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Name Heritage Sex Description
Kabul Middle Eastern Both Capitol of Afghanistan from the name of a local river.
Kafka German Both Czech-Jewish writer of great talent and short life.
Kahn Ancient Both From the Mongol tradition, means chief, king, etc. Genghis Kahn. Mythic. Politics.
Kai Lung Chinese Both Means King of Dragons. Full of mystic and power. Mythic. Animal.
Kaiser German Both From Ceasar means ruler. Mythic. Politics.
Kamakazi Japanese Both Suicide missions and their pilots of WW II. Where the pilot would crash a plane into a ship after a night of feasting, women and prayer.
Kanga Australian Both From Winnie the Pooh and the thousand acre wood, Kanga is the mother of Roo and they are kangaroos.
Kansas Native American Both Name of a Native American Tribe of the same region.
Karma Ancient Both Indian word for the Hindu sensibility of previous lives and our accomplishments and mistakes balancing into the lessons yet to be learned.
Kasha Russian Both Meaning cereal or grains, fertile.
Kashmir Middle Eastern Both A region of India, also with a different spelling lends its name to cashmere from the Angora goat.
Kate Greek Both Variation on Katherine or Katrina.
Katina Greek Both Variation on Greek Katherine meaning pure.
Kaui Hawaiian Both An island in the Hawaiian island chain.
Keebler English Both From the Keebler Elves, a brand of cookies, crackers, etc.
Keiko Japanese Both Japanese for adored one.
Keir Scottish Both Means swarthy.
Keisha English Both Of unknown origin.
Keith Scottish Both Scottish clan with a motto meaning truth conquers.
Kelly Celtic Both Gaelic for warrior. Also lends itself to a variation of bright Irish green called Kelly Green.
Kelsey Scandanavian Both Means from the ship island.
Kendra English Female Possibly a blending of Ken(neth) and (San)dra.
Kenji Japanese Male Intelligent, vigorous second son.
Kennedy Celtic Both Irish surname meaning helmet, head protection.
Kennedy Scottish Both Scottish clan with motto meaning Consider the end.
Keno English Both A game of chance popular with some lottery players. Games.
Kentigerna Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A sister of Caellach, King of Leinster.
Kentucky Native American Both Iroquois meaning meadow land.
Kenwood English Both For a popular stereo/sound company founded by Ken Wood.
Kenya African Both Incredible African country that is home of some of the most extraordinary and endangered animals in the world.
Kenyatta African Both Lastname of Jomo Kenyatta, an African political leader.
Kermit English Both One of Jim Henson's Muppet creations, Kermit is a green frog of mellow, intuitive and intelligent demeanor, adored by Miss Piggie and generally the sound voice in the many directions of most Muppet adventures.
Kerr Scottish Both Scottish clan with a motto meaning "late but in earnest".
Kettle set English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Keturah Ancient Female Meaning incense.
Khartoum African Both Capitol of Sudan meaning elephant's trunk.
Kiki Spanish Both Term of endearment for those with a name that begins with K.
Kiku Japanese Both For the Chrysanthemum meaning flower with nobility.
Killian Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Seventh century saint active in Germany.
Killian Celtic Both Irish red beer. Food.
Kim English Both meaning chief or ruler.
Kimba English Both Old English for leader of the warriors.
Kimball English Both Old English for Leader of the Warriors. Mythic.
Kimball English Both Kimball O'Hara from Rudyard Kipling's story, Kim.
King Timahoe English Both Name of Richard Nixon's dog. Politics.
King's Ransom English Both Referring to something of great value. A variety of rose. Nature.
Kington English Both From the "King's Town" named for King George III of England. The capitol of Jamaica. Tropical.
Kipling English Both From the English author, Rudyard Kipling.
Kira Ancient Both Persian for sun.
Kirby English Both Old English from the church town.
Kirstie Scottish Female Pet form of Christine. First name of popular actress, Kirstie Alley. Entertainment.
Kish Ancient Both Biblical for gift.
Kiwi Australian Both Delightful small fuzzy fruit from New Zealand with dark seeds and vivid green juicy fruit. Food.
Kizzie African Both A character from Arthur Haley's book, Roots. Art.
Klondike Native American Both A region in the Yukon region of Canada.
Knickers English Both Bloomers or britches or pants of the Victorian era as women began to wear pants. Also slang for underwear.
Knockers English Both Wonderful brownies known for working in the Cornish mines. Very helpful and hardworking and got far more done in one day than a dozen men could. Additionally they expected to be paid fairly but would leave if left anything more or anything less than what they felt was their due.
Knockma English Both The mythic castle of the King of the Dead, Finvarra. Said to be very fair and populated by people dead and faerie folk together. Not a safe place for mortal man.
Koa English Both A radio call signal.
Koala Australian Both A marsupial/bear from Australia. Endangered now because of the destruction of their eucalyptus groves (their only food).
Kodak English Both A company begun by George Eastman. One of the world's largest manufacturers of cameras and film and phtography products.
Kodak English Both A made up word by George Eastman.
Kodiac Native American Both Native American name for a very large brown bear found in Alaska and Canada. Animal.
Kojak English Both An American television character originally starring Tele Savalas and now with Ving Rhames in the lead role.
Kona Hawaiian Both A part of Hawaii as well as a popular coffee bean of the area. Food.
Kringle German Both Nickname from Santa Claus, Kris Kringle.
Kuala Lumpur Ancient Both Malaysian capitol meaning muddy yellow estuary.
Kumar Middle Eastern Both Means prince.
Kumquat Middle Eastern Both A small citrus fruit.
Kung Pao Chinese Both Literally means protector of the palace.
Kyle Celtic Both Gaelic for handsome.
Kyna Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Wise.
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