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Name Heritage Sex Description
La Celtic Both Gaelic for day. Nature.
La Paz South American Both Bolivian capitol meaning "Our Lady of Peace"
Laban Ancient Both Biblical for "the white".
Labraid Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Grandson of Ugani.
Labran Celtic Both Gaelic for laburnum tree. Nature.
Labras Celtic Both Gaelic for the Laurel Tree. Nature.
Lac Celtic Both Gaelic for affable
Laca Celtic Both Gaelic for duck. Nature. Animal.
Lachtna Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Same as Lucius among the O'Briens.
Lact Celtic Both Gaelic for liquor. Food.
Lacy English Both Refers to the textile product that is light and airy. Often threads embroidered upon themselves as lace.
Lad English Both Means a boy. Popular name for a dog as a result of Albert Payson Terhune's books about Lad, a Collie.
Laddie English Both Variaton on Lad. President Warren Harding's dog Laddie Boy.
Lady English Both Name of the lead Cocker Spaniel in Lady and the Tramp. A low rung of royalty.
Lady Bug English Both Small beetle with a round red casing with black spots. Very beneficial and friendly insect. Term of endearment.
Lady Di English Both Short for Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. Sadly died in an auto accident in September of 1997.
Lady Slipper English Both A variety of wild orchid that appears in the NE USA. Endangered and protected.
Laeg Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A charioteer for Cuchulain.
Laegaire Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A son of Ugani.
Laetare Ancient Both Refers to midlent Sunday. Mythic.
Lagan Celtic Both Gaelic for hollow. Nature.
Lagos African Both Nigerian capitol meaning lagoon.
Laidcenn Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A poet at Niall's court. Art. Mythic. People.
Laidir Celtic Both Gaelic for strong, powerful, unwavering.
Laioidhigh Celtic Both Irish surname meaning poetic. Art.
Laitreac Celtic Both Gaelic for immediate.
Lakeisha African Both Common use of attaching La to a popular name.
Lambton Worm English Both A dragon of England.
Lamont Scottish Both Scottish clan whose name derives from the Norse for Lawman. Motto meaning "neither spare or dispose".
Lampa Celtic Both Gaelic for lamp, body of light, illuminator. Nature.
Lan Celtic Both Gaelic for full.
Lan Ceart Celtic Both Gaelic for perfect.
Lance German Both Old German for land.
Lann Celtic Both Gaelic for lance. Military. Mythic.
Laoghaire Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A son of Niall. Mythic. People.
Lara Ancient Both Latin for shining and famous.
Lasa Celtic Female Gaelic for Lace.
Lasair Celtic Both Gaelic for on fire, flaming. Nature.
Lasair Coil Celtic Both Gaelic for goldfinch. Nature. Animal.
Lasairiona Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Flaming Wine.
Lascad Celtic Both Gaelic for flare or flaring. Nature.
Laser English Both Originally a sci fi fantasy of light that could be used as a weapon or tool. In modern times its applications are vast and include medical techniques that avoid invasive surgery.
Lassen English Both One of two active volcanos in the Cascade Range of Northern CA.
Lassie Scottish Both Refers to small girl. Also the heroic, intuitive collie of the tv series of the same name.
Lavergne English Both From Lavergne and Shirley this title character was played brilliantly by Penny Marshall who has gone on to prove herself an equally gifted director.
Le Fey Celtic Both Magical and dark. Morgaine Le Fey, the half sister of King Arthur, was magical, mystical and of the black magic arts. Mythic.
Leader Celtic Both Gaelic for book.
Leaman Celtic Both Gaelic for the elm tree. Nature.
Leanb Celtic Male Gaelic term of endearment for baby with masculine tone.
Leanb Celtic Both Gaelic for child.
Leannan Celtic Both Gaelic for lover, beloved. Term of endearment.
Leannan Celtic Both Gaelic for sweetheart.
Lear Welsh Both Ancient Sea God. Mythic.
Learog Celtic Both Gaelic for the Larch Tree. Nature.
Leat Celtic Both Gaelic for half.
Leat Cupla Celtic Both Gaelic for twin.
Leatog Celtic Both Gaelic for Plaice (a kind of fish). Animal.
Lees Comarta Celtic Female Gaelic for beacon.
Legend English Both A story that has elements that can be verified but has been handed down verbally in a version that likely has some embellishment. Typically a story that inspires those that hear it.
Lego Scandanavian Both From the Danish, leg godt meaning play well. Perfect for the dog that is a hardy playmate that fits well.
Leim Celtic Both Gaelic for jump. Games.
Leimi Celtic Both Gaelic for jumper. Games.
Leiriu Celtic Both Gaelic for demonstrate or show.
Leitis Celtic Both Gaelic for lettuce. Food.
Leitpingin Celtic Both Gaelic for halfpenny. Money.
Lemuel Ancient Both Biblical for "who belongs to God"
Lendabair Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A queen of ancient Ireland.
Leo Ancient Both Latin for Lion. A sign of the zodiac and constellation.
Leon Celtic Both Gaelic for lion. Animal
Leona Ancient Both Latin, feminine form of Leo.
Leprechaun Celtic Both Gaelic. From Irish folklore, a mythic race that can bestow luck and gathers gold. Some mischievious quality. A pony owned by John F Kennedy Jr as a child. Mythic.
Leprechaun Celtic Both An Irish faerie shoemaker. Known for collecting and guarding their great wealth. They will yield it up if caught but are very wily and can escape if their captor looks away for even an instant.
Lerdy French Both Old French for King.
Levi Ancient Both Hebrew meaning joined in harmony. The son of Jacob in the Bible. Also a brandname for a very popular brand of American jeans.
Levi Ancient Both Biblical for "united to". From the book of Leviticus.
Liam Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Same as William.
Liat Celtic Both Gaelic for gray.
Liatroid Celtic Both Gaelic for ball.
Liberty English Both The name of Gerald Ford's Golden Retriever. An exalted value of the USA.
Libra Ancient Both Constellation and sign of the zodiac symbolized by the balances, scales.
Licorice English Both A plant used to create a candy of unique flavor and texture. Food.
Lide Celtic Both Gaelic for clue. Mystery.
Lifesaver English Both Utilized on boats and ships as a floating device to save passengers and crew in the event of sinking. Also the trade brand of a popular hard round candy and mints.
Lil Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Nickname for Elizabeth.
Lil Celtic Both Gaelic for Lily derived from the goddess Lilith. Nature. Mythic.
Lila African Both Variation of Dalila, meaning "gentle".
Lilly Ancient Both Latin for lily flower.
Lily English Both A flower of great variety from Tiger Lily to Calla Lily. Nature.
Linda Spanish Both Means pretty.
Lindor English Both Brand of a fabulous and highly regarded chocolate truffle. Food.
Lindsey English Both Old English from the linden tree island.
Lindt English Both Line of exceptional chocolate and chocolate truffles. Trade name. Food.
Ling Ling Celtic Both A panda that was a gift from China to the USA.
Liomord Celtic Both Gaelic for lemon. Food.
Lionn Celtic Both Gaelic for Ale.
Lionn Ull Celtic Both Food. Gaelic for cider.
Liopracan Celtic Both Gaelic for leprechaun. Animal. Mythic.
Liric Celtic Both Gaelic for lyric. Music.
Lisa English Both A variation on Elizabeth.
Lisbeth English Both Variation on Elizabeth.
Little Bit English Both A small amount. Term of endearment.
Livinzis Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A saint and Latin poet, martyred in Flanders in the 7th century. Art. Mythic. People.
Liza English Both Variation on Elizabeth.
Llinos Welsh Female Means princess from Maelona.
Llyr Welsh Both from Lear, name of an ancient sea god.
Lobo Spanish Both Means wolf.
Loc Celtic Both Gaelic for lake. Nature.
Locan Celtic Both Gaelic for pond.
Lochlainn Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Land of the lakes.
Loco Spanish Both Means out of their mind, crazy.
Loingseoract Celtic Both Gaelic for nautical. Games. Military.
Loingseoracta Celtic Both Gaelic for navigator. Animal. Military. Games.
Loirgim Celtic Both Gaelic for seek.
Loitne Celtic Both Gaelic for breeze.
Lomra Celtic Both Gaelic for fleece. Animal.
Lon Celtic Both Gaelic for blackbird. Nature. Animal.
London English Both Capitol of Great Britain and referring to the Londinos tribe.
Lone Ranger English Both A hero of the old west including books and television series. Mythic.
Longarad Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A judge and Irish historian. People. Art.
Lonrac Celtic Both Gaelic for glowing. Term of endearment.
Lonrad Celtic Both Gaelic for glare.
Lonrad Celtic Both Gaelic for gleaming.
Lorg Celtic Both Gaelic for track. Perfect for the rescued sighthound or mix. Games.
Lorna Doone English Both Delicious butter/sugar cookie and the heroine in the story of the same name by R.D. Blackmore.
Loscann Celtic Both Gaelic for frog. Animal.
Louis German Both Old German for renowned warrior.
Love English Both Old English for deep and abiding affection.
Lowri Welsh Female Form of Laura.
Luacmar Celtic Both Gaelic for precious.
Luacmar Celtic Both Gaelic for valuable. Money.
Luam Celtic Both Gaelic for yacht.
Luas Celtic Both Gaelic for "Above".
Luat Celtic Both Gaelic for fleet of ships. Military.
Lubta Celtic Both Gaelic for crooked.
Luc Celtic Both Gaelic for mouse. Animal.
Lucair Celtic Both Gaelic for rejoicing. Mythic.
Lucan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Name of at least four Irish saints.
Luce Ancient Both Latin for light and lightbringer.
Lucifer Ancient Both Hebrew. The name for the devil, Satan, a fallen archangel.
Lucite English Both Trademark for a durable acrylic resin surface on floors and other surfaces.
Lucky English Both Slang for good fortune. Name of Ronald Reagan's dog.
Lucky Strike English Both A brand of cigarette introduced during the Gold Rush to miners of the mid 1800s.
Luct Celtic Both Gaelic for follower or disciple. Mythic. Politics.
Ludovic Scottish Both Means famous in battle.
Ludwig German Both German version of Louis. Ludwig Von Beethoven.
Lufar Celtic Both Gaelic for nimble. Animal.
Lugadius Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Son of Ith. People. Mythic.
Luger German Both Trademarked name for a German made pistol.
Lugh Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A Dedanann chief. Military. Mythic. People.
Lughaid Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Early Milesian chief. Military. Mythic. People.
Lui Grian Celtic Both Gaelic for sunset. Nature.
Luibeola Celtic Both Gaelic for the study of botany. Nature.
Luil Celtic Both Gaelic for July.
Luke German Both From Lucania.
Lulu French Both A variation on Louise. Can also refer to something impressive or big.. that's a lulu!
Luna Italian Both Means moon.
Lunantishee (or shess) Celtic Both Gaelic for fairies that guard the Blackthorn bushes. Mythic. Nature.
Lunasa Celtic Both Gaelic for August.
Lupida Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A sister of St. Patrick.
Lupus Ancient Both Latin for wolf. Constellation in the southern hemisphere.
Lus Liat Celtic Both Gaelic for lavender.
Lusaka African Both Capitol of Zambia. From the name of a village chief.
Lut Celtic Both Gaelic for agile.
Luther German Both Old German for famous warrior.
Lyric English Female The words to the music. To say something is lyrical means it has a lilt or tune to it. So to name your girl lyric means that, to you, she is the music in your heart.
Lyric Greek Both The words to a song. Music.
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