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A Capella French Both Musical term relating to singing/performing without accompaniment.
a cappella Italian Both Choral music performed without instrumental accompaniment. Perfect for the dog that loves to 'sing'. You can even call them Cap or Ella for short.
A Gra Celtic Both Gaelic for Dear. Term of endearment.
A Tempo Italian Both Musical term that means 'return to previous tempo'. Perfect for the dog that has a repetitive rhythm to his barking or whining.
A.C. English Both Short for Animal Control. Perfect for the dog that owes his/her life to you and the local shelter!
Aabid Middle Eastern Both Loyal.
Aage Scandanavian Both Aage Bohr, a Danish physicist, won the 1975 Nobel Prize for physics. He was born the year that his father Niels won the Nobel Prize for physics.
Aaron English Male Aaron Burr was an American politician that won a duel with Alexander Hamilton in 1804.
Aba Celtic Both Gaelic for river. Nature.
Abact Celtic Both Gaelic for joke. Games.
Abacus Greek Both Device for doing calculations of the ancient world. Often recognized as the first calculator. Clever.
Abaddon Ancient Both Knows God. (Hebrew)
Abanobi Ancient Both Water Lover (mythological).
Abar Celtic Both Gaelic for purpose.
Abas Greek Male The mythical son of the Greek king Celeus. When he commented on the slurping of the goddess Demeter she turned him into a lizard.
Abban Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Famous Leinster saint of the sixth century.
Abbey English Female One of the wives of King David. Short for Abigail.
Abbey Ancient Both Spiritual (Hebrew)
Abbey Lubber Celtic Both During the latter era of monasteries, monks were thought to be slothful, greedy and given over to the temptations of the flesh. The Abbey Lubber was a minor devil that tempted the monks into even more poor behavior. After being discovered and run-off, monasteries typically saw the error of their ways and reformed, thus meaning that the Abbey Lubber had done good rather than evil.
Abbie English Male Abbie Hoffman was one of the Chicago Seven and a leader of the Yippie (Youth International Party) movement.
Abbo Italian Both short for Abbondio, means abundance
Abby English Female Diminutive of Abigail. Term of endearment.
Abby English Female From Abigail VanBuren's column Dear Abby.
Abdon Greek Both God's wonder.
Abe Ancient Male Short for Abraham which means "father of the multitude"
Abeeku African Both Wednesday born
Abel English Male Refers to one of the two sons of Adam and Eve. Killed by his brother Cain, Abel was the good son who held to the guidance offered by his parents.
Abel French Both Abel Bonnard was a French poet that was sentenced to death for being minister of education during the Vichy government. Ultimately he was merely banished.
Abelard French Both French theologian that was castrated by irate members of his wife's family. They were unaware that the pair had been married.
Abercrombie English Both Popular fashion designer.
Aberdeen Celtic Both Original name of the Scottish Terrier. Also related to the area of Aberdeen, Scotland.
Aberdeen English Both place name; serene
Aberlin German Both Ambitious
Abi Russian Both Oldest brother in the famly.
Abiel Ancient Both Biblical means my father is God.
Abigail Ancient Female Hebrew name that means "bringer/creator of joy"
Abigail English Female Abigail Adams was an early feminist, the first lady of one President and the mother of another. She is the author of Remember the Ladies, a plea to her husband John. Asking that he remember the rights of women while composing the Declaration of Independence.
Abisia Ancient Both Hebrew for God's gift, gifted child
Ablord Celtic Both Gaelic for orchard. Nature.
Abner Ancient Male Hebrew meaning "father of light"
Abner English Male From L'il Abner the cartoon strip by Al Capp.
Abner Ancient Both Means the father is the lamp.
Aboo African Both Father, wise
Abosi African Both remembered
Abracadabra English Both Magical overtones to this name that is recognized as a cliche'd magic spell.
Abraham English Male From Abraham Lincoln, 19th President of the United States that lead the country through its most tumultuos period, the Civil War.
Abraham Ancient Both Hebrew meaning "father of the multitude"
Abram English Male Variation of Abraham and the name of Abram Hoffer, a 20th century psychologist that coined the word "psychedelic" to describe the effects of LSD.
Absalom Ancient Male From the bible meaning Father of Peace.
Absalom Ancient Both Means the father is peace.
Absalom Ancient Both Hebrew for peaceful, handsome
Absolutely English Both The first name taken by David Powers aka Absolutely Nobody when he ran for Lieutenant Governor with the platform that the position was extraneous and he would eliminate it if elected. He got 7% of the vote.
Abundance English Female A variety of rose. Nature. Also to mean "plenty".
Abundio Spanish Both Living in abundance
Acacius Ancient Both Latin for one and unity.
Accelerando Italian Both Term for music to be played at a faster tempo.
Accompagnato Italian Both Music that is accompanied often by an orchestra.
Accordion English Both Musical instrument noted for its pleated bellows (and thus inclination to get longer and shorter with undulating motion), keyboard and free vibrating metal reeds. Great for a long bodied dog, like a Dachshund.
Accordion English Both Musical instrument noted for its pleated bellows (and thus inclination to get longer and shorter with undulating motion), keyboard and free vibrating metal reeds. Great for a long bodied dog, like a Dachshund.
Ace English Both Ace in a deck of cards is the highest ranking in any suit. Ace also refers to topnotch, best at such as acing a test.
Ace English Both From Ace Ventura, character of Jim Carrey in movie of the same name.
Achelous Greek Male God of the Rivers. Took the form of a bull to fight Hercules in a battle over a maiden and Hercules defeated him by removing one of his horns. The Horn was consecrated and claimed by the nymph Plenty to become the cornucopia. Mythic.
Achille Italian Both From Achille Castiglioni a 20th century furniture designer.
Achilles Italian Male Ancient Roman Hero who was invincible unless struck in the heel (location of the Achilles tendon an expression of weakness) because that is where/how his mother held him when she dipped him in the river Styx as a baby. Mythic.
Achilles Greek Both Legendary Greek warrior protected by being dipped in the river Styx by his mother who held him by his heel. His one vulnerability.
Achilles Greek Both Mythic, legendary hero of the battle of Troy.
Achleen Celtic Female Gaelic feminine. A sister of St. Patrick.
Acis Greek Male Lover of the goddess Galatea, he was killed by the jealous Cyclops and his blood made into a river in memory by Galatea.
Aciscius Greek Both From Achelous; river god
Acker English Both British jazz clarinettist of the name Acker Bilk.
Acker English Both Oak tree
Ackerley English Both born of the meadow, nature lover
Acra Celtic Both Gaelic for acres.
Actaeon Greek Both Mythical son of Aristaeus. He was turned to a stag by Artemis for seeing her naked. His own dogs tore him to pieces.
Action English Both Great choice for a dog on the move or combined with names like "Action Jackson"
Acton English Both The pen name of Ann Bronte (Acton Bell). She lived to be only 29.
Ad Celtic Both Gaelic for luck. Games.
Ad Libitum Italian Both Musical term that gives the performer the option to delete or improvise through a section.
Ada English Female Augusta Ada Byron was the daughter of Lord Byron and a gifted mathematician and writer. An early computer language is named Ada in her honor.
Adah English Both An American actress named Adah Isaacs Menken. She enjoyed the patronage of Charles Dickens and many other admirers. Died young at the age of 33 of causes obscure.
Adair Scottish Both Scottish first name meaning prosperity spear.
Adair Scottish Both negotiator, peace maker
Adalai Ancient Both Hebrew for my witness; perfect for the canine companion that follows you and shares your life with you
Adalaide English Female For Adalaide Bunker, the wife of "Siamese twin" Eng Bunker. They had 12 children.
Adalard German Both brave
Adalberto Spanish Both bright, dignified
Adam Ancient Male Hebrew for "man of the red earth"
Adam Ancient Male British philosopher author of An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.
Adamnan Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Abbot of Iona and scholar.
Adamnan Celtic Both Irish Abbot of the 7th century. He was the first to propose that women and children should not be killed or imprisoned during war. Now recognized as Adamnan's Law.
Addelaide German Both Old German for "noble, kind."
Addis Ababa Ancient Both Ethiopian capital meaning new flower.
Addison English Both Bruce Willis' character's name on the show Moonlighting.
Addison English Both Amercian architect and bon vivant.
Adelaide Ancient Both St. Adelaide was the Holy Roman Empress and wife to Otto the Great. She remained regent to her son and then grandson, ultimately retiring to found a convent in the 10th century.
Adele English Female Adele Astaire, the dancer,singer and partner to her brother Fred Astaire.
Adelene Ancient Female Adelene Teo is the exwife of Canadian diplomat Edwawrd Cashelman. He tried to use diplomatic immunity to avoid paying her alimony. It didn't work and he was recalled to Canada.
Adelicia German Female Old German for noble quality.
Adelina Italian Female Adelina Patti was an Italian born singer who ultimately becamethe inspiration for "Sweet Adeline".
Adeline English Female Adeline Van Buren and her sister were the first women to cross the US on motorcycles in 1916 in an attempt to gain acceptance for women in the military during WWI. It didn't work.
Adelle English Female American nutrition write.
Adeodatus Ancient Both Roman born pope, he was the first to use lead seals on papal documents. Lived during the 6th century.
Adia English Female Heroine of a song by Sarah McLachlan by the same name.
Adidas English Both From the sports shoe company founded by Adolph Dassler. He added an I between the first two letters of his first name and first three letters of his last name. Great for the dog who loves sports as much as his people.
Adlai Ancient Both Means my ornament.
Adlai English Both Adlai Stevenson was and American politician and Presidential candidate who was defeated twice by Dwight Eisenhower.
Admad Celtic Both Gaelic for timber. Nature.
Admaintac Celtic Both Gaelic for magnetic. Nature.
Admetus Greek Male Incredible story of devotion. Admetus, a king lay dying and his life was to be restored by the self sacrifice of another but none of his soldiers or servants were willing despite their former acclaims of being willing to die for him. His beloved wife stepped forth to save him, a price he would not have paid but it was too late. As he recovered, she sickened and lay dying. Hercules came forth to help and stood outsider her door and fought death and defeated it so that she lived as well.
Admetus Greek Both A king of Crete, one of the Legendary Argonauts. Apollo saved his life once by getting the three fates drunk and they overlooked that it was time for Admetus death.
Admiral English Both Highest naval military rank in the US and Britain Great for the sea loving dog.
Adnan Middle Eastern Both Adnan Khashoggi was an apolitical international arms dealer.
Adolf German Male Adolf Hitler, widely recognized as the world's most infamous villain and the insane person to have achieved the most power in his lifetime for his policies on running Germany and extinguishing the Jewish race, was also recognized as Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1938.
Adolfo Italian Both Adolfo Besciana billed as the world's strongest man was a Canadian Pro Wrestler.
Adolph German Male Alolph Eugen Fick was a German physiologist.
Adolphe German Both Adolphe Sax a Belgian musician, together with his father created a musical instrument ultimately recognized as the Saxophone.
Adonis Greek Male A very handsome youth greatly loved by Venus. He ignored her warnings to avoid dangerous beasts and was gored to death by a wild boar. Venus only gave partial victory to the Fates as she transformed his blood into the beautiful but short lived Anemone or wind-flower. Mythic.
Adonis Greek Male A beautiful youth that captured the attention of Aphrodite and Persephone until Ares killed him out of jealousy.
Adrad Celtic Both Gaelic for adorable.
Adrian English Male Adrian Mole is the British hero of Sue Townsend's book "The Secret Life of Adrian Mole.
Adriana English Female Adriana Caselotti, an American artist, was the voice of Walt Disney's Snow White.
Adriatic Russian Both Sea that encompasses much of Eastern Europe. Good choice for any breed from that geography.
Adrienne Italian Female Adrienne Vittadini born in Budapest, she has emerged as a premier Italian fashion designer.
Aduil Celtic Both Gaelic for lucky. Term of endearment. Games.
Aelius Ancient Both Roman grammarian. His books became the standard to the point that any book on the topic of grammar came to be called a Donat during the Middle Ages.
Aeneas Ancient Both Greek hero son of Aphrodite and the man, Anchises. He escaped the fall of Troy and made it to Carthage.
Aengus Celtic Male Warrior who killed Ceallach, son of Cormach.
Aerofleet Russian Both Soviet word for Air-Fleet.
Aeronwy English Both The daughter of Dylan Thomas and his wife Caitlin, Aeronwy Thomas-Ellis.
Aerophone English Both Group of musical instruments whose sounds are produced by air and vibration. Such as flute, trumpet and bagpipes.
Aesop Italian Both Writer of ancient tales still remembered and recognized for their enterainment and moral qualities. Art
Aesop Greek Both Writer of Greek fables still popular today.
Aetna Greek Female A nymph named for the volcano of the same name.
Affinity English Both Quality of something to stick to or stay close. Excellent for the dog that likes to be close to you.
Affirmed English Both A verb meaning to assert and confirm and also a Kentucky Derby winning racehorse. Animal.
Afrika African Both Afrika Bambaata, American DJ and creator of Hip Hop music.
Ag Gairi Celtic Both Gaelic for laughing, laugh, laughter. Comedy.
Ag Miorarnaig Celtic Both Gaelic for dozing. More poetic sounding than just "Sleepy".
Ag Teact Celtic Both Gaelic for imminent.
Agamemnon Greek Male Mythic general who contributed to the victory over Troy. Upon his return home he was slain by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover.
Agassou Ancient Both Dahomey royal panther god.
Agata Celtic Female Gaelic for "the good". Feminine name.
Agatha Greek Female Greek for "good, kind". Also the name of the gifted mystery novelist, Agatha Christie.
Agatha English Female Dame Agatha Marie Clarissa Christie, famous mystery writer with the pen name Agatha Christie. Created the Intrepid Miss Marple and Inspector Trudeau.
Aggie English Both Mascot of the University of CA at Davis. Diminutive for Agatha.
Agitato Italian Both Musical term meaning restless. Perfect for the dog that makes music when excited.
Aglaus Ancient Both The legendary poorest man in Arcadia who was said by the oracle to be the happiest man in Arcadia, even happier than his ruler.
Agnes English Female Agnes De Mille is an American dancer, writer and choreographer.
Agnetha Scandanavian Female One of the lead singers with the pop group Abba, Agnetha Faltskog.
Agnieska Russian Both Polish born film director of Secret Garden.
Agnolo Italian Both Agnolo di Cosimo di Mariano a 16th century Mannerist painter.
Agnus Dei Italian Both Musical movement of the Catholic Mass.
Agostino Italian Male Military engineer who wrote the book "The Various and Ingenious Machines of Agostino Ramelli" none of these machines were ever built.
Agrippina Ancient Female Roman schemer. Sister to Caligula (of whom she was rumored to have an affair) and mother of Nero. Once married to her Uncle Claudius, she plotted the assasination of his heirs until only Nero remained and then Claudius was poisoned. Ironically she was then killed by the new Caesar, Nero, her son.
Aguistin Celtic Male Gaelic masuline. Venerable.
Agus Celtic Both Gaelic for And.
Ahab Ancient Male King Ahab of Israel was a ruler referenced in the Old Testament. Husband to Jezebel who promoted the worship of her Phoenician Gods Baal and Astarte and thus led to their inclusion by the prophet Elijah.
Ahab Middle Eastern Both Captain in Herman Melville's epic Moby Dick. Also the name of a wicked King of ninth century Israel.
Ahmad Ancient Male Ahmad Jamal is an American pianist regarded as a Master of Jazz. Music.
Ahmes Ancient Both Egyptian mathematical scribe accredited with the early math riddle "On the way to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives, each wife had seven sacks and each sack had seven cats and each cat had seven kits. Kits, cats, sacks and wives, how many were going to St. Ives?"
Ahmet Middle Eastern Both Turkish born American record producer founder of Atlantic Records and in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.
Aibrean Celtic Both Gaelic for April.
Aida Italian Female Heroine of an opera by Verdi about an Egyptian slave who is truly the Princess of Ethiopia.
Aiden Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The fiery one.
Aigneis Celtic Female Gaelic feminine for the pure.
Aiken English Both Aiken Drum is a character in The Many Colored Land by Julian May.
Aiken Drum Scottish Both A brownie (kind of faerie) given to wearing clothes made of food, like a hat of cheese, buttons made of rolls, and a coat of roast beef.
Ailbhe Celtic Female Gaelic feminine for olive.
Ailbhe Celtic Both St. Ailbhe was part of the early Irish Christian movement living in the 4th century. He was raised by wolves.
Aileen English Female Aileen Riggin, an American swimmer and diver, won two medals at the 1924 Olympics. Sports
Ailfrid Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Irish version of Alexander.
Ailis Celtic Female Gaelic feminine for the truthful.
Ailleagan Celtic Both Gaelic for trinket. Term of endearment. Money.
Ailsa Scottish Female From the name of the island rock, Ailsa Craig. Nature.
Aimable French Both Aimable Jean Jacques Pelissier, Duc de Malakoff lived during the early 19th century. Infamy followed him for his treatment of Arabs in the caves of Dahna. He suffocated them there.
Aimee English Female Aimee Semple McPherson founder of the Church of the Foursquare Gospel in LA with its own temple, maagazines, radio stations, social workers and Bible school in the early 1900s.
Aimee French Both French for "beloved adored".
Aimsir Celtic Both Gaelic for time.
Aina Ancient Female Mythic heroine in the Finnish mythological tradition from the Kalevala epic.
Aine Celtic Female Gaelic feminine of Anne, from the Hebrew.
Aingeal Celtic Female Gaelic for angel.
Ainm Celtic Both Gaelic for name.
Ainmi Celtic Both Animal. Gaelic for animal
Ainsel Celtic Both A lovely girl fairy that nearly led a disobedient boy to his doom when he stayed up late, against his mother's wishes. He inadvertantly kicked a cinder from the fire that burned Ainsel's foot and her mother swore to make the culprit pay but didn't find the boy.
Aintin Celtic Both Gaelic for Aunt.
Ainu Ancient Both Refers to a member of the Aboriginal people living in the northern islands of Japan.
Airgead Celtic Both Gaelic for silver. Money. Nature.
Airgeod Beo Celtic Both Gaelic for quicksilver, mercury. Mythic. Nature.
Aisha African Female African for "life".
Aislin Celtic Both Pen name of Terry Mosher, a Canadian editorial cartoonist.
Aissa English Female Aissa Wayne,daughter of John Wayne and author of a biography, "John Wayne, My Father", about him.
Aisteac Celtic Both Gaelic for fabulous.
Ait Celtic Both Gaelic for place as in location. Nature.
Aiteann Celtic Both Gaelic for furze. Nature.
Aitris Celtic Both Gaelic for imitation.
Ajani African Both victorious
Ajax Italian Both Powerful Roman God. Mythic.
AjaX Greek Both daring, brave, courageous, heroic
Akhenaton Ancient Both Pharaoh of Egypt and husband to Nefertiti and Father In Law to Tut'ankhamen. His heretical views, that there was only one God led to great shifts in the Egyptian society and building projects that were quickly corrected upon his death.
Akinori Japanese Both born in the autumn or fall
Akio Japanese Both Akio Morita, founder of Sony and author of autobiography, Made in Japan.
Akira Japanese Both Film director. Entertainment.
Akira Japanese Both brilliant, intellectual, gifted
Akiva Ancient Both Hebrew for cunning
Akwasi African Both hopes
Akwasi African Both hopes
Al English Both Al Jolson (born Asa Yoelson) was a Russian born American singer best known for his Jazz work. Music. Also Al Bundy, bumbling, overwhelmed, confused and depressed hero of the televion show Married With Children.
Alabama Native American Both Unknown meaning but influenced by the Spaniards.
Alabard Celtic Both Gaelic for halibut. Animal.
Aladdin Middle Eastern Both Hero of a series of fables. Found a lamp with a genie and always used it responsibly but still faced many challenges.
Aladdin Middle Eastern Both Arabic for believer; hero of Arabian Nights
Alain English Both American educator, the first black Rhodes Scholar. Leader of the Harlem Renaissance and author.
Alainn Celtic Female Gaelic for beautiful.
Alair Celtic Both happy
Alak English Both Alak Krishnan was considered the unluckiest of travelers as he had lost his luggage on almost every trip until 1995. At that time he we caught nesting empty suitcases and charged with fraud.
Alamo Old West Both Referencing the fort that was the site of a cataclysmic battle between Americans and Mexicans. While the Mexicans won the battle against the vastly undermanned Americans (including Davy Crockett who died in the fight), the result became a battle cry that brought forth forces that ultimately defeated the Mexican army and claimed Texas for the US.
Alan English Both Alan Watts, American philosopher and author.
Alana Scottish Female Feminine form of Alan.
Alando Spanish Both attractive
Alanis English Both Alanis Obamsawin was a 20th century, Canadian filmmaker known for documentaries covering civil disobedience and civil military standoffs like Kanesatake: 270 years of resistance.
Alannah Australian Both Alannah Currie, New Zealand born musician best known for work with the Thompson Twins in the late 80s.
Alaric Ancient Both Alaric I was a King of the Visigoths. In 410 his army sacked Rome with the remarkably civilized instructions to leave the churches and not rape anyone. That much can't be said for armies in modern times.
Alasdair Scottish Both Scottish variation of Alexander.
Alasdair Scottish Both highbrow, form of Alastair
Alaska Native American Both Aleutian word for mainland.
Alastair Scottish Male Alastair Sim, Scottish born actor best known for hjs work on Scrooge by Charles Dickens.
Alastair English Both Quintessential English masculine. Alastair Cook popular and durable host of Masterpiece Theater.
Alaster English Both staunch advocate
Alban German Both Alban Sim, Austrian composer of the 19th century. Music.
Alban Ancient Both From Alba's white hill (Latin)
Albanac Celtic Both Gaelic for Scotchman. People.
Alberic German Both tough, ruler, leader, powerful
Albert German Both Albert Einstein, Bavarian born American physicist of remarkable brilliance and insight into the universe, people, wit and spirit.
Alberta English Female Alberta Hunter, American blues singer.
Albertine French Both Albertine disparue is an immortal novel by Marcel Proust.
Alberto Italian Male Alberto Giacometti was a Swiss sculptor of the 20th century famous for his "thin man" bronzes.
Albertus German Both St. Albertus Magnus a German intellectual, known as the Universal Doctor for his vast knowledge of the sciences and theology.
Albie African Both Gifted with insight and wit, Albie Sachs is an South African judge who wrote The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs based on his 168 days in solitary confinement. Filled with insights like "All constitutions are based on extreme optimism on one hand and total distrust on the other."
Albion Greek Both old-fashioned
Albrecht German Both Albrecht Durer, a German painter and engraver, was the first to use acid to etch metal for paper prints as an off shoot of the technique used to decorate metal for armor. Lived during the 13th century.
Alcatraz English Both American prison off the coast of San Francisco CA built on an island of stone that is virtually impenetrable and inescapable. Crime.
Alcestis Greek Both Heroine of a play by Euripedes. With grace and poise, she offers to go to Hades in the place of her selfish husband the King.
Alcestus Greek Female Beloved and devoted wife of Admetus. Read his description for more information.
Alchemy Ancient Both Science/magic of the ancients that could turn lead and other substances to gold. Not possible but the precursor to our modern Chemistry. Indeed Alchemist (the title of someone in this profession) is clearly very close to chemist. Mythic.
Alcibiades Greek Both Athenian politician considered the thorn in the side of leaders of the time. His travels tended to be followed by problems with the peoples of the area which included Sparta and Persia.
Alcindo South American Both Alcindo Pereira, inventor of the "dental floss" bikini and made wealthy by his Bum Bum stores. He now considers that swimwear design vulgar and would be prefer not to be associated with it.
Alcott English Both of the cottage, cottage dweller, lover of simpler life and nature
Alcyoneus Greek Both One of the Titans. To kill him, Heracles had to breath through a sweet herb while fighting him because of his horrendous breath.
Alden English Both Alden Flagg was the first man drafted in 1917. His son, Alden Flagg Jr was the first man drafted in 1940. Military.
Alden English Both wise
Alder English Both revered, kind, respected
Aldo German Both Old German shortened Aldous meaning "old and wise".
Aldo Italian Both From the 15th century Italian printer,Aldo Manuzio inventor of italic typeface.
Aldo Italian Both playful, older, jovial
Aldous English Both Aldous Huxley, novelist/author. Art.
Aldrich English Both Wise advisor, mentor, counselour
Aleatory English Both Indeterminate music where elements like the pitch, rhythm and/or form are left to the choice of the performer.
Alec English Both English Actor and Academy Award Winner, probably best known by modern audience's for his portrayal of the wise, powerful and gentle Obi Wan Kenobi of Star Wars fame.
Alecto Greek Both One of the three Avenging Furies (Erinnyes). Using their real names was considered unwise so they were often called the Eumenides or Kindly Ones.
Aled Welsh Both Name of a river in Wales.
Aleister English Both Aleister Crowley, English satanic provocateur. He considered himself to be the Beast 666. If so, his impact was minimal and ended with his death in 1947
Alejandro Spanish Both defender, bold and brave
Aleksandr Russian Both Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, writer and author. Winner of the 1970 Nobel Prize for Literature.
Aleksei Russian Both defender, brilliant
Alemet African Both world leader and ruler and king
Alene English Both Alene B. Duerk, American sailor and the first female Admiral. Military.
Aleric Scandanavian Both rules all; ancient heroic ruler
Aleron French Both knight's armor, well-protected, guarding, guarded
Alessandra Italian Both Alessandra Mussolini, actress and politician. Neice of Sophia Loren and granddaughter of Benito Mussolini the Italian dictator during WWII.
Alessandro Italian Both Alessandro Volta, Italian physicist, invented the electric battery. The measurement of electric power, the volt, is named for him.
Alessio Italian Both defensive
Alex English Both Alex Haley, American author best known for the autobiographical geneology "Roots". An epic and widely recognized as fictional today.
Alexander Greek Both Greek for helper of mankind. Refers to Alexander the Great.
Alexander Ancient Both Alexander the Great, Macedonian ruler and genius. Student of Aristotle who's innovative approaches and determination made him the ruler of his known world.
Alexandr Russian Both Alexandr Romanovich Luria, Russian neuropsychologist, innovated ideas that are still new in the Western World even though he died in the 1970s. Author of "=The Man with a Shattered World".
Alexandra French Female Author, traveller and scholar, best known for My Journey to Lhasa, Alexandra David-Neel.
Alexandre French Male Alexandre Dumas, the author of The Three Musketeers, an allegory of the rise of the people after the French Revolution and the brutality the he optimistically felt they were not capable of.
Alexia English Female A variety of rose. Nature.
Alexina Scottish Female Feminine form of Antony.
Alexina French Female Alexina Louis 20th century composer who's work has been sent to outerspace. Music.
Alexine Scandanavian Female Dutch heiress and explorer, died at the age of 30 in 1870 at the hands of bandits outside Tripoli enroute to finding the fabled Timbuktu.
Alexis French Both Alexis Foyer, a French chef that sought to help during the Irish famine. Died in 1858.
Alf English Both From the popular sitcom of the 80s about a fuzzy, smart alec alien.
Alf Italian Both short for Alfonso, noble, TV character of the 80s
Alfa Greek Both Referring to the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Also used to designate social structure with Alfa being the dominant and most responsible party, the leader.
Alfalfa English Both A legume of particularly high protein content. A popular character from the Our Gang series of the 30s.Nature. Entertainment.
Alfalfa English Both Deep green, fragrant legume and popular food to livestock. Also Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer a popular child actor and enfante terrible from the show Our Gang in the early 20th century.
Alfalfa Ancient Both name of a mythic sprite, also a plant known for many healing and nutritous qualities to man, beast and land, popular character of the 1920s show Our Gang
Alfatin Ancient Both Hero of the ancient Moors. He sleeps beneath the Sierra de Agner mountains with his green horse.
Alferd English Both Alferd Pacher, lead a tour group in the late 19th century that became lost. To survive they killed a group of prospectors in mid-winter and ate their flesh.
Alfie English Both Character played by Jude Law in a movie by the same name. Means "elf counselour, wise counselour" in old English.
Alfons Russian Both Alfons Maria Mucha, a Czech and Art Nouveau graphic designer. Art.
Alfred Scandanavian Both Swedish inventor of dynamite. Once he saw the havoc reaped by his invention he sought to correct the damage by endowing the Nobel Prizes for medicine, literature, peace and science.
Alger German Both Alger Hiss jailed for perjury during the McArthey era. He was at the heart of the "Un-American Activities Committee" focus, later recognized as an unfounded threat and the effort of this committee to be a simple play for power, prestige and attention
Alger German Both hardworking
Algernon English Both Extravagent poet of the Victorian era. His delicacy left him incapable of anything but living at the home of a friend throughout much of his life. He lived to be 72 and his frail constitution was ultimately recognized as being primarily that of fear and a certain lethargy.
Algia German Both kind
Algiers African Both Algerian for the islands.
Ali English Both American actress, Ali Macgraw, heroine in the movie Love Story opposite Ryan O'Neal.
Ali Baba Middle Eastern Both Noble man who stumbled upon great wealth hidden by a band of thieves. As the thieves and others plotted to take the wealth from him, his integrity and the cleverness of his daughter, not only saved him and his family and village but also increased the wealth. Great metaphors for the value of honor and integrity. Simple and noble character. Mythic. Art.
Alice Greek Female Greek for "truth and noble"
Alice English Female Alice Liddell, with her sisters Edith and Lorina, served to inspire their friend Charles Dodgson to writeAlice's Adventures in Wonderland under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll.
Alick English Both Alick Isaacs, British virologist developed the antiviral drug Interferon. One of a very small, new class of drugs at the time that showed effectiveness against some cancers and MS.
Aline English Both Aline Kilmer, wife of Joyce Kilmer and a well recognized poet in her own right.
Alireza Ancient Both joyful (Hebrew)
Alison English Female Alison Hargreaves, a British mountaineer, and the first woman to climb Mount Everest without O2. She died near the summit of K2 in 1995 at the age of 33.
Alistair English Both Alistair Grahame, ne'er do well, son of Kenneth Grahame who authored The Wind in the Willows. Unable to live in the shadow of his father and other issues, he committed suicide in 1920 at the age of 20.
Alix French Both Alix Gres, Parisian haute couturist, created the dress shop where customers sat upon gilt chairs while reviewing designs and creations. Fashion.
Alka Greek Both Greek for lush and warm. Refers to Alka Seltzer.
Alka Seltzer German Both From the fizzy waters of a German Spring. Perfect for the pair of dogs the brings relief and comfort to their people.
Alla Russian Female American actress, with her own theatre, the Nazimova in New York in the early 20th century.
Allan English Both Allan Pinkerton, Scottish born founder of Pinkerton's Detective Agency, famous for foiling the assasination attempt on Lincoln enroute to his own inauguration.
Allard English Both brave one
Allegheny Celtic Both mountains in the Appalachian range, grand, majestic
Allegra Greek Female Illegitimate daughter, Allegra Shelley, of Percy Shelley and his wife's half-sister, Jane Clairmont. The baby died shortly after birth and her father died the same year in a boating accident.
Allegro Italian Both Musical term referring to playing rhythm that is fast and cheerful. Great for the happy, jaunty dog like many Terriers.
Allemande German Both Popular German dance of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.
Allen English Male American poet, Allen Ginsberg, used LSD to inspire his work.
Alley English Both A small unlit street running between buildings in an urban setting. Often where utilitarian aspects of life are held (like trash cans) thus why stray cats, referred to as Alley Cats tend to gather there. Referring to the popular band in the 80s, the Alley Cats.
Allisen Celtic Both honest
Ally English Both variations include Ali and Alley.
Almeida South American Both Portuguese surgeon, Almeida Lima. Inventor of the lobotomy.
Almond English Both A variety of tree/bush with lovely flowers and an edible pit to the fruit, called an almond and considered a nut, very popular in confections as well as main dishes like Trout Almondine. This nut offers an aromatic oil as well. Popular imagery from the bible, dreams and other applications including meanings of flowers and plants.
Almund Ancient Both wise, beneficient, knowledge
Alois German Both Alois Alzheimer, German neuropathologist and first to describe for diagnostic purposes, Alzheimer's as a disease. Prior to that time it was considered a senility or dementia that was part of old age.
Alois Russian Both Famous warrior, hero
Alonzo German Both From Alphonse means noble and ready.
Aloysia German Both Aloysia Weber, a gifted German singer. The initial love interest of Mozart, he ultimately married her sister Constanze.
Aloysius Spanish Both St. Aloysius is appropriately the patron Saint of youth after dying young, at the age of 23, tending plague victims in 1591.
Alpheius Greek Both River god who fell in love with Artemis. She covered herself in mud to elude him. Mythic.
Alphonse French Male Alphonse Daudet, a writer and cultural luminary in France in the mid to late 19th century.
Alpin Scottish Both Means White.
Alroy Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The red haired.
Alter Ancient Both long-lived, will have great long life, longevity, old, elderly
Althea African Female Althea Gibson, American Tennis player and the first successful black woman in the sport.
Alto Italian Female Lowest of the female voices. Great name for the female dog with an impressive deep bark! Music.
Alto Italian Both A medium voice range often held by women. Music.
Alton English Male Alton Glenn Miller, known as Glenn Miller, band leader, composer and icon of the "swing movement" in music.
Alula Ancient Female winged, of the air, with wings, flying, celestial being
Alun Welsh Male Alun Lewis, Welsh soldier-poet, author of the early 20th century. Died in WWII.
Alun Welsh Both From Alan but with unknown meaning.
Alva Scandanavian Both Alva Myrdal. Swedish sociologist and politician, winnder of the 1982 Nobel Peace Price. Died in 1986.
Alvah Ancient Both Biblical meaning height.
Alvar Scandanavian Male Modernist architect and designer. Pioneered curved laminate furniture. Died in 1976.
Alvin German Male Means noble friend.
Alvin English Male Alvin Toffler, American writer.
Alvin German Both German for beloved by all
Alwitha English Female Wife of Alfred the Great (10th century ruler).
Alzina African Female American printer and trades union activist.
Amadan Celtic Both Gaelic for clown. Games.
Amadantuil Celtic Both Gaelic for foolish. Term of endearment.
Amadeus German Both First name of the composer, Mozart. Music.
Amadou French Both Amadou Toure, French pop musician with the group Toure Kunda.
Amain Celtic Both Gaelic for solo. Music. Military.
Amalia French Female Amalia Freud, mother of Sigmund Freud.
Amaltheia Ancient Female The goat nymph that nursed the baby Zeus. One of her horns was called cornucopia and thus lending itself to Capricorn, the zodiacal sign and constellation.
Amanda Ancient Female Latin for worthy of love.
Amanda Celtic Female Amanda McKittrick Ros, Irish novelist and poet of the late 19th and early 20th century.
Amarac Celtic Both Gaelic for fortunate. Term of endearment.
Amaranthe English Female A plant with purplish flowers. Nature.
Amber English Female Heroine and title of a risque historical fiction by Kathleen Winsor. "Hot Amber".
Amber English Both Ancient stones that often have items preserved within it. A hardened resin of rust and golden hues. Popular in jewelry and other applications. Nature.
Ambroise French Both French surgeon. Father of modern surgery. The first to tie off arteries after an amputation, prior to this, they were cauterized with a red hot iron.
Ambrose Greek Male Greek for immortal.
Ambrose English Male Ambrose Bierce, American journalist and misanthrope that disappeared in Mexico in 1914. His fate remains unknown.
Ambrosia Greek Both Food of the gods, the ultimate delicacy for man. Mythic. Food.
Ambrosia Ancient Both Diet of the gods according to Greek mythology. Mythic.
Amedee French Both French artist and author of the Purist Manifesto. Amedee Ozefant. Died in 1966.
Amedeo Italian Both Amedeo Modigliani, painter and sculptor famed for his nudes. Died in 1920.
Amelia German Female Old German for hard working.
Amelia English Female Amelia Bloomer, American temperance worker and feminist. Founded the paper Lily and popularized pants for women that were eventually recognized as "Bloomers".
Amelita Spanish Female Amelita Galli-Curci, American operatic soprano. Died in 1963.
Amenhotep Ancient Both Original translation of Akhenaton, ruler of Ancient Egypt.
Amergin Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. A Milesian poet.
Amerigo Spanish Both Amerigo Vespucci, Italian born Spanish contractor who outfitted Christopher Columbus. His name was forged on many related documents to create authenticity. A German cartographer using these documents for reference, named the new continent Americus when creating the first maps of the region. Thus, North and South America are named for this man.
Amhlaoibh Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Introduced by the Norsemen.
Amiens English Both Shakespeare's Lord in As you Like It. Cheerful and amenable.
Amigo Spanish Both Spanish for Friend. Amiga is the feminine version.
Amon Ancient Both Biblical meaning faithful.
Amor French Both From the French word for love "amour". Amor de Cosmos was a Canadian publisher and politician. After convincing British Columbia to join Canada, he retired to an insane asylum. He died in 1897.
Amos English Male From Amos and Andy, American radio program that came to TV in 1951.
Amos Ancient Both Hebrew for burden
Amphion Greek Male Son of Jove and the queen Antiope. Hidden at birth, he came forth to avenge his mother against those who had persecuted her. He played a lyre that he enchanted and it was said that a stone wall grew to protect Thebes as he played. By then he was the King. Mythic
Amphitrite Greek Female Courted and wed to the God of the waters, Neptune. He came to court her by riding a dolphin. When he won her hand, he placed the dolphin in the heavens as a constellation as a reward.
Amr Middle Eastern Both Amr ibn al-As, Arab conqueror of Egypt. He died around 664.
Amran Celtic Both Gaelic for ballad.
Amranai Celtic Both Gaelic for singer. Music.
Amsterdam Scandanavian Both means dam on the River Amstel, capital of Netherlands.
Amtrak English Both The American train line.
Amy Ancient Female Amy Grant, famous Country Singer. Amy Brenneman, star of Judging Amy. Latin for beloved. Entertainment.
Amy English Female Amy Tan, American novelist, author of the Joy Luck Club.
Amyas English Both Sir Amyas Paulet, English courtier and jailer of Mary, Queen of Scots. Died in 1588.
An Celtic Both Gaelic for very.
An Aoine Celtic Both Gaelic for Friday.
An Ceadaoin Celtic Both Gaelic for Wednesday.
An Corom Muire Celtic Both Gaelic for rosary. Mythic.
An Craob Celtic Both Gaelic for award.
An Dardaoin Celtic Both Gaelic for Thursday.
An Domnac Celtic Both Gaelic for Sabbath, Holy Day. Mythic.
An La Inne Celtic Both Gaelic for yesterday.
An Luan Celtic Both Gaelic for Monday.
An Mairt Celtic Both Gaelic for Wednesday.
An Satarn Celtic Both Gaelic for Saturday.
An T'aon Celtic Both Gaelic for Ace
Ana Spanish Female Ana Castillo, novelist and author of Massacre of the Dreamers.
Anacreon Greek Both Greek lyric poet. Lived in the 5th-6th century before Christ.
Anais French Female Paris born American author. Died in 1977.
Anaite Celtic Both Gaelic for tempest. Storm on water. All dogs tend to bring a bit of a tempest into our lives even if it is simply a tempest in a teacup that we couldn't live without. Nature.
Anaitiuil Celtic Both Gaelic for storm, stormy, hurricane,tornado, blizzard, thunder, lightning. Nature.
Ananias Ancient Both Biblical variation of Hananiah
Anann Celtic Both Gaelic for pineapple. Food. Southern symbol of hospitality.
Anastasia Russian Female Grand Duchess Anastasiya Nikolayevna Romanov, Last of the Russian Princesses, during the overthrow of her father during the Russian revolution, her family was killed by firing squad. Subsequent study indicated that neither the body of Anastasia or her brother Alexis, was part of the mass family grave.
Anastasio South American Both Anastasio Somoza, Nicaraguan President during the term of FDR. Died in 1956.
Anatole French Both Anatole France, novelist and critic. Won the 1921 Nobel Prize for literature. Died in 1924.
Anatoly Russian Both Anatoly Yevgenyevich Karpov, Russian Chess player, World Champion from 1975-1985
Anchises Greek Both Means "living with Isis". Crippled by Zeus with a lightening bolt (that Aphrodite protected him from) when he unwisely boasted about the night he spent with Aphrodite.
Anchor English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair. Also the heavy weight used to hold a ship in place.
Andalusia Spanish Both A region in SW Spain noted for its exceptional horses.
Andante Italian Both Musical term meaning that the music is to be played at a moderately slow or walking pace. Fabulous name for those dogs bred to be the walking companions of their humans. Especially those like Basset Hounds, Clumber and Sussex Spaniels that were bred to be accompanied by hunters on foot.
Anders Scandanavian Both Anders Celsius, Swedish scientist who developed the Celsius system for measuring temperature.
Anderson English Both Anderson Hatfield. Older brother of Eliison Hatfield, murdered in 1882. He seized and murdered three sons from the McCoy family, thus setting off the feud of the Hatfields and McCoys.
Andie English Both Rosalie Anderson MacDowell, called Andie, American actress and model. From a difficult childhood in South Carolina, Ms. MacDowell emerged as a woman of exceptional grace, talent and beauty. Currently residing in North Carolina with her three children.
Andoche French Both Andoche Junot, Duc D'Abrantes, French noble. Died in 1813.
Andre French Male From Andrew meaning 'manly'
Andre French Both Andre Gustave Citroen, French automobile manufacturer.
Andrea Ancient Female Latin for womanly.
Andrea English Female Feminist and author of semi autobiographical Ice and Fire published in 1986.
Andreas German Male Andreas Baader, Anarchist and co-founder of the Red Army Faction. He committed suicide in prison when he was 44.
Andrei Russian Male Andrei Sakharaov, Dissident physicist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Upon release from Soviet Prison by Gorbachev, he was elected to Congress.
Andres Spanish Both Self taught guitarist. His self taught technique used both fingertips and nails to increase the range of tone. Music.
Andrew Ancient Male Latin for manly, strong.
Andrew English Male Andrew Mellon. American tycoon. His brother Richard lay dying, in his last moments he motioned Andrew closer and said "tag" and then died in 1933. Andew joined Richard in 1937.
Android English Both To this point, a sci fi fantasy of a humanoid robot with some learning abilities. Mythic.
Andromeda African Female Mythological Ethiopian Princess rescued from a monster by Perseus and immortalized by Athena. Her name means ruler of men.
Andronichus Greek Both Andronicus Cyrrhus of 100BC. An astronomer. His tower of the winds in Athens is the oldest observatory in existence.
Andy English Both American pop artist Andy Warhol famous for graphic design that became art and exploration with the limits of art. Famouse for commenting on the 15 minutes of fame due everyone and his general disregard for fame as a result. Died of pneumonia in 1987
Aneurin Welsh Both Labor politician that died in 1960. Never forgave the Tory party and died still saying they were lower than vermin.
Angel South American Both Angel Cordero, Puerto Rican jockey of great success.
Angela Ancient Female Angela Lansbury, gifted, talented and highly renown American actress of stage, movies and television. Most recognized for her series "Murder, She Wrote" but with a career that spans several decades prior to this series.
Angelica Italian Female Anjelica Huston of a remarkable film dynasty. Her father was director, John Huston and her grandfather was actor Walter Huston. The things learned through this osmosis leaves her one of the most talented and changeable of actresses and clearly a remarkable and insightful individual.
Angelico Italian Both Fra Angelico, Italian monk and painter of the 14th and 15th century.
Angharad Welsh Female Means much loved.
Angie English Female Angie Dickinson, American actress.
Anglin Greek Both angelic
Angus Celtic Male Celtic god of Love, son of Dagda and Boann. Mythic.
Angus Scottish Both means unique choice. Also a breed of cattle popular for their meat. Animal.
Animal English Both Perfect for the pet that is a real beast.
Anita English Female Anita Loos, American writer, author/creator of the screenplay Gentleman Prefer Blondes.
Ankara Ancient Both Turkey "angled or gorge, ravine"
Anlann Celtic Both Gaelic for sauce. Food.
Ann English Female Ann Lee, English born American religious leader founder of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, more commonly known as the Shakers. Her followers believed that the second coming would be as a woman since the first had been as a man. Died in 1784.
Ann-Margret English Female American sex kitten of the 60s.
Anna English Female Anna M. Jarvis, American inventor of Mother's Day. Once recognized she spent most of the rest of her life fighting its commercialization.
Annabella Scottish Female Annabella Drummond, Scottish Queen, wife of Robert III. Died in 1402.
Annabelle Australian Female Dame Annabelle Jane Mary Rankin, Australian politician, first female whip in the British commonwealth. Died in 1986.
Annabla Celtic Female Gaelic feminine for Anabel from the Norman Irish.
Annalisa Celtic Female Annalisa Wray, Irish screamer who set the Guinness record at 119.4 decibels in 1992.
Anne German Female Anne Frank, young German Jew during the time of the Nazis. Her diary was made famous as a chronicle of the fear and courage of the Jews that went into hiding. She died in the Belsen Concentration Camp during WWII in 1945.
Annette French Female Annette Funicello, American actress and activist. As a child star in Mickey Mouse Club and on to popular teen flicks, her career was cut short by Multiple Sclerosis.
Anni English Both Short for anniversary or unique spelling of Annie.
Annibale Italian Both Annibale Carracci, Italian painter and famous for the Baroque style of the 16th-17th centuries. Disdainful of critics, his independence allowed him to explore new techniques that helped with the growth and renaissance of art during the period.
Annie Ancient Female Hebrew for graceful.
Annie English Female Annie Oakley. Firey figure in the Old West. Sharp shooter who performed with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and inspired the musical Annie Get Your Gun. Much like the mythological heroine Atalanta, she met her husband during an athletic match. She didn't let him win as Atalanta did, she won the shooting match.
Anoct Celtic Both Gaelic for tonight.
Anonymous English Both Author of "Primary Colors" a look at the campaign of Bill Clinton.
Anrait Celtic Both Gaelic for Broth.
Ansel English Both Ansel Adams, American photographer famous for shots taken of Yosemite Valley.
Anson German Male Divine child, blessed boy
Anson English Both Anson Dyer, England's version of Walt Disney. Died in 1962.
Anthelme French Both Anthelme Brillat Savarin, French politician, gastronome and writer. Known for the quote "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are"
Anthem English Both Originally a religious choral composition. More recently refers to the theme song of a group or country.
Anthony English Male English Novelist. Art.
Antigone Greek Female An extraordinary woman of Greek tragedy. The daughter of Oedipus she was a victim of the curse that followed her father and his fate but did not turn from the courage needed to take such a path nobly. Refusing to be compromised by the judgements of the age, she showed remarkable loyalty to her father and brothers.
Antiope Greek Female Queen of the Amazons, she was kidnapped by Theseus the King of Athens and became his wife. Mythic.
Antiphanes Greek Both Greek comic playright of the 3rd-4th century BC.
Antoine French Both French aviator and author of Le Petit Prince, a metaphor of loss of innocence and advent of the industrial age and its requisite materialism.
Antoinette French Female Antoinette Brown, scholar and author of Sexes Throughout Nature about the limited male perspective of Darwin's evolution theory.
Anton Russian Male Russian short story writer and playright. Died in 1904.
Antonia English Female Lady Antonia Fraser, English biographer and wife of playright Harold Pinter.
Antonin Scandanavian Male Antonin Dvorak, A Czech composer that died in 1904.
Antonina Russian Female Antonina Ivanovna Miliukova, wife of Piotr Tchaiskovsky. She committed suicide after he abandoned her after just one month of marriage and had allegations raise about his relationship with a young male aristocrat.
Antonio South American Male Antonio Carlos Jobim, compose of "The Girl From Ipanaema" and initiator of the Bossa Nova. Died in 1994.
Antony Middle Eastern Male St. Antony was an Egyptian hermit. A group of ascetics gathered outside his isolated fort began the tradition of monasteries.
Anu Ancient Both Babylonian sky god, chief of the great triad of gods in that tradition. Mythic.
Anubis Middle Eastern Both Egyptian jackal headed god. He conducted souls to the Underworld.
Anwar Middle Eastern Male Egyptian politician, winner of the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize. Assasinated in 1981.
Anwen Welsh Female Means very beautiful.
Anzac Australian Both A holiday in Australia and New Zealand commerating the landing at Gallipoli during WWI.
Aoibinn Celtic Both Gaelic for delightful. Term of endearment.
Aoibneas Celtic Both Gaelic for pleasure.
Aon Celtic Both Gaelic for unit. Perfect for that self contained, independent dog unto him/herself.
Aon Umair Amain Celtic Both Gaelic for once.. as in once upon a time. Mythic.
Aonac Celtic Female Gaelic for fair. Term of endearment.
Aonair Celtic Both Gaelic for solitary.
Aosta Celtic Both Gaelic for old.
Apache Native American Both A tribe of Native Americans originally based in the SW US and Mexico.
Aphra English Female Aphra Behn, died in 1689 was the first female playright to support herself by writing. She was a wit, spy and travellet in addition.
Apollo Greek Male Greek God of music, poetry and medicine. Mythic.
Apple English Both Fruit; While most everyone is familiar with an Apple. This is also a recent popular addition to the name lexicon because of a major celebrity naming her new daughter Apple. Clearly there is plenty of reference between "apple of my eye" and a sense of beginning. Perhaps a perfect name for breeds, like the Boykin Spaniel, that are native to areas that have lots of apple trees.
Apple English Both favourite, wholesome
Apple Tree Man English Both Much like Tolkien's ents, the oldest Apple Tree in an orchard was considered to be of wisdom and a guiding force to the other trees and called this.
Apprentice English Both Going under the advisement of an experienced person or master of a skill. First year in a job.
Apricot Brandy English Female A variety of rose. Nature. Also a liquer made from apricots. Food.
Apricot Silk English Female A variety of rose. Nature.
April Ancient Female Latin for opening.
Aquan Native American Both wholesome
Aquarius Ancient Both Constellation and sign of the zodiac symbolized by a water carrier.
Aquila Spanish Both eagle eyed, far seeing, inspired
Ar Celtic Both Gaelic for "of the earth"
Ar Buile Celtic Both Gaelic for fury. Mythic.
Ar Cosa in Airde Celtic Both Gaelic for galloping. Animal.
Ar Fead Celtic Both Gaelic for along.
Ar Fiar Sceo Celtic Both Gaelic for zig zag. Great for a dog that leaves you dizzy!
Ar Geall Celtic Both Gaelic for pawn. Games.
Ar Sleaslui Celtic Both Gaelic for lying, resting, reclining. Animal.
Ar Sodar Celtic Both Gaelic for trotting. This is the preferred gait for dogs in the show ring, so could help serve as a reminder for that puppy that seems to gallop everywhere. Animal.
Ar T'oirtear Celtic Both Gaelic for East. Military.
Arabella English Female Arabella Churchill an English aristocrat and mistress to James II. Died in 1730.
Arabesque French Both Music that is decorative or filled with embellishment.
Arachne Greek Female Incredibly gifted at spinning and weaving, her arrogance and claims as being even better than the Gods, ended in her punishment, being made into the ultimate weaver, a spider. Animal. Mythic.
Arachne Greek Female Princess Arachne of Colophon was a gifted weaver the hung herself from the rafters she was so fearful of the terrible jealousy of Athene over Arachne's skill with the loom. Athene in a fit of jealousy and remorse,turned her into a spider.
Aracin Ancient Both prepared heaven's gate,
Aragorn English Male From the great works by JRR Tolkien. Aragorn was of a line thought lost and the last of the great kings descended from Isildur. His triumph of will and evil resulted in his ascendency to the throne of Gondor and the ridding of evil in Middle Earth. Husband of Arwen Evenstar, an Elven Princess who gave up her birthright of immortality to be with him.
Aramis French Both clever, current popular fragrance
Aran Celtic Both Gaelic for food of the earth, bread.
Arbar Celtic Both Gaelic for grain or corn.
Arceneaux French Both friendly, of heaven, celestial, inspired, blessed
Archibald English Male Archibald Belaney aka Grey Owl. Canadian writer who considered himself an Apache half-breed. He wrote popular books about the beavers he shared his home with.
Archibald German Both Old German for genuinely bold.
Archie English Male Archie Williams, American engineer and Olympic Gold Medalist that put Hitler's goals of an Aryan sweep at the Olympics to shame. Upon returning home from the 1936 Olympics and his acclaim, he could only find work as a ditch digger. He was African American.
Archimedes Greek Both Mathematician and engineer and philosopher. Discovered the power of a lever.
Archy English Both Archy and Mehitabel, title of the collected love poems by Don Marquis about the love of the cockroach Archy for the alley cat Mehitabel. Without any capitals because archy had to type by bouncing on the keyboard... and couldn't hit the shift key at the same time. Circa 1927.
Arctic Native American Both Arctic Elvis is a Canadian Inuit musician. He has never performed an Elvis Presley song. His real name is Jimmy Ekho.
Arcturo Italian Both Italian celleist and conductor, Arcturo Toscanini. He first conducted in public at a performance of Aida in Brazil after the audience booed the other composer.
Ard Celtic Both Gaelic for eminence. Mythic. Politics.
Ard Talam Celtic Both Gaelic for highland. Nature.
Ard Talam Rince Celtic Both Gaelic for Highland Fling. Games.
Ardan Ancient Both latin for passion, eagle,
Ares Greek Both Ares, Greek god of war.
Aretha Greek Female Greek for "the Best". After Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul. Music. Entertainment.
Aretha English Female American singer and pianist acclaimed as the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. First woman in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Arethusa Greek Female Greek woodnymph that was changed into a stream by Artemis to help her elude the lust of the river god, Alpheus. An eternal price to avoid a stalker.
Argo Greek Both Ship of the Argonauts led by Jason in ancient Greek myth. Mythic. Also a brand of corn starch, perfect for the white dog.
Aria Italian Both Lyric song performed by a soloist usually with orchestral accompaniment. Often involving intense emotion and most typically heard in opera or cantata. Music.
Ariadne Greek Female Spirited away by a lover and then abandoned. Her heartache was so great the Venus took pity upon her and promised her an immortal lover. She was found and wed by Bacchus (fulfilling Venus' promise). Upon her death, Bacchus hurled her crown into the heavens where it is still visible today.
Ariadne Greek Female Princess Ariadne of Crete gave Theseus a sword so that he might kill the monster in the labyrinth, the Minotaur. Her second husband was the god, Dionysus.
Arianna Greek Female Arianna Stassinopoulos-Huffington, wife of failed Senate candidate Michael Huffington (spent $20 million on his campaign). Said to be the most upwardly mobile Greek Social climber since Icarus.
Ariel English Female From Shakespeare's The Tempest. Ariel was the airy spirit.
Ariel Ancient Both Biblical for the Lion of God.
Aries Greek Both First sign of the zodiac, a constellation all signified by the Ram.
Aries Ancient Both Latin for the astrological sign that is a mix of the body of a fish and the front of a goat. Constellation in the Southern Hemisphere.
Arion Greek Male Great musician of ancient Greece who's talent attracted gods and others.
Arioso Italian Both Short passage for solo voice with orchestra. A small Aria. Music.
Arioso Italian Both Short passage for solo voice with orchestra. A small Aria. Music.
Aristaeus Greek Both Son of the Queen of the Water Nymphs, Cyrene. He was the one who loved and harnessed the work of bees. The first beekeeper. Mythic. Nature.
Aristide French Both Aristide Briand, French politician and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1928.
Aristophanes Greek Both Much admired Greek playright.
Aristos Greek Both Orchestra leader and led the first recorded workers' strike over meal breaks allowed for musicians. Music.
Aristotle Greek Both Greek philosopher. Pupil of Plato and teacher to Alexander the Great.
Aristotle Greek Both Greek philosopher, student of Plato.
Arizona Native American Both A lovely and warm state in the Southwest. Fabulous tourist destination and popular retirement location. Rich history and culture as a result of its Native American roots
Arizona Native American Both Arizona Donnie Clark Barker died in 1935 in a shoot out with the FBI. Previously organized her four sons from her useless husband, George, into a crack squad of bank robbers. Ultimately they were all on the FBI's most wanted list.
Arkansas Native American Both Indian tribal name with the last "s" erroneously added. Arkansaw.
Arlen Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. The truthful one.
Arlene English Female Arlene Smith the lead singer for the 60s rock group, the Chantels.
Arlene English Female Arlene Smith the lead singer for the 60s rock group, the Chantels.
Arlette French Female Arlette Rafferty Schweitzer, gave birth to her own grandchildren, helping her daughter by being a surrogate mother.
Arletty French Both Arletty, the stage name of Leonie Bathiat a Parisian actress known for the film Les Enfants de Paradis.
Arlo English Both Arlo Guthrie, American folk singer. He sang the theme song for Alice's Restaurant.
Arm Celtic Both Gaelic for military.
Armand French Male Armand Bombardier, the Canadian inventor of the snowmobile.
Armando English Both Armando Greco, American nightclub pianist and singer, his big hit was "The Lady is a Tramp".
Armstrong Scottish Both During battle, a king had his horse killed underneath him. A young soldier lifted the king up onto the soldier's horse. In honor, the King called him Strong-Arm. Such is the Scottish clan since that day with the motto "I remain unvanquished".
Arnaut French Both Arnaut Daniel, Provencal poet and troubadour to Richard the Lionhearted
Arne Scandanavian Both Danish Modernist architect, designer who developed the Egg chair.
Arnold German Male Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austrian born, he rose to prominence through body building. A burgeoning film career was bolstered by marriage into the most famous celebrity/political family in US history, Kennedy with his wedding to Maria Shriver (granddaughter of Joe Kennedy and neice of JFK). From there he springboarded that fame to become the governor of California in 2003. Multi-faceted and cagey are likely understatements.
Arnold German Both Old German for strong as an eagle. The pig in the sitcom Green Acres. Entertainment. Animal.
Arpad Middle Eastern Both Magyar chieftein and a national hero of Hungary.
Arpeggio Italian Both Broken chord iin which the individual tones are sounded one after another instead of simultaneously.
Arran Scottish Both Scottish placename.
Arron English Both With his twin sister Laura, Arron Gaskarth is the most premature twins to have survived. They arrived 107 days early.
Arrow English Both A weapon with a pointed end, sent with a bow. Also the name of a car/automobile made by Plymouth and a locomotive originally named for a British stagecoach. Military.
Ars Antiqua French Both Sacred polyphonic music style popular in the 10th-12th centuries.
Ars Nova French Both Fourteenth century polyphonic music style with themes that moved from religious to secular.
Arsenio Italian Both Arsenio Hall springboarded his friendship with superstar Eddie Murphy into an filmacting career and then into a successful career as a talk show host.
Arshile Russian Both Armenian born, American painter of the "Action" movement. Art.
Art Celtic Male Gaelic masculine. Ancient Irish "Stone".
Art English Both Art Linkletter. Canadian born American TV personality.
Artem Russian Both Russian aircraft engineer, Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan gave his lastname's first letters to the name for Mig fighters which he developed with Mikhail Iosifovich Gurevich
Artemisia Italian Both Artemisia Gentileschi, Italian painter. A 1992 film about her rape at the hands of a nontalented artist, Agostino Tassi was directed by Adrienne Clarkson of Canada.
Artemus English Both Artemus Gordon, the popular comedic and brilliant sidekick in the long running series, The Wild Wild West.
Arthur English Male Arthur Scammell wrote the classic Squid Jiggin Ground in 1928, when he was 15 for a school assignment.
Arthur Celtic Both Gaelic for noble. King Arthur was a saviour for Britian and a hero of great renown for his courage, excellent judgment and exceptional management skills. His tragic end was through the weakness of those around him. His love seemed to have never wavered.
Artie English Both American swing band leader, Artie Shaw.
Artin Russian Both Armenian born Canadian photographer.Artin Cavoukian, Father of children's entertainer Raffi. Died in 1995. Entertainment.
Artisan English Both Someone who is knowledgable in a skill or craft or art but typically still in training to a master.
Artur English Both Artur Rubenstein, American pianist. Made his debut at age of 12.
Arun Middle Eastern Both Arun Gandhi was the Indian grandson of Mahatma Gandhi
Arun Ancient Both color of the sky just at dawn, eye-opening, awakening
Arundell English Both English decorator of the 20th century.
Arwel Welsh Both Ancient name of unknown meaning.
Arwen English Female From the works of JRR Tolkien, she was a daughter of Elrond Half-Elven the son of Luthien Tinuviel and a mortal man. Elrond chose an Elven life and its immortality while Arwen fell in love with a mortal, Aragorn, and forsake immortality to share his life after the last battle of the third age.
Arwen German Female friend, popular female character of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
Arwenna Welsh Female Means "muse". Mythic.
Arwyn Welsh Both means muse.
Ary Ancient Both Hebrew for fierce, powerful from ari for lion
Asa Ancient Both Biblical for myrtle and healer.
Asa English Both Asa Phillip Randolph, American Labour activist founder of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. Organizer of MLK's march in 1963 which culminated with the speech, I have a Dream.
Ascanio Italian Both Italian chemist Ascanio Sobrero, discovered nitroglycerine.
Asgar Scandanavian Both God's home
Asharious Ancient Both mythological, God of War, challenging
Asher Ancient Both Biblical for "What Happiness!"
Ashleigh English Both Ashleigh Wilkes, the lost love of Scarlett O'Hara in Margaret Mitchell's classic Gone With The Wind.
Ashley English Both Old English for from the ash tree meadow.
Ashley English Both Ashley Montagu, American anthropologist who wrote the book "The Natural Superiority of Women" in 1953.
Ashtar Middle Eastern Both Palestinian child god who temporarily occupied the throne of heaven while Baal was busy elsewhere. The rites in his honor included boiling a goat kid in a bath of his mother's own milk.
Ashton English Both Handsome
Ashurnasirpal Middle Eastern Both Assyrian king of 9th century BC. His tomb is beneath the palace at Ashur.
Asia Ancient Both A continent including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Nepal and Tibet among others. Extraordinary culture and great expanses of land. Ideal for the dog from the area or to express great size.
Asmundur Ancient Both Icelandic sculptor built a spherical workshop for himself in Reykhavik. Died in 1982
Aspirin German Both From the German acetylirte Spirsaure plus the suffix -in. Perfect for the dog that helps all the world's headaches go away.
Assyrian English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Asta Scandanavian Female Asta Neilson, Danish born silent film star, also authored the memoir The Silent Muse in 1946. Died in 1972.
Aston English Both Sir Aston Webb, Britich architest of the eastern facade of Buckingham palace. Died in 1930.
Astrea Ancient Female Ancient Roman goddess of justice.
Astrid Scandanavian Female Astrid Lindgren, the author of Pippi Longstocking.
Astro English Both Referring to outer space. The name of the dog owned by "The Jetsons". Entertainment. Nature.
Astrolabe French Both Astrolabe Abelard, son of the famous lovers Abelard and Eloise, lived 1100 BC.
Asuncion Spanish Both Capital of Paraguay meaning Our Lady of the Assumption.
Aswin English Both from the place of ash trees, glade, grove
Atai Celtic Male Gaelic for father. People.
Atair Nime Celtic Both Gaelic for snake. Animal. Mythic.
Atalanta Greek Female A hunter heroine who eschewed the company of men because she was told marriage would be her ruin. In the end, she would be won through a footrace. She would wed any man that could win a race with her but those that failed would be killed. Finally, one lad beseeched Venus for help which she provided through three gold apples. Afterwards, the lovers failed to show proper gratitude which led to their downfall and being turned into lions, the mascots of the goddess Cybele (mother of Zeus and wife of Cronos).
Atas Celtic Both Gaelic for delight. Term of endearment.
Atasac Celtic Both Gaelic for joyful. Mythic.
Athene Greek Female Sprung fully grown from the head of Jupiter (when it was rent open because he had a headache) she is the goddess of wisdom and defensive war (abhors aggression). Patron saint of Athens and also known as Minerva to the Romans.
Athol Scottish Both Scottish place and family name.
Athol African Both Athol Fugard, South African playwright and actor.
Atlas Greek Both Greek name of the Titan that supports the weight of the world on his shoulders for his part in the battle to preserve Cronos as the supreme God against his son Zeus.
Atreus Greek Both Legendary father of Agamemnon and Menelaus. Mythic.
Atsuko Japanese Both Part of the Japanese all-girl rock trio Shonen Knife. Music.
Attaca Italian Both Musical term meaning 'attack'. Essentially to proceed without a pause between movements.
Attica Native American Both A particularly secure and depressing prison built of stone on a small island, only accessible by boat, of the coast of San Francisco. Though closed, the stories of the abuse and history of the location has made it into a popular tourist destination.
Atticus Greek Both A provence in ancient Greece.
Atticus English Both Fictional character of high morals. Atticus Finch is a high minded attorney in Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird.
Attila Asian Both Attila the Hun. Asian military genius of the 5th century.
Attilla Middle Eastern Both From Attilla the Hun. Legendary general who nearly overthrew Rome with his "hordes" (armies). Military. Mythic.
Auberon English Both British diarist and satirist, Auberon Waugh was the son of Evelyn Waugh.
Auberon German Both bear, high born, perfect for the big hairy dog
aubert German Both leader, ruler, natural leader, in charge
Aubin French Both of the fairy folk, elves, like an elf
Aubrey English Both British illustrator died young of tuberculosis at the age of 27 in 1898.
Audencio Spanish Both my beloved companion
Audi German Both From the latin word for hear. An upscale car company known for exceptional styling, power, handling and safety. Automobile.
Audie English Both American actor who's career springboarded off his impressive military career. He was the most highly decorated American Soldier of WWII. He entered the army at 16 by lying about his age.
Audon Scandanavian Both alone, loner, independent.
Audrey English Both Belgian born, English actress who survived great hardship during WWII to become one of the most acclaimed stars of her age. Ultimately the damage she sustained during her childhood led to complications that claimed her life at the age of 64. Selfless and gave back to the children of the world through many varied charities.
Augeias Greek Both King Augeias of Elis (means bright ray) was the owner of the legendary Augean stables. They claimed to hold 3000 cattle and other livestock.
Aughisky Scottish Both A mythical horse of the sea. If caught and tamed they were wonderful mounts unless they came within sight of the sea. In that event, nothing would stop them from returning and when they did, their efforts would be so powerful as to destroy their rider.
Augie Ancient Both Latin for majestic dignity.
August German Both August Ferdinand Mobius, German mathematician and creator of the Mobius strip.
Augustin French Both Augustin Jean Fresnel. physicist and lighthouse expert. Invented the flat "fresnel" lense.
Augustine Ancient Both St. Augustine of Hippo. Founder of an order of monks.
Augustus German Both Augustus Owsley Stanley, chemist and manufacturer of the famous Owsley Acid of the 1960s drug scene.
Aulay Scottish Both From the Norse for forefather, ancestor.
Aulot Ancient Both A double reed pipe of ancient Greece. Music.
Aurel Middle Eastern Both Sir Aurel Stein Hungarian born archaeologist and the first person to enter the Cave of a Thousand Buddhas in the early 20th century since it had been sealed in the 11th century.
Aureole English Both Name of a type of beard. Great for dogs with alot of facial hair.
Aurora English Female Means "daybreak". Name of the goddess of the dawn.
Aussie English Both Generally refers to something from Australia. Natives call themselves "Aussies".
Austen French Both Sir Austen Harry Layard, English achaeologist and ambassador.
Austin English Both Colorful city of extraordinary culture currently and exceptional history located in Texas. The capital of Texas. Means "majestic dignity".
Autobahn German Both Perfect for the dog in love with speed or any German breed. The name of the German highway that (now under consideration to change due to excessive recklessness) is without any speed limit. Considered one of the reasons for exceptional German auto engineering.
Autumn English Both Season of great color in the Northern Hemisphere. Springtime in the Southern Hemisphere.
Ava Ancient Female Latin for birdlike. Ava Gardner, famous sister of Zsa Zsa starred in Green Acres. Entertainment.
Ava English Both Ava Gardner, American Actress. Died in 1990.
Avalanche English Both Perfect for that big rolling ball of white fur. The dangerous and exhilirating fall of snow down the side of a mountain. Dramatic and beautiful.
Avalon English Both Legendary location of the resting spot of King Arthur who did not die but will return. Also popular song by Roxy Music. Mythic. Nature. Music.
Avanti Italian Female Italian for "forward".
Avis French Both French for "notice". So something that often appears at the top of flyers, etc.
Avisa English Female The wife that Henry Willoughby refers to about being a model woman and chaste and constant wife. She might have also been the inspiration for Shakespeare's Love Sonnets.
Avril English Female Avril Phaedra Douglas Campbell was the first female Prime Minister of Canada. Politics. Avril Lavigne is a newly popular rock music sensation.
Awd Goggie Celtic Both A giant mythical caterpillar that guarded fruit trees and bushes. Nannies would keep children away from the trees and bushes (that could tear and stain clothing) by telling the child that the Awd Goggie would get them if they came too close to the fruit, thus making the Awd Goggie into some sort of boogyman.
Awen Welsh Both Variation on Arwyn
Axel Scandanavian Both Dr. Axel Munthe, Swedish physician that donated all the profits of his book "The Story of San Michele" to fund a bird sanctuary in Capri. He died in 1949.
Axl English Both Axl Rose. Lead singer for the band Guns N Roses. Music.
Axle English Both Refers to the strong bar between wheels. A stabilizing element. Also, popular character from Beverly Hills Cop, Axle Foley. Entertainment. People.
Ayako Japanese Both Ayako Takeda Tsuchihashi. Mother of the heaviest quadruplets ever born. Total birthweight of the daughters was 22 pounds 13 ounces.
Ayanna Ancient Both Of unknown origin.
Ayesha Middle Eastern Female Favored wife of the prophet Mohammad. Mythic.
Ayesha Ancient Female Favorite wife of the prophet Muhammad around 7th century ad.
Aylwin English Both Gypsy novel by Walter Watts Dunton published at the end of the 19th century.
Ayn Russian Both American writer and cult leader inspired with books like Atlas Shrugged. Born in Russia and died in 1982.
Aynsley English Both Aynsley Dunbar part of the superstar rock band Journey.
Ayrton South American Both Ayrton Senna, Brazilian race car driver killed when his car crashed during the San Marino Gran Prix. He was only 33.
Aytan Native American Both Native American for big and brown.
Azael Spanish Both Beloved by God.
Azariah Ancient Both Biblical for "Yahweh has helped."
Azaziah Ancient Both Biblical means "Yah shows himself to be strong."
Azel Ancient Both Biblical means noble.
Azrael Ancient Both Hebrew. Angel of God
Azubah Ancient Female means abandoned.
Azure English Both Color of the tropical blue sea. Clear and jewellike.
Azzo Italian Both Italian ruler of Ferrara during the 13th century.
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