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FREE Coloring Pages
For You and Your Dog your dog

Wouldn't some coloring pages be fun? Whether inspired by stories, nursery rhymes, pure breds or someone's fancy, you can enjoy coloring any of these and making a gift of them to someone special.

- This site has a bunch of designs. Many of these wonderful designs are exceptional and their animal section includes dogs as well as cats, hippos, dolphins and birds!
Crayola has an incredible site! Full of great unique coloring pages, you'll see more Crayola links on the crafts and projects page too!
- If you are familiar with the cartoon, Not In My Backyard, you'll love this coloring book available on their site.
- Some valentine designs are available in the Black Dog Coloring Pages
- Someone else was inspired to create these Valentine Pages .
- The year of the dog and a great coloring page to go with it! This page is interactive. You color the dog by clicking on the color choices and then letting it fill it in. This dog looked really good in shades of purple or green, try it out for yourself!
- Some more Fun Dog Pages for you to color!
- This site offers lots of Dog Coloring Pages as well as everything else you need to assemble it into your own coloring book!

Be sure to write DigitalDog at if you find more good coloring pages that are free and suitable for children.

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Iíve stopped humping legs,
But I canít contain myself
When your mother comes.
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