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Eac Celtic Both Gaelic for steed. Animal.
Each Uisge Scottish Both Said to be the most dangerous of the mythic water horses.
Eachann Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Horse-lord. Anglicized as hector.
Eadac Celtic Both Gaelic for dress. Perfect for the dog that loves to dress up!
Eadrom Celtic Both Gaelic for light in color, blond, pale, golden.
Eaglais Celtic Both Gaelic for church.
Eala Celtic Both Gaelic for swan. Nature. Animal.
Ealaionta Celtic Female Gaelic for artist.
Ean Celtic Both Gaelic for birds. Nature. Animal.
Eanair Celtic Both Gealic for January.
Eanlaite Ti Celtic Both Gaelic for poultry,chickens, turkeys, etc. Nature. Animal.
Early English Male Early Wynn, professional baseball pitcher of the 30s. Known for his business like approach to the game. Referred to the pitcher's mound as his "office".
Earnait Celtic Female Gaelic feminine."Knowing".
Earnest English Both From the book "The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde.
Eartha African Female Eartha Kitt, actress, singer perhaps best known for her portrayal of Catwoman.
Earvin English Male Earvin Johnson ("Magic") basketball player and personality.
Easarlai Celtic Both Gaelic for soothsayer. Mythic. People.
Easna Celtic Both Gaelic for chop.
Easpag Celtic Both Gaelic for Bishop.
Eastat Celtic Both Gaelic for estate.
Eastwood English Both Last name of the award winning actor/director, Clint Eastwood. Also the recent mayor of the affluent California town, Carmel By The Sea.
Eben English Both Eben Eugene Rexford, poet of Silver Threads Among the Gold
Ebenezer English Male Ebenezer Scrooge, the redeemed miser of Charles Dickens' beloved classic "A Christmas Carol".
Ebenezer Ancient Both Hebrew for stone of help. Also a well recognized character by Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol who finds redemption through the visitation of 4 ghosts and the inspiration of one terminally ill, optimistic little boy.
Ebenezer Ancient Both Biblical for stone of help.
Ebony Ancient Both The name of a tree growing in the tropics. It's wood is naturally very dark, almost black. Popular for many wood crafts that call for a dark and light contrast. Nature.
Ebony African Both A dark wood, virtually black, thus the word has come to mean anything made of that wood or something black.
Echo Greek Female A water nymph that detained Juno with conversation so that her sister nymphs could escape the jealous Goddess. Enraged, Juno left Echo unable to speak except by repeating the last word said. Due to this and the problems it created in unrequited love, Echo pined away until she was nothing except her voice still audible in rocky places.
Ed English Male Ed short for Edward or Edwin. Ed Sullivan legendary host of Ed Sullivan show best known for his dry and droll introductions of guests.
Edain Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A queen of Tuatha DeDanann.
Edana Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Received the convent veil from St. Patrick.
Eddie English Both Diminutive of Edwin, Edwina or Edward. Eddie Murphy, popular comic of Saturday Night Live and independent fame.
Eddy English Both Variant on Edward, Edwin or Edwina. Eddy Merckx is a Belgian cyclist and five time winner of the Tour De France.
Eden English Female Refers to the garden that Adam and Eve were presumably expelled from. Eden Phillpots was an Indian born novelist and dramatist she lived to be 98 and died in 1960.
Edgar English Male Old English for successful with a spear.
Edgar English Male Edgar Allen Poe, writer and author, originator of both the detective and horror genres.
Edgar English Male Edgar Allen Poe author and originator of genres of horror and detective thrillers. He died when only 40.
Edie English Both Diminutive for Edwina, Edgar, Edward, Edwin. Edie Sedgewick was an American socialite.
Edina English Female Lead character in the most extraordinary comedy ever developed. Edina Monsoon played by Jennifer Saunders (also the incredibly talented writer behind the show, also known as the voice of the Fairy Godmother in Shrek II) lends a brilliant and comedic interest to everything in her privileged life.
Edison English Both Creator of the modern lightbulb. Instrumental in making a variety of projects (like like and electricity) practical for applications like the residential home.
Edme French Both Edme Marlotte was a French priest and physicist. He originated the term barometer and died in 1684.
Edmond English Male Edmond Halley was a British astronomer that predicted the return of the comet bearing his name. Halley's Comet.
Edmund English Male Sir Edmund Hillary is a mountaineer from New Zealand. Upon his retirement from mountain climbing he worked to help the Sherpa people native to the slopes of Mount Everest.
Edna Ancient Female Meaning delight, pleasure.
Edna English Female Edna St. Vincent Millay, winner of the 1923 Pulitzer prize, gifted poet.
Edouard French Male Edouard Manet, famous French painter of the 19th century. Art.
Edric Welsh Both An early Saxon hero that married a faerie wife and lost her when he broke his promise to her. He was lost for the rest of his days as a result but it is said that he rejoined her on the other side.
Edryd Welsh Both Means restoration.
Edvard Scandanavian Male Edvard Munch was a famous Norwegian painter. Art.
Edwards English Both W. Edwards Deming, pioneer in the business ideals of constant improvement and statistical quality control.
Edwin English Male Edwin Hubble, American astronmer for whom the Hubble telescope is named.
Edwina English Female Edwina Cynthia Annette Mountbatten, British vice-reine of India. Died in 1960.
Egan Celtic Both Irish surname meaning fire.
Ehrengard German Female Countess Ehrengard Melusina von de Schulenburg was the mistress of King George I of Britian. Being tall and willowy, she was nicknamed "The MayPole".
Eibhilin Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Sunlight.
Eiffel Tower French Both The most recognizable landmark of Paris. A variety of rose. Nature.
Eifion Welsh Both A place in Wales.
Eileithyia Greek Female or Ilithyia meaning she who comes to aid. Ancient Goddess of Childbirth. Baby. Mythic.
Eilidh Scottish Female Form of Helen.
Eilir Welsh Both Means butterfly. Animal.
Eilit Celtic Female Gaelic for Doe. Animal.
Einar Scandanavian Both Einar Jonsson a famous sculptor from Iceland. Art.
Einstein German Both German born scientist famous for many observations including his theory of relativity.
Eire Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A queen of the DeDananns.
Eire Celtic Both Gaelic name of Ireland.
Eireaball Celtic Both Gaelic for tail. Animal.
Eiri Greme Celtic Both Gaelic for sunrise. Dawn. Nature.
Eirlys Welsh Female Means snowdrop
Eistir Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. From the Hebrew "Esther".
Eistiteor Celtic Both Gaelic for listener. Animal
Eistreact Celtic Both Gaelic for listen, pay attention.
Ekaterina Russian Female Olympic Gold Medalist in pairs skating with her husband Sergei Grinkov, both of Russia. He died at the age of 28 suddenly of heart failure leaving Ekaterina to care for their daughter. Her courage in facing this at a young age and her love for her husband and daughter, have made her an icon and role model for many.
Elatha Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A chief of the Fomorians.
Electra Greek Female Courageous daughter of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon. After seeing her sister Iphigenia swept away by Diana when she was supposed to be a sacrifice and her father murdered by her mother and her mother's lover. Electra spirits her brother, Orestes, to a safe hiding place where he returns years later to avenge their father.
Elen Welsh Female Means nymph or angel. Mythic.
Eleri Welsh Female River in Wales. Nature.
Eleven A Side English Both Name of a type of mustache. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Elf Scandanavian Both Elves is plural. The race of faerie folk that was, in ancient times, divided into the seelie court and unseelie court (or good and evil respectively). Seelie Court, the "light" elves could still be mischiveous but held no ill will toward men particularly. The Unseelie Court was dedicated to the destruction of man and many treatments can be found in old medical books for the ills and harms they were characterized with delivering. Considered a name that faerie folk thought tactless and did not care for.
Elfed Welsh Both Means autumn, fall.
Elgan Welsh Both Means bright circle.
Elhanan Ancient Both Biblical for God shows favour.
Eli Ancient Both Means Yah is raised up.
Eliakim Ancient Both Biblical for God sets upright.
Eliezer Ancient Both Biblical for my God is help.
Elim Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A king of ancient Ulster.
Elin Welsh Female Pet form of Elinor.
Eliph Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A third century Irish prince who was martyred at Aoul in France.
Elis Welsh Both Variation of Elias.
Elisha Ancient Both Biblical for God has helped.
Elkannah Ancient Both Means God has created.
Ella Spanish Female Spanish for "she". Also used as a suffix to feminize a noun.
Elliot Scottish Both Scottish clan whose motto is "be wise" and " with strength and right".
Ellylon Welsh Both Also called Ethlerthlon, these are the Welsh elves. Small and regal, they live on toadstools and faerie butter. Sympathetic to humans, they are inclined to help if they are allowed to maintain their secrecy. Their queen is Mab (whose character was taken to be the protagonist and step mother of Mordred in some Arthurian legends).
Elmo English Both A wildly popular character from Sesame Street. The limited supply combined with heavy marketing of the "Tickle Me Elmo" doll is still sited as an indication of how supply and demand drive a market as people scrambled through various means to be overpriced or limited product in time for Christmas gifts for their kids.
Elnathan Ancient Both Biblical for God has given.
Elspeth Scottish Female Pet form of Elizabeth
Eluned Welsh Female Means idol, icon.
Elvira English Female Popular song by the Oak Ridge Boys. Also a Mistress of Horror who appeared and still appears in full gothic regalia (before it was even cool). Entertainment. Music.
Elvis Scandanavian Both Means all wise. Refers to the King of Rock, Elvis Presley.
Elwyn Welsh Both Means white brow.
Ember English Both The heart and start of a fire, the red hot live ember is essentially a coal at the height of its burning potential.Nature.
Ember English Both A burning coal in a fire. Nature.
Emer Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The legendary, beauteous sweetheart of Cuchulain, one of the greatest heroes of Irish Legends.
Emerald English Both The lush green precious stone. Money.
Emerald English Both A brilliant green stone also reference to Ireland as the Emerald Isle.
Emily German Female Old German for gentle nurturer.
Eminence English Both A title for high ranking church officials. A variety of rose. Nature.
Emma German Female Old German for universal nurse.
Emmy English Both Awards offered to those in the television industry. Highly coveted and on par with the Academy Awards (for motion pictures).
Emrys Welsh Both Variation of Ambrose meaning immortal.
Emyr Welsh Both Means honor.
Ena Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The Fiery.
Enda Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A sixth century saint who founded a monasteryi in Aran.
Endymion Greek Both Perfect for that dog that loves to sleep. Endymion was a youth of wondrous beauty that gained the favor of Diana who protected him and made sure his flocks increased. Endymion was blessed by Jupiter with perpetual youth and sleep. Allegorically, it refers to a poet's spirit. One that is not quite of this world. Mythic.
Enfys Welsh Female Means rainbow. Nature.
Enoch Ancient Both Biblical for inauguration and dedication.
Enos Ancient Both Biblical for man
Enya English Female Singer of airy tunes with soaring melodies and rhythms. Music.
Eocair Celtic Both Gaelic for key. Such as a key to your heart? Term of endearment.
Eochaid Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Firbolg king at Tara, an early Milesian settler of Ireland.
Eoin Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Gaelic for John.
Eolac Celtic Both Gaelic for expert.
Ephraim Ancient Both Biblical for fertile.
Epiphany Ancient Both From latin for enlightenment, usually refers to a sudden understanding, a brilliant stroke of insight or life altering clarification.
Er Ancient Both Biblical for vigilant.
Erastus Greek Both Means for lovable.
Eric Scandanavian Male Means always the ruler, always powerful.
Erin Celtic Both Gaelic for peace.
Erinnyes Greek Both The name of the Furies of Greek Myth. Mythic.
Ernest German Male From vigor and earnestness.
Ernie English Both Old English for earnest and the buddy/partner to the classic Sesame Street duo Bert and Ernie.
Eroica English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Erskine Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "I think more."
Eryl Welsh Both Means watcher.
Esau Ancient Both Biblical for shaggy,hairy.
Escapade English Both An adventure. A variety of rose. Nature.
Esterina Spanish Both Spanish for silver.
Esther Middle Eastern Female Persian for star. Name of a devoted woman in the bible. Mythic. Science.
ET English Both From the movie by the same name referring to Extra Terrestials. Entertainment.
Etaoin Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A saint in Connacht.
Ethan Ancient Both Biblical for constant and permanent.
Ethne Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. "Sweet kernel of a nut".
Euclid Greek Both Mathematician that lived in Greece in the 3rd century BC.
Eurig Welsh Both Means gold.
Euros Welsh Both Variation on Eurig. Also related to Euro (the new European coinage).
Eurus Greek Both According to the ancient Greeks, the God and embodiment of the East wind.
Eurydice Greek Female A nymph of exquisite beauty who became the wife of Apollo's son Orpheus but died tragically at the bite of a viper as she sought to elude an overly enthusiastic sheperd. Orpheus success in following her to the underworld and reclaiming her is mythic legend as is the tragedy that he failed at the last moment in bringing her back with him.
Evensong English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Evenstar English Female From Tolkien, a reference to the elf of the Evenstar, Arwen daughter of Elronc.
Ewan Celtic Both Irish surname meaning wellborn.
Ezekiel Ancient Both Biblical for may God make strong.
Ezer Ancient Both Biblical for help.
Ezra Ancient Both Biblical for God is helper.
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