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Cabaiste Celtic Both Gaelic for cabbage.
Caboodle English Both A slang term for a group as in "the whole kit and caboodle". Probably a distortion of the word caboose.
Caboose English Both The last car in a train. Perfect name for the dog that follows you everywhere.
Cabyll Ushtey Celtic Both A mythic river-horse of the Isle of Man. Very dangerous as it was known to prey on animals on the shore which could include cattle and girls.
Cadence English Both A musical term that would be akin to punctuation. Helps determine the pace that the music is played, the 'rest' between notes.
Cadenza Italian Both Virtuoso solo passage like an improvisation performed near the end of an aria or concerto movement. Music.
Cadillac French Both Refers to a region of France but presently a luxury car made by General Motors that has come to be the definition of opulence and prestige in the US.
Cadmus Greek Male Founder of Thebes and brother of Europa (carried off by Juniper disguised as a bull). He found Thebes while searching for his sister. Killing a monster serpent, dear to the Gods, left him cursed and his children and grandchildren met tragic fates. One of his daughter's, Semmele, was destroyed when she viewed Jupiter in his glory.
Cadog Celtic Both Gaelic for Haddock. Animal.
Cadpig English Both Term used for the smallest of a litter of pigs (the smallest is not inherently a runt, a runt is one that is abnormally small and typically indicates possible problems in development or gestation, the smallest of a litter is therefore not necessarily a runt). Name of the smallest puppy in the 101 Dalmatians book and movie. Entertainment. Animal.
Cads English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Caeite Celtic Both Gaelic for feather. Animal.
Caesar Ancient Both To the Ancient Roman world, Caesar was the Latin word for the ultimate ruler or emperor.
Cag Celtic Both Gaelic for jackdaw. Nature. Comedy. Animal.
Cagney English Both Last name of the famous film actor, James Cagney (from the 50s) and a character on the popular television series, Cagney and Lacey starring Sharon Gless, and the award winning (though still underappreciated) Tyne Daly.
Caife Celtic Both Gaelic for coffee.
Cailin Celtic Female Gaelic for colleen or young girl.
Caillach Bheur Scottish Both Originally probably a goddess of nature but later became a mythic blue faced hag of winter to the people of the Scottish Highlands. She comes to life on Halloween and takes up a staff that she uses to summon the leaves from the trees. She is also the guardian of the animals of the forest like the deer, boar, wolves and goats. On the last day of April she drops her staff and becomes stone until the following Halloween.
Cain Celtic Both Gaelic for tribute. Mythic.
Cain Ancient Both Hebrew for the first son of Adam and Eve. His insecurity drove him to fratricide (killing his brother) of Abel and he was driven from the company of his family.
Cain Ancient Both Biblical meaning blacksmith but also used in Genesis as "I have acquired".
Caint Celtic Both Gaelic for talk. No dogs can't speak, but they certainly can talk to us! Perfect for the dog with exceptional communication skills.
Caipin Celtic Both Gaelic for cap.
Cairbre Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An ancient Irish Poet. Art. Mythic.
Cairo Middle Eastern Both Egyptian capitol meaning Mars the Victorious. The planet Mars was visible when the city was founded.
Cairt Celtic Both Gaelic for cart.
Cais Celtic Both Food. Gaelic for cheese.
Caisearban Celtic Both Gaelic for dandelion. Nature.
Caislean Celtic Both Gaelic for castle.
Caitin Celtic Both Gaelic for kitten. Animal.
Caitlin Celtic Female Gaelic feminine for "the pure".
Caitne Celtic Both Gaelic for arbutus. Nature.
Cajun French Both Louisiana Natives. Primarily French speaking (though of their own dialect) with extraordinary cultural influences giving rise to exceptional food and art specific to the region. Also provides a colorful and lush accent.
Cakewalk English Both A parody of the dances of white slave plantation owners by Southern slaves. Syncopated, strutting dance of the 19th century. Music.
Calad Celtic Both Gaelic for solid. Nature.
Calbhach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The bald.
Caleb Ancient Both Hebrew referring to loyalty and devotion and also with an overtone of "like a dog".
Caleb Ancient Both Biblical for Dog.
California Spanish Both From the invented name of a mythic island. Cortes applied the name to the state.
Callaire Celtic Both Gaelic for crier or announcer. Ideal for the dog that brings everything to your attention or who is studious about making their rounds and verifying that everything is as it should be every few minutes.
Callie Ancient Both Variation of Callista.
Callista Greek Both Greek for "the most beautiful" and the first name of the actress playing "Barbara" in The Birdcage as well as Allie McBeal in the series of the same name, Callista Flockhart.
Callisto Greek Female Lovely nympth that jealous Juno changed into a bear. She was gentle of nature and approached her grown son when she saw him hunting one day. Just as he was about to kill her (matricide was the worst taboo of the ancient world), Jupiter stepped in an ascended them into the heavens to be the constellation Big Bear and Little Bear. Juno's rage was great over this honor being given.
Callum Ancient Both From Latin for dove.
Calma Celtic Both Gaelic for brave.
Calma Celtic Both Gaelic for interpid. Military.
Calporn Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The father of Saint Patrick.
Calvert English Both Olde English for herdsmen. Also in modern terms refers to a specially constructed ditch line to divert water away from an area.
Calvin Ancient Both Latin for bald. The name of a colorful mischieveous and brilliantly imaginative little boy in the cartoon "Calvin and Hobbes"
Cam Celtic Both Gaelic for buttercup. Nature. Term of endearment.
Camal Celtic Both Gaelic for camel.
Camelot English Both The legendary home of King Arthur, the Round Table and its Knights. Mythic.
Camenae Greek Both The name used to distinguish the Muses as a group. A dog named this would be truly talented in many ways as the Muses inspire all the arts, music, painting, writing, weaving, spinning and more. Mythic. Music. Art.
Cameo French Both A brief appearance by a performer or actor of note in a play or film. During the Victorian era, a popular material used to create soft raised silohettes in relief generally mounted on another gem or stone.
Cameron Scottish Both A Scottish clan whose motto is "for king and country". Also the first name of a very popular actress, Cameron Diaz.
Cameron English Both Cameron Diaz is one of the most popular and successful actresses of the age.
Camilla English Female Camilla Parker Bowles, rather selfish and wanton wife of Andrew Parker Bowles. After marrying him she wrote in her diary that she expected the feeling of emptiness to pass. Instead she filled her emptiness with an affair with Prince Charles, married to Diana, Princess of Wales and fundamentally contributed to the destruction of that marriage. Later, after their divorce and Diana's death, she married Prince Charles in a ceremony that was ignored by the Queen and held at a Town Hall.
Camille English Female Camille Paglia a noted and recognized feminist with a strong following.
Camille French Both Religious attendent.
Campbell Scottish Both Scottish clan with several subclans with mottos like Forget Not, Follow Me and Be mindful.
Camper English Both This outdoors, woodsy activity lends itself to a name (or a source of names) for any dog and its family that have a special love of nature and nights under the stars.
Can Can French Female Popular risque dance of the turn of the century and early 20th century. Music. A variety of rose. Nature.
Canail Celtic Both Gaelic for canal.
Canair Celtic Female Gaelic feminine name for a 5th century Irish feminist.
Canaletto Italian Both Italian artist of exceptional pastoral landscapes of Venice. Art.
Canberra Australian Both Major city in Australia meaning, appropriately enough, meeting place.
Candace English Female Candace Wheeler, Designer and co-founder of Tiffany. Art.
Candice English Female Candice Beren, daughter of famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, star of movie and TV perhaps best known now for her lead in Murphy Brown.
Candida French Female Satire and highly regarded play by George Bernard Shaw. Art.
Candide French Both From the French Renaissance writer/philosopher Voltaire. In an effort to expose the lunacy of a certain philosophical bend of the time "this is the best of all possible worlds", Voltaire wrote Candide about a character of the same name that has unbelievable tragedy visited upon him and still insists that it is the best of all possible worlds (if only so he can escape his responsibility in the tragedies). Art.
Candide French Both Novella by Voltaire written to ridicule a philosophy of the time (it was the Renaissance) believing the the world and all that happened was the best of all possible options. Art.
Candido Italian Both Candido Jacuzzi Inventor of the whirlpool bath. He was seeking hydrotherapy as a way to help his son who was cursed with arthritis.
Candlemas Ancient Both Celebrated in many churches, primarily Catholic, signifying the purification of the Virgin Mary with many candles. Celebrated on Feb 2.
Candy English Both Refers to a variety of sweets. Another option would be naming for a specific candy.
Candy English Both Reference to William Cummings, baseball pitcher and inventor of the curveball. His nickname was "Candy". Food. Sports.
Canis Ancient Both Latin for the genus that dogs, wolves and other canids belong to.
Canon English Both Polyphonic composition in which one musical line imitates another at the same distance throughout the musical piece.
Cantabile English Both Singing style. Music.
Cantata Ancient Both From the latin word for "sing" which is cantate. Music.
Cantata Italian Both Vocal genre for soloists, chorus and instrumentalists based on a lyric or dramatic poetic narrative. Includes several movements including recitatives, arias and ensemble numbers.
Cantinflas Spanish Both A Mexican clown, acrobat and bullfighter that died in 1993.
Canute Ancient Both King of Ancient Britain (first century AD).Mythic.
Canvas English Both Critical material that figured greatly in naval/marine development as well as the blank surface for artists.
Caoilfhionn Celtic Female Gaelic feminine meaning slender and fair.
Caolan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The Cool.
Caor Celtic Female Gaelic for berry.
Caor Celtic Both Gaelic for grape. Food.
Caora Celtic Both Gaelic for sheep. Animal.
Caortann Celtic Both Gaelic for the mountain ash tree. Nature.
Cap English Both Cap Anson, a great baseball player but racist manager. He began the ban of black baseball players by refusing to let his team play when a black pitcher was on the field. Died in 1922.
Capability English Both Lancelot "Capability" Brown died in 1783 but not before he'd earned the nickname Capability because of his habit of informing clients of the excellent capabilities of their gardens. He was a noted naturalist and garden designer.
Capall Celtic Both Gaelic for horse. Animal.
Capelthwaite Celtic Both A mythic bogie spirit of England that was a great help to the farmers he assisted by herding their animals but very spiteful and suspicious of strangers.
Capone Italian Both The last name of the most infamous mobster of all time, Al Capone. Crime.
Capp English Both The primary character of the cartoon bearing the same name, Andy Capp.
Cappuchino Italian Both Exquisite coffee drink of foamed milk and espresso. Considered "high octane" because of all the energy its high dose of caffeine releases. Served hot or iced. Food.
Captaen Celtic Both Gaelic for captain.
Captain English Both The highest rank on a ship. The one in charge. Military.
Captain Hook English Both The avowed enemy of Peter Pan from the English children's tale of the same name. Movie "Hook" starred Dustin Hoffman in this role. Mythic.
Carabue Celtic Both Spice. Gaelic for Caraway.
Caracas Spanish Both Name of a Native Tribe in Venezualan and the name of the country's capitol city.
Caramel French Both Lush sugar and butter candy that is generally offered soft or as a sauce. Food.
Carbraw Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An ancient Leinster chief.
Caresse English Both Referring to the word "caress" a gentle touch or stroke, Caresse Crosby was an inventor that invented a "backless" bra out of two hankies. She died in 1970.
Carey English Both Carey Thomas feminist that died in 1935, her interesting life, including being president of a college, led her to observe that it would be difficult for her to imagine anything worse than the life of the regular young lady.
Cari Hayer English Both Youngest sport champion in International History when she became a log rolling Champion at age 7. She was born in 1977. Sports.
Caril English Both Caril Ann Fugate, mysterious accomplice. Whether the victim or accomplice of her boyfriend will never be known for sure. What is known is that she accompanied her boyfriend as he emerged in a bloody spree killing (occasionally recognized as an early serial killer) that included her entire family including baby sister.
Carl English Male Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist generally noted as the best and brightest of Freud's pupils. Their close friendship was destroyed by their differences in psychology. Jung acknowledged a collective unconscious.
Carla English Female Carla Bley, jazz rock fusion composer.
Carleton English Both Carleton Coon, American anthropologist that died in 1981.
Carlin Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A champion.
Carling Ancient Both From the holiday which peas are eaten.
Carling English Both Carling Bassett, Tennis player that retired rich from endorsements. She never won a major tournament. From Canada. Sports.
Carlisle English Both Old English meaning the fortified town. More modern times recognize it as a very upscale New York Hotel.
Carlo Italian Male Carlo Bugatti, designer of Art Deco furniture and brother of Ettore Bugatti (of Bugatti car fame).
Carlos Spanish Both Spanish for Charles.
Carlotta Spanish Female Carlotta Montgomery, married Eugene O'Neill, author.
Carlsberg Scandanavian Both Orignal name of a brewery in Copenhagen.
Carlton English Male surname/placename meaning village of freemen.
Carly English Both Carly Simon, incredible musician and songwriter, daughter of founder of Simon & Schuster publishing. Her phenomenal career and creativity were cut short by her equally amazing stage fright.
Carmel Ancient Both Hebrew for "garden". In California, a well known small and exceedingly affluent town where resident Clint Eastwood served as mayor.
Carmelina Italian Female Carmelina Fedele, in 1955 she became the mother of the world's largest baby born at over 22 pounds.
Carmelita Ancient Female Hebrew for little garden.
Carmen Spanish Both From Carmel, garden.
Carmen South American Both Carmen Miranda - Portuguese singer whose talent is overshadowed by the cliche'd and stereotypical costumes she was forced to wear. Most notably fruit encrusted hats.
Carmine English Both Carmine Appice, drummer with the drug inspired band Vanilla Fudge. Music.
Carney Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A victor.
Carol English Both Carol Moseley-Brown, First black female Senator. Noted for her active and vocal stance on many positions. A credit to the Senate.
Carole English Both Carole Lombard, a talented blond bombshell actress of the early 20th century. Wife of Clarke Gable she died in a plane crash during a USO tour. Clarke spent the rest of his life trying to replace her with other blonde wives.
Carolina Scottish Both Two states in Southern USA. Lady Carolina Nairne, Scottish songwriter of the late 18th century. She is best known for the lament, Will ye no come back again, about the loss of Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Died in 1845.
Caroline English Female Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, private citizen and daughter of John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Onassis. Despite the anguish of seeing the assasination of her father, young death of her mother to cancer and tragic death at sea of her younger brother, she has emerged as a woman of incredible poise, ability and no interest in a public life.
Carolus Scandanavian Both Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish naturalist best remembered for his contribution to the structure of plant naming system by describing them in terms of class, order, genus and species to help show their relationship to one another. Died in 1778.
Carolyn English Female Carolyn Wells, American comedienne, died in 1942. Paved the way for other female humor writers and comediennes including Lucille Ball, Phyllis Diller and Erma Bombeck. Art.
Carraig Celtic Both Gaelic for rock. Nature.
Carraigeac Celtic Both Gaelic for rocky. Nature.
Carrera Italian Both Model of Porsche recognized as prestigious, sporty and high powered.
Carria Celtic Both Gaelic for stag. Powerful and full of romantic imagery from the middle ages preserved on tapestries. An animal as full as portent and meaning as the unicorn. It too was only tamed by the purest of young maidens. Mythic.
Carrie English Both Movie in the late 70s starring Sissy Spacek about an ostracized teenage girl with extraordinary powers that lets loose on her classmates after being mistreated as her prom. Entertainment.
Carrie English Both Lead played by Sissy Spacek in a horror flick about a teenage girl blessed with the ability to wreak havoc on her spoiled, selfish and cruel classmates at their prom. Also, Carrie Fisher, actress and author best known for playing Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars trilogy as well as her book "Postcards from the Edge" about her family including her mother Debbie Reynolds and father, Eddie Fisher (who left his mother to pursue his affair with Elizabeth Taylor). Art. Entertainment.
Carroll English Both Carroll O'Connor, actor best known for the character "Archie Bunker" on All In The Family during the 70s. Entertainment.
Carry English Both Carry Nation, temperence worker with fervor! Known for her saloon smashing with the use of an axe. She died in 1911 at the age of 65.
Carson English Both Carson McCullers, author best known for "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter". Died at the age of 50.
Carsten English Both Carsten Niebuhr, German tourist and sole survivor of an expedition to the Middle East. Died in 1815.
Carta Celtic Both Gaelic for card.
Carta Celtic Both Gaelic for hand, as in a hand of cards. Games.
Carter English Both Carter Godwin Woodson, American Historian and the originator of the Negro History Week which is now known as Black History Week.
Carthann Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Mother of Niall one of the greatest Irish Kings.
Caruso Italian Both Synonymous with extraordinary voice and music. Last name of Enrico Caruso, one of the most highly acclaimed tenors of all time.
Carwyn Welsh Both Means blessed love.
Cary English Both Cary Grant, the screen name of the actor. British born with the name Archibald Leach. Died in 1986 of AIDS.
Carys Welsh Female Means love.
Casanova Spanish Male A man reputed to be irresistible. While a woman's fantasy (until he tired of her) he was the worst nightmare of men. Worse yet, the man who fancied himself a Casanova was the worst nightmare of women! Definitely for the guy who wins all the girls over.
Casanova English Both Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt, Italian sexual adventuror whose life became legendary for his conquests.
Casaubon English Both Character in Eco's novel, Foucault's Pendulum.
Casey Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A good all around soldier. Military.
Casey Celtic Both Gaelic for brave.
Casey English Both Casey Stengel, American Baseball Player. Sports. Later, the manager of Yankees.
Cashew Spanish Both A tree and it's fruit with a kidney shaped seed (the part we call the cashew nut) that is only edible if it is roasted originally found in Brazil, now in Portugal as well.
Cashmere English Both Refers to the exceptional yarn and textiles made from the fiber of the Angora goat (Angora fibers come from the Angora Rabbit). Soft and lush, takes well to dyes so is available in many colors and patterns. Height of comfort and warmth.
Casimir Ancient Both King Casimir III, the Great of the 14th century. Established Krakow University and the last of the Piast dynasty of Poland.
Caspar English Both Caspar Willard Weinberger, American Lawyer and Politician. Secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration.
Casper Middle Eastern Both Persian for "treasurer". More recently the name of a friendly, youthful (if applicable) ghost in cartoon.
Cass English Both Cass Elliott, gifted singer with the Mamas and the Papas of the 1960s and early 70s. Died in 1974.
Cassandra Greek Female Greek for helper of men. Ironically, she is a character in Greek mythology that was not believed by men so her prophecies, while true went unheeded. Mythic.
Cassandra Greek Female Trojan princess that made a deal with Apollo. She would have the gift of profecy in exchange for spending the night with him. When she failed to deliver on her end, he cursed her so that while she could see the future, no one would believe her. Mythic.
Cassian Middle Eastern Both St. Cassian of Tangiers. The court reporter of the trial of St. Marcellus the Centurian. When he protested the inequities of the case, he was put to death.
Cassidy Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The clever one.
Cassie Greek Female Greek for pure.
Cassie English Female Cassie Chadwick. Gifted con artist born in 1859. She convinced one banker that she was the daugher of Andrew Carnegie and that she had millions in promissory notes that she'd never drawn on. He and many other bankers lended her money at exorbitant rates believing they would hit a cash cow when she came into her inheritance. She was sent to prison in 1906 and died less than 2 years later.
Cassius English Male Cassius Marcellus Clay was the abolition worker that Muhammed Ali was originally named for. Mr. Clay died in 1903 at 93 years of age.
Castor Greek Male One of the twins born to Jupiter and Leda. His sister was Helen. Castor was a master of the horse with many great heroic accomplishments. He and his brother, are the twins of the constellation Gemini and ancient patron saints of seafarers.
Caterina Italian Female Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Venice who abdicated the throne on the death of her husband to help re-establish a republic.
Catfish English Both Catfish Hunter, Hall of Fame professional baseball pitcher for the Yankees and the A's. Sports.
Cathail Celtic Both Irish surname meaning powerful on the battlefield.
Cathair Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. O'Doherty and O'Galagher name.
Cathal Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The most famous Italian Irish Saint who the city of San Cataldo is named for.
Cathasaigh Celtic Both Irish surname meaning watchful
Cathedral English Both A large church. Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Catherine French Female Catherine of Valois, French princess and Queen of Henry V. She married Owen Tudor, reputed to be the handsomest man of his time, secretly after the death of the king.
Cathfa Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A famous poet.
Cathleen English Female Cathleen ni Houlihan, character from the play by William Butler Yeats.
Cathy English Female Cathy, a popular cartoon strip by Cathy Guisewite.
Catriona Scottish Female Form of Catherine.
Catriona Scottish Female Scottish Novel by Robert Louis Stevenson who also wrote Treasure Island.
Cauac Ancient Both Mayan god of the South, associated with the color red and fire. Mythic.
Cauld Lad Celtic Both A spirit or ghost of a stable boy that was killed by an angry lord. At the Hilton Castle he was known to clean anything that was left messy and to make a mess of anything left tidy. He was never heard from after being given a cloak and hood that was left out for him one night.
Cavan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The handsome one.
Cavan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. War, strife.
Cavanaugh Celtic Both Irish surname meaning comely or good looking.
Caviar Russian Both Delicacy of Russia is the fish eggs used to embellish the finest of h'ordoevres. Great name for a delight that might otherwise have been overlooked. After all, it was a brave man who first looked at that gelatinous pile and decided to find out if it was good to eat.
Ceact Celtic Both Gaelic for lesson
Ceacta Celtic Both Gaelic for plough.
Cead Celtic Both Money. Gaelic for cent.
Ceann Trean Celtic Both Gaelic for stubborn. Did you know that virtually no dogs are stubborn? If they balk at your request it is usually because they are not clear as to what you desire? If they have behaved before, the difference when they don't may have more to do with distraction (remember how much they are like kids) than a desire or intent to ignore you. So, if possible it is best to try to start the exercise over and to guide them more toward the desired response and then praise mightily!
Ceanna Celtic Both Gaelic for same.
Ceannasai Celtic Both Gaelic for chief or in charge, the boss.
Ceannfaelad Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The seventh century Irish Commander who invaded Wales.
Ceannfeadna Celtic Male Gaelic for commandant or commander or leader.
Ceanntrean Celtic Both Gaelic for obstinate, stubborn.
Ceara Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Means the spear.
Cearbhall Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Irish for Charles.
Cearc Francac Celtic Both Gaelic for turkey. Nature. Animal.
Cearc Fraoig Celtic Both Gaelic for grouse. Nature. Animal.
Cearnac Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The Victorious.
Cearnog Celtic Both Gaelic for square so perfect for only the dog that is completely cool.
Cearrbac Celtic Both Gaelic for gambler. Games.
Ceart Celtic Both Gaelic for Absolute
Ceart Celtic Both Gaelic for right, correct.
Ceatarcosac Celtic Both Gaelic for quadruped. Animal.
Cecil English Both South African politician, creator of the Rhodes Scholarships.
Cecile' French Female Cecile' Dionne, one of the Canadian Dionne quintuplets born in the 1930s. From an early age they were a media icon and appeared in many advertisements until two of the sisters died. Ultimately only three survived to write a sad biography of their life called "Family Secrets" in 1995.
Cecilia Italian Female Cecilia Bartoli, a 20th century mezzo-soprano. Her concerts are wildly popular.
Cedar English Both One of the evergreens. Known for its grain of red and cream tones and aromatic scent (making it popular for dressers, pomanders, air fresheners, etc.). It's "needles" are unlike the pine and tend to be quite prickly.
Cedric English Both Invention by author Sir Walter Scott. Art.
Cedric English Both Cedric Errol Fauntleroy, the hero of Little Lord Fauntleroy by F. E. Burnett. Art.
Ceile Celtic Female Gaelic for wife. People.
Ceile Celtic Both Gaelic for consort.
Ceim Celtic Both Gaelic for stile.
Ceimi Celtic Both Gaelic for graduate.
Ceinwen Welsh Female Means beautiful and blessed.
Celeste French Female Celeste Dandeher, British dancer. Founded a troupe for able bodied and disabled dancers after she was disabled by a stage accident. Art.
Celestia English Female Celestia Josephine Field, founder of a girls' and boys' country/homesteading club that eventually became 4-H. She considered herself little more than the typical country teacher. She died in 1971.
Celestine Italian Both St. Celestine, resigned as pope after serving for 5 months. He died in 1296. Some depicted him as too holy to serve such a secular office others thought he sinned by refusing the position.
Celia French Female Celia Franca, Canadian born ballerina. Art.
Celine French Female Celine Dion, Popstar with a voice to rival Barbra Streisand. Gifted and with good values, she emerged from Canada, the youngest of a family of 14 kids to be perhaps the best singer in the world today. Art.
Celso South American Both Celso Russomanno, South American journalist who anchors Agui Agora, a Brazilian news program.
Cemlyn Welsh Both Means bent lake.
Cendrith English Both Wife of King Cedwalla of Wessex. Best remembered for herdign together all the people of the realm and forcibly baptizing all of them.
Centaur Greek Both The ultimate athelete. The Centaurs were men to the waist and then the body and legs were of a horse. This race was not of monsters but were of exceptional intelligence and nobility and admitted into the company of men. One Chiron, was especially talented in prophecy, medicine and the arts and served as a tutor to Apollo's children and others. Ultimately Chiron was even admitted into the heavens as a constellation.
Century English Both Century Millstead, after being born Jan 1, 1900 he went on to become the offensive tackle for the New York Giants. He died in 1963.
Ceo Celtic Both Gaelic for fog. Nature.
Ceo Celtic Both Gaelic for mist. Nature.
Ceoldrama Celtic Both Gaelic for drama. Art. Mythic.
Ceolfuireann Celtic Both Gaelic for orchestra. Music.
Ceoltoir Celtic Both Gaelic for musician. Music.
Cephas Ancient Both Biblical for rock.
Cerberus Ancient Both Mythic three headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades as per the Greeks. Only the dead could pass unmolested.
Ceri Welsh Both Means love.
Cerian Welsh Female Diminutive of Ceri means love.
Cerys Welsh Female Means love.
Cesar South American Both Cesar Estrada Chavez, helped farm workers become unionized for fair wages and other fair treatment in the 50s-70s. Died in 1993.
Cesare Italian Male Cesare Borgia, one of the infamous Borgias. Rulers of Italy and the Catholic church, their corruption and poisoning/assasination of their adversaries (even when they were related to them) is legendary.
Ceyx Greek Male King that sought out to seek his missing brother and promised to return to his queen, Halcyone in two months. She was devoted and prayed and planned while he was gone and his ship sank. The gods took pity and sent her a vision so she would know he died. She went to the shore and his body came ashore, she asked to be with him and they were both transformed into seabirds. The seas were kept still by Neptune whenever they nested on the waves. Mythic
Cha Cha Spanish Both An energetic ballroom dance originating in Latin America.
Cha Cha Spanish Both Spirited dancing by a woman in a specific Spanish style.
Cha Cha Spanish Both Popular Spanish dance. Music. A variety of rose. Nature.
Chablis French Both A fine varietal grape that delivers the Chablis wine. Also a very colorful character in the book/movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Definitely a great name for the complex personality.
Chachi English Both The youthful and macho cousin of "The Fonz" in the sitcom "Happy Days".
Chad English Male Chad Allen, Canadian member of the rock band, Guess Who. Music.
Chad English Both Old English for Warlike.
Chaim Middle Eastern Male Chaim Azriel Weizmann, first President of Isreal after its re-establishment in 1949.
Chaka African Female Chaka Khan, great soul singer, best known for solo work "I Feel For You" and her lead singing in the band Rufus "Sweet Thing".
Challis French Both A soft fabric with exceptional draping properties creating lovely drama for curtains, blankets and other larger pieces. Definitely for a dog of drama and presence.
Chalupa Native American Both Piling the fillings of meat, cheese, vegetables, beans and more on a tortilla and serving open faced creates the Chalupa. Food.
Chamois French Both A soft bit of leather treated to be very absorbent. Soft golden tan when treated in the traditional way.
Champ English Both Short for Champion.
Champagne French Both The double fermented, bubbly wine of France.
Champignon French Both French for mushroom.
Chandler French Both French for candlemaker. One of the characters on the show "Friends".
Chandra Ancient Both God of the moon in Hindu mythology. Mythic.
Chandrasekhara Middle Eastern Both Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, died in 1970. Indian physicist awarded the Nobel Prize for explaining why water looks blue, called the Raman Effect.
Chanel French Both Coco Chanel was one of the very first premier French fashion designers. Designs from her house and her perfumes still number among the most desired in the world.
Chang Asian Both Chang and his brother Eng Bunker, whose names in Siamese means Left and Right, were the original siamese twins. They died in 1874 after both had married and between them fathered 22 children.
Changeling Celtic Both When the faeries stole a human child they would very often leave something in the place of the child, as if to fool the mother. Often it was something like a stick of wood that was enchanted to seem alive. Occasionally it would be an older faerie that was tired of always working and willing to be coddled.
Chapstick English Both For the dog that makes all the irritating stuff smooth out and heal. Great for the dog that is always part of fabulous winter sports.
Chaquito Spanish Both Spanish for tiny, very small.
Chardonnay French Both A wine grape that produces a fruity white wine.
Charis Greek Female Goddess of grace and pleasure. Mythic.
Charisma English Both A characteristic of being charming, appealing and beguiling. Charismatic leaders, for example, will be so convincing that their followers will seek to think for themselves for example.
Charity English Female Charity Cardwell, along with her sisters Faith and Hope, became the world's oldest living triplets in 1995 when they turned 96.
Charlemagne French Both Emporer of Rome during the eight century. Credited with the Magna Carta the first document of law where all citizens (including royalty) were held accountable to.
Charlene English Both A variation on Caroline meaning little woman.
Charles German Male Old German for manly and strong.
Charles English Male Charles Lynch, magistrate whose practices led to the term "Lynch Mob". Lived and died in the 18th century.
Charles-Genevieve French Both Charles Genevieve Louise Auguste Andree Timothee d'Eon de Beaumont, died in 1710 after becoming a French diplomat, swordsman, transvestite and using this unique disguise, spy. Cross dressing became known as Eonism after his death because of him. His safety and retirement pension were based on him continuing to live his public life as a woman after he retired.
Charley English Both Charley Pride, first African American Country Music superstar! Music.
Charlie English Both Variation on Charles. First name of the famous cartoon character Charlie Brown.
Charlie English Both Charlie Chaplin, gifted and troubled comic actor and comedien of the early 20th century. Entertainment. Comedy.
Charlotte French Female French for little woman.
Charlotte English Female Charlotte Bronte died at the age of 39 in 1955 from a life of inadequate care and diet. Her father's severity combined with the equally poor treatment at the hands of schools and others compromised the health of all the Bronte children. Two even died of fevers contracted at their boarding school and none of them were ever well. Charlotte's literary works met with no success until in utter discouragement she wrote Jane Eyre which became an international sensation and even made into plays. This propelled Charlotte into the highest literary circles of her time, but her poor health, shyness and general reclusiveness made it less than pleasant for her and she returned home where she stayed til her death. Art.
Charlton English Male Charlton Heston, best known as the eternal president of the NRA (or at least for the last many years) and prior to that as a celebrity star in epic movies.
Charm English Both A characteristic of appeal, also a small piece of jewelry worn to symbolize the interests and memories of the wearer, like a charm bracelet.
Charmian English Both Shakespeare's character in Antony and Cleopatra that was the most trusted and beloved servant of Cleopatra. She helps Cleopatra commit suicide and then kills herself. Art.
Charo South American Female Outlandish actress/comedienne of the 70s. Known for her accent, wild red hair and sexual overtones of her "hoochie coochie". Perfect for a flamboyant personality. Entertainment.
Charo South American Both Sex kitten and comedienne. Entertainment. Comedy.
Charon Ancient Both Mythical boatman of the river Styx that separates the land of the living from the dead. When a person died, their soul made the trip to the river and Charon was the boatman that took them across. He was miserly, miserable and overall quite unpleasant. When someone died, a coin was placed under their tongue so that they could pay Charon for his service.
Chato Spanish Both Spanish for flat nosed.
Chatterly English Both From the book "Lady Chatterly's Lover"
Chaucer English Both Middle English. Author of the Canterbury Tales still highly regarded as exceptional literature of that age and this.
Chauncey English Both Middle English for chancery or church official.
Chazz English Both Chazz Palminteri, American actor and screenwriter. Art. Entertainment.
Che South American Both Che Guevara, Argentinian guerilla leader and celebrity of the mid-20th century. A filmmaker made several movies after following Che around and sensationalizing his efforts. Entertainment. Politics.
Checker English Both Douglas Gordon "Checker" Goody, died in 1963, was one of the "Great Train Robber.
Checkers English Both A popular board game as well as the name of Richard Nixon's dog. Games.
Checkers English Both Name of Richard Nixon's Cocker Spaniel. Politics.
Cheech Spanish Both One of two comedians who skyrocketed to fame with a series of skits and movies known as Cheech and Chong.
Cheesy English Both Gerry "Cheesy" Cheevers, American hockey player for the Bruins. Member of the Hall of Fame. Sports.
Cheetah African Both A "big cat" of Africa. The fastest mammal on land capable of reaching 60 miles per hour. Animal.
Cheezit English Both An American tradename for a line of cheese crackers. Food.
Chelsea English Both Old English for a port for ships.
Chenin French Both A white wine from the Chenin varietal. A grape with a slightly apple quality to its flavor. Food.
Cheops Middle Eastern Both King Cheops, Pharoah of Egypt during the fourth dynasty and builder of the Great Pyramid.
Cher English Male Cherilyn LaPiere Sarkisian; Singer and actress named Cher. Winner of Grammys and Academy Award. Talented, gifted, beautiful and savvy in using her skills to maximize her careers.
Cher Native American Both Popular singer and actress. Entertainment.
Cheri French Both Term of endearment meaning beloved.
Cheri French Both French novel by Sidonie Colette based on the stereotypical toy boy. Art.
Cherokee Native American Both A southeastern tribe of Native Americans.
Cherry French Both Popular fruit and flavoring for a variety of drinks and candy.
Cherub French Both One of the tiers in the hierarchy of angels. Originally stated to be fierce. The plural of cherub is cherubim. In modern sensibilities, the cherub is a baby with wings. Endearing, charming and a popular metaphor for romantic love, Cupid and Valentine's day.
Cherubino Italian Both A role in Mozart's opera "The Marriage of Figaro".
Cheryl English Female Cheryl Ladd, American actress and Farrah Fawcett's replacement in Charlie's Angels, a hugely popular television show of the 70s. Entertainment.
Chester Old West Both Old English for "from the fortified camp". Also a delightful sidekick to Marshall Dillon in the western series Gunsmoke. Entertainment.
Chesty English Female Chesty Love, a stripper that successfully claimed the cost of her breast implants against her taxes as a business expense in 1994. As the result was a 55FF, it was clear that she gained no personal benefit.
Chet English Both Chet Atkins revolutionized country music with his guitar stylings creating what is recognized to this day as the "Nashville Sound". Music.
Chevalier French Both Chevalier Jackson was a writer that died in 1958 of uncommon and refreshing wit. The name Chevalier means horseman or of the horse. Animal. Art.
Chevron English Both Name of a type of mustache. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Chevy English Both Short for Chevrolet, an American auto manufacturer known for competing strongly in the middle class auto market with practical vehicles of reasonable durability.
Chevy English Both Shorthand for the automobile manufacturer Chevrolet. Also the first name of Chevy Chase. American comedian and actor starring in the Vacation series movies.
Chewbacca English Both Not really English but a character from an American story and movie series, Star Wars, by George Lucas. Chewbacca, the sidekick of a space cowboy, Han Solo, is a soldier of fortune with remarkable devotion, size and hair. He's entirely covered with a thick coat of brown fur giving him a rather unkempt and disreputable look. A fierce roar finishes his characterization.
Chewbacca English Both Creation of George Lucas, the charming and hairy and large companion of Han Solo in the Star Wars trilogy. His inclination to avoid Han's reckless approach provided some comedy as did his limited vocabulary. His nickname was Chewy. Entertainment.
Chewy English Both Variation on the name Chewbacca.
Cheyenne Native American Both A tribe of Native Americans native to the Northern midwest. Also the capital of Wyoming.
Cheyenne Native American Both Name of a proud, historic and gentle people that were much abused by the Americans of the 18th and especially the 19th century and into the 20th century. The result is still a serious price to their life and lifestyle. "Trail of Tears" refers to one of the most heinous chapters in American histories and tragedies of crimes committed by one people to another. Cheyenne Brando, lovely daughter of Marlon Brando that committed suicide after her brother was convicted of murdering her fiance'. She died at only 25 years of age in 1995.
Chi Chi Spanish Both Common Spanish name as in Chi Chi Rodriguez, a professional baseball player. Also a coconut based, Hawaiian inspired mixed drink.
Chi Chi Spanish Both Chi Chi Rodriguez, Purto Rican golfer whose fame was increased by the continuous mispronouncing of his name by the Sports/News anchor, Les Nessman on WKRP of Cincinnati fame. Sports. Entertainment. Rather childishly sued the makers of Too Wong Fu with Love because the drag queen character played by John Leguizamo was named Chi Chi and he felt it maligned his good name.
Chic English Both Chic is the brand name of a very popular line of youthful fashions. Jeans especially. Chic Young is the American cartoonist and creator of Blondie.
Chicago Native American Both Second largest city in the US with a colorful history of art and music as well as organized crime. The "windy city" sits on the banks of one of the great lakes, giving it geographic interest as well.
Chick English Both American jazz keyboard player. Music.
Chico Spanish Both Means "boy" in Spanish. Popular character played by comedien Freddie Prinze in "Chico and the Man" also one of the Marx brothers' characters.
Chico Spanish Both Chico was a popular character played by Freddie Prinze on the comedy Chico and the Man of the 70s. Chico Marx was a popular comedien, one of the Marx brothers. His name was originally Chicko because he liked the girls so much. He died in 1961. Entertainment. Comedy.
Chief Native American Both Patriarchal leader of a group or tribe.
Childe English Both Childe Roland, a hero who saves his sister from a elf's tower and his curse. Found in the Scottish ballad by Robert Browning. Art. Mythic.
Childermas Ancient Both A holiday commemorating the slaughtering of the innocents (the first born sons in an effort to find and destroy Christ) by Herod. December 28.
Chili Native American Both A variety of peppers with special pungence and heat. Defining ingredient of chili, a popular dish from the southwest of beans, meat, tomatoes and spices. Food.
Chili English Both Chili Palmer, character in the movie Get Shorty was actually inspired by a man of the same name. He was a security guard and former gangster. Crime. Entertainment. Food.
Chill English Both Chill Willis, actor best known for his voice work. He was Francis the Talking Mule. Entertainment. Comedy.
Chimaera Greek Both Another mythic monster of the ancients.
Chinook Native American Both Native Americans based in the Pacific Northwest. Also the word they give to King Salmon (a defining point of their culture) and a breed of sleddog. Animal. Nature.
Chinquapin Native American Both The name of a variety of trees. Nature. Also the name of LBJohnson's dog.
Chinski English Both Chinski Root, was an American pitcher for the Cubs. Babe Ruth "called his shot" and hit it out of the park. To his death in 1970, Chinski denied this saying that instead, the Babe was just indicating that he had one strike left. Sports.
Chipper English Both Variation and diminutive for Charles.
Chips English Both Sir Henry "Chips" Channon II, British politician born in the USA. He died in 1958 but not before sharing a house with a friend named Fish. Thus everyone could acknowledge them by mentioning "Fish and Chips".
Chiquita Spanish Both South American brand of bananas.
Chiron Greek Both A centaur of especial skill in art, music, medicine and prophecy. He served as the tutor to Apollo's children and was ultimately ascended into the heavens as a constellation. Great for the dog that is an incredible blend of intelligence, nobility and physical athleticism.
Chisholm Scottish Both Scottish clan whose name literally means "a waterside meadow good for producing cheese" and the motto "I am fierce with the fierce". Also American reference to the Chisholm trail of the Old West.
Chita Spanish Both Chita Rivera, Actress originally from Puerto Rico.
Chiuchi Japanese Male Chiuchi Nagumo, Japanese commander of the Carrier Fleet that attacked Pearl Harbor (and thus failed miserably since none of the aircraft carriers were there or harmed). He committed suicide in 1944. Military.
Chloe Greek Female Goddess of green grain.
Chloris Greek Female According to legend, the winner of the first Hearean games (Olympics for women). It translates to meaning "green of life". Mythic. Sports.
Chocolate French Both Delicious flavoring used in virtually all desserts from cakes to pies to pudding to ice cream and sauces. Food.
Choo Choo English Both Chilidish derivation of locomotive for the noise its steam horn makes.
Chopper English Both Derivative slang for a helicopter. Also the slang term for a variety of low slung motorcycle.
Chou Chou French Both Means "little cabbage", Term of endearment. Food.
Chow Chow English Both A breed of dog from China but also a relish made in the Southeastern USA. Food. Animal.
Chris English Both Chris Evert, amazing tennis player that had difficulty in gaining the support of the public regardless of her remarkable winning career because she was always so exceptional and flawless in her playing. The second all time record for tournament victories. Sports.
Chrissie English Both Chrissie Hynde, wild child that grew up. Brilliant rock musician and lead singer of The Pretenders. Becoming a mother made her dramatically shift her priorities but her talent remained intact. Music.
Christabel English Female Christabel Harriette, daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, together they were among the most militant of English suffragists. She died in 1958.
Christal Greek Both "annointed Christian".
Christiaan Scandanavian Both Christiaan Huygens, Dutch mathematician that recognized wave theory. Science.
Christian French Both Christian Dior brilliant and popular haute couture designer for the last half of the 20th century. Christian Doppler developed the Doppler's Principle which relates to the frequency of sound and light and how it appears to change as a result of movement. Fashion. Science.
Christina English Female Christina Rosetti, English poet, she died in 1894 at the age of 64. Her family intended to make her into a governess. Her ill health made that unlikely and it's a good thing because otherwise the world would be less without her poetry. Art.
Christine French Both Movie about a car with exceptional powers and manipulative abilities that is loved and restored by a teenager prior to murdering him and his friends. Entertainment. Name originally dates back to meaning "one with Christ". Mythic.
Christo Russian Both American environmental artist known for big, bold displays. Art.
Christoph German Both Christoph Gluck was an 18th century compose that retired after winning a musical competition against his long time rival. He died in 1787. Music.
Christopher English Male Christopher Robin Milne was immortalized by his father's work, the tales of Winnie the Pooh. Christopher Robin was the charming, gentle and wise little boy that all the creatures of the 100 acre wood adored. Art.
Christopher Ancient Both A saint of the old Christian church. Name meaning of christ.
Christy English Both Christy Brown wrote his autobiography, My Left Foot in 1954. He died in 1981. Art.
Chrysostom Middle Eastern Both St. Chrysostom, gifted in oratory. This Syrian saint died in 407. Mythic.
Chubby English Both Reflection on someone or something carrying a bit more weight than needed. Chubby Checker sang the 50s favorite The Twist that defined an era and created a career from the one song.
Chubby English Both Chubby Checker, American singer that made a career out of one song, The Twist. Music.
Chuck English Both Variation on Charles.
Chuck English Both Chuck Berry, rock icon and innovator. Music.
Chula Spanish Both Someone of lower class in Madrid, Spain.
Chum English Both Ironically, this word has at least two meanings. The first, and more disgusting is a soup of fish guts ladled into the ocean to help attract predatorial fish (like sharks) or other larger fish for deep sea fishing. The more recognized meaning is buddy or friend. As in, "we've been chums since 2nd grade."
Chumley English Both Variation on "chum" as in a good friend or buddy.
Chutney English Both A relish made of fruits, nuts, spices and herbs. Food.
Cian Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An ancient poet. Mythic. Art.
Cianan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The Bishop of Duleek.
Ciar Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The name of a Saint of Tipperary.
Ciarnat Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Concubine of Cormac, third century Irish King.
Cicely English Female Cicely Tyson, American artist and actress. Best known for her part in the mini series Roots. Entertainment.
Cicero Italian Male Cicero, Roman orator and lawyer. His powerful delivery figured greatly in the shaping of Roman society during his time and long after his death. The future of Rome was less for the loss of his voice or a comparable one. Politics. Art.
Cider English Both Aged or fermented fruit juice. Most commonly apple but can be done with virtually any juice. Food.
Cidney English Both Play on the names Cindy and Sidney for something unique.
Cihuacoatl Native American Female Aztec goddess of fertility and childbirth. Called the Serpent Woman. Mythic.
Cilia English Female Cilia Black, English singer, the first British host of game shows.
Cimbaoth Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A king, husband of Macha.
Cime Celtic Both Gaelic for captive or captured.
Cinderella English Female A fairy tale of a young downtrod girl who overcame adversity through the help and faith of those around her including mice and a fairy godmother. Mythic.
Cinderella English Female From the fairy tale of a well born young lady that falls into mistreatment at the hands of her evil stepmother. Good asserts itself by providing a handsome and wise (apparently) Prince Charming that sees past the image to the gorgeous Princess he makes into his wife so that they might live happily ever after.
Cindia English Female Cindia Huppeler, Uma Thurman's acting coach.
Cindy English Female Cindy Birdsong, one of the members of the group The Supremes. Music.
Cinnamon Ancient Both A spice derived from the bark of a tree that grows in the tropics. A deep brown color it is available as sticks or ground as a powder. Especially complimentary to apples and warm drinks. Food.
Cinnebar English Both The ore that mercury is derived from. Red in color but once processed mercury is a silver liquid. Nature.
Cinnire Celtic Both Gaelic for ringleader. Crime. Politics. Games. Military. People.
Cinniuint Celtic Both Gaelic for destiny.
Cion Celtic Both Gaelic for fond. Term of endearment.
Ciotal Celtic Both Gaelic for kettle. Food.
Circe Greek Female Enchantress/goddess of Greek mythology. Like all the gods, capable of a great range of human emotions including jealousy.
Cirin Celtic Both Gaelic for crest. Military.
Cisco Old West Both From the nickname for San Francisco, and also a television western, The Cisco Kid.
Cissy English Female Cissy Pascal. The wife of Raymond Chandler. When they met she was married. She is 18 years older than Mr. Chandler.
Ciste Celtic Both Gaelic for treasure. Mythic.
Cito English Both Cito Gaston. Black and Canadian, he was the first of both of those groups to win the World Series as the manager of a baseball team. Sports.
Citrus French Both An evergreen tree or shrub whose fruit is commonly recognized as grapefruit, lemon, limes, oranges, tangerines and others. Food. Nature.
Claes Scandanavian Both Sculptor best known for making soft sculptures of things typically expected to be hard. Died in 1990.
Claiom Celtic Both Gaelic for Saber. Mythic. Military.
Clairseac Celtic Both Gaelic for harp, Music.
Clancy Celtic Both Gaelic name that has been used for a variety of mythic and legendary characters, also the last name of popular author Tom Clancy. Art.
Clann Celtic Both Gaelic for family, tribe or clan.
Clap Can Celtic Both Another type of bogie, this one is only known by the noise it makes (like two cans being hit together) since he cannot be seen or felt.
Clara Greek Female Means clear and bright.
Clara German Female Clara Schumann, wife of composer Robert Schumann was a gifted composer and pianist in her own right that became professional at the age of 11. She died in 1896.
Clare Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Means clear, bright.
Clare English Female St. Clare of Assisi, friend of St. Francis and the founder of Poor Clares, convent of nuns living in self induced poverty.
Clarence English Male Clarence Darrow, best known for great oratory skill that was immortalized in the Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, TN that debated the question of creation versus evolution. Died in 1938.
Claretta Italian Female Claretta Pettaci, Italian mistress of Benito Mussolini (dictatorial leader of Italy during WWII. She died when she and Benito were attacked by a mob.
Clarice English Female Clarice Cliff, English ceramics artist. Art.
Clarissa French Female Clarissa Estes, author of the book "Women Who Run with the Wolves" Art.
Clark English Both Clark Gable. Dashing American Actor best remembered for the part of Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. The author, Margaret Mitchell, said she'd written the part just for him. Art. Entertainment.
Clasagac Celtic Both Gaelic for Classic.
Claude French Both Claude Levi-Strauss, French social anthropologist.
Claudell English Both Claudell Washington, outfielder with the Atlanta Braves. All-Star. Baseball. Sports.
Claudette French Female Claudette Colbert, French born actress best known for It Happened One Night. She won an academy award for it in 1938.
Claudia Italian Female Claudia Cardinale, Italian born actress, star of 8 1/2 weeks. Entertainment.
Claudine French Female Claudine Longet, French Actress.
Claudio Italian Male Claudio Monteverdi, composer best known for operas. He wrote the first one. Music.
Claudius Ancient Male Roman emperor of the Claudian line. His predescessor Caligula and follower, Nero are infamous and overshadow the essentially positive aspects of his rule. A major novel and mini-series was done based on his life.
Clauricane Celtic Both A solitary faerie of Ireland that was helpful and bothersome. As the help to the innkeeper he would help protect the wine cellars from theiving employees but he also tended to annoy others, like guests. Even moving was not always a help since the Clauricane would sometimes secret himself away into one of the chests or casks of wine and simply move with.
Clay Old West Male Clay Allison, an outrageous outlaw remembered for antics like shooting out all the windows of a town while drunk. Made more notable because he was only wearing his guns, hat and boots at the time.
Clea English Female Lawrence Durrell wrote this novel (the last of the Alexandria Quartet) and named it Clea.
Cleary Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A scholar.
Cleas Celtic Both Gaelic for trick. Did you get your dog on Halloween? or just have reasonable expectations that they will out think occasionally, well ok, often. Games. Crime.
Cleaseac Celtic Both Gaelic for playful. Term of endearment.
Cledwyn Welsh Both A rive in Wales.
Cleireac Celtic Both Gaelic for cleric or churchman.
Cleirigh Celtic Both Irish surname meaning cleric
Cleit Celtic Both Gaelic for club.
Cleit Celtic Both Gaelic for yard.
Clem English Male Clem Daniels, a running back for the Oakland Raders and the NFL Player of the Year in 1963. Football. Sports.
Clem Ancient Both Latin for merciful.
Clement English Male Clement Clark Moore wrote the beloved holiday verse "A Visit From Saint Nicholas".
Clementina English Female Clementina Walkinshaw, a double agent (spy for Hanover) as well as mistress of Prince Charles Edward Stuart of England (Bonnie Prince Charlie) during the 18th century.
Clementine Ancient Female Memorialized in the old miner's song "Oh My Darlin' Clementine"
Clementine English Female Clementine Hunter was born a slave and survived the Civil War to become a freed slave as well as celebrated folk artist. She resided in Natchitoches, Louisiana.
Clements English Both Samuel Clements, the real name of the celebrated author, Mark Twain.
Clennell English Both Clennell Punch Dickins an pilot and ace of WWII. Created the first regular air service in the Northern reaches of Canada.
Cleo African Female Cleo Laine, Jazz vocalist of Britian. Born 1928. Music.
Cleon Ancient Male Athenian soldier that died in 442 AD. Military.
Cleonie English Female Cleonie Knox, died in 1971, an English author. Art.
Cleopatra Ancient Female Egyptian Queen. Rose to power through political intrigue and maneuvering. Became the wife of Julius Ceasar and the mistress of Marc Antony. Died at her own hand through the bite of an asp. Politics. People. Mythic.
Cleotha African Female Cleotha Staples, popular American gospel singer. Music.
Clete English Male Clete Boyer, an American baseball player, winner of the Golden Gloves award while playing for the Yankees. Sports. Good name to combine with a second pet named Ken as Clete had a brother named Ken that also played professional ball for another team.
Cleve English Male Cleve Cartmill wrote a story in 1944 that echoed current knowledge of nuclear weapons. Military intelligence agents moved quickly to sequester his knowledge and discover his source. Turned out all his research was done in the public library which only caused additional angst in the intelligence communities.
Clifford English Both Old English for "steep rock face, cliff".
Clifford English Both Clifford, a big RED dog. Popular series of children's books about the adventures of Clifford, the big red dog and his people. Animal.
Clifton English Male Clifton Chenier, popular American zydeco player. Music. Died in 1987.
Clint English Both Old English meaning "from the headlands". Also the name of award winning actor/director Clint Eastwood. People. Entertainment.
Clint English Both Clint Eastwood, award winning actor and director of the American film industry. Entertainment. Art.
Clipper English Both The clipper ship is a tall masted sailing vessel of the 19th century. Also the name of John F Kennedy's German Shepherd.
Cliste Celtic Both Gaelic for smart.
Clive English Male Clive James, British TV personality and author of Unreliable Memoirs.
Cloc Celtic Both Gaelic for stone. Nature.
Cloc Smearagard Celtic Both Gaelic for emerald. Money.
Cloc Tine Celtic Both Gaelic for flint. Nature.
Clodagh Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A river in Tipperary and increasingly popular girl's name.
Clodion French Both French sculptor of the Napoleonic era. Best known for his small terra cotta nymphs and fauns. Died in 1814. Art.
Cloris English Female Cloris Leachman, American actress born in 1926. Entertainment.
Clotho Ancient Female Greek goddess, one of the sisters of fate. Her sister Lachesis measures the thread of life that Clotho spins while her other sister Atropos cuts it. Mythic.
Clotilda French Female St. Clotilda was originally Queen Clotilda early in the Christian era. Her fervor led her to baptize her husband, King Clovis and his 2000 men of his army all at once.
Cloud English Both A sky formation of various properties. Some demonstrate beautiful days and others indicate impending storms. Nature.
Clover English Both Lovely legume that enhances fields and offers glossy trileafed foliage with pink or white blossoms. Common name for many grazing animals because of their affinity for it.
Clovis English Both Clovis Carl Green, Jr is a British architect. Died in 1978.
Cluas Celtic Both Gaelic for ears. Animal.
Cluice Celtic Both Gaelic for game. Games.
Clumail Celtic Both Gaelic for famous. Entertainment.
Cluny Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A worker in the field.
Clyde English Male Clyde Tombaugh, American astronomer and discoverer of Pluto. He was too poor to attend college but didn't allow that to deter him. He built his own telescope at home.
Clyde Scottish Both Scottish for rocky eminence. Nature.
Clyde Scottish Both A river in Scotland.
Clydesdale Celtic Both Draft horse breed made famous by Budweiser. It is also the original name of the Skye Terrier.
Clyfford English Male Clyfford Still, American Painter who died in 1980. Art.
Clytie Greek Female A water nymph that pined for want of unrequited love who spent her days watching the sun. Eventually she took root and became the heliotrope (close to our Sunflower). Mythic.
Cnaipe Celtic Both Gaelic for buttons.
Cnam Celtic Both Gaelic for bone.
Cneasta Celtic Both Gaelic for quiet.
Cno Celtic Both Gaelic for nut. Nature.
Cno Darac Celtic Both Gaelic for acorn. Nature.
Cnoc Celtic Both Gaelic for hill. Nature.
Cnoc Celtic Both Gaelic for knoll. Nature.
Cnoc Celtic Both Gaelic for mountain. Nature.
Cnum Celtic Both Animal. Gaelic for caterpillar.
Coatlicue Native American Both Goddess of the Aztec. Power of the earth which made her the penultimate Goddess for the agriculturally oriented Aztec.
Cobbler English Both A delicious dessert of fruit with a cake or breadlike topping. The old name for one who repaired shoes. Food. People.
Coblynau Welsh Both Goblins of the Welsh mines, they see and hear well and are known for their good humor. They don't do much and are quite ugly but always seem quite busy and are known for leading miners to the best lodes of ore.
Cobtach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A grandson of Ugani, means "whelp".
Coca Cola English Both Popular soft drink that gained attention since the early 1900s. Originally thought to have recuperative powers.
Cocaire Celtic Both Gaelic for chef or cook. Food.
Cochise Native American Male Chief of the Apache tribe during much of the worst of the American assault on Native Americans. Died in 1874.
Coco French Female Coco Chanel, Innovative feminist (though she likely didn't see it that way) designer of the early 1900s. Began designing flowing clothes without corsets, etc. Perfume, fashion and accessories. Art.
CoCo English Both Variation on Cocoa.
Cocoa French Both The derivative of this cocoa bean, a powder is the source of chocolate flavor. Food. Nature.
Codlad Celtic Both Gaelic for sleep. Animal.People.
Codlatac Celtic Both Gaelic for sleepy. Animal. People.
Cody Old West Both After the American old west character Buffalo Bill Cody.
Coenraad Scandanavian Male Coenraad Temminck, Dutch ornithologist that found the Temminck's Horned Lark.
Coffee Ancient Both An aromatic, highly popular (in the US) beverage made from steeping or grinding and running hot water through the coffee bean native to South America.
Cogad Dual Celtic Both Gaelic for warlock. Crime. Mythic.
Cogaint Celtic Both Gaelic for chew.
Cogar Celtic Both Gaelic for Whisper. Whether as an encouragement or to note a particularly gentle talent (to be vocal very quietly) a beautiful name. Animal.
Cognac French Both A brandy from Western France. A deep amber color and robust, rich flavor.
Coicriocac Celtic Both Gaelic for stranger. Or perhaps stranger no more? People.
Coilcan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "Young Pup" "whelp"
Coilcu Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A chief professor of Clonmacnois.
Coileac Celtic Male Gaelic for cock. Animal.
Coilean Celtic Both Gaelic for puppy. Animal. Term of endearment.
Coimeadai Celtic Both Gaelic for keeper. Term of endearment.
Coir Celtic Both Gaelic for justice. Crime.
Coiripeac Celtic Female Gaelic for ruffian. Crime. People.
Coisi Celtic Both Gaelic for sprinter, runner. Games.
Coiste Celtic Both Gaelic for coach or leader.
Coiste Celtic Both Gaelic for stagecoach. Ideal for the dog that is the vehicle of your heart.
Coisteoir Celtic Both Gaelic for someone on a committee.
Colais Celtic Both Food. Gaelic for Cauliflower.
Colaiste Celtic Both Gaelic for college.
Colann Celtic Both Gaelic for body.
Colceatai Celtic Both Gaelic for cousin. People.
Cole English Both Cole Porter, composer of the early 20th century. Known for elegant tuens. Died in 1964.
Coleman English Both A company know for its manufacture of solid, reliable self sufficiency equipment like lamps and stoves for camping, fishing, etc.
Coleman English Both Coleman Hawkins, died in 1969, was a powerful jazz tenor sax player. Music.
Coleman Gray Celtic Both A faerie child left in the care of a farmer and his family. He was sad and thin when found but by their care became a wonderful happy child and they all loved him. One day a voice was heard outside saying Coleman Gray and the child bounded up and left. He was never seen by the family again.
Colette French Female Colette, died in 1954, gifted and celebrated author of a variety of pleasant books, tales and stories. Especially known for her animal and pet related stories.
Colette Greek Both Originally Greek and borrowed by the French. Means victorious in battle. Also the name of a great French author who wrote with some regularity about the animals in her life.
Colin Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A pup or cub.
Colin English Male Colin Luther Powell, highly admired and well recognized Chair of the Chief Joints of Staff, mastermind of Operation Desert Storm. Later the underappreciated by highly respected Secretary of State to an otherwise lack-luster administration.
Coll Celtic Both Gaelic for the hazel tree. Nature.
Colla Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Ancient Irish.
Colleen Celtic Female Colleen McCullough, author of The Thorn Birds. Art.
Colleen Scottish Both Means "young girl, or lass".
Colley English Both Colley Cibber, English actor and dramatist, died of 1757. Art.
Collins English Both Common English surname. Also from Tom Collins, a gin based lemony cocktail.
Colman English Both Name of a type of mustache. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Colonel English Both High ranking military officer.
Colorado Native American Both A state of rich geography, heritage and culture. With scenic views like Garden of the Gods, impressive ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains and the impact of Native American life, recorded there for thousands of years, Colorado is a state of unique depth and color. Part of the USA's exceptionally interesting SouthWest.
Colorado Spanish Both Means reddish from the color of the Colorado river.
Colquhoun Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "If I can."
Colt English Both A newborn horse that is male (female is filly). Animal.
Columba Celtic Both Columba, patron Saint of poets. Died in 597. Mythic.
Columbia Greek Both The goddess of democracy for the early US as it defended its ideals of liberty. Later, Uncle Sam would replace that image as a country spoiling for a fight. Columbia graces our capital building's peak as well as other historical locations. Also a country in South America. Mythic.
Columbine English Both Columbine, a lovely vine with a delicate flower. Recently in the news as the name of the high school that was attacked by two of its own students who ultimately murdered themselves, 12 other students and a teacher during a rampage.
Columbo English Both Peter Falk protrayed this delightful police officer who seemed to be constantly distracted and disorganized but always ultimately used this as a way to have his suspects underestimate him, to their detriment. He always got his man (or woman).
Columbus Spanish Male Columbus is famous for the discovery of the North American continent which led to the oppression of natives and Africans for the establishment of a white civilization here. Also, Columbus Joiner was an American Oil Wildcatter that sold his oil field to HL Hunt for $30,000. When Hunt discovered oil, he became a billionaire.
Columbus Spanish Both The last name of the adventurer, Christopher Columbus, creditted with discovering America despite the fact that there were already people here.
Colur Celtic Female Gaelic for dove. Nature. Animal.
Com Ceangal Celtic Both Gaelic for union. Crime. People.
Comanche Native American Both Native American tribe based in the Western Plains. Faced the brunt of the aggression of the invading European settlers during the early-mid 1800s. Distinguished themselves with the courage of their leaders and steadfastness of their community.
Comarta Celtic Both Gaelic for badge.
Comarta Celtic Both Gaelic for mark. Politics. Military.
Comarta Celtic Both Gaelic for token. Term of endearment.
Comceilg Celtic Both Gaelic for conspiracy.
Comceol Celtic Both Gaelic for symphony. Music.
Comcordad Celtic Both Gaelic for harmony. Music.
Comdail Celtic Both Gaelic for congress.
Comgall Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The abbott of Benchor Ulaid.
Comghan Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Eighth century, sister of Ceallach, a King of Leinster
Comguailli Celtic Both Gaelic for henchman. Mythic. Crime.
Comhghan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. "Twin"
Commander English Male Commander Cody was an American Rocker and lead singer of Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen in the 70s. Music.
Comneal Celtic Both Gaelic for burning bright or candle.
Conaire Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A king at the time of Christ.
Conan English Male Conan the Barbarian, a character developed by Robert Howard, a tortured artist and gifted mind that ultimately committed suicide after the death of his mother whom he'd been committed to caring for during the long years of her illness. Art.
Conchessa Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Mother of St. Patrick
Conchita South American Female Conchita Citron, Chilean born American bullfighter. Killed 800 bulls during her 13 year career (she retired at 28) prior to getting married.
Conchobar Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A king of Ulaid (Ulster) at the time of Christ.
Confection English Both Refers to any variety of food made with sugar. Candies, cakes, etc. Typically refers to those of special quality or artistic design like spun sugar, etc.
Confetti English Both A great name for a dog of any mixed coloration.
Confucius Chinese Male Confucius, Chinese philosopher.
Conlon Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A hero. Mythic. People.
Conn Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Hero of the Hundred battles, a grandson of Tuathail.
Conn English Male Conn Smythe, Canadian sports entrepreneur.
Connall Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A warrior (hound).
Connecticut Native American Both Algonquian for long river.
Connee English Both Connee Boswell, died in 1976, member of the American blues group the Boswell Sisters. After her bout with polio affected her as an adult she continued to perform from a wheelchair.
Connell Celtic Both Irish surname meaning mighty.
Connera Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Sixth century; patron saint of Irish seamen.
Connie English Both Connie Mack, owner of the Philadelphia Athletics "As". Died in 1956. Baseball. Sports.
Connlaoi Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Prudent fire.
Connolly Celtic Both Irish surname meaning brave.
Connway Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The hound of the plain.
Conor English Both Conor Cruise O'Brien, Irish historian and politician and author. Known for being anti-IRA and nicknamed as Conor O'Britain as a result.
Conrad English Male Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotel line that is still known for the bad behavior of his great-granddaughter heiresses. To his good fortune he died in 1979 before he could bear witness to their antics.
Constabla Celtic Male Gaelic for constable.
Constance English Both Constance Applebee, English born American athelete. Introduced field hockey to the US as well as founding the first women's sports mag, "The Sportswoman". Sports.
Constante Spanish Both Constante, favored Cuban bartender of Hemingway. Created the first daiquiri.
Constantin Italian Both Constantin Brancusi, Romanian sculptor who died in 1957.
Constantine Ancient Both Constantine The Great, First Christian Roman Emperor, made Byzantium his capital and then renamed it in his honor "Constantinople". Politics. Mythic.
Constanze German Both Constanze Mozart, wife of Amadeus Mozart. Music.
Contae Celtic Both Gealic for county or place.
Conway English Both Conway Twitty, heralded country singer of the early era. Music.
Coochie English Both Term of endearment.
Cookie English Both Small, one serving cakelike treat of a variety of flavors and types. Food. Term of endearment.
Cool English Both James "Cool Papa" Bell, Hall of Famer outfielder for the Pittsburgh Crawfords. Known particularly for his speed. Sports. Baseball.
Coot English Both Common bird to the marshlands. Animal.
Copar Celtic Both Gaelic for copper.
Copenhagen Scandanavian Both Capitol of Denmark meaning Merchants' Harbour. Location of major commerce currently and historically.
Copper English Both A metal with a reddish burnish sheen. Primary ingredient that determines the appearance of a penny.
Coquant French Both Means little rascal.
Coquette French Both A flirtacious woman.
Cor Celtic Both Gaelic for choir.
Cora English Female Cora Taylor, American brothel owner that became Stephen Crane's common law wife after meeting him at her establishment. She complimented him on his book "Red Badge of Courage".
Coraghessan English Both T. Coraghessan Boyle, author of East is East. Art.
Corainti Celtic Female Gaelic for currants a flavorful and tart berry. Perfect for that gal with an attitude. Food.
Coral Dawn English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Corazon South American Both Corazon Aquino, Filipino politician. Her election win spurred the flight of the Marcos' administration to exile in Hawaii.
Corc Celtic Both Gaelic for Cork, a county of Ireland.
Corcora Celtic Both Gaelic for purple.
Corcoran Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The red-faced.
Cordelia English Female The misunderstood and virtuous daughter of King Lear by William Shakespeare. Art.
Coretta English Female Coretta Scott King, wife of icon, Martin Luther King.
Corey Celtic Both Gaelic from the hollow.
Corey English Both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were the teen icons of the 80s with their goofy demeanors.
Corin English Both Rustic Shepherd in the Shakespeare play As You Like It. Art.
Corinna English Female Mistress to Ovid, the poet of the early Greeks. His Amores poems were written to and inspired by her. Art.
Corinne French Female A character in the novel by Madame de Stael based on Jean Recamier who had a brilliant salon during the Renaissance in France. When her husband went bankrupt, he offered to divorce her so that she could remain in comfort by marrying Prince August of Prussia. She refused. Choosing to remain with her husband.
Coriolanus Ancient Male Gaius Coriolanus was a Roman soldier that inspired a play by Shakespeare called The Tragedy of Coriolanus.
Cork English Both An aromatic and spongy bark from a tree of the same name. Used for "corking" wine bottles.
Corliss English Both A movie called A Kiss for Corliss starred David Niven and Shirley Temple in 1949.
Cormac Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Third century king of Ireland, grandon of Conn.
Corna Celtic Both Gaelic for grain.
Cornal Celtic Male Gaelic for colonel.
Cornel English Male Cornel West is a educator, writer and activist. Art. Politics.
Cornelia English Female Cornelia Otis Skinner, an American actress and writer. Entertainment. Died in 1979.
Cornelis Scandanavian Male Cornelis Drebbel, a Dutch inventor created a wooden submarine that he sailed with a crew while King James I of England watched from the bank in 1621.
Cornelius English Male Cornelius Vanderbilt, started his fortune at age 16 to become one of the most powerful financiers and wealthiest men in the world at the time. His progeny continue to enjoy great wealth and are responsible for some of the most recognizable buildings, trusts and other indications of wealth in the world.
Cornpioppa Celtic Both Gaelic for hornpipe. Music.
Corona Spanish Both A region in Mexico and known for a beer of that region. Food. An outer luminous ring of a star. Nature.
Corpus Christi Ancient Both Latin for "body of Christ". A city in Texas. A holiday in the Catholic church held the Thursday after Trinity Sunday.
Corr Celtic Both Gaelic for heron and stork, birds with mythic properties. Mythic. Animal. Nature.
Corrail Celtic Both Gaelic for movement. Animal.
Corrain Celtic Both Irish surname meaning "little spear"
Corraite Celtic Both Gaelic for excited.
Cos Celtic Both Gaelic for leg. Animal.
Cosima English Female Cosima Wagner, the illegitimate daughter of Franz Lizst and the Comtesse d'Agoult. She left her first husband to be with Richard Wagner. She died in 1930. Music.
Cosimo Italian Both Cosimo de'Medeci of Florence was a philanthropist and financier. The Patriarch of the d'Medici future controlling much of Europe through their wealth and political power wielded as Popes of the Catholic church. Died in 1464.
Cosmo English Both First name of Kramer in the sitcom Seinfeld. People. Entertainment.
Cosmo English Both Cosmo Kramer, sidekick and neighbor to Jerry Seinfeld in his television show, Seinfeld. Entertainment.
Cosmos English Both The heavens, the universe.
Cota Celtic Both Gaelic for coat.
Cotton English Both Cotton Mather, An American clergyman who wrote Memorable Providences Relating to Witchcraft and Possessions which helped inspire the Salem witch trials. Died in 1728.
Cougar English Both A powerful and secretive wildcat of the Americas. Animal.
Count Italian Both One of the ranks of nobility.
Count English Both Count Basie, American jazz pianist and composer, leader of the Count Basie orchestra. Died in 1984.
Countee English Both Countee Cullen, American poet and leader of the Harlem Renaissance. Died in 1946 at the age of 41. Art.
Courtney English Female Courtney Love, American singer and wife of suicide victim Kurt Cobain. Has yet to mature and emerge from her grunge, trash, kinderwhore look. Ongoing problems seem to relate to immaturity and possible continued drug use. Despite all this she still seems to manage some exposure in the public eye and to build an interesting portfolio of work including albums and movie roles. Entertainment.
Courtney English Both Old English "from the court".
Courvoisier French Both Brandname of an exceptional cognac.
Coventry English Both Coventry Patmore, a librarian and poet. Wrote a tribute to married love. After being married three times he died in 1896.
Cowan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A twin.
Coyle Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A foot soldier.
Coyote Native American Both Coyote was recognized as the Native American as a clever trickster and magical creature. Wile E. Coyote was a wildly popular character originally found in the Roadrunner cartoons.
Cracker English Both A small crispy flat flour wafer. Can be eaten alone or topped with a variety of things.
Crackerjack English Both Iniitially a naval reference that meant exceptionally done. Today it is more recognized as a popular snack dating from the early 1900s. Popcorn and peanuts with a caramel/buttery coating. Food.
Craftine Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A celebrated ancient harpist. Music. Mythic.
Craftsman English Both Someone who has reached independence in pursuing their skill, talent, art or craft.
Craig English Both Craig Russell, Canadian female impersonator. He appeared as himself in the film Outrageous.
Crann Celtic Both Gaelic for tree. Nature.
Crann Ban Celtic Both Gaelic for sycamore. Nature.
Crann Creata Celtic Both Gaelic for aspen. Nature.
Crann Creata Celtic Both Gealic for poplar tree. Nature.
Crann Cufair Celtic Both Gaelic for the cypress tree. Nature
Crann Fige Celtic Both Gaelic for the fig tree. Nature.
Crann Mailp Celtic Both Gaelic for Maple Tree. Nature.
Crann Ola Celtic Both Gaelic for the olive tree. Nature.
Crann Troim Celtic Both Gaelic for elder,the tree. Nature.
Craobac Celtic Both Gaelic for the sylvan tree. Nature.
Crawford English Male Dr. Crawford Long died in 1878. He was an American surgeon and the first to use general anesthetic (ether). He gave his wife ether during the birth of their second child.
Crawford Scottish Both Ford where crows gather. Place name and family name.
Crazy English Both Frederick "Crazy" Schmidt, an American baseball pitcher with a notoriously poor memory. He kept a notebook to consult with players' hitting habits so he'd know what to pitch to them.
Cre Celtic Both Gaelic for soil or of the earth. Nature.
Cre-Uma Celtic Both Gaelic for bronze.
Creabar Celtic Both Gaelic for woodcock. Nature. Animal.
Creagar Celtic Both Gaelic for cricket. Animal.
Creidne Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A great DeDannan artificer. Crime. Mythic. Art.
Cricket English Both A small shiny black insect with a distinctive song. Powerful symbol of hospitality for Victorian England. It was preferable to have crickets upon the hearth. Also, from Jiminy Cricket, the sidekick of Pinochio. Mythic. Animal.
Crimthann Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A king who was famous for expeditions; uncle of Niall.
Criocnaite Celtic Both Gaelic for finished. Games.
Crionna Celtic Both Gaelic for wise. Perfect for the dog we could all learn something from... or from the dog that we learn things from but don't realize it (like the enthusiasm of a puppy?).
Criostal Celtic Female Gaelic for crystal. Art.
Cristin Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A Christian.
Cristina Spanish Female Cristina Sanchez, first female bullfighter to appear in Plaz Mexico.
Cristobal Spanish Both Cristobal Balenciaga, Died in 1972 was a Spanish couturier best known for his opulent ball gowns.
Cro Celtic Both Gaelic for kennel. Animal.
Cro Dearg Celtic Both Gaelic for scarlet.
Croc Celtic Both Gaelic for saffron. Food.
Crodh Mara Celtic Both The water cattle of the Highlands. Unlike the water horse, the Crodh Mara had many beneficial aspects and was even known to protect people from the dangers of the water horse. To have the Crodh Mara bull breed into a farmer's herd was considered an improvement to the stock. Perfect for the dog you might want to call Bull!
Croesus Ancient Both King Croesus, the last king of Lydia. Wealthy patron of Aesop for whom he wrote his fables.
Crogal Celtic Both Gaelic for crocodile. Perfect for the dog that seems to be all mouth.
Croi Celtic Both Gaelic for heart. Animal.
Croiuil Celtic Both Gaelic for heartily. Joie de vivre, joy in life. Term of endearment.
Crom Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. An idol destroyed by Saint Patrick. Mythic.
Cron Celtic Both Gaelic for tan.
Cronan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Seventy century; ancestor of John Carroll, first bishop of the US. Mythic.
Crotac Celtic Both Gaelic for curlew, a bird. Animal. Nature.
Crow English Both A large black bird. In Pagan mythology among the very wisest and most venerated of the animals. Mythic.
Crowfoot Native American Both Chief Crowfoot, a Canadian chief and blood-born chief of the Blackfoot Native American Tribe. Negotiated peace with the Cree and Canadian Pacific Rail System. Died in 1890.
Cruac Celtic Both Gaelic for steel. Strong but malleable when handled properly. Nature.
Cruella English Female Cruelle De Ville, obsessed with furs, she is the villianess of the 101 Dalmatian books and movie series. Played brilliantly by Glenn Close.. some people have all the fun.
Cruiad Celtic Both Gaelic for hard.
Cruiser English Both A class of warships and pleasure boats. Military.
Cruitneact Celtic Both Gaelic for wheat. The staff of life and considered a fundamental by many cultures. Is your dog necessary to your life? Food.
Crusca Celtic Both Gaelic for jug. Food.
Crystal English Female Crystal Gayle, American country music star. Cousin of Loretta Lynn and extraordinarily talented.
Crystal Ancient Both Latin for rock crystal. Now referring to glass with high lead content which provides brilliance and sparkle used for prisms and glasses.
Cu Celtic Both Gaelic for hound. Animal.
Cu Sith Celtic Both Faerie dog of the Scottish Highlands. It was dark green and the size of a small bull. Considered very dangerous to mortal man, it was the pet and protector of the faerie folk.
Cuac Celtic Both Gaelic for cuckoo. Comedy. Animal. Nature.
Cuaille Celtic Both Gaelic for pole. Games.
Cuain Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Eleventh century poet. Art. People.
Cual Russian Female Cual Delavrancea, blessed pianist with exceptional longevity. This Romanian artist performed her last public recital at the age of 103 (in 1990) and took six encores.
Cuardac Celtic Both Gaelic for search.
Cuardual Celtic Both Gaelic for spiral. Like the shell of a snail and other occurences. Nature.
Cuchulain Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. From cu, the word for Hound. This hero, so named for mistakenly killing a hound when he was a boy. One of the greatest legendary Irish heroes.
Cuddle English Both Term of endearment. Snuggling. Cozying up to someone.
Cudjoe African Both Cudjoe Lewis, Guinean born American was the last living member of the last boatload of African slaves brought to America in 1859. He died in 1935. The ship that brought them was burned on shore and the slaves freed to settle nearby.
Cuideacta Celtic Both Gaelic for business or company.
Cuil Celtic Both Gaelic for fly. Animal.
Cuileann Celtic Both Gaelic for holly. Nature.
Cuilitini Celtic Both Gaelic for ripple. Nature.
Cuimne Celtic Both Gaelic for memory. Term of endearment.
Cuirm Ceoil Celtic Both Gaelic for concert. Music.
Cuirt Celtic Both Gaelic for court of law.
Cujo English Both From the horror novel by Stephen King about a Saint Bernard that goes mad and kills everyone who crosses his path. Ironically, the breed is so even tempered that they couldn't find a St. Bernard to play the part in the movie and had to use another dog in a costume! Animals.
Cullen Celtic Both Irish surname meaning puppy. Animal.
Cumact Celtic Both Gaelic for power. Military. Politics.
Cumactac Celtic Both Gaelic for powerful.
Cumann Celtic Both Gaelic for society. Politics.
Cumasac Celtic Both Gaelic definition is "able"
Cummian Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A scholar "The Tall"
Cunobelin Celtic Both Ruler of the Celtic regions during the Iron Age. Speculated as being the source of the phrase "Jolly Old King Cole". Mythic.
Cupan Celtic Both Gaelic for cup. Food.
Cupcake English Both A single serving cake. Popular for children. Term of endearment. Food.
Cupid Greek Male Son of Venus, Cupid is best known for his love inspiring arrows. Indeed, Cupid was also capable of firing arrows that would prevent or distort love as well.
Cupra Ancient Female Etruscan Goddess of fertility. Mythic.
Curfa Celtic Both Gaelic for chorus like one of heavenly angels or lots of dogs barking. Which ultimately, could be the same thing.
Curly English Both One of the three stooges.
Curly English Both Curly Howard, a character of the Three Stooges played by actor Jeremy Horowitz who died in 1952.
Curran Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A champion. Mythic
Cursa Celtic Both Gaelic for course or route.
Curt English Male Curt Smith, British pop musician and member of band, Tears for Fears. Music.
Curthose English Male Robert II "Curthose" Duke of Normandy, died in 1134. Son of William the Conqueror and so named because he was short and his hosiery had to be trimmed down to fit.
Curtmantle English Both Henry II known as Curtmantle for introducing a shorter coat that came just to the knees and was more suitable for hunting on horseback.
Cuthbert English Both Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of Durham with some belief in freewill and free speech. He never put anyone to death for heresy which was unheard of in the age. Died in 1559.
Cutie English Both Also spelled QT. Term of endearment meaning charming or cute. On the QT can also mean in the know.
Cy English Both Cy Young, phenomenal and legendary ball player. Now best remembered through the Cy Young Award given to the best professional baseball pitcher of either league. Died in 1955.
Cybill English Female Cybill Shepherd, American actress of unusual longevity. Initially known for her part in American Graffiti, more recently audiences would remember her from her TV series named for her and Moonlighting with her co-star Bruce Willis. Entertainment.
Cyd English Both Cyd Charisse, American dancer and actress. Starred in Silk Stockings. Entertainment.
Cyndi English Female Cyndi Lauper, American pop star. Her success in the 80s gave her the freedom to pursue her very personal and artistic future including personal projects, family and children. Music.
Cyrano French Male Cyrano De Bergerac. Character and title of a novel by French writer, Edmond Rostand about love that overcame an unusual appearance and selfless deception through the charm and gift of a great speaker.
Cyrano French Both From Cyrano de Bergerac, a gifted author of less than beautiful visage due to a large nose. Art.
Cyrene Greek Female Mythical Greek Princess that Apollo fell in love with. He saw her wrestling lions and they went on to have two sons.
Cyrus Ancient Both Biblical for shepherd.
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