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Gaba Geal Celtic Both Gaelic for silversmith. Money. Nature.
Gabby English Both Slang for talkative.
Gabriel Ancient Both The archangel of God. Hebrew for devoted to God.
Gabriel Ancient Both Means man of God.
Gabriel Hounds English Both In olden times, the noise made by great flocks of geese and other birds as they migrated was credited to the Gabriel Hounds (also known as Devil's Dandy Dogs,Sky Yelpers and Cwn Annwn). These dogs were thought to be like great hounds with the head of a man and would fly about the sky seeking the souls of the unrepentent. Given their quarry, most people were terrified and would hide given the first chance when hearing the cacophony. So much for the Good Ole Days!
Gad Ancient Both Biblical for luck and fortune.
Gade Celtic Both Gaelic for thief. Crime.
Gaige Celtic Male Gaelic for dandy.
Gaillseao Celtic Both Gaelic for earwig. Animal.
Gainead Celtic Both Gaelic for gannet. Nature. Animal.
Gaineam Celtic Both Gaelic for sand. Nature.
Gair Celtic Both Gaelic for cheer.
Gairm Beata Celtic Both Gaelic for profession. People.
Gaisce Celtic Both Gaelic for valor, gallant, bravery. Mythic.
Gaiscioc Celtic Both Gaelic for hero. Mythic.
Gala French Both A huge party, celebration, event where the stops are blown out.
Galatea Greek Female Lovely goddess of the grotto of the same name. Known to counsel young maidens in the matters of love and men.
Galatea Greek Female The creation of Pygmalion, she was brought to life from sculpture by the blessing of Venus and became Pygmalion's wife.
Gall Gno Celtic Both Gaelic for the walnut tree. Nature.
Gallchobhair Celtic Both Irish surname meaning "foreign help".
Gallipoli Australian Both Significant front and battle shouldered greatly by the Australians during WWI.
Gamay French Both Gamay Beaujolais is a full-bodied red wine.
Gamhna Celtic Both Irish surname meaning calf.
Gan Smal Celtic Both Gaelic for immaculate. Mythic.
Gandhi Ancient Both Hindu leader of the early 20th century. His message of peace, compassion and love still resonates over 50 years after his assasination. Also powerful female leader of Israel and her family, Indira Gandhi.
Gaot Celtic Both Gaelic for wind. Nature.
Garb Celtic Both Gaelic for boisterous.
Garbhan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Rough, there were five Irish saints of this name.
Garda Celtic Both Gaelic for policeman. People.
Garland English Both A decoration of foliage and/or flowers. Popular as a holiday decoration as well as an indication of a winner as in a horse race. Animal. Nature.
Garner English Both Last name of popular actor James Garner.
Garrai Celtic Both Gaelic for garden. Nature.
Garran Celtic Both Gaelic for grove or thicket. Nature.
Garsun Celtic Both Gaelic for lad, small boy. Animal.
Garsun Scoil Celtic Both Gaelic for schoolboy. People.
Gas Celtic Both Gaelic for stem. Nature.
Gasog Celtic Both Gaelic for Scout. Mythic. People.
Gasra Celtic Both Gaelic for celebration, party.
Gat Grian Celtic Both Gaelic for sunbeam. Nature
Gator English Both Short for Alligator. Also the mascot of the University of Florida. Animal. Games.
Gatsby English Both Definitive character of the roaring 20s. The Great Gatsby was a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Movie starring Robert Redford.
Ge Celtic Both Gaelic for goose.
Geag Celtic Both Gaelic for the bough of a tree, branch or limb. Nature.
Geal Celtic Both Gaelic for bright.
Gealac Celtic Both Gaelic for moon. Nature. Mythic.
Gealban Celtic Both Gaelic for sparrow. Nature. Animal.
Geall Celtic Both Gaelic for bet.
Geall Celtic Both Gaelic for wager. Games. Crime.
Gealluint Celtic Both Gaelic for promise. Term of endearment.
Geam Celtic Both Gaelic for gem.
Geana Celtic Female Gaelic for affectionate.
Geanmeno Celtic Both Gaelic for chestnut the tree and nut. Nature.
Geanuit Celtic Both Gaelic for lovable. Term of endearment.
Gear Celtic Both Gaelic for keen, quick witted, clever, smart, sharp.
Gearharts English Both Very popular line of chocolate. Trade name. Food.
Gearrad Celtic Both Gaelic for cut. Perhaps a good choice for those dogs unfortunate enough to be previously owned by people who either docked tails, cropped ears or attempted to?
Gearrcaile Celtic Female Gaelic for girl.
Gearrcaile Scoil Celtic Both Gaelic for schoolgirl. People.
Geata Celtic Both Gaelic for gate.
Geim Botar Celtic Both Gaelic for low road. Nature.
Geim Talam Celtic Both Gaelic for lowland. Nature.
Geisha Japanese Female The highly trained women of the exotic artform of entertainment, refinement and more.
Gemini Ancient Both Third sign of the Zodiac. A constellation in the northern hemisphere. A series of two man space flights in the 60s. Science. Mythic.
Gemma Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A gem, jewel. Money.
General English Both High military rank.
Genghis Ancient Both From Genghis Kahn the phenomenal Mongol leader of the twelfth century that struck fear in the heart of Europe.
George Greek Both Greek for farmer.
Georgia Greek Female The feminine form of George. A lovely, lush state in the Southern US and one of the countries that formerly made up the USSR.
Geraint Welsh Both Means old.
Gerlad Welsh Both Ancient and of lost meaning.
Gershom Ancient Both Biblical for "an alien there."
Gertrude German Female Old German means strength of her spear, warrioress.
Gerwyn Welsh Both Ancient and of lost meaning.
Gethin Welsh Both Means dusky.
Ghleanna Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Lady of the Glen.
Giant English Both A mythic race of very large human type creatures. More recently, many are thought to have been rather clumsy and dumb but in ancient times they were recognized as being long lived, often good and wise. Bran was known to be so large that no boat could carry him and no house could hold him. Grabbist was known for having a rock throwing competition to protect the village and people he lived near,with the Devil and even though the Devil cheated, Grabbist won.
Gibrien Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Irish saint active in France.
Gideon Ancient Both Biblical for swordfish or cutter. Animal.
Gigi German Female Old German means brilliant pledge. Variation on Gilberte.
Gilberte German Both Old German for brilliant pledge.
Gilchrist Scottish Both Means servant of Christ.
Gilda English Female Old English meaning covered with gold and perfect name for the Rita Hayworth character in a movie by the same title. Perfect for the queen of the silver screen! Gilda Radner, perhaps the greatest comedienne of all time, was names for the is movie. Entertainment.
Gilibeirt Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "means pledge bright", honest, truthful, honor
Gilligan English Both Common name because of a 60s sitcom called Gilligan's Island about a bumbling, comedic young man and the 6 others he is shipwrecked with.
Gimlet French Both A type of cocktail. Food.
Gina Italian Female Variation on Regina which means queen.
Ginger English Both A spice from Asia. Also the name of one of the castaways on Gilligan's Island. Food. Entertainment.
Ginger Boy English Male General Omar Bradley's dog's name.
Ginny Ancient Female Variation of Virginia meaning pure, innocent, maidenly.
Gino Italian Male Variation on Ambrogino and Luigino.
Giofog Celtic Both Gaelic for gypsy. Animal. Mythic.
Giollagain Celtic Both Irish surname meaning servant.
Girl English Female Means female. Common short name for alot of dogs like "come here, girl"
Giuis Celtic Both Gaelic for the fir tree. Nature,
Giuis Celtic Both Gaelic for pine tree. Nature.
Gizmo English Both Slang for a gadget or something who's name you can't think of.
Glam Celtic Both Gaelic for howling. Animal
Gleann Celtic Both Gaelic for glen.
Gleann Celtic Both Gaelic for glade. Nature.
Glenfiddich English Both A high quality brand of liquor. A variety of rose. Nature. Food.
Glic Celtic Both Gaelic for foxy. Term of endearment.
Gliomac Celtic Both Gaelic for lobster. Animal.
Glorac Celtic Both Gaelic for noisy.
Gloria Ancient Female Latin for glory.
Glormar Celtic Both Gaelic for glorious. Term of endearment.
Glory English Both To exalt and praise. Refers to Old Glory, reference to the American flag. Also Glory,Glory Hallelujah is a popular old gospel tune.
Glyndwr Welsh Both An old Welsh family name.
Gnatac Celtic Both Gaelic for normal.
Gnome Celtic Both Gaelic for the "little people". Mythic.
Go Leir Celtic Both Gaelic for All
Gobadan Celtic Both Gaelic for sandpiper. Nature. Animal.
Goblin Scandanavian Both Goblins are generally mean, malicious and greedy. Possessed by all the vile and evilness they can must though not particularly intelligent. Their ability with magic, strength and work tends to give them an advantage over most people and they love to trick people to their doom.
Gobnait Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Irish for Deborah. Famous Saint from Cork.
Godiva Italian Both Originally the name of a woman who stood by her word to help the townspeople by influencing her husband or she would ride through the streets naked. When her influence failed, she made the famous ride and the townspeople in regard and respect would not look. Also the name of an exquisite, lush and thus, wildly popular line of chocolate confections.
Godzilla Japanese Both Cult figure. A large reptile-dinosaur credited in a series of Japanese movies with destroying various parts of Japan as well as quashing a number of other daunting enemies before returning to the sea he emerged from. Entertainment.
Goldie English Both Name of popular blond comedienne whose career continues to this day. She emerged in the 60s and her daughter continues the tradition. Goldie Hawn. Perfect for the blond dog with an exceptional sense of timing.
Goldilocks English Female From a heroine in a children's tale. Art. Mythic. A variety of rose. Nature.
Goliath Ancient Both Biblical for mighty warrior.
Goll Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Hero chieftain of Connaught. Mythic. People.
Goofus English Both Slang for someone who is a bit wacky or goofy.
Goofy English Both The large adorable talking bipedal dog of Disney fame. Entertainment.
GooGoo English Both Refers to being out of your mind over someone... "gone goo goo over her or making goo goo eyes" also a tradename for a delicious chocolate bar called the Goo Goo Cluster.
Gorad Celtic Both Gaelic for soldier. Military.
Gordan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A name among the O'Neills of Ulster.
Gorgons Greek Both Horrible female monsters of early Greece. Their total was three with two being immortal and one, mortal. The mortal was Medusa whose hair was all snakes and had started as a lovely maiden. The other two were of monstrous teeth and claws. Certainly females of power if not charm.
Gorm Celtic Both Gaelic for blue.
Gormain Celtic Both Irish surname meaning blue.
Gormlaith Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A queen of ancient Ireland.
Gotac Celtic Both Gaelic for vocal. Perhaps they really don't need encouragement? People. Animal.
Gowkie Scottish Both Gowkie Day is the Scottish version of April Fools' Day.
Gra Celtic Both Gaelic for love. Term of endearment.
Grac Celtic Both Gaelic for loving. Term of endearment.
Gracie English Female Meaning full of grace. The wife and comedienne of legendary vaudeville comedien George Burns.
Grada Celtic Both Irish surname meaning illustrious.
Graeae Greek Female Three sisters born grayhaired that were the terrors of the sea. Referring to the white caps of a stormy ocean.
Graineog Celtic Both Gaelic for porcupine. Animal.
Grainne Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A sea queen of the sixteenth century.
Grainneog Celtic Both Gaelic for hedgehog. Animal.
Granna Celtic Both Gaelic for revolutionary. Politics, Military.
Grasshopper English Both Common name for an insect of unparalleled jumping ability. Also referred in many kung fu movies as a beginner.
Grastuit Celtic Female Gaelic for graceful. Term of endearment.
Gray Cup English Both The finals between the top football teams of Canada. Held mid-November.
Grayson English Both Old English, son of the bailiff. Great name for the quitessential Englishman or woman.
Grean Celtic Both Gaelic for stone or gravel. Nature.
Greann Celtic Both Gaelic for fun. Games.
Greannmar Celtic Both Gaelic for comical. Games.
Greannmar Celtic Both Gaelic for funny.
Gregory Ancient Male Latin for watchman.
Gremlin English Both A mischief or troublemaker that can be imaginary or take on forms. To speak of your gremlins is to speak of things that were either mistakes or circumstance that did not go your way, like a bane. Mythic.
Gretchen German Female German form of the English Margaret meaning child of light or pearl.
Grian Celtic Both Gaelic for sun, shining, light. Nature.
Grian Cloc Celtic Both Gaelic for quartz. Nature. Money.
Grifter English Both Slang for a con artist. Great choice for the dog that is always outfoxing you.
Griswold German Both Old German for from the gray forest.
Grizzly English Both One of the largest species of bear. Generally deep brown and found predominantly in Northwestern US and Canada. Animal.
Groig Celtic Both Gaelic for stud. Animal. Nature.
Groucho Italian Both One of the Marx Brothers comedic geniuses of the early 20th century.
Grover English Both Old English for from the grove. Also from Sesame Street a lovable and charming Muppet.
Gruagac Celtic Both Gaelic for hairy. Animal.
Gruffyd Welsh Both Means powerful child.
Grumpy English Both One of the seven dwarves in Snow White.
Grumpy English Both One of the dwarves of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves by Disney. Entertainment. Mythic.
Gryffon Greek Both Greek mythological creature with the head and wings of the eagle and the body of a lion. Mythic.
Gryphon Greek Both Or Griffon.A creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. Made popular recently in the Harry Potter series. Originating in India, they build their nests of gold and lay eggs of agate. Their claws are so large that people make cups from them. Mythic. Animal.
Guagac Celtic Both Gaelic for fickle.
Guardal Celtic Both Gaelic for petrel. Nature. Animal.
Guardsman English Both Name of a type of mustache. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Gucci Italian Both Italian fashion designer that has stayed on top for nearly 50 years. Great name for a dog with style and staying power.
Guess English Both Means to suggest and ponder. Fun name since it makes life interesting when someone asks you your pet's name.
Guhemredh Celtic Both Gaelic for winter. Nature.
Gui\stis Celtic Both Gaelic for magistrate. Crime. Politics. Animal.
Gulban Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A son of Niall.
Gule Ancient Both An ancient word (undefined) used in reference to a holiday known as Gule of August 1.
Gulliver English Both From the character of Gulliver's Travels by Jonathon Swift, an Englishman who's travels takes him to fantastic places and surreal circumstance. Art. Mythic
Gumbo French Both From creole cooking of New Orleans, a soup or stew including okra and many other vegetables and meats.
Gumby English Both A trademarked child's toy that is remarkably flexible as well as a show starring this toy. Along with Gumby's sidekick, Pokey (another remarkably flexible toy in the form of a horse) they enter and succeed in a variety of adventures. Entertainment.
Gummy Bear English Both Popular soft tart candy made popular during the early 90s. A special gel/gum quality gives it a unique texture. Slightly sticky and always sweet... sound like someone you know?
Guna Celtic Both Gaelic for gun or weapon. Military.
Gunifort Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Irish Saint active in Germany during the time of St. Patrick.
Gunn Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "either peace or war".
Gunna Mor Celtic Male Gaelic for big gun or cannon.
Gunnar Scandanavian Both From Norse mythology. The husband of Brunhild.
Gunther Scandanavian Both Battle, army and warrior. Military.
Gus Scandanavian Both Variation of Gustave meaning staff of the Goths.
Gut Celtic Both Gaelic for voice. Animal. People.
Gwilym Welsh Both Variation of William. Germanic for will helmet.
Gwyn Welsh Both Means fair, blessed.
Gwynfor Welsh Both Means fair lord.
Gypsy Ancient Both A nomadic society of people who tradition holds were not reliable. However, their travels and peddling resulted in much sharing of culture include art, dance and literature during the middle ages.
Gypsy Jewel English Female A variety of rose. Nature.
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