Nip English Both A small bite or a plastic surgery term for removing and tightening a bit of skin, like a face lift.
Nivea Ancient Both Feminized form of "snowy" in Latin (niveus).
Nizil Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A grandson of Gaedhal.
Noah Ancient Both Biblical for rest and be at peace.
Noct Celtic Both Gaelic for naked. Animal.
Noel Ancient Both Latin for Christmas, the birth of Christ.
Nolan Celtic Both Irish surname meaning noble.
Nollaig Celtic Both Holiday. Gaelic for Christmas.
Nomad Middle Eastern Both Referring to a lifestyle of constant relocation. In ancient times of early man it was a way to follow the food sources as a herd of animals moved, or different fruits, berries were in season. Later the lifestyle might be by choice or necessitated by social pressures. Such as a stray that must relocate because he is run off by people or the food source fails or other dogs threaten him.
Nomin Celtic Both Gaelic for daisy. Nature.
Noodles English Both Refers to pasta often used in soups and other dishes. Food.
Nora Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Honored One.
Notus Greek Both According to the ancient Greeks, the God and embodiment of the South wind. Mythic. Nature.
Nova English Both A star/sun that is about to implode/explode. As the energy builds the star becomes larger with rings, this effect is a nova.
Nua Celtic Both Gaelic for new.
Nua Celtic Both Gaelic for novel or unusual.
Nuada Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A king of the DeDanananns. People. Mythic.
Nubbin English Both The small tip of something.
Nuckelavee English Both One of the worst monsters in the history of Britain. An Orkney Sea Monster, basically a horse with a torso with arms and head but no neck rising from the middle of the horse's back. Since the "man" part didn't have skin it was absolutely horrid to look upon and devoured virtually anything that crossed its path. Since it couldn't enter or cross fresh water, that was the one safety and defense left to its intended victims.
Nugget English Both Slang for a small piece of something precious like gold.
Nutkin English Both From Beatrix Potters' story Squirrel Nutkin.
Nutmeg English Both A spice, popular in eggnog, pumpkin pies and other dishes.
Nybble English Both In computers four bits of half a byte.
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