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Do not be misled into thinking that dogs bred expressly to be companions have no interests or skills.  For they excel at the gift of making their beloved feel special.  Whether an exquisitely coated Shih Tzu puppy who is so relaxed with you that they sleep on your lap or a Pug that is adamant that your arrival justifies a dance, their gifts are evidenced by their huge popularity and devoted following.  Additionally, as virtually all breeds of Toy dogs are miniaturized versions of Terriers, Spaniels and Spitzes, they can still retain some traits of their "big cousins".

By Breed Name
By Breed Name
Affenpinscher Alaskan Klee Kai American Lo-Sze Pugg (TM)
American Toy Terrier (Amertoy or Toy Fox Terrier) Belgian Griffons (See Brussels Griffon) Biewer
Brussels Griffon Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Chihuahua (Smooth)
Chin (See Japanese Spaniel) Chinese Crested (Hairless) Chinese Foo Dog
Continental Toy Spaniel (See Papillon) English Toy Spaniel Eskimo Dog
German Spitz Harlequin Pinscher Havanese
Italian Greyhound Japanese Chin (aka Spaniel) Japanese Spitz
King Charles Spaniel (see English Toy Spaniel) Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Maltese
Mexican Hairless (see Xoloitzcuintle) Mi-Ki Miniature Fox Terrier
Miniature Pinscher Moscow Toy Terrier (Russian Toy Terrier) Papillon
Pekingese Petit Brabancon (Belgian or Brussels Griffon) Podengo Portuguesos Pequeno
Pomeranian Toy Poodle Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Portuguese Rabbit Dog(Portuguese Podengo Pequeno) Prazsky Krysavik Pug (Chinese Pug Dog)
Russian Toy Terrier Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka Shih-Tzu
Silky Terrier Tepeizeuintli (see Xoloitzcuintle) Toy American Eskimo
Toy Fox Terrier Toy German Spitz Toy Manchester Terrier
Volpino Italiano Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua (Longhaired)
Chinese Crested (Powderpuff)
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