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Name Heritage Sex Description
Iarann Celtic Both Gaelic for iron. Nature. Military.
Iarfhlaith Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Patron of the diocese of Tuam. Mythic. People.
Iarla Celtic Both Gaelic for Earl. Politics. Military.
Iarrtoirr Celtic Both Gaelic for candidate.
Iasacta Celtic Both Gaelic for foreign. Politics.
Iasc Celtic Both Gaelic for fish. Animal.
Iascan Celtic Both Gaelic for mussel. Animal.
Ibair Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A friend of St. Patrick.
Icabod Scandanavian Both From Washington Irving's classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Mythic.
Icarus Greek Male High flying. The son of Daedalus who used his father's wings and flew close to the sun.
Ichabod Ancient Both Biblical for "where is the glory?"
Idaho Native American Both Apache word of unknown meaning.
Iestyn Welsh Both Variation of Latin, Justin to be just.
Ieuan Welsh Both Variation of John
Ifan Welsh Both Variation of Ieuan.
Iggy English Both From the pop musician popular in the 1960s-1970s, Iggy Pop.
Igor Russian Both The Russian form of Inger. From the assistant of Dr. Frankenstein.
Ildanach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Nickname of Lugh.
Iliad Greek Both Epic written by Homer and still heralded as among the greatest literary works. Precious as one of the few pieces that survives from that era. It tells of the challenges faced by Ulysses when he goes forth to fight in the Trojan War and the 20 years it takes for him to return home from those battles. The trials of his wife, Penelope, figure no less significantly in the tale. Mythic.
Illionois Native American Both Algonquin for 'men, warriors'
Ilse German Both Old German for noble.
Im Celtic Male Gaelic for butler.
Imeact Celtic Both Gaelic for gait. Animal.
Immanuel Ancient Both Biblical for "with us is God".
Immianaite Celtic Both Gaelic for desirable. Term of endearment.
Imp Scandanavian Both Also called impet. Refers to an "offshoot of Satan". Generally full of malice. One of the reasons that small, bratty children were called little imps when they were being devilish.
Impreact Celtic Both Gaelic for empire. Politics. Military.
India Ancient Female A large country populated by primarily Hindus. Lush and mysterious.
Indiana Ancient Both Latinized name referencing Native Americans.
Indiana Jones English Both Hero who named himself from the family dog in the movie series of the same name. Mythic. Entertainment.
Indigo Native American Both Dye from the Indigo plant of a deep blue to gray to purplish. Nature. The influential color for blue jeans.
Inkling English Both A guess or sense of something. Small reminder. Perfect for a little dark dog.
Inky English Both Dark and murky. Stained with ink.
Inmolta Celtic Both Gaelic for praiseworthy.
Innes Scottish Female Means island.
Innes Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto be faithful.
Inniu Celtic Both Gaelic for today.
Intleact Celtic Both Gaelic for intelligent, intellect.
Io Greek Female Gorgeous princess that captured the eye of Jupiter. Juno caught him flirting with Io and Jupitered transformed Io into a lovely heifer to hide her from Juno. Juno tormented Io until finally acquiesing and returning her to her form.
Iolo Welsh Both Means lord value.
Iomaig Celtic Both Gaelic for image.
Iomaire Celtic Both Gaelic for ridge. Nature.
Iomateoir Celtic Both Gaelic for rial. People. Games. Politics.
Iomlan Celtic Both Gaelic for whole, complete, untouched.
Iomram Celtic Both Gaelic for voyage. Mythic.
Iona Scottish Female Name of a Scottish Island. Nature.
Ionad Gnait Celtic Both Gaelic for haunted. Mythic.
Ionadai Celtic Both Gaelic for representative. People.
Ionann Celtic Both Gaelic for identical.
Iontac Celtic Both Gaelic for marvelous.
Iontac Celtic Both Gaelic for wonderful.
Iora Rua Celtic Both Beautiful gaelic word for squirrel. Perfect for that gorgeous little pest in your life. Animal.
Iosac Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. May God Smile.
Iowa Native American Both A member of the Sioux tribe living in Iowa.
Ira Ancient Both Biblical for donkey. Animal.
Irial Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The third Milesian King of Ireland.
Irving Celtic Both Gealic for beautiful. Also the famous conductor/composer Irving Berlin.
Is Celtic Both Gaelic for most.
Is Ea Celtic Both Gaelic for yes, affirmative.
Is Fearr Celtic Both Gaelic for best.
Ishi Native American Both In 1911 an Indian emerged from the rugged terrain of the San Fernando Valley in California. He was a mystery to all and ultimately recognized as the last of the Yahi tribe who had been systematically destroyed during the mid-late 1800s. In 1908 surveyors had come across the camp of this man's family, left his ill mother to die and stole their meager belongings, including food. Ishi never gave his name but was called by the word he offered the Professors of UC of the Yahi for man. He died a few years later of tuberculosis. The last of the Yahi.
Ishmael Ancient Both Biblical for God hears.
Isla Scottish Female Name of a Scottish river.
Islamabad Middle Eastern Both Capitol of Pakistan meaning City of Islam.
Ismay Scottish Female Scottish family name.
Ita Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Sixth Century, "foster mother of the Saints of Ireland."
Iur Celtic Both Gaelic for the yew tree. Nature.
Ivan Russian Both Russian form of John.
Ivanhoe Scandanavian Both Legendary hero from the epic of the same name from the Middle Ages.
Ivory English Both A creamy white from the white of the tusks of elephants who are still killed to harvest this material even though their survival as a species is threatened. Also the tradename of a soap that floats and has been in business for over 100 years.
Iwan Welsh Both Variation of Ieuan.
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