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Bedlington Terrier
The Bedlington Terrier boasts a proud Terrier heritage.  Like most of the smaller game terriers, it emerged as something special and unique from the many ratters produced during Victorian England.  Whether original to type or not, the dog currently enjoys an ethusiastic following as a gentle, intelligent, calm and confident companion.  It's Terrier drive, while still there, can often be molded to live happily with cats and other small animals.  Something exceedingly unlikely with many Terrier breeds.  Additionally, its artful lines indicate some of the same aerodynamics that sighthounds are known for.  This adds to the exceptional agility and speed of this small dog.  Definitely and overlooked but exceptional prospect for many caring and fortunate homes.
By Breed Name
By Breed Name
General Information
Group(s): Terrier Height: 15-17 inches
Weight: 17-23 pounds Longevity: 14-18 years
Colors: Blue, sandy, liver, blue and tan, sandy and tan, liver and tan Coat type: tends to curl, mixture of outer coat and undercoat that is crisp but not wiry
Recognized Registries: NCA, AKC, FCI, UKC and others
Overall Appearance: Very athletic and fluid with an outline that indicates great speed and a unique crisply curling coat.
Personaility - Behavior - Training
Energy Level: moderate
General Nature: genial and somewhat gentler than many terrier breeds
  with Children: generally excellent with well behaved children, not ideal with very small children
  with other pets: generally good though the Terrier drive can present problems with cats and other small pets
  with dogs: generally good if introduced gradually
Socialization requirements: moderate
Ideal home characteristics: This devoted companion does best with a home where they will always have someone around. While they do not have exceedingly high exercise requirements, they generally do not make happy dogs if left kenneled, outside, etc. They need their people around.
Temperament Notes: Alert, fast, intelligent, gentle and yet remarkably loving and amusing.
Training requirement: minimal, some socializing and basic manners
Trainer notes: The correct Bedlington Terrier is never shy but very alert when interested and loving.  While they are not frequently seen in performance rings, they make exceptional partners for events like Agility, Obedience and Flyball when trained with enthusiasm and love.  A natural entertainer, the Bedlington's greatest fault might be their tendency to play to the audience, regardless of the effect on their score.
Background Information
Year range of first recognition: 1884 with the registration of the first dog to the AKC studbook
Country of Origin: England
Original Function: ratter
History: One of the breeds to emerge from the general development of ratters in England. Definitely distinctive and selectively bred by the mid-late 1800s.
Adoption Information
Deviations from Standard: too large, too refined, incorrect coloration, lack of grooming will leave the Bedlington looking like a leggy Poodle
Health Notes: copper toxicity,
Health Testing: VetGen
Questions to ask Breeder:  - The Breeder Questions as listed here provided with explanations and answers you will want to be looking for!

  • How long have you had Bedlington Terriers?
  • How frequently do you have puppies?
  • What would you consider the ideal Bedlington?
  • What health issues have you observed in the breed?
  • What titles do you seek for your breeding stock?
  • How did you choose this particular pair for breeding?
  • Will you be keeping a puppy from this litter?
  • Do you have a written contract and puppy guarantee?
  • What documented health clearances do you get for your breeding stock?
  • At what age do you send your puppies to their homes?
  • What advice can you offer for raising and training a Bedlington Terrier?
  • What would you consider the ideal home for a Bedlington Terrier?
Web Sites: Bedlington Terrier Rescue

Other Resources
Breed standard: Standard for the Bedlington Terrier Club

Breeder Ethics: Bedlington Terrier Club of America Code of Ethics

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