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Habetrot Celtic Both The patron faerie of spinners. She was always willing to do people a good turn and did not find it necessary to trick or beguile but was very helpful.
Haggai Ancient Both Biblical for born of the festival day.
hAichir Celtic Both Irish surname meaning bitter.
Halcyone Greek Female Queen of Ceyx. Mythic. see Ceyx.
Half Pint English Both Literally a measure that is equal to one cup, 8 ounces. The nickname used by Charles Ingalls for his daughter Laura in the Little House on the Prairie series. Art. Term of endearment.
Halley English Both Edmond Halley had a comet named after him after he correctly predicted it would return. Unfortunately it didn't return in his lifetime.
hAllmhurain Celtic Both Irish surname meaning stranger from overseas.
Hamish Scottish Both Scottish form of James.
Hammercut English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Hanan Ancient Both Biblical for "Yah has shown favor".
Hananiah Ancient Both Biblical for "Yah has shown favor".
Handlebar English Both Name of a type of mustache. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Handsel Scottish Both A gift meant to bring luck.
Hans Scandanavian Both Scandanavian for John.
Happy English Both A state of joy. One of the seven dwarves from Snow White and the 7 Dwarves by Disney.
Happy Thoughts English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Hara Kiri Japanese Both The Japanese noble ritual of suicide.
Harare African Both Capitol of Zimbabwe named for a hill there.
Harley English Both From the legendary motorcycle Harley-Davidson.
Harmony Greek Both Part of a song. Music.
Harold Scandanavian Both Means army ruler. Military.
Harpo Italian Both One of the Marx Brothers, exceptional comedic family from the early 20th century.
Harriet French Female Old French for ruler of the home. Probably derivated from Hecate, the Greek Goddess of the hearth.
Harry Scandanavian Both From Harold. Name of hugely popular character and books/movies of the same series by JK Rowling, Harry Potter.
Hawaii Hawaiian Both Means Place of the Gods.
Hayes Celtic Both Irish surname meaning fire
Hazel English Both Old English from the hazel nut tree meaning to command authority.
Healy Celtic Both Irish surname meaning ingenious.
Heather English Both Middle English from the lovely flowering heather bush. Nature.
Heather English Both Middle English from the flowering heather bush. Nature.
Heaven Scent English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Hebe Greek Female Daughter of Juno and wife of Hercules. Served as the cupbearer to the Gods.
Hediard French Both Beautiful boxes, artful and exotic presentation and chocolates mark Hediard as an exceptional brand in chocolates.
Hedley Kow English Both A true bogey beast that lived near Hedley. Fortunately he was not evil as much as mischievous and full of merriment and loved practical jokes. Of course this made him quite a nuisance to the local folk trying to get work done.
Hefin Welsh Both Means Summery.
Heidi German Female Variation of the German Adalheid meaning sweet and noble.
Heiniken German Both A popular beer. Food.
Heman Ancient Both Biblical for faithful.
Hendrix German Both For Jimi Hendrix, gifted guitarist and rock musician that died after a drug overdose. Music. People.
Henkie English Both A race of trows known for being a bit grotesque and with a limp (known as a henk). They also had a love of music and dance but seemed to dance very oddly to our eyes.
Henry German Both Old German for a ruler of an estate.
Her English Female LBJ's dog during the White House years.
Herbie German Both From Old German Herbert meaning glorious soldier. Military. Also the colorful character, who happened to be a Volkswagen Bug, in the movie Love Bug. Entertainment.
Hercule French Both The first name of a super sleuth in a series of mysteries by Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot proved to always be far more clever than the cleverest murderer.
Hercules Greek Male Mythic son of Jove whose legends of strength were gained through efforts to persevere against the trials set up on him by his enemies, Jove's wife being the primary among them.
Hercules Greek Male Mythic hero, son of Jupiter, who was challenged by the ever vengeful Juno (Jupiter's wife but not Hercules mother) because Hercules was proof of Jupiter's infidelities. He overcame every adversity and horror set before him by his father's wife gaining great renown.
Hercules Greek Male Greek for glorious gift. A son of Zeus.
Herla English Both Name of a king of ancient Briton that stumbled into the faerie realm. Tricked by the faerie folk to attend a wedding of their king. When he tried to return, three days later, he found that he had been gone from his realm for over 300 hundred years. More devilry meant his years would fall upon him if he were to dismount from his horse so it is legend that he and his entourage are still galloping about the countryside to this day.
Herman Ancient Both Latin for high ranking person.
Herod Greek Both Means noble.
Herring English Both A fish. Also expression "a red herring" that refers to being mislead or taken off track. Animal.
Herringbone English Both A pattern of weaving. Popular in textiles as well as other textures and materials (like jewelry).
Hershey English Both Tradename for a very popular brand of candy bars. Food.
Hershey English Both Trademark of a company that makes chocolate. Also the town in Pennsylvania where this company is based.
Heulwen Welsh Female Means sunshine. Nature.
Hezekiah Ancient Both Means my strength is Yah.
Higgins English Both The quintessential proper English gentleman. In My Fair Lady he was an impeccable linguist and in Magnum PI he was the one who maintained order in the face of Magnum's charm and boyish manner.
Hillary Greek Both Greek for cheerful and merry. Hillary Rodham Clinton, former first lady of the US and current Senator from NY. Edmund Hillary the man who first climbed to the top of Mt. Everest. Mythic. Politics.
Hilo Hawaiian Both Name of a city and dorman volcano in Hawaii. Originally the goddess of the volcano. Mythic.
Him English Both One of LBJ's dogs during his White House years.
Hippolyta Greek Female Another name for the Queen of the Amazons who became Theseus' wife.
Hiram Ancient Both Biblical for my brother is on high.
Hiro English Both Shakespearean heroine, a woman who fell on hard times but maintained her dignity and was revealed as a woman of great quality at the end.
Ho Hum English Both Casual expression in the vernacular meaning boredom or not being impressed.
Hobbes English Both The sidekick of Calvin, a stuffed tiger, in the charming comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes.
Hobgoblin Scandanavian Both A race that is a great deal like brownies in that they tend to be friendly and helpful. Not like Goblins for all that the name is similar!
Hobo English Both Common word for tramp or homeless in the early-mid 20th century. Culturally tended toward the disenfranchised, alcoholic male. Cliche'd as someone traveling by stealing aboard freight trains.
Hocus English Both Magical term "Hocus Pocus" also from a moving starring Bette Midler of the same name.
Hod Ancient Both Biblical for majesty.
Hodiah Ancient Both Biblical for Yah is majesty.
Hogan Celtic Both Irish surname meaning youth.
Holly English Both Old English from the Holly Tree. Classically used for decorations for Winter Solstice by Pagans and later in Christmas celebrations reaching its height in the Victorian era.
Hombre Spanish Male Spanish for fellow or man.
Homer Greek Both Means promise. Author who wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey. Art
Honey English Both Meaning sweet one or dear one. Natural sweetener from bees. Nature. Food.
Hooker English Both Originally a naval term for an old worn out ship. Now more commonly refers to a prostitute.
Hoosier English Both Mascot of Indiana State University, known as the Hoosier State.
Horseshoe English Both Name of a type of mustache. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Houdini Italian Both American magician and escape artist. Legendary. People.
Howard English Both Old English for watchman.
Hubble English Both Edwin Hubble, the Hubble telescope is named for this astronomer.
Hubert German Both Old German for bright mind.
Huckleberry English Both The main character in Mark Twain's masterpiece Huckleberry Finn. Also the name of the main character in Hanna Barbarra's cartoon Huckleberry Hound.
Huey English Both Old English variation of Hugh meaning intelligence.
Huggie English Both Trademark name of a baby diaper. Also a common term for a baby's blanket.
Hullabaloo Celtic Both Gaelic for uproar.
Humphrey German Both Old German meaning peaceful Hun.
Hun German Both Short for Honey. Term of endearment. Also a member of a race of warriors feared for their fierceness, savageness and skill in the battlefield. Their legendary leader was Attila. Military. Mythic.
Hunter English Both One who hunts. Inherently, as carnivores all dogs are hunters with various prey drives. Many behaviors that cause people to get rid of or even shoot dogs come from these natural drives that either require careful training or containment to prevent problems like dogs that chase cats, horses, kill chickens or other livestock. Any fault found with this must be directed to the owner and not to the dog. It is natural drive that can actually be made worse by chaining or tying a dog.
Husky English Both Means sturdy or even chubby as in children's clothing sizes. Also a highly athletic breed of dog developed expressly for sledding work.
Huw Welsh Both Variation on Hugh, Germanic for mind.
Hydrant English Both A fun reference for the urban dog who is so dependent on the communication shared between dogs at the common neighborhood urinal.
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