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Ba Ba English Both From children's nursery rhyme, Ba Ba Black Sheep.
Baal Ancient Both Phoenician god of the Moon. Mythic.
Bab Celtic Female Gaelic for "Babe". Term of endearment.
Babar Russian Both bear
Babe English Both Babe Ruth. American Baseball hero of the early 20th century. Played most notably with the Yankees during the era of Lou Gehrig and other mythic players. Even so, he was the star and still considered possibly the best player of all time. Helped inspire the downtrodden during the Depression.
Babette French Both French for little baby or little darling. Term of endearment.
Baby English Both Baby Ruth, a candy bar introduced shortly after the retirement of Babe Ruth. History chronicled that it was named for the "Babe" but in fact, it's release was to celebrate the birth of President Truman's new daughter.. Ruth.
Baby Ruth English Both Trade name of a candy bar named for the newly born daughter of President Truman and not for the baseball player Babe Ruth as popularly thought. Delicious blend of peanuts, chocolate, caramel and nougat.
Babylon English Both A biblical city that was destoyed for its wantonness. Mythic. A variety of rose. Nature.
Bacardi Italian Both Popular Vodka. Amazing what some people can do with a potator!
Bacchus Greek Male Reviewed as somewhat hedonistic by modern tastes. Bacchus discovered the fruit of the vine, wine and made it into a religious practice. Son of Jupiter and a beautiful woman, Semmele, who died when she saw Jupiter in his full splendor.
Bacchus Ancient Both Roman god of win and pleasure. Mythic.
Bad Celtic Both Gaelic for Boat.
Badb Celtic Both Gaelic for vulture. Nature. Animal. Crime.Mythic.
Bagel Ancient Both Hebrew bread, dense and filling and made by looping the dought around, creating a similar outline to a doughnut. Food.
Bagha Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. The daughter of a 7th century Irish King. She founded a monastery in Cumberland, Scotland.
Baghdad Middle Eastern Both Iraq's capital meaning "God's Gift".
Bagpipe Scottish Both Wind instrument popular in Europe that has several tubes.
Baile Celtic Both Gaelic for city or urban.
Bailey French Both Old French for bailiff, steward or one who bakes.
Bailey French Both attentive, loving
Baindia Celtic Female Gaelic for goddess. Mythic.
Baine Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Daughter of the king of the Picts.
Baineann Celtic Female Gaelic for female. Term of endearment. Animal.
Bainin Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The white one.
Bainlon English Both form of Bailey, attentive, special
Bainrion Celtic Female Gaelic for queen. People. Mythic. Military. Politics.
Baintreac Celtic Both Gaelic for widow. People.
Bairbre Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Patron saint of engineers and architects.
Baird Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A writer and singer of ballads. Irish "bard".
Baird Scottish Both Meaing to dress richly. A Scottish Clan with the motto "the Lord made".
Baird Celtic Both the singer/poet from bard
Baire Celtic Both Irish surname meaning "fair topped"
Bairin Celtic Both Gaelic for cake.
Bairread Celtic Female Gaelic for bonnet.
Bairseac Celtic Both Gaelic for shrew. Animal.
Bakari African Both Promises kept, can be relied up, dependable
Balaclava English Both Refers to payday. Money.
Balalaika Russian Both Guitar-like instrument of Russia with a triangular body, fretted neck and three strings. Popular in traditional music.
Balbo English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Balder Ancient Both Mythic Nordic mythological son of Odin and Frigga. Said to be the most beautiful of all the Aesir.
Baldur German Both Baldur Von Schirach, German founder of Hitler Youth.
Baldwin English Both A variety of apple, also a company that makes pianos.
Balkrishna Middle Eastern Both Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi, Indian architect who designed the Toronto City Hall in Canada.
Ball Celtic Both Gaelic for member, to be joined. Animal. Games. Politics.
Ballade French Both Musical Romantic genre most often lyric piano pieces. Poetic form and chanson type of the Middle Ages and Renaissance with courtly love texts.
Ballet French Both Dance form with staged presentation of group or solo typically with music, costums and scenery.
Balloon Scottish Both James "Balloon" Tyler, so named because he was the first Briton to fly. He used a homemade balloon. His profession was as an journalist and scientist. He lived in the mid-late 18th century.
Ballyhoo Celtic Both Gaelic for uproar or noisy shouting.
Balor Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A chief of the Fomorians.
Balso English Both Lead character and title role of the avant garde American Western novel by Nathaniel West, The Dream Life of Balso Sniel.
Baltazarini Italian Both Baltazarini di Belgioioso an Italian musician that created the first ballet combining dance with song. Died in 1587.
Balto Native American Both Alaskan cross breed, Malamute, leader of a dog team that traveled 655 miles in six days to bring diptheria antitoxoid to a remote community. Annually this cruel and grueling race is re-enacted as the Iditarod. The courage of the dogs that made this original life saving trip possible should not be overlooked as the dogs that die each year in the purely competitive endeavor to replicate it.
Bambi Italian Both Italian for baby and also the name of a deer in the Disney classic "Bambi".
Bambi German Both The hero in the story by Austrian Felix Salten. Created into a wildly popular Walt Disney movie.
Ban English Both Ban Johnson was an American Baseball executive credited with the creation of the American League.
Banain Celtic Both Irish surname meaning white.
Banana Japanese Both Banana Yoshimoto, novelist and author of Kitchen.
Banda Celtic Both Gaelic for band.
Bandicoot Australian Both Common bird to the land down under. Animal.
Bandit English Both A robber or thief. Crime.
Bandraoi Celtic Both Gaelic for witch. Mythic.
Banflait Celtic Female Gaelic for princess. Mythic. Military. Politics. People.
Banjo English Both A stringed instrument with a round body. Especially popular for Blue Grass music.
Banjo Australian Both The stage name of Andrew Barton Paterson, an Australian journalist and poet.
Banjo English Both Stringed instrument with round body, fretted neck. Originally an African instrument brought to the US by early slaves. Music.
Banshee Celtic Female A mythic creature that foretells death in a family. In Ireland, the spirit of a lovely woman that dies before her time typically becomes a banshee for her family. While lovely, they are pale with eyes red from weeping. When banshees gather together it is to foretell a disaster or accident where many will die.
Banshee Greek Both Ancient Greek mythological creature that could strike deadly fear in one's heart through their antics.
Bantu African Both The name of several tribes native to central and southern Africa.
Banyan English Both A tree found in Hawaii, India and the East Indies. Can have multiple trunks and above ground roots.
Banzai Japanese Both A Japanese battle cry or greeting. Military.
Baoighill Celtic Both Irish surname meaning "vain pledge"
Barabbas Ancient Both Biblical for "son of the Father".
Barabbas Ancient Both The Jewish Bandit that was released at the request of the Jewish mob rather than see Jesus released. To that time, Barabbas was the most hated criminal of the era.
Barak Ancient Both Biblical for lightning flash.
Barbara English Female Penname of Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland, a prolific and popular novelist of historical romance.
Barbarella English Female A movie of the early 60s with minimal plot and wardrobe used to stunning effect by the starlet playing the part of Barbarella, Jane Fonda.
Barbarosa Ancient Both Legendary Teutonic king probably based on King Frederick I of Germany. Said to be interred under the Kyffhauser Mountains. Mythic.
Barbie English Female Barbie Doll, enduring American stereotype named for the daughter of the founders and creators of the Barbie Doll.
Barbra English Female Barbra Streisand. American Broadway star and film director.
Barclay Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "either action or death".
Bard Celtic Both Gaelic for bard an entertainer and musician dating back to the Middle Ages.
Bardal Celtic Male Gaelic for drake, male duck. Nature. Animal.
Bardot French Female Lastname of Brigitte Bardot.
Barguest Celtic Both Much like the "grim" of the Harry Potter series, the Barguest is a large black dog with red eyes and horns that portends the death of the one that sees it. Thought of much like a bogie.
Baritone French Both Male musical voice of moderately low range.
Barkley English Both Sesame Street character, a dog puppet. Cute name with a play on the word bark.
Barnaby Greek Both Greek for son of prophesy.
Barnard English Male Barnard Elliott Bee, credited with giving General Jackson the nickname Stonewall. Died at the beginning of the Civil War in 1861.
Barnes English Male Sir Barnes Wallis an English engineer. He helped develop the R100 airship and the bouncing bombs of WWII.
Barnett English Male Barnett Newman is an American artist.
Barney English Both Rather painful to adults but delightful to toddlers, purple dinosaur title character of a children's show.
Baron English Both Lowest royal rank of British monarchy. Politics.
Barr Celtic Both Gaelic for top.
Barr Hata Celtic Both Gaelic for top hat.
Barr Samail Celtic Both Gaelic for ideal.
Barra Celtic Both Gaelic for bar.
Barraille Celtic Both Gaelic for barrel.
Barrett English Both Barrett Cocks, a British journalist.
Barrington English Both Barrington Nevitt, Canadian engineer and philosopher that died in 1995.
Barrog Celtic Both Gaelic for carress.
Barry Celtic Both Gaelic for spear like or pointed. Accredited as the name of the original St. Bernard that saved hikers lost in the snow.
Barry Scandanavian Both The original St. Bernard dog that the reputation of the breed as a savior to lost travelers in the Alps is based upon. He lived from 1800-1814.
Barrymore English Both A family of several generations consistently producing exceptional acting talent along with the challenges that such a successful life can provide. The great granddaughter of the patriarch of this line is Drew Barrymore.
Bart English Both Childish infamous hero of The Simpsons cartoon.
Bartholomew English Male Bartholomew Cubbins, Hero and title character of The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins by Dr. Seuss.
Bartholomew Ancient Both Hebrew for son of Talmai, on of the twelve apostles. Mythic.
Bartholomew Ancient Both Biblical for son of Tolmai.
Bartimaeus Ancient Both The roadside beggar that Jesus healed of blindness in the book of Mark.
Bartolommeo Italian Male Bartolommeo Eustachio, Italian anatomist that recognized and identified the Eustachian tube in the ear.
Baruch Ancient Both Biblical for blessed.
Baruch Scandanavian Both Baruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher of the 17th century.
Barun Celtic Both Gaelic for Baron.
Barzillai Ancient Both Biblical for "of iron".
Bashir Middle Eastern Both Bashir Gemayal, Lebanese politician that died in a bomb assasination in 1982.
Basil Italian Both Sweet smelling herb. Popular in much Italian cooking. The base of pesto. Food.
Basil English Both Basil Rathbone, a British actor that died in 1967. Best known for playing Sherlock Holmes in the black/white version.
Bass English Male Male musical voice of low range.
Bass Italian Both A big violin played with it resting on the floor of deep and rich tones. The lowest vocal range, typically held by men in 4 part harmonies. Music.
Bass English Both A popular freshwater sport fish. Animal.
Basse Danse French Both Court dance of the early Renaissance.
Basso Continuo Italian Both Means continuous bass in Italian. Refers to the performance group with a bass, organ and cello or bassoon.
Bast Middle Eastern Both Egyptian Goddess of Fire. She is the "Little Cat"
Bastille French Both A prison in Paris. It's storming in 1789 indicated the beginning of the French Revolution.
Bat English Both A small flying mammal that uses sonar to "see" in the dark. Incredible aerial acrobats.
Bathsheba Ancient Female Biblical for the Queen of Sheba, now also means queen of opulence.
Bathsheba Ancient Female Wife of a soldier of David and so, David (son of Solomon)sent the man to a dangerous battle in order to relieve Bathsheba of her marital vows that he might have her for himself.
Bathsua Middle Eastern Female Bathsua Farina, English Restoration educational reformer and tutor to Charles II's daughter Elizabeth.
Bathsua Middle Eastern Female Bathsua Farina, English Restoration educational reformer and tutor to Charles II's daughter Elizabeth.
Battista Middle Eastern Both Battista Pinin Farina, Italian car designer who's company Pininfarina has designed Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and the Hyundai Pony.
Batty English Male Batty Langley. Neogothic designer that authored Ancient Architecture Restored published in 1742.
Bauchan Celtic Both Also called a Bogan, a sort of hobgoblin that could be mischievous and helpful. Sometimes they became very devoted and loyal to their families and would even travel great distances to stay with them.
Baucis Greek Female Humble woman of Greek mythology who was hospitable to two strangers late one night. These strangers, Gods in disguise, rewarded her and her husband, Philemon with their wish, to die in the same hour so that they would not see the other's grave. Instead, they were made into two lovely trees.
Baucis Ancient Both Mythical Phrygian peasant. Rewarded generously for his hospitality to the disguised gods, Zeus and Hermes.
Baxter English Both Old English for baker. Food.
Bayard English Both Bayard Taylor, American poet, traveller and ambassador. Died in 1878.
Bea English Female Bea Arthur, popular sarcastic/comedic actress.
Beac Celtic Both Animal. Gaelic for bee.
Beac Gabair Celtic Both Gaelic for wasp. Does your buddy have a little sting? Animal.
Beag Celtic Both Gaelic for small, little.
Beagan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A little one.
Beaker English Both Name of a popular, hilarious and colorful scientist/muppet from the Jim Henson crew. His vocalizations are unintelligible but expressive none the less in an extraordinary high pitch.
Beaky English Male Beaky John Dymond, rock musician with the group Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mitch and Tich from the 70s.
Beal Celtic Both Gaelic for mouth. Animal.
Bealoidias Celtic Both Gaelic for tradition. Mythic.
Bealtaine Celtic Both Gaelic for May.
Beangan Celtic Both Gaelic for sprout. Term of endearment. Nature.
Beanie Baby English Both Popular collectible toy line of the mid-late 90s.
Beannu Do Celtic Both Gaelic for salute. Military.
Bear Uasal Celtic Both Gaelic for lady, woman. Animal.
Beara Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A queen of ancient Ireland.
Bearach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Spear, javelin. Military. Mythic.
Bearrad Celtic Both Gaelic for clip.
Beathag Scottish Female Means "life".
Beatrice Italian Female Beatrice Portinari, The focus and desire of the author Dante Alighieri. His desire to restore her after her death led him to take the path into the Underworld as recounted in his book "The Inferno".
Beatrix English Female Beatrix Potter, British author and illustrator best known for her works including the Tale of Peter Rabbit in 1900. She died in 1943.
Beau English Male Beau Brummell, English bon vivant and dandy.
Beauclerc English Male Henry I, had the grand total of 24 offspring but by the time of his death only one had survived, Matilda. He died in 1135.
Beaujolais French Both Popular varietal of wine. District of the same name in France. Wine of a dusky light red. Food.
Beaupreau French Both Means beautiful meadow.
Beauregard French Female Old French for beautiful in expression.
Beautiful English Both Beautiful Joe, a story based on a real dog in Canada circa 1893. He'd been abused and mistreated, but saved and cared for.
Beauty English Female Lovely, exquisite, also suitable for use with an adjective like "Black Beauty"
Beaver English Both Small furry mammal. Animal. Also popular television character in 60s sitcom "Leave It To Beaver"
Bebe French Female Bebe Shopp, American Model and Miss America 1948.
Bebhinn Celtic Female Gaelic feminine for the mother of Brian Boroimbh, the hero.
Bebop English Both Complex jazz style of the 1940s to modern era. Music.
Becher Ancient Both Biblical for young camel.
Beckett English Both A martyr of the early Irish Catholic/English Protestant struggle. The Archbishop of Canterbury.
Becky Ancient Female Diminutive of Rebecca which is Hebrew means "bound, committed, devoted". Daniel Boone's wife was also of this name.
Becky English Female The heroine and love of Tom Sawyer in Mark Twain's American epic. Also the wife of American Legend Daniel Boone.
Bede English Both St Bede the Venerable, the scholar and saint and first historian who's work is still preserved.
Bedford English Both A county in central England.
Bedivere English Male Sir Bedivere, legendary Knight of the Round Table, he tended the dying King Arthur.
Bee Gee Australian Both Exceedingly popular 3 brothers band from Australia in the early 80s. Provided the soundtrack (essentially) to the blockbuster Saturday Night Fever. Music. Entertainment.
Beebop English Both A retro term (from the 50s) referring to the dance and sound of the era. Upbeat, happy.
Beefheart English Both Captain Beefheart, Surreal musician and composer of Trout Mask Replica.
Beemer English Both Shorthand for BMW (Bavarian Motor Works). Known for its exceptional engineering and handling. Perfect for the dog that is loved by the person that loves their car as well.
Beeper English Both Slang for a pager. Great for the dog that is quick to remind you that its time for a walk, dinner or that someone is at the door.
Beerbohm English Male Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, British actor and director, died in 1917.
Bees Frolic English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Beijing Chinese Both Capital of China.
Beilby English Male Beilby Porteus, English poet of the 18th century.
Beiste Celtic Both Gaelic for pan. Food.
Beit Celtic Both Gaelic for birch,the tree. Nature.
Beitir Celtic Both Animal. Gaelic for bear.
Bel Canto Italian Both "Beautiful singing" elegant vocal styple with florid melodic lines delivered by voices of great ability and purity of tone.
Bela Ancient Both Biblical for swallow up.
Bela Italian Both Hungarian born character actor. He was buried in his Dracula cape. Died in 1956.
Belacqua English Both Belacqua Shuah, Hero of Beckett's Dream of Fair to Middling Women.
Belinda English Female Arabella Belinda Fermor the reali life inspiration for Alexander Pope's "Rape of the Lock" (1712).
Bella Italian Female Italian for beautiful.
Belle French Female French for beautiful.
Belle English Female Belle Starr, American horse thief and wild west icon. Died in 1889 after being shot and murdered by her neighbor.
Beltane Scottish Both An old Scottish quarter day.
Belva English Female Belva Ann Bennett Mcnall Lockwood, American Attorney. She ran for President on a platform of Universal Peace. She won Indiana. Died in 1917.
Ben Ancient Male Refers to the Hebrew Benjamin (son of the right hand). Name of Micheal Jackson's pet in the song "Ben". Also of the famous story Gentle Ben, about a devoted Grizzly Bear.
Ben English Male Name of a fictional pet bear in a television series utilizing the song "Ben" by the Jackson 5. Starred Clint Howard, child star and brother of Ron Howard.
Benazir Middle Eastern Both Benazir Bhutto, Pakistani Politician and successor to her father who was hung by his political opponents.
Bendigo English Both William Bendigo Thompson, bareknuckles heavyweight boxing champ of the mid 1800s. He was nicknamed for the fur cap her wore known as a bendigo. Retired from boxing to become a minister and died in 1880.
Benedict English Both American soldier and British patriot. Famous quote as he was being hung by the British for spying "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country".
Benen Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Fifth Century, the second bishop of Armagh and a friend of St. Patrick.
Bengt Scandanavian Both Swedish race car driver.
Benigno Native American Both Filipino politician. When he was assasinated, the turmoil led to the overthrow of the current leader of the country. Ferdinand Marcos and his family were forced to flee.
Benito Italian Both Benito Mussolini, Italian politician and dictator during WWII.
Benjamin Ancient Male Hebrew for "son of the right hand".
Benjamin English Male Dr. Benjamin Spock, American pediatrician who's advice is still regarded as valid in many areas. He was an Olympic gold medalist in the 1924 Games.
Benji English Both Popular cult figure of the 70s-80s. Benji was a terrier mix of obscure heritage rescued from a local shelter who went on to be the ultimate movie star of the era. Became synonymous with sweet, fluffy and charismatic small dogs as in the expression "Benji Dog" still often seen on to describe dogs available for adoption that embody these characteristics but no specifically identifiable breed traits.
Bennett English Male Bennett Cerf, editor of Eugene O'Neill's work.
Bennetta English Female Bennetta Washington, first leader of the Job Corps training program and American teacher.
Benny English Male Benny Hill. Off color English comedian. Died in 1992.
Benoit French Both Benoit Mandelbrot. French mathematician and author.
Benso Italian Male Camillo Benso di Cavour. Italian Politician.
Benson Ancient Both Hebrew-English (Hebrew Benjamin combined with later English affectations), Ben's son.
Bentley English Both Means "from the moor". Also a prestigious and upscale English automobile. The quintessential English name.
Benvenuto Italian Both Benvenuto Cellini. Italian goldsmith of remarkable ego as demonstrated by his memoirs.
Beoir Celtic Both Animal. Gaelic for Bear.
Beowulf Ancient Both English name found in the epic poem Beowulf. Name of the hero from this same piece.
Berengaria French Female Berengaria of Navarre, married Richard the First, or Richard the Lionhearted in 1191.
Beringer English Both Napa Valley Winery. Great option for the wine lover.
Bernabe South American Male Bernabe "El Dynamitero" Ferreyra, Argentinian Soccer Star that died in 1972.
Bernadette French Female St Bernadette of Lourdes. Daughter of a French Miller, saw the Virgin Mary in a cave for over 3 weeks.
Bernard Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Bear like. Animal.
Bernard Russian Male Bernard Berenson. Lithuanian born art ctitic and double dealer. He died in 1959.
Bernard German Both Old German means Brave Bear. Name of the monk who established the monastary/order that utilized the St. Bernard dog for rescue in the mountains.
Bernardine English Female Bernardine was a character in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. She is beheaded in Act IV.
Bernardino Italian Male Bernardino Ramazzini, Italian Doctor of the 17th century. First to link illness with occuapational hazards like lead exposure by potters.
Bernardo Italian Male Bernardo Bertolucci, Italian film director.
Bernice Greek Female Greek for bringer of victory.
Bernice Greek Female Means bringer of victory.
Bernice Ancient Female The wife of King Ptolemy of Sicily, mistress of Emperor Titus of Rome and the greatgranddaughter of Herod the Great. Her name means victorious.
Bernie English Male Bernie Taupin is the lyricist for virtually all the music of Elton John and notable others like "Dreams" for Heart and many other highly recognized pop hits. He met Elton John through a newspaper ad.
Berolin Celtic Both Gaelic for fiddle. Music.
Berry English Female Betty Goldstein, author of The Feminine Mystique which set off a maelstrom of controversy upon its release, also the founder of NOW in '66. Betty is perhaps the most popular nickname/variant of Elizabeth.
Bert English Male Bert and Ernie, popular muppet pair from Sesame Street fame. Continued into being central characters in the Muppet movies. Bert is the sensible one and Ernie being the one who typically has things a bit muddled.
Bert English Both Old English for bright. Also the popular character from Sesame Street's duo, Bert and Ernie. Bert is the smart one.
Bertha English Female Old English for shining.
Bertha German Female Big Bertha comes from a heavy gun used during WWII to bomb Paris. It was manufactured in a plant in Germany owned by Bertha Bohlen un Halbach. Military.
Berthe French Female Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot was a French painter of the Impressionist style that died in 1895.
Berthenia English Female Berthenia Owens, American doctor. Originally she was a hat-maker. Died in 1926 and commented on becoming a doctor by saying she was not prepared for the opposition that followed her accomplishment.
Berthold German Male Berthold Schwarz. German Franciscan monk and alchemist (alchemists worked to make other elements into gold, prior to the understanding of our elements). In 1320 or thereabouts,he invented the first guns.
Bertolt German Male Bertolt Brecht poet and playwright, author of Threepenny Opera.
Bertram English Male Bertram Brockhouse, Canadian physicist that won a 1994 Nobel Peace Prize.
Bertrand Welsh Male Bertrand Russell, very productive philosopher and mathematician that won the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize
Beryl English Female Beryl Markham, living a life of adventure no doubt inspired by her upbringing in Africa. Beryl Markham became a female bush pilot, the very first in Africa. While she was a contemporary of Amelia Earhart she was overshadowed by Amelia's publicity but her accomplishments were no less. Her autobiography was made into a movie and she lived to a ripe old age commenting that "getting old is a pain in the ass". Beryl is also the name of a lovely semi precious stone.
Bess English Female Diminutive for Elizabeth. Popular character in Jane Austen novel. Art.
Bess English Female Bess Truman. Wife of President Harry Truman. Bess is typically a shortened form of Elizabeth but is seen more and more as a first name in its own right.
Bessica English Female Bessica Raiche, first woman to fly solo in the US. After a near fatal accident where her skirt tangled in the controls she wore pants when flying.
Bessie English Female Bessie Smith "Empress of the Blues" died in 1937. Bessie is another traditionally shortened version of Elizabeth that has become more commonly a name in its own right.
Bessy English Female Bessy Throckmorton. Maid of Honor to Queen Elizabeth. Her affairwith him landed Sir Walter Raleigh in prison. Upon his release, they were married in 1590.
Beta Greek Both Second letter in the Greek Alphabet. Also original format of videotaping that was ultimately obscured by VHS format.
Bete French Both French for beast.
Bete Noire French Both French for Black Beast. Has some scary overtones and referred to as "the bane of my existence" by some.
Beth English Female English dimunitive of Elizabeth. Original Hebrew means "house of God".
Bethan Welsh Female Pet form of Elizabeth Ann.
Betsy English Female Betsy Ross. American seamstress long credited with the creation of the American flag as we know it with white stars on blue and stripes of red and white. While she was involved in its creation, the extend of that involvement seems to be questioned today. Betsy is another variant on Elizabeth.
Bette English Female Bette Midler, phenomenal singer and comedienne. Truly a treasure of her age with unbelievable range in her vocal and acting talents from light comedy (like Down and Out in Beverly Hills) to more serious dramas (like Beaches and A Star is Born). Her stage presence has blessed her with the title "The Divine Miss M".
Bettina French Female Bettina Graziana was a Parisian fashion model of the 50s. The Givenchy design, Bettina blouse, was named for her.
Betty Ancient Female Hebrew Elizabeth as a dimunutive. meaning "oath of God".
Betty Boop English Female Popular cult cartoon figure from the early-mid 20th century. Now, nearly iconic for her signature large eyes, black bobbed hair and short skirt and squeaky voice.
Beulah English Female Beulah Bondi, character actress of the mid 20th century. Especially well known for her characterizations of old ladies.
Beulah Ancient Both Hebrew for "married" also a name for Israel.
Bevan English Male Bevan Ernest Congdon is a professional cricket player from New Zealand.
Beverly English Female Beverly Sills, American Soprano who has gone on to lead many of the major opera houses and societies in the world.
Bevil English Male Sir Bevil Grenville died in 1643. English Royalist Soldier that inspired "Song of the Western Men"
Bevin Celtic Female Gaelic feminine for "the melodious".
Bezaleel Ancient Male Bezaleel referenced in the Old Testament as the ultimate craftsman of God. He was the one who designed the Ark, tabernacle, furniture, fittings and decorations. His name means "In the shadow of God"
Bhagwat Middle Eastern Male Bhagwat Subramanya Chandrasekhar was struck down with polio while a child in the 1950s in India. It did not seem to compromise him though as he went on to become a professional cricket player. His nickname was "Freak Bowler" as a result.
Bhailintin Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Strong, healthy.
Biabog Celtic Both Gaelic for rhubarb. Food.
Bianca Italian Female Italian for white.
Bianca South American Female Bianca Jagger, born in Nicaragua and highly educated, she was the first wife of Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger. Very protective of her children from the harsh spotlight and one of the great beauties.
Bibi Scandanavian Female Bibi Anderson really Birgitta, Bibi is a nickname. Swedish actress.
Big Bird English Both Another popular character from Sesame Street. Large yellow bird of unparalleled comedic talent and warmth.
Big Foot English Both Large, legendary humanesque creature that resides in the Pacific Northwest. Some have claimed to have formed the hoax, others say it is still real. Also known as Sasquatch.
Big Wig English Both Term from the mid 20th century referring to the boss or one in charge.
Bigas Spanish Male Bigas Luna, Spanish director of film.
Bijou French Both French for jewel or sparkly item. Money.
Bil Scandanavian Female Nordic goddess that is likely the "Jill" of the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme. She was kidnapped by the god of the moon. Mythic.
Bilbo English Both JRR Tolkien's unlikely hero in the story that began it all, The Hobbit. Trusting, intrepid and surprisingly (even to himself) courageous Hobbit that was endearing because of his remarkable fortitude that was completely unexpected.
Bilhah Ancient Female Maidservant to the family of Jacob in the Old Testament. Means cheerful.
Bill English Male Variation of William. Bill Clinton, President of the US. Despite a remarkable amount of accomplishment during his term, likely to be remembered primarily for his indiscretion and subsequent lying about an affair with an intern that took place during his tenure.
Bill German Both Old German diminutive of William. Meaning determined guardian.
Billie English Female Billie Holliday, Great American Jazz Singer, she died young at 45 as a consequence of her inability to cope (at least without the use of drugs) with her success and the expectations that came with it.
Billy Blind Celtic Both A hobgoblin attached to a family that was generally treasured because he/she gave good advice.
Bimbo English Both Sexist term referring to a woman, typically attractive or cosmetically overdone that is lacking in intelligence or tends toward being very distracted.
Bimmer English Both Nickname for cars made by the German automobile manufacturer BMW.
Bing English Male Bing Crosby, blessed with an incredible voice, he was the "velvet crooner", a serious alcohol problem and a horrible temper (the last two were masterfully hidden during his lifetime by his family).
Bing English Both Old English for kettle shaped hollow. A type of Cherry. Firstname of Bing Crosby and popular slang of the 50s "Botta Bing Botta Boom". Entertainment. Food.
Bingo English Both Name of a dog in a popular children's song. Also a popular game. Games.
Binky English Both Tradename for a line of baby pacifiers that has become a general term such as telling a child to go get their Binky.
Binn Celtic Both Gaelic for turret, like on a castle. Mythic, Military.
Biolar Celtic Both Gaelic for cress. Nature.
Bioma Gealac Celtic Both Gaelic for moonbeam. Nature. Mythic.
Bionag Celtic Both Gaelic for fat.
Bior Tine Celtic Both Gaelic for poker. Games.
Bird English Both Charlie Parker had the nickname Bird. He was a gifted alto saxophonist best remembered for his composition "Ornithology" (or the Study of Birds).
Birdie Scottish Both Referring to being one under par on a hole of golf. Games.
Birgit Scandanavian Female Swedish Soprano. Music.
Birgitta Scandanavian Female St. Birgitta is the Swedish patron saint.
Birute Russian Female Dr. Birute Goldikas, One of the three primate experts recognized by Louis Leakey. Her specialty was the orangutans of Borneo.
Biscuit English Both Refers to a wide variety of baked or fried bits of dough. Whether a sweet biscuit (essentially a doughnut), roll, or cookie for a dog. Food. Also a golden color found on some dogs (Samoyeds and Great Pyrenees for example) that is just off white referring to the color of a properly baked biscuit.
Bishop English Both High ranking official in the hierarchy of the Catholic church. Mythic.
Bismark Scandanavian Both Capital of North Dakota. Famous Admiral of British Navy. Military.
Bithiah Ancient Female Egyptian meaning queen. Mythic.
Bitiunac Celtic Both Gaelic for robber, thief. Crime. People.
Bitiunic Celtic Both Gaelic for highwayman. Crime.
Bitsy English Female Diminutive of Elizabeth, Betsy. Also as in itsy bitsy referring to very small.
Bitsy English Both A variation of Elizabeth.
Biwa Japanese Both A lute that is similar to the Chinese pipa.
Bix English Both Bix Biederbecke, a highly regarded Jazz Cornet player died way too early at the age of 28 in 1931.
Biz English Male Biz Mackey, An AllStar with the Negro Baseball Leagues. He played centerfield and died in 1959. Sports.
Bjorn Scandanavian Both Bjorn Borg. Swedish tennis player and the only one to win 5 consecutive Wimbledons. Still very competitive in the Seniors Professional Tennis League where he continues his rivalry with John McEnroe. Born in 1956, he likely will be for some time to come.
Black English Both Black Bart was an American Stagecoach Robber. Was an honest man until he turned 60.
Black Annis Celtic Both Probably a variation on the Irish mother goddess, Anu, Black Annis was seen as more of a hag or crone with blue face and iron claws.
Black Beauty English Both An incredibly loving and forgiving horse from the book by Anna Sewell of the same name. Art. A variety of rose. Nature.
Black Dog Celtic Both Much as the "grim" of the Harry Potter books, to see a Black Dog (a large mythical creature) was considered bad luck. Unfortunately today, this mystique must still haunt dogs that are black since large black dogs are the last to be adopted from Animal Shelters in the US.
Blackie English Both Common in prior generations for an all black dog. Animal.
BlackJack English Both Popular gambling related card game. Also refers to a short black bat used by police and other figures to gain control of a subject quickly. Crime. Games.
Blaine Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The lean one.
Blaine English Both Originally a name for males, that has been overshadowed by a number of females named Blaine. The original meaning is "river's source".
Blair Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Man of the fields.
Blair English Female Blair Brown, American Actress.
Blair Scottish Both Scottish placename and family name.
Blaise French Both Blaise Pascal. French philosopher and great mind of his time. Died in 1662.
Blake English Both Old English for fair haired, fair complected.
Blake English Both Blake Edwards, Film Director, best known for The Pink Panther.
Blanca Spanish Female Spanish for feminine white.
Blanche French Both Old French for white, fair.
Blanco Spanish Male Spanish for masculine white.
Blarney Celtic Both Gaelic for talking excessively, the gift of gab. Reference the Blarney Stone.
Blarney Celtic Both Gaelic for a gift of talk and flattery. Refers to the Blarney Stone said to provide this gift to anyone who kisses it.
Blat Celtic Both Gaelic for bloom. Nature.
Blat Cromcinn Celtic Both Gaelic for daffodil. Nature.
Blatac Celtic Both Gaelic for buttermilk.
Blath Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Name of a virgin saint.
Blaze English Both A spurt of flame. Also a long strip of white between a horse's eyes leading down to their nose is called a blaze. Famous exotic dancer Blaze Starr. Entertainment. Animal. Nature.
Blazer English Both Popular Chevrolet product also shortened form of "Trailblazer" referring to those pioneers of the early US and anyone who sets upon a path not previously trod.
Bleactaire Celtic Both Gaelic for detective. Crime.
Bleddyn Welsh Both means wolf. Animal.
Blesma Soul English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Blessings English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Blinky English Both Popular and common name for dogs in the mid 20th century referring to their behavior of winking. Ultimately becoming a term that engenders a sense of naivete' and innocence.
Bliss French Both Originated from a word meaning complete happiness. Bliss Carman is a Canadian poet that died in 1929.
Blitz German Both Shortened from "blitzkreig" which was a sudden and overwhelming onslaught who's speed left the attacked country overwhelmed and virtually always defeated. Military.
Blitzkreig German Both Fast, overwhelming assault. Military.
Blizzard English Both A powerful storm of snow, wind and chilling temperatures. During a blizzard visibility is nil as everything is either falling snow or covered with snow. Overwhelmingly white.
Blondel Ancient Both A dark and troubled goddess of the Norse tradition. Mythic.
Blondie English Female Blondie was a very popular cutting edge rock band of the 80s. Performed some of the first rap and introduced reggae to a mainstream audience. Front person, Deborah Harry provided a stylish, cool edge and presentation of the band.
Blondie English Both A cartoon figure from Dagwood by Dean Young and Stan Drake. Ultimately also slang for anyone with blonde hair especially in moments when they aren't particularly bright.
Bloody English Both Bloody Mary, nickname for Mary Queen of Scots who was the Queen of England for a short time. During her reign she executed about 300 people trying to re-establish Catholicism in England.
Bloomer English Both From Amelia Bloomer, for whom the first, Turkish style pants for women was recognized in the US.
Blooper English Both In the entertainment industry refers to a scene done incorrectly and typically with comedic overtones that must be done over.
Blower English Both Blower Brown, 19th century walking champion.
Blue English Both Common name for a dog that is ticked or roaned or merled. These coat patterns are created by a mixture of white and black hair creating an impression of blue tones and initially popular with Coonhounds (one of the types of dogs that this coat color is common) as in "Ole Blue"
Blue Boy English Both Refers to a masterpiece painting by Sir Thomas Gainsborough of Jonathon Buttall.
Blue Burches Celtic Both The name of a boggart that teased and tested a family of shoemakers. They enjoyed and took pride in the humor of their friendly boggart.
Blue Cap Celtic Both The name of a brownie that worked in the mines of England. He worked moving the tubs of coal and expected to be paid but wouldn't accept more or less than he deserved. Even so, he worked far harder than others and was considered a great blessing to a mine.
Blue Men of the Minch Celtic Both A race of sea spirits that lived in a specific area near the islands of Scotland and Ireland. They would seek to wreck passing ships and could only be stopped by a ship's captain that could speak to them in rhyme and get in the last word.
Blue Moon English Both Popular wistful song. Music. A variety of rose. Nature.
Blue Peter English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Bluebeard English Both Legendary pirate of the late middle ages. Supposedly brutal to wives and other victims. Also extremely successful and claims of a curse surrounding anyone who might find or tamper with his buried treasure is still the source of much writing. Art. Military. Crime.
Bluebeard English Both An especially successful and wretchedly cruel pirate. Tales of him in life and in death,his ghost, were popular. From the French fairy tales that included Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty published near the end of the 17th century.
Bluebell English Both A type of flower. Also a popular name for a gentle, dairy cow. Some parts of the US are/were serviced by a dairy brand of this name. Nature. Animal.
Blues African Both African American form of secular folk music. Rather like jazz based on simple, repetitive poetic music structure.
Blush Damask English Both A variety of rose. Nature.
Bluto English Both The bully of the Popeye comic strip.
BMW German Both Initials of Bavarian Motor Works, these cars are also called Bimmers as slang. Known for exceptional handling.
Bo English Both Anglicized (Americanized) form of the French word "beau" which means handsome.
Bo English Both Bo Diddley, incredibly gifted Master of Rhythm and Blues. Music.
Boadicea Ancient Both Queen Boadicea of the first century AD was a warrior and leader of the Iceni tribe of Eastern England (at the time). She attacked and killed the Romans of Colchester (about 7000) after the Romans whipped and raped her daughters. She was then attacked and took poison as the battle claimed 8000 of her tribe.
Boann Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Name of the River Goddess.
Boaz Ancient Both Biblical for "in him is strength".
Bob English Both English for Robert. Means bright fame, brilliant celebrity.
Bob English Both From Robert. Bob Marley was a Jamaican reggae star that set reggae as a cool and popular sound in the Western world. He died in 1981 at the age of 36.
Bobbie English Both Bobbie Gentry, songwriter and singer, created and sang the folk ballad, Ode to BillieJoe the basis of a movie starring Robbie Benson. Also Me and Bobbie McGee was one of Janis Joplin's big hits. Music.
Bobbin English Both The spool that thread is held on in a sewing machine.
Bobby English Both Variant on Robert. Bobby Seale, American founder of the Black Panther Party. Charged with disrupting the Democratic National Convention in 1968 along with 7 others of his party.
Bobleact Celtic Both Gaelic for cowslip. Nature.
Bobo English Both Bobo MacDonald was the royal nursemaid to the British royal family during the infancy of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. Bobo is likely Elizabeth's first word.
Bobs Bahadu Middle Eastern Both Frederick Sleigh Roberts was known as Bobs. As an English Field Marshal in India he earned the Victoria Cross during a mutiny. Bobs Bahadu means hero in Hindustani and became his nickname from that point.. The entire Irish Guard there is known as Bob's Own for the same reason.
Boctou Ancient Both A woman in Mali with a well. The watering spot became a regular stop for travelers and eventually called the "place of Boctou" which in that language would be Tomboctou. Since the 6th century it evolved to Timbuktu.
Bodhran Celtic Both Hand held drum with single head used in Irish traditional music.
Bodkin English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Bog Celtic Both Gaelic for soft.
Boga Celtic Both Gaelic for bow.
Boga Sine Celtic Both Gaelic for rainbow.
Bogart English Both Last name of American actor Humphrey Bogart. Husband of film star Lauren Bacall. Referred to in the song, Key Largo as the "love story of Bogie and Bacall".
Bogey Scottish Both In golf, one strike over par at a hole. Games.
Boggart Celtic Both A mischievous spirit that is often happy and humorous with no desire to harm or scare the family it is around.
Boggle English Both To overwhelm the mind, as in "it boggles the mind to think that man has walked on the moon".
Bogie English Both Nickname of Humphrey Bogart, major American film star of the 20th century
Bogie Celtic Both Also called bogles, bug a boos, and bogey beasts are mischievous creatures who often take on an element of evil to devil and torment people.
Bogomilla French Both Bogomilla Welsh, Art Historian of the 20th century.
Boies English Both Boies Penrose, an American Senator.
Boitrin Celtic Both Gaelic for lane. Nature.
Bojangles English Both From the popular song of the 1960s, Mr. Bojangles. Entertainment.
Bojangles English Both Nickname for Bill Robinson. Gifted tap dancer and actor. Shared the stage with Shirley Temple. Being black held him back in an era that didn't appreciate or know what to do with talent of this stature.
Bomba Celtic Both Gaelic for bomb.
Bombadil English Both From Tolkien, the ancient character and protector of the earth and forest figures in the story in the first book of Lord of the Rings, the fellowship of the ring. Unfortunately he was excluded from the movie. Tom Bombadil.
Bombardier English Both Billy "Bombardier" Wells, British Heavyweight Boxing Champ. Died in 1967. Recognized and respected the connection of the mind to the success of physical endeavors.
Bomber English Both Bomber Harris, the architect of the English bombing raids on Germany. He included Dresden in the plan, a city of no military significance but such a jewel in the crown of Germany that its destruction would be a crush to morale. Died in 1984.
Bon Bon French Both French for a bite size chocolate candy.
Bonaventure English Both Name of a famous British train.
Bones English Both Clearly the internal framework of animals with an endoskeleton. Also the nickname of the character Dr. McCoy on the cult favorite and original Star Trek.
Bongo African Both A pair of small drums with differing pitch. Of Afro Cuban origin they are played by being held between the legs ans struck with both hands.
Bonkers English Both Generally considered slang for "going crazy" as in "the place went bonkers when Joe hit that home run".
Bonn Celtic Both Gaelic for coin. Money.
Bonnie Scottish Female Means pretty, happy. Bonnie Parker, the Bonnie half of Bonnie and Clyde. After a crazy crime spree during the Depression, which drove many people to crime and made Bonnie and Clyde something of a Robin Hood of the era, she was killed in a gun battle with police. She was 23 years old.
Bonny Scottish Both Pretty or beautiful as in a bonny day or a bonny lass.
Bono Ancient Both Lead singer of the Irish band U2. His stagename Bono Vox translates, in Latin, to good voice.
Bonzo English Both Probably the perfect name for the dog owned by a devoted Democrat as the name recollects the time when Ronald Reagan got billing beneath a chimpanzee in the 1940s movie Bedtime for Bonzo. Bonzo being the chimp in question.
Bonzo English Both Bedtime for Bonzo was a movie about a chimpanzee starring Ronald Reagan. Entertainment.
Boo English Both Common term for startling someone. Referring to the presumed favorite word of ghosts and the child's game of "peek a boo". The character of the young charming girl and the source of so much mayhem in the movie Monsters, Inc..
Boog English Both Boog Powell was a professional infielder for the Orioles baseball team. Sports.
Booker English Both Booker T Washington significantly assisted the improvement of life in the South for whites and blacks with his scholarly accomplishments in the area of agriculture. In addition to helping end various blights and disease he also encouraged rotating crops and other good management of the land. He additionally helped find marketable uses for peanuts so that it was justifiable to plant them. His contibutions compare favorably to many who may have been more active politically but cannot claim comparable long term benefit. He died in 1915.
Boomer English Both Refers back to the slang term for Thunderstorms, ie thunder boomers. Generally considered something large and of presence (if not loud) like firing large guns or walking heavily.
Boomer English Both Boomer Yeager played catcher for the Dodgers baseball team. Sports.
Booth English Both Booth Tarkington, author that won the Pulitzer prize for his novel The Magnificent Ambersons. He died in 1946.
Boots English Both Popular character in Shrek, Puss in Boots voiced by Antonio Banderas. Generally refers to an animal who's white covers their feet and up their legs.
Bootsy English Both Bootsy Collins, bass player with George Clinton, known for a funky, bluesy sound. Music.
Bord Celtic Both Gaelic for table.
Boreas Greek Both According to the ancient Greeks, the God and embodiment of the north wind.
Boris Scandanavian Both Means warrior. First name of the actor Boris Karloff that brought several "monsters" to life including Dracula.
Boris English Both Boris Karloff, British actor best remembered for playing Frankenstein. Died in 1969.
Borys English Both Son of writer Joseph Conrad and wife, Jessie.
Bosca Celtic Both Gaelic for Box.
Bosco English Both A trademarked chocolate flavored beverage.
Bosley English Both English, common surname. Also the name of the man that assisted Charlie's Angels. Entertainment.
Boss English Both The guy in charge. The one you report to at work. The Nickname of Bruce Springsteen. Music.
Boss English Both Boss Croker was the head of the corrupt pack of politicians eventually known as the Tammany Hall Machine. He died in 1922.
Bossa Nova South American Both Brazilian music/dance style related to samba. Very popular in the 50s and 60s.
Bostik English Both Adhesive company from Boston. Named by using Boston and stick. Great for the dog that is like glue.
Boswell French Both A forested town.
Bota Celtic Both Gaelic for vote. Politics. People.
Botar Celtic Both Gaelic for highway.
Boufee French Both Comic opera. Music.
Bounce English Both A popular fabric softener that is sweet smelling as well as a word indicating the actions of a ball when it hits the ground. Great for the dog that is very light on their feet.
Bouree' French Both Lively Baroque dance style. Music.
Boutros Middle Eastern Both Boutros Boutros Ghali, head of the UN until 2000. Had the nickname Boo Boo cause of errors. Originally from Egypt his term at the UN was perhaps the most tumultuous worldwide to date.
Bowie English Both Bowie Kuhn, Baseball executive known for a very efficient and matter of fact approach. Not particularly friendly but very effective. It was speculated that strikes wouldn't have taken place if Bowie were alive during that time. He died in 1926
Bows English Male Generally refers to being done up very femininely like being in ribbons and bows.
Bowser English Both Common name for a dog that became synonymous with the word dog.
Box Car English Both The name of a cargo trailer for a train as well as a type of mustache.
Boxcar English Both Boxcar Bertha Thompson, an activist seeking to help homeless women. During the era they often sought refuge and transportation via the trains.
Boy English Both Boy George, English Pop singer with The Culture Club. His sensitivity, fashion sense and sexual proclivities eventually overwhelmed the group and it disbanded.
Boyne Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The river Boyne and the battle of the Boyne in 1690. Military. Mythic.
Bozo English Both Referring to a children's show of the mid 20th century and the star character, Bozo the Clown. Entertainment.
Brad English Both Brad Pitt, Hearthrob of the late 20th and early 21st century. Associated with a series of his leading ladies beginning with his first fiance' Gwyneth Paltrow.
Bradan Celtic Both Gaelic for salmon. Animal. Food.
Bradley English Both Old English meaning from the broad meadow.
Bradley English Both Bradley Kincaid, American Folk Singer. Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1971. Discovered "Grandpa Jones". Died in 1989.
Brady Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A man of spirit.
Brag Ancient Both Norse God of eloquence.
Brag Celtic Both A shape shifting goblin of mythical Scotland.
Braislead Celtic Both Gaelic for bracelet. Money.
Bram Celtic Both Bram Stoker was an Irish Civil Servant that wrote the original Dracula in 1897.
Bramble English Both A shrub or vine that creates a mesh of itself and its thorns or briars. Like a raspberry bramble.
Bran Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A Hound of Fionn's men.
Branch English Both Wesley "Branch" Rickey was a manager of the Dodgers. He was also known as "the Mahatma" for his ability to spot new baseball talent. Sports. He signed Jackie Robinson which addressed and ended the race discrimination in the sport to that time.
Brandon English Both Old English "from beacon hill".
Brandon English Both Brandon Thomas, English actor and playwright. Died in 1914.
Brandy English Both A classic dog name as well as a popular liquor of a generally rusty-red color.
Branford English Both Branford Marsalis. Jazz saxophonist, worked with Sting on much solo work. Brother of Wynton. Music.
Branle French Both Quick group dance of the Renaissance. Music.
Branwell English Both Branwell Bronte. Brother of remarkable talents, Emily, Charlotte and Anne.
Branwen Ancient Female One of the spellings of Bronwen or Bronwyn, the wife of King Matholwch. Her brother, Bran, was beheaded for trying to save her. King Arthur discovered his head, called the Uther Ben, as an icon.
Braoin Celtic Both Irish surname meaning sorrow.
Bratac Celtic Both Gaelic for flag. Politics. Military.
Bratair Celtic Male Gaelic for friar. Mythic.
Bravo Italian Both Often shouted as applause or congratulations.
Brea Celtic Both Gaelic for grand. Term of endearment.
Breac Celtic Both Gaelic for trout. Animal.
Breagan Celtic Both Gaelic for toy. Games.
Breaker Australian Both Harry Harbord "Breaker" Morant, an adventurer died in 1902. A film was made based on his life.
Breakwater English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Breas Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A chief of the DeDananns.
Breathigrend Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Name of an ancient Irish Queen.
Breeze English Both Refers to a soft wind with a quality almost like a caress.
Breis Celtic Both Gaelic for more. Term of endearment.
Breiteam Celtic Both Gaelic for legal judge. Crime. Politics.
Brenda Celtic Female Gaelic feminine for Raven.
Brenda English Both Old English for firebrand.
Brenda Lee English Female American pop and country singer. Music.
Brendan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Voyager and saint who discovered the Americas dating prior to Columbus or Ericson. Mythic. Military. People.
Brendan Celtic Both Gaelic for little raven.
Brendan Celtic Both Brendan Behan, an Irish author with alcohol problems. Died in 1964 at the age of 41.
Brennan Celtic Both Gaelic Irish for Brendan, little raven.
Breshnev Russian Both Premier of the USSR in the 70s-80s. Communist and generally very cagey in negotiations during the Cold War. Military. Politics.
Bret English Male Bret "the Hitman" Hart, Canadian pro-wrestler.
Brett English Male Brett Hull, Canadian hockey player for St. Louis Blues. His father, a former pro himself, was called the Golden Jet... so his son is known as the Golden Brett.
Brewster English Both Old English means brewer. Also a popular character on a sitcom of the 1980s about a charming young African American child who is adopted by a fast track, career oriented white couple.
Brian Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Brother of Niall.
Brian Celtic Male Brian Boru, incredible Irish hero of legend. Mythic.
Brian Celtic Both Gaelic for strength and virtue.
Briar Celtic Both Gaelic for the thorns on a thorny vine or shrub.
Bribeir Celtic Both Gaelic for beer brewer.
Bricfeasta Celtic Both Gaelic for Breakfast.
Bricriu Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The bitter tongued.
Brideac Celtic Female Gaelic for Bride.
Bridey Celtic Female Virginia Tighe Morrow, while under hypnosis was able to recall the life of Bridey Murphy, a 19th century woman in Ireland. Ms. Morrow knew details of the era and life, the language, grammar and accent. Highly unusual for a housewife in Colorado in the mid 1950s. Virginia spoke of Bridey being her former incarnation. Instead it was later discovered that Virginia had been cared for by Bridey Murphy Corkell while a small child in Chicago. Her dredged up memories were from very early childhood not a previous life.
Bridget Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Name of a fifth century saint. "Mary of the Gael"
Bridget Celtic Female St. Bridget, an Irish abbess that established the monastery Cill-Dara, now known ads the town of Kildaire.
Brie French Both A popular gourmet dessert cheese from France. Food.
Brigham English Male Leader of the Mormon movement in the US. Succeeded its founder Joseph Smith. When he died he had 17 wives and 56 kids. He died in 1877.
Brigid English Female Brigid Brophy, British novelist. Died in 1995.
Brigit Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. Name of the Poetry Goddess.
Brigitte French Female Brigitte Bardot, former actress blessed with such exceptional good looks that her abilities were usually overlooked because of her sex appeal. Retired to France and is a very vocal and active Animal Rights Activist.
Brillo Italian Both Means drunk. Not a great name for a dog and it's certainly cruel to give a dog alcohol since it can be much more of a health risk (even if they only have it once) because of the differences in their system.
Brillo English Both From the word Brilliant referring to how this soapy pad of spun steel wool leaves everything looking great.
Brioct Celtic Both Gaelic for charm.
Briollacan Celtic Both Gaelic for clam. Animal.
Briongloro Celtic Both Gaelic for dream.
Briosca Celtic Both Gaelic for biscuit.
Briquet French Both Means a small brick. Term used in referring to charcoal chunks used in barbeque and grilling (charcoal briquet).
Britches English Both Slang for pants or trousers.
Britney English Both Britney Spears, variant spelling of Brittany, teen popstar.
Briton English Both Briton Hadden, co founder of Time Magazine in 1923. Died in 1929.
Britt Scandanavian Both Britt Marie Ekland, actress and model.
Brittany English Female Brittany York, Playboy model.
Brittany Ancient Both Latin meaning from Britain.
Broadsman English Both Name of a famous train in Britain.
Broc Celtic Both Gaelic for badger.
Broderick English Male Broderick Crawford, American Actor and Academy Award winner. Died in 1986.
Broderick Scottish Both From the Scottish for brother.
Brodie English Both Famous professional quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers football team is John Brodie. Games.
Brodie Scottish Both Scottish clan with the motto "Unite".
Broin Celtic Both Irish surname meaning raven
Bronach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Sixth century. The Siant of the Bronze Bell.
Bronco Old West Both Refers to an unbroken horse that still bucks or to a horse trained for rodeo work that bucks. Also a popular SUV vehicle formerly made by Ford. Animal.
Bronislava Russian Female Bronislava Nijinsky, Russian ballerina and sister to Vaslav.
Bronwen Welsh Female Means white breast.
Bronwyn Celtic Female Bronwyn Drainie, Canadian journalist and one variation of Branwen, ancient wife of King Matholwch.
Brook English Both A small stream. Also Brook Taylor, an English mathematician who paved the way for calculus. Died in 1731.
Brooke English Female Brooke Shields, Actress and model.
Brooke English Both Old English meaning from the stream. Popular name for girls on a variety of shows, especially soap operas. Entertainment.
Brooks English Male Brooks Stevens, died in 1995 after inventing the wide mouth peanut butter jar.
Brother English Both Referring to a male sibling. Also used in slang to refer to ones close friends or those of like mind.
Brown Man of the Muir Celtic Both A forest spirit that loved animals and would harm men because of their inclination to hunt and harm animals of the wood.
Brownie English Male Brownie McGhee American Blues Singer and Guitarist. Music.
Brownie English Both A moist cakelike chocolate dessert and popular name for a brown dog.
Brownie Celtic Both Much like the "House-Elf" of the Harry Potter series. The Brownies are the best known of the faerie folk for their penchant of living near and around people and generally being helpful unless they are mistreated and unappreciated.
Bruce French Both Old French for from the brushwood thicket.
Bruce Scottish Both Scottish Clan with the motto "we have been".
Bruce English Both Bruce Springsteen. Rock star and Academy Award winner. Music.
Bruiser English Both Originally refers to something like a wrestler or boxer in relation to the many often minor injuries they would sustain.
Brun French Both French for brown.
Brunnhilde German Female Character in Wagner's opera, Gotterdammerung. Her aria, 14 minutes, is the longest of any opera. Music.
Bruno English Male Bruno Gerussi, Canadian actor. Died in 1995.
Bruno Italian Both Refers to brown haired.
Brussels Scandanavian Both Capital of Belgium.
Brutus Ancient Male Marcus Junius Brutus, close friend of Julius Caesar, to the point that Julius thought of him as a son. Thus his startled response, "Et Tu, Brute" when Brutus raised his hand against Julius along with the other assasins.
Brutus Ancient Both Latin. Most known for the man that participated in Julius Ceasar's assasination. The shock that Ceasar felt in seeing his participation, someone he thought of as a son, caused his last words to include "Et tu, Brutus?" meaning "and you, Brutus? made famous in the Shakespearean play. Art
Bryan English Male Bryan Ferry, Rock sensation, solo and with the band, Roxy Music.
Bryan Celtic Both Gaelic for strength and virtue.
Bryher English Both Bryher McAlermon, British heriess who married a homosexual in order to fulfill her father's requirements for inheritence. Her husband spent his share of the fortune publishing books.
Bryn Welsh Both means hill or mound.
Bryna Celtic Female Gaelic feminine for "the strong".
Brynmor Welsh Both Means great hill.
Bu Celtic Female Gaelic for hyacinth. Nature.
Bua Celtic Both Gaelic for victory. Games. Military. Politics.
Buac Celtic Both Gaelic for victorious. Mythic. Games. Military. Crime.
Buacaill Baire Celtic Both Gaelic for playboy. People.
Buacaint Celtic Both Gaelic for win. Mythic.
Buadhach Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Victory
Buan Cluil Celtic Both Gaelic for memorable. Term of endearment.
Bubb English Both Bubb Dodington, 1st Baron Melcombe. Died in 1762, English politician famous for inconsistency.
Bubba English Both Slang for brother in the Southeast. Eventually come to refer to someone that is not particularly sophisticated, intelligent and can also mean rather large and goofy.
Bubble English Both Incompetent secretary on the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous.
Bubbles English Both Popular name for pet fish. Can mean water loving or fun loving.
Bubbles English Both Popular name for coy coquettish young women often employed as strippers, dancers and other risque ventures.
Bucca Celtic Both Another brownie like spirit that originally has beneficial overtones helping fishermen (as Buccas are associated with the sea) and insuring fertility among fish. Later they took on evil overtones and were used menacingly by parents as a sort of boogy man.
Bucephalus Ancient Both Latin. The highly regarded war horse of Alexander the Great. Military. Animal. Politics.
Buchanan Scottish Both Scottish clan meaning "brighter hence the honour"
Buck English Male A male deer or goat. The quintessential slang term for manliness or masculinity. "Old Buck" is also a brand of pocketknife.
Buck English Male Buck Owens, Country Musician, Leader of the Buckaroos. Music.
Buckeye English Both A tree with a nut of the same name indigenous to the northen Shenandoah valley. Mascot of the Ohio State University. Food. Nature. Games.
Buckminster English Both Buckminster Bucky Fuller, inventor of the geodesic zone. Died in 1983.
Buckwheat English Both A grain popular for many bread products including pancakes. Popular character in the Our Gang series from the 30s-40s. Entertainment. Food. Nature.
Bud English Male Bud Fisher, Cartoonist and creator of Mutt and Jeff. Died in 1954.
Bud English Both Old English for herald, courier. Sland for friend.
Buddy English Male Buddy Holly, Legendary Rock and Roll singer. Died at only 22 in a plane crash to the next concert site. The Beatles named themselves in honor of his group The Crickets. Johnny B. Good and many other Rock and Roll Classics date to his writing and performing skills.
Budge English Male Budge Crawley, Canadian filmmaker specializing in animation.
Buenos Aires Spanish Both Capitol of Argentina meaning good winds, alluding to the Virgin Mary, patron Saint of Sailors.
Buff English Both Refers to a soft golden, off white color. Such as the golden toned Cocker Spaniel is called buff colored.
Buffalo English Both Buffalo Bill Cody, American showman and the creator of the Wild West Show. Also the lover of Calamity Jane.
Buffy English Female Buffy the Vampire Slayer, television show based on the movie that made a bigger star of the TV lead than the movie lead. We are introduced to a group of young nubile women who are destiny's choice in defenders of the world against vampires.
Buffy English Both Variation on Buff. Popular character and science fiction show about protecting the world from vampires called "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer".
Bug English Both Slang for insect. Great for a very small dog, one that is intrigued by insects or one with very prominent eyes.
Buggane Celtic Both A dangerous shape shifting bogey-beast. Accused of many dastardly deeds it was thought that he could eat people which of course made him that much more a hazard. Rowan crosses were used to warn the Buggane away from homes and farms.
Bugle English Both An instrument casually called a horn. Used to play revele and other mass messages (like retreat) during a battle because of its strong, loud and piercing tones. Popular in bands and orchestras and often the focus/lead of the brass section. Military. Music.
Bugle English Both Brass instrument that evolved from early military/field trumpet.
Bugs English Both Bugs Bunny, a clever and sarcastic rabbit who's only occupation and hobby is to outwit and annoy those who seek to kill, hunt or otherwise bother him.
Bugsy English Both Bugsy Siegel, American gangster and founder of Las Vegas as it is known today. Crime
Bui Celtic Both Gaelic for yellow.
Buicead Celtic Both Gaelic for bucket.
Buioc Celtic Both Gaelic for grateful. Mythic.
Buiocas Celtic Both Gaelic for gratitude, thanks. What affectation or emotion or feeling could be more appropriate for our companios that give so much but ask so little?
Buite Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. sixth century, founded Abbey of Monasterboice.
Bulldog English Both In addition to being an English dog breed known for its power and tenacity and gentleness with its family, also Jim "Bulldog" Bouton was a pitcher with the Yankees. All Star baseball player and helped with "Big League Chew" a bubble gum that looks like chewing tobacco in retirement. Sports. Baseball.
Bullet English Both Slang for ammunition used in rifles, shotguns and handguns. Roy Rogers named his dog Bullet and his horse Trigger. Entertainment. Crime. Military.
Bullseye English Both The perfect shot for a game of expert marksmanship or darts or archery. Games.
Bullwinkle English Both Popular cartoon character, a moose that accompanied by his clever sidekick, Rocky, a flying squirrel, solved many puzzles and regularly foiled his enemies, Boris and Natasha.
Bumble Bee English Both Black/yellow insect that is greatly beneficial. Responsible for the pollination of the many plants, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers it visits. It is also a marvel as science claims that the laws of flight dictate that the bumble bee would not be able to fly. Clearly, the bumble bee does so anyway. Nature. Animal.
Bummer English Both Slang for disappointing news.
Bumper English Both Referring to the safety edges on cars and other moving vehicles (like baby buggys).
Bumps English Both Bumps Blackwell, the composer of Good Golly Miss Molly and other popular 50s tunes. Music.
Bun English Both Fred "Bun" Cook, Canadian hockey player. Invented the slapshot and drop hook. Died in 1988 and was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1995. Sports.
Bungee English Both Trademarked name of a risky sport involving jumping from heights with a rubber cord that will pull the person back prior to impact. Games.
Bunk English Both To prove a hoax or fraud.
Bunny English Both Bunny Waller, one of Bob Marley's group, the Wallers.
Bunoc Celtic Female Gaelic term of endearment for baby with feminine overtone.
Bunoc Celtic Female Gaelic for feminine infant. Animal. Term of endearment.
Burdeal Celtic Both Gaelic for bottle.
Burgers English Both Short for hamburgers. Food.
Burgess English Both Burgess Meredith, American actor, died in 1997 of Alzheimer's.
Burl English Both A curl in the grain of wood left from a knot. Also Burl Ives, actor and singer, best remembered for his rendition of Frosty the Snowman.
Burleigh English Both Burleigh Grimes, Baseball pitcher and manager, member of the Hall of Fame, last of the legal spitball pitchers.
Burley English Both Nickname in the South for Tobacco. Big Burley houses are warehouses where lots and tons of tobacco are sold to cigarette manufacturers. Nature.
Burnsides English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Burrito Native American Both Popular dish of a tortilla wrapped around a filling of cheese, meat, vegetables and/or beans. Food.
Bus English Both Refers to a form of mass transit. One such company is called Greyhound.
Buster English Both Common boy's name. Name of popular line of children's shoes, Buster Brown.
Busy Lizzie English Female A variety of rose. Nature.
Butch English Both Common name for young boys. Acting "butch" can imply masculine or bullying overtones.
Butkis Scandanavian Both Dick Butkis a former Chicago Bears football player. Games.
Butter English Both Refers to the popular creamy yellow spread made from cow's milk. Food.
Buttercup English Both Lovely yellow flower that grows indigenously over most of the US. Popular name for dairy cows. Nature.
Butterfinger English Both One of the most popular chocolate bars with peanut butter. Trade name.
Butterfly English Both One of the most readily identified insects because of its large and artistically colored wings. Popular motif for many decorating options like nurseries, etc. Nature. Animal.
Butterscotch English Both A popular dessert flavor that features butter and brown sugar also the name of the creamy warm golden color that results from the blend. Food.
Buttery Spirits Celtic Both A type of goblin given to mischief in inns. Stories abound of Buttery Spirits that lead people into all sorts of adventures and mishaps that they swear would not likely have taken place otherwise. No doubt, Buttery Spirits also take the blame for many ideas that emanate from the mind that has spent too much time with a bottle!
Buttons English Both Popular part of the phrase "buttons and bows" meaning that one is done up in their finery. Great name for one dog of a duo.
Buzz English Both Originally the English interpretation of the sound a bug makes. Now also refers to types of doorbells and other electonic notification (like pagers and cell phones). "Buzz me in" refers to those apartment buildings that allow people to ring the doorbell at the front of the building while the host can open the door from their apartment by pressing a button.
Buzzer English Both Popular gag gift and practical joke of the mid 20th century. By holding this item in your palm you could deliver a vibration or electrical jolt to someone shaking your hand. Generally only funny to the person with the buzzer and annoying to everyone else.
Byrne Celtic Both Irish surname meaning raven.
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