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Windhounds, gazehounds, coursing hounds, all these terms refer to the group sighthounds.  Those of the desert are particularly recognizable with their long legs and light body builds with long necks.  As a group, they've been represented in more art than any other.  Their natures are very devoted and remarkably quiet inside (generally) with rather high regular exercise needs.
By Breed Name
By Breed Name
Afghan Hound Argentine Dogo (see Dogo Argentino) Azawakh
Banjara Greyhound Basenji (Congo Dog) Borzoi
Caravan Hound Chart Polski Chippiparai
Chortaj Cirneco Dell 'Etna Combai
Cretan Hound Dogo Argentino East Russian Coursing Hounds
Elkhound (see Norwegian Elkhound) Galgo Español Gascons-Saintongeois (Virelade)
Greyhound Hairless Khala Hellenikos Ichnilatis (Hellenic Hound)
Hokkaido Dog (Ainu Dog) Hygenhund Hungarian Greyhound (Magyar Agar)
Ibizan Hound Inca Hairless Dog (Peruvian Orchid) Irish Wolfhound
Italian Greyhound Kangaroo Dog Kelb Tal-Fenek (see Pharaoh Hound)
Lurcher Magyar Agar Mahratta Greyhound
Mudhol Hound Norwegian Elkhound Pashmi Hound
Peruvian Inca Orchid (PIO) Pharaoh Hound Podengo Portuguesos Grande
Podengo Portuguesos Médio Podengo Portuguesos Pequeno Podenco Ibicenco (Ibizan Hound)
Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Portuguese Rabbit Dog(Portuguese Podengo Pequeno) Potsdam Greyhound
Rajapalyam Hound (Indian Boarhound) Rampur Greyhound Rhodesian Ridgeback
Russian Wolfhound (see Borzoi) Russo-European Laika Saarlooswolfhond (Saarloos Wolf Dog)
Saluki Scottish Deerhound Segugios Italianos
Silken Windhound Sloughi Staghound
Swedish Elkhound Swedish Lapphund Taigan
Tasy Telomian Thai Ridgeback
Transylvanian Hounds Tuareg Sloughi (see Azawakh) West Russian Coursing Hound
Whippet Xoloitzcuintle
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